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What Is Ankha? And How To Get It?

We’ll show you how to get Ankha to move to your island in the Animal Crossing New Horizons, as well as advice on how to improve your friendship.

What Is Ankha? And How To Get It?

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can invite hundreds of cute people to settle on your island, and they’ll typically show up completely at random. But what if you want to move in with a certain character?

Ankha, the “snooty cat villager” who draws inspiration from the Egyptian monarchy, is one well-liked villager. There are a few other tactics you may use if you want her to relocate to your island, which we’ll discuss below.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, who is Ankha?

Ankha is actually referred to in that Animal Crossing video game series as a “snooty cat villager.” She has also appeared in all the games with the exception of the Animal Forest and Wild World, and she has grown to be a somewhat well-liked villager.

Her name is actually derived from the hieroglyphic symbol for the “life” known as the ankh, while Cleopatra, a famous Egyptian monarch, served as the inspiration for her appearance.

How to convince Ankha in Animal Crossing New Horizons to relocate to your island

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can persuade Ankha to move to your island in one of three ways:

  • In order to persuade her to leave, travel to several islands.
  • If you buy her Amiibo Card, she will teleport to your island right away.
  • Wait for her to come to the campsite on your island, then persuade her to stay.
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Purchasing and scanning Ankha’s Amiibo Card into the game is the only method that is guaranteed to work. Make sure you purchase the correct set of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards because her card only featured in Series 2.

However, given that cards are offered for sale in sealed packs of three at random, this might take a lot of time and money. Her Amiibo Card might be easier to find used on an online store like eBay.

The other options are to travel to other islands in the hopes of running into Ankha or to wait for her to stop by the campsite on your island. However, given that there are hundreds of villagers to rotate through, this may take months.

How to improve your friendship in Animal Crossing with Ankha

Ankha is actually not the easiest villager to get along with because she possesses the ‘Snooty’ personality feature. She will get along well with the villagers that are Lazy and Jock, but actually not well with Cranky and Normal.

Giving Ankha gifts with a historical theme is one of the finest methods to deepen your friendship with her because she loves them. She likes anything yellow because it is her favorite color.


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