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20 Best Free Video Editing Software For YouTube

Looking for best video editing software for youtube? This post will show you 20 best video editing software for youtube that you must know. Businesses may reach their target audiences by being on YouTube. The well-liked video platform is a fruitful channel for distributing pertinent content to your clients and potential clients.

Many brands have found success with this tactic since it allows them to establish themselves as reliable providers of entertainment and helpful information. But it is not as simple as it seems.

To be seen by their potential target communities, brands and YouTube producers need to stand out. This means that your video’s structure and editing may be important depending on your target audience. For this reason, a lot of companies, brands, and individual YouTube creators employ editing software.

They can produce interesting stories and other kinds of content thanks to these products. But not all platforms are made equal, as you are aware. Some are simply easy to use and far superior to others. The top YouTube video editing programmes are listed in this post for your convenience. By doing this, you may shorten the time it takes to explore products and discover the one that best suits your needs.

20 Best Free Video Editing Software For YouTube

Basically there are around 2.6 billion YouTube users worldwide who log in at least once every month, according to recent YouTube data. Additionally, a little over 2 billion people log in each day. YouTube is now the second-largest social media site after Facebook. It is therefore an ideal environment for content marketing. However, popularity has a price.

Due to competition, generating good content marketing is more challenging when there are more users and authors. Brands must therefore stand out in important ways if they are to succeed. The level of entertainment value and content quality are crucial for that.

In fact, a study indicated that efficient creative components contribute close to 50% of ROI. Even while other sorts of films and niche audiences might not care about it, the majority of the video—especially for brands—it still matters. Therefore, it is crucial to make wise investments in creative talent, production gear, and post-production tools like a video editing software solution.

In reality, if you look at the most popular YouTube channels, their footage has undergone post-production. This is particularly right for the top three channels, all of which are owned by companies that specialise in professional production, with T-Series, an Indian production business, having the highest subscriber count at 222 million.

Undoubtedly, not all top channels utilise sophisticated video editing software or sizable production crews. With 111 million users, PewDiePie’s channel is the fourth-most subscribed. The editing is minor and typically done by one person (as far as we know, he has two editors taking turns). The lesson is that a video editing software solution is necessary, though. The best ones for YouTube videos are listed below.

1.Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Not only is Final Cut Pro the most popular Mac video editing programme. Additionally, it is among the best video editing programmes ever made. Not only are online content creators using this well-liked on-premises YouTube video editing software.

Additionally, it has been used to edit important movies. Among the titles on the list are 300, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and John Carter from Disney. Basic capabilities like moving and cropping clips, asset management, transition effects, visual effects, audio editing, and templates for motion graphics are among the most important ones.

It actually comes as no surprise that it boasts cutting-edge capabilities for multicam editing, sophisticated colour grading, and 360-degree VR editing, among others, being one of the best video editing platforms out now. These are all contained within a user-friendly platform that is welcoming to newbies.

The one-time pricing of Final Cut Pro is $299.99. You can find respectable Final Cut Pro alternatives if you insist on using a PC. The following are some of Final Cut Pro’s main features: On-Premise; Trimming and Moving; Motion-Graphics Templates; Video Effects; Transition Effects; Audio Editing; Multicam Editing; Advanced Color Grading.



Another well-liked video editing software for YouTube creators is Filmora. Due to its user-friendly design, which appeals to both rookie and experienced creators, the product is very simple to use when compared to other video editing platforms.

Trimming, splicing, and video effects are only a few of the essential features for video editing that are included. Additionally, it offers the same audio editing and color-grading skills as top video editing programmes. This is actually one of the best video editing software for youtube. 

Among many other advanced features, mention should be made of video stabilisation, audio separation, noise removal, motion tracking, and keyframe editing. The price structures for Filmora are fairly simple. Three payment options are available for the on-premise platform: monthly ($9.99), annual ($49.99), and perpetual ($79.99).

The features are the same, and all subscribers get free updates for new releases. Last but not least, versions are offered for both Windows and Mac computers. Splicing, video effects, non-linear editing, video stabilisation, noise reduction, audio editing, motion editing, and colour correction are some of Filmora’s standout features.

3.Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Many professionals prefer Adobe Premiere Pro as their primary video editing software. In fact, it is regarded as one of the top YouTube video editing programmes. Numerous well-known films, including Deadpool, Gone Girl, and Terminator: Dark Fate, have been edited using it.

The software, as expected, has all the essential tools for editing video, including splicing, motion graphics templates, transitions, and video effects. Additionally, it offers users cutting-edge tools for VR audio editing, VR editing, and support for multiple projects.

Additionally, it smoothly connects with a variety of other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as After Effects, Audition, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. Additionally, Microsoft Teams can use it with no problems. Four payment options are available for the platform. Individual plans are available for a prepaid fee of $239.88 per year or $29.99 per month. Additionally, it is available in versions for Windows and macOS.

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Splicing and trimming, auto-ripple, motion graphics, video effects, transitions, audio editing, social media tools, and 100GB of storage are some of Adobe Premiere Pro’s standout features.

4.Movavi video Editor


Another well-known and user-friendly best free video editing software for youtube programme is Movavi Video Editor. It has grown to be quite well-liked among content producers because of how simple it is to use.

It has notable features including chroma keying, video stabilisation, vertical video for social media, picture-in-picture, creative filters, and the ability to add commentary via voiceovers in addition to the fundamental tools that every editing platform should have. It competes with the more well-known options on this list in terms of usability.

In fact, there are numerous ways to compare Filmora and Movavi Video Editor in this regard. An elegant user interface that is user-friendly for amateur video creators houses all of Movavi’s video editor functions. It is one of the preferred venues for social media videos as a result.

This is due to the fact that it offers all these formats require without ever utilising super-advanced capabilities that YouTube creators ordinarily wouldn’t need. In truth, a feature for automatic video generation for home usage exists. Additionally, Movavi Video Editor is accessible on both PC and Mac platforms. Prices begin at $39.95 per month.

Splicing and trimming, video preview, vertical videos for social media, stylized effects, voiceover, transitions, and automatic video creation are just a few of the key features of Movavi Video Editor.



Another item offered by Movavi is Fastreel. This is a straightforward, user-friendly internet video editing tool. It is essentially a condensed version of Movavi. However, it comes with all the essential tools required for straightforward videos. As a result, it is considered as one of the top free video editing programmes for YouTube creators.

However, a Fastreel watermark is present in the free version. The only caveat is that. The ability to trim a video, merge videos, add subtitles, mute a video, loop a video, and create slideshows are all important functions. It also includes helpful extra functions like those for creating video collages, adding watermarks, turning photographs into videos, and many others.

Additionally, it provides editable templates to assist users in producing polished films fast and easily. Starting at $9.95 per video per month for premium subscriptions. Fastreel’s primary features include video cropping, muting, looping, slide show creation, adding music, video collapsing, merging videos, and a free version.

6.Movavi Video Converter


Popular free video editing software for YouTube is Movavi Video Converter. Is one of the simplest platforms to use and contains all the essential video editing features for plain, simple YouTube films, despite not being a full-featured video editor. These come with tools for cutting and combining videos.

However, Movavi Video Converter’s ability to assist video editors and content producers in converting their files into various formats that are suitable for YouTube uploads is what matters most. Firstly, the free programme can convert media files to more than 180 formats.

Therefore, you don not need to worry about whether your video file is compatible with or optimised for YouTube or other social media channels when shooting with any device and camera application. Likewise with audio files. It also gives customers the option to compress their films without sacrificing quality, which is crucial.

In order to speed up uploading, users can shoot their movies at a high resolution and then compress them. Additionally, premium plans are offered. Costs begin at $39.95 a month. Movavi Video Converter’s main attributes include: • 180 File Formats. Converting audio and video files, trimming and merging video, adding subtitles, and video compression are all examples of conversions.



Software for video editing and screen recording is called Camtasia. It is well-liked by academics, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and, of course, content producers. Users can generate several forms of video content with its user-friendly interface, including onboarding and instructional videos.

Important functions include screen recording, text extraction, video capture, scrolling capture, and screen capture with text. It also has an image editor and a platform search feature. Creators of instructional and how-to content love it because of its feature set.

Additionally, users may quickly capitalise on YouTube trends in terms of content, originality, and format because of its high out-of-the-box usability. Different programmes for people, businesses, educational institutions, governments, and non-profits are available for the platform. Prices for both individual and commercial customers begin at $299.99.

Comprehensive Camtasia Review

Screen capture, video capture, file sharing, screen recording, scrolling capture, platform search, image editor, and text extraction are some of Camtasia’s key features.

The video editing software has several different features. Its features include video hosting and a content calendar in addition to powerful video editing tools. Additionally, it contains a generator for landing pages. This qualifies it as an appropriate option for vloggers, influencers, small businesses, and independent contractors.

They can manage their content marketing on a single platform and produce videos that can draw in their audience. Additionally,’s stock footage library has film that you may use to enhance your videos. You may also include background music to further improve your video. You really won’t need to worry about paying for the audio and video you’ll use because these are royalty-free.

Feature Highlights of

• Layouts • Transitions • Animations • Content Calendar • Combining Video Clips • Video Cropping • Video Trimming • Royalty-Free Footage and Music



Users can create videos with the help of the online video editing tool Moovly for their own, professional, or instructional purposes. By enrolling with your email address, you can quickly use the tool’s free edition. Once everything is complete, you can begin making videos by selecting from the available templates.

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The Moovly collection also offers various components like photos, audio, video, and animated clips. Since they are all free of royalties, you can utilise them without concern. You may easily upload your content to the site if you wish to use your own video components.

Important Moovly Features: • Royalty-free Video and Audio Library

Content upload, subtitles, animated text, video templates, and options for sharing videos are all included.

• Template Development

• Publication of Videos



Due of its simple user interface, BeeCut makes video editing easier. In just a few clicks, users can select the aspect ratios they like. Additionally, it offers a simple drag-and-drop feature. With only one click, you may choose media, filters, overlays, and other features.

It also provides options for merging video clips, editing frames, and deleting particular segments if you’re looking for something a little more complicated. Despite this, even those with little to no experience in video editing can use it. You can also apply effects to your video, such the mosaic effect.

Additionally, you can select from any professionally designed templates to save time by avoiding the need to start from scratch while editing videos. Additionally, you can use transitions in your movies to make them more fascinating or flow more smoothly.

Aspect Ratio Selection, Drag-and-Drop Video Editing, Filters and Overlays, Video Templates, Transitions, Text Formatting, Mosaic Effect, and Saturation, Contrast, and Hue are some of BeeCut’s standout features.



StoryXpress is more complex than a straightforward video editing software. It allows you to annotate while recording movies using your web camera or your computer’s screen. Additionally, you can remove offensive scenes or other video content using its editing capabilities.

You may crop the video and trim clips using the solution as well. Once you’re finished, you can quickly add it to your website. Additionally, StoryXpress provides video hosting and management services so you may distribute your works easily.

Additionally, analytics, which provide information on the viewing habits of your users, can be used to gauge the effectiveness of your films. Aspect Ratio Selection, Drag-and-Drop Video Editing, Filters and Overlays, Video Templates, Transitions, Text Formatting, Mosaic Effect, and Saturation, Contrast, and Hue are just a few of StoryXpress’s standout features.

12.OBS Studio


For those who make content for video games, OBS Studio is a good partner. Both live streaming and game session recordings are possible with it. You can choose between many stream sources and record directly from your webcam and microphone.

This enables you to produce a seamless broadcast or recording that your audience will undoubtedly appreciate. The application also enables you to insert pre-existing videos while you are live. Additional tools like an audio mixer, video filters, and themes can also improve live streams. Additionally, you can change variables to ensure that your broadcasting or recording goes just how you want it to.

OBS Studio is open source and free. As a result, it is well-liked by the vast number of gamers worldwide in streaming communities. Real-time audio and video capture; unlimited stream sources; an audio mixer; support for VST plugins; sources configuration; recording or broadcasting options; custom transitions; and a modular layout are some of OBS Studio’s standout features.



For iOS and Mac devices, there is a straightforward best free video editing software for youtube called iMovie. With tools like a studio logo and credit rolls, users can easily transform their videos and photographs into compelling movies.

The platform is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. And with all the essential editing tools at hand, it is sufficient for making straightforward YouTube videos. Automatic video editing, audio and music editing, video colour settings, video stabilisation, clip browsing, and pre-made themes and backdrops are some of the key features. Additionally, it enables users to open numerous projects at once. The fact that the software is free for all iOS and macOS users makes it even better.

Automated video editing, themes, backdrops, audio and music editing, video colour settings, studio logo and credit rolls, video stabilisation, effects, and custom elements are just a few of iMovie’s standout features.

14.Nero Standard 2018


For video converting, editing, organising, and playing, Nero Standard 2018 is a straightforward all-purpose multimedia software. Burning files onto CDs and DVDs has also been a common usage for the well-known platform. The software also incorporates the Nero MediaHome package, which enables users to manage and arrange their media files.

A straightforward video editing interface, music editing tools, photo editing tools, and media file conversion are some of the key features. The platform is built for simple video management and editing. Simple internet video creation is more than sufficient for creators.

The ability to handle files for either single or serial uploads makes its media management features highly useful. The starting price is $59.95. Nero Standard 2018’s main features include video editing, music editing, Nero MediaHome, online media sharing, the ability to play and stream videos, Nero Launcher, photo editing, and media conversion.



For creators, companies, and educational institutions, WeVideo offers cloud-based video editing software. Utilizing the platform is quite simple. As a result, it has excellent use right out of the box and is suitable for both beginners and specialists. As a result, YouTube creators often choose it.

In addition to the fundamental editing tools like splicing and combining, it has extras like templates and motion tiles, a GIF maker, voiceover, and screen recording options. Additionally, the highest possible video resolution for premium plans is 4K Ultra HD. Cropping, green screen, slow motion, and audio enhancement are additional functions.

Additionally, users can directly publish their films to social media sites using the platform. The annual cost of the Creator plan is $7.99, while the Business package for multiple users is $29.59. Finally, WeVideo offers a free version, although it has less features and can only be published for a maximum of five minutes per month.

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WeVideo’s key attributes include 4k Ultra HD, many video formats, audio only export and audio boost, voiceover, social media upload, green screen, and slow motion. is a video-friendly platform for creating videos for companies. It assists users in producing eye-catching promotions for social media platforms like YouTube, as suggested by the name.

Online video editing tools, video compression, slideshow creation, YouTube intro creation, montage creation, and a YouTube thumbnail creation capability are some of the key features. It also features helpful social media tools including a calendar for social media, a Snapchat video editor, a TikTok video editor, and a money calculator for YouTube.

The platform gives customers templates and formats in addition to providing partners like Getty Images with free music and image downloads. There are templates available for the real estate, fitness, health, and education sectors.

Meme videos, six-second videos, listicles, and motivational quotes are among the available formats. It also effortlessly interacts with other tools, such as Shopify, HubSpot, Wistia, and Instagram. Last but not least, monthly prices begin at $49.

Important Elements of

Templates, Social Media Tools, YouTube Thumbnail Maker, Online Video Editing, YouTube Money Calculator, Video Ad Maker, YouTube Intro Maker, Royalty-Free Images, and Social Media Tools.

17.With DaVinci Resolve

With DaVinci Resolve

Software for editing, colour correction, and audio post-production is called DaVinci Resolve. It’s a platform for expert video editing software from Blackmagic Design. In fact, Hollywood producers favour it as their go-to video editing software.

Additionally, DaVinci Resolve hardware, with its editor keyboard, speed editor, and audio editor, among others, complements the software the best. Additionally, the free basic edition of DaVinci Resolve. Additionally, there are sophisticated features for colour correction, motion graphics, and audio post-production.

Additionally, if something is good enough for Hollywood, it is also good enough to produce excellent YouTube videos. There is a premium DaVinci Resolve Studio version available for more sophisticated features. It offers added features like the DaVinci Neural Engine, additional FX filters, Fairlight FX audio plugins, and 3D tools in stereo. The premium edition is $295.

Important Elements of DaVinci Resolve

• Hardware Compatibility

• Color Correction

• Audio Post-Production

• Remote Collaboration Tools

• Hollywood-Grade Editing Tools

True 3D Workspace, Node Editor, and Virtual Set Extensions



Users can access industry-standard tools for video editing and visual effects through HitFilm. Independent filmmakers and enthusiasts like it a lot. Additionally, it works well for producing YouTube videos with more complex technical aspects.

It is also free. It has all the fundamental features, including cut, crop, and slice. Additionally, it has text tools, audio sync functions, ready-to-use presets, and drag-and-drop transitions. Additionally, it offers customers access to creative assets like licenced music, sound effects, and stock footage.

Other capabilities include grading tools, lighting effects, layering tools, and 3D model animation. Additionally, it works well with Boris and Imagineer Systems. A free plan is available on the platform, which is sufficient for basic YouTube videos. Annual billing for premium plans begins at $6.25 per month.

HitFilm’s main features include grading tools, basic editing tools, lighting effects, audio synchronisation, layering tools, 3D model animation, transitions, and presets.

19.Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro offers customers excellent video editing, colour correction, and video effects capabilities. It is a professional editing solution. Nested timelines, keyframing, automation control, intelligent AI for editing, and compositing tools are some of the key features.

Additionally, it offers subscribers access to sophisticated video effects. They can even produce 3D projects thanks to it. Despite offering capabilities of a professional calibre, the product is simple to use due to thoughtful design.

Additionally compatible with NewBlueFX, Open Effects Association Platform, and other Vegas solutions is the platform. Monthly memberships are $19.99. Vegas Pro’s main features include an adjustable user interface, video effects, colour correction, audio editing, velocity envelopes, compositing, 3D editing, and automatic crossfades.



Professional tools are made easier to use with the help of VideoPad, a video editing software programme. Text effects, audio tools, 360-degree video editing, 3D video editing, audio tools, colour tweaks, and chroma keying are some of the key features.

Additionally, because it has the capacity to automatically generate subtitles, it is fantastic for YouTubers who prefer to have subtitles on their videos. A media collection, voiceover recording, and other services are also available. Additionally, Vimeo and YouTube have native connections with it. For its home edition, promotional pricing is currently $34.99 starting.

Key Features of VideoPad: Drag-and-Drop Controls, YouTube Integration, Text Effects, Chroma Keying, 360° Video Editing, 3D Video Editing, Audio Tools, and Audio Tools

Which YouTube video editing software is best for you?

The type of material you want to create will largely determine what you consider to be the best video editing software for YouTube. Simple internet editing tools like would be sufficient if you only wanted to post short promo-style videos.

Even free solutions could be effective if you want to make straightforward how-to films. However, a Hollywood-grade one like DaVinci Resolve would be your best bet if you were wanting to produce professional videos with a large production budget.

Platforms in the middle of the pack in terms of features and capabilities—items that appeal to both professionals and consumers equally—are the best options for brands, small businesses, and lone creators.

You could refer to them as prosumers. The best product in this category for Mac users is Final Cut Pro. For YouTube presentations, advertisements, promotions, how-to videos, and content marketing in general, it includes every capability you could possibly need for video editing.

As previously indicated, it has also been employed in the editing of blockbusters like 300 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Utilizing the platform is quite simple. For more sophisticated production, it works well with almost any hardware including mixers, microphones, and other panels. In addition, a lot of training materials and peer help may be available online due to the big user population.


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