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22 Best Free iPhone Apps in 2022

Looking for best free iphone apps? This post will show you 22 best free iphone apps that you have never seen before. Redditors are promoting incredibly useful iOS apps that are completely free as a form of online public service. Adventure apps, sleep apps, educational apps, mental health apps, eating apps, and sleep apps are all available. Yes, I think you understand. This article guides you the best free iphone apps that actually help people to understand the things.

22 Best Free iPhone Apps in 2022

Following are the best Free iPhone Apps given below:



Adventurers looking for running, hiking, and biking paths will find AllTrails to be a useful resource. According to Redditor Wookiepuke, it provides information on the trails – more than 100,000 in all around the globe! — including their length, difficulty level, and elevation. Users of the app can also post images of trails and offer feedback for other users. Yes, it also indicates whether the pathways are suitable for children or dogs.

2.Khan Academy

Khan Academy

A nonprofit company called Khan Academy offers students free access to online learning resources. But you don’t have to be enrolled in school to be a “student.” Being a student here just indicates that you are interested in learning more about anything.

The programme, which was recommended by Reddit user Colgate and OJ, contains information and educational resources on a range of subjects at different learning levels, from astrophysics to art history.



Mealime is a best free iphone app that, according to Redditor theblartist in their post, asks users about their preferences and dietary objectives before offering meals that fit those criteria. The software should save a tonne of time on meal planning because it can customise recipes to a user’s preferences.



How often have you tried to watch TV only to find that the sound is either muted or that the background noise makes it impossible to hear? Users of Tunity may quickly scan the TV screen as the software transmits the TV audio directly to their mobile so they can listen while wearing headphones.

Redditor mike-mag adds that it’s excellent in noisy, busy places where you could be attempting to watch the game rather than chit-chatting with the man next to you who won’t stop talking.



Libby, which was suggested by Redditor awkwardlyonfire, is simply an electronic library. You can access and borrow free ebooks and audiobooks from your library as long as you have a library card. You can browse the collection of your nearby library using the app after linking your library card. If you want to read a book, just download it. Your “loans” are all automatically paid back when they’re due.

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No late charges!

It serves as the library without the need to get up and go there. Perfect for conditions similar to a global epidemic.



AirDroid makes it simple to share data with friends and across screens, enabling users to “send images, videos, audios, or any files.” Consider the scenario where you wish to transfer images from your phone to your PC. Your AirDroid account on your pc should be able to detect the account on your phone as long as the both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The photographs and videos on your phone will then be recognised by your computer, allowing you to select which ones to transmit. There is no need for wires, USBs, or data costs.

7.Insight Timer

Insight Timer

According to the app description, Insight Timer offers guided meditations of varying length taught by “the world’s leading meditation and mindfulness specialists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, the University of Oxford, and more.” Despite the Redditor’s account appearing to have been removed, their message has remained online with around 400 points. We do, however, thank them.

8.Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

In order to better understand their menstrual health, Clue users can keep track of their menstrual cycles and record information about their symptoms. Clue additionally uses that data to forecast the user’s period cycle, including when it will arrive as well as the most likely symptoms and their severity.

Clue was used by Redditor annabear to schedule their Valentine’s weekend getaway so they wouldn’t be menstruating while they were away. They claimed in their post that it performed flawlessly.



Shazam is quite well-known and has been for a while, but it’s always worth mentioning when discussing practical free apps. Users of the Shazam app can launch it when a song is playing on the radio, at a store, or pretty much anywhere else, and Shazam will reveal the song’s title and the singer.

In essence, it provides a response to the perennial query, “What the hell is the name of this song playing?” The help comes courtesy of Reddit user DunkyChameleon.



Okay, listen, arithmetic is incredibly challenging. Sometimes you’ll spend an hour unable to move past a single issue. With the use of the learning tool Photomath, one can photograph a given mathematical issue. It will be scanned by the programme, after which the issue is sent into its algorithm, which offers detailed solutions. And wow, how I wish I had heard about this earlier than today.

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DuoLingo is a useful educational tool that provides free, brief courses to aid users in learning new languages. More than 35 languages are available to study, ranging from Spanish to Japanese. A variety of minigames and brief courses are provided to help you increase your vocabulary and comprehension.

With the app, you have the liberty to study a foreign language without the extra strain of grades or the awful prospect of failing!

12.SkyView Lite

Skyview Lite

Actually everyone who has even a passing interest in stars, planets, and other spacey things should pay attention. SkyView Lite is basically a stargazing app that lets you simply point your portable phone at the sky and have it inform you what’s up there, according to Reddit user evilive. You can see certain stars, constellations, planets, and even satellites thanks to it! You now know that there is more to the sky than just the Big Dipper.



The recommendation from Reddit user Cazmae is brief but yet merits consideration. If you haven’t already heard of it, Waze is a navigation app and also its a best free iphone app that plans routes, provides instructions, and invites users to report accidents and obstructions to improve the experience for everyone.



According to the app’s description, iNaturalist uses “visually similar suggestions and verification by devoted contributors” to identify the species of plants and animals from images that users have taken.

15.Radio Garden Live

Radio Garden Live

You can access local radio stations by rotating the globe and tapping a location. Sounds straightforward. Users of Radio Garden have the option of tuning in to various radio stations from across the globe.

16.Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go may be a terrific way to save money and contribute to society, as Redditor JohnTheBaptiste1 points out. The app enables participating restaurants and retail establishments to offer users discounted prices on food that would otherwise go to waste. You may use the app to look up nearby participating shops and restaurants and place pickup orders.

17.Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture, which the app description describes as being like a virtual museum, “puts the riches, stories, and knowledge of over 2,000 cultural organisations from 80 countries at your fingertips.”

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Its significance for art and history enthusiasts is highlighted by Redditor yokayla, who points out that it allows users access to exhibits and knowledge that they might otherwise have to pay a lot of money (and possibly travel considerable distances) to obtain in person. Cultural institutions work with Google and its partners to “digitise, manage, and disseminate their collections online, all for free.”

(You can also learn which classic piece of art you most closely resemble.)

18.A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur

Perfect for you:a background noise software that allows you to mix various noises and adjust their volume.You can employ thunder, rain, wind, and more for any purpose you choose.Some people prefer ambient sounds while studying. Some people prefer it for work.

19.Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

In relation to sleep, Sleep Cycle provides its users with knowledge of their sleeping habits. With the help of its “smart” alarm clock, it learns your sleep patterns, listens for noises like snoring, and wakes you up when your body is in the lightest sleep period.

Making mornings easier by utilising your body’s natural circadian cycle, as suggested by Redditor Happypepik? We are definitely down.



Alarmy is the buddy who tells you what you need to hear, even if it makes you incredibly angry, whereas Sleep Cycle is the one who tells you what you want to hear. This is one of the most best free iphone app in 2022.

Even if it’s pleasant to awaken spontaneously after a brief period of light sleep, some of us find that approach lacking. Alarmy wakes you up by making loud noises and requiring you to complete “missions” in order to silence the alarm.

21.Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit

Try Apollo for Reddit if you’re looking for an alternative to the official Reddit app. With almost 150,000 reviews and a 4.8 overall rating on the Software Store, this free app gives both casual and power users a more personalised Reddit experience.

22. Finch


Do you enjoy the thought of caring for a pet bird but lack the emotional stamina to dedicate yourself to cage cleaning? You might require the best free iPhone apps called Finch. The software employs individualised self-care exercises to help you take care of your bird and yourself. It also functions as a virtual companion and features lots of adorable bird illustrations.


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