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Copper CRM – 13 Best Alternatives

Looking for copper alternatives? This post will show you 10+ best copper alternatives that you never knew before. Your search for the top Copper CRM substitute is over right now! An efficient way to manage sales opportunities and projects is to use Copper, a CRM renowned for its ease of use and setup. In essence, it aids companies in managing their Google Workspace within the CRM platform.

But what about companies that want the freedom to select their own tools and do not want to be restricted to using Google applications? Where Copper falls short is in this area.

Don’t worry if you are in the same boat. For companies who do not rely significantly on Google and require an inexpensive CRM solution, we offer the finest Copper CRM alternatives. You can use this comparison table to locate the ideal Copper substitute for your business. To make an educated decision, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each instrument.

However, let’s examine Copper’s features, costs, and integrations first before we compare CRM for small businesses.

Describe Copper CRM.

Copper is a well-known name in the CRM sector, having raised over $87 million and having more than 10,000 customers. Copper enables businesses to forge closer connections with prospects and consumers by centralizing all data in one location.

Additionally, it provides project management tools to increase team output and communication. You may easily fulfill client expectations by streamlining your operations and using a single application for workflow automation or project planning and customer relationship management.

Prices for Copper CRM begin at $25 per user per month.

Copper’s Features

You need to be aware of the features the tool gives in order to find the greatest Copper alternatives. Any software must provide the following properties in order to be a trustworthy Copper substitute:

  • Automate routine administrative procedures to free up time for more crucial pursuits.
  • Use a customized funnel to collect leads and follow their progress during the sales process.
  • Integrate with Google to give CRM users immediate access to Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other services.
  • Store all of your contact records’ emails, documents, notes, and communication logs in one location.
  • Utilize thorough reports to have total visibility into your company’s performance.
  • Configure recurring tasks and fast alerts.

Integrations with Copper CRM

It is simple to link Copper to a variety of tools, which enables you to manage your business without switching between numerous programs. When all of your favorite tools’ data is automatically synchronized, you can work more efficiently. The following are some of the most well-liked integrations that Copper CRM provides:

Why Should You Consider Alternatives to Copper CRM?

While Copper is an excellent CRM and project management tool for users of Google workplace, it falls short for companies seeking greater flexibility.

Too absorbed in G Suite

Copper is probably not the best option if your company chooses to use tools other than those in the G Suite. Since the tool restricts your access to a particular set of tools, you are unable to use the CRM system’s software of your choice. As a result, even while the Copper CRM integration with G Suite functions effectively, it may also be too limited.

Insufficient features in cheaper versions

Bulk emails, workflow automation, report templates, and goal monitoring are just a few of the crucial functions that are disabled in the tool’s free version. The product quickly turns into a pricey CRM solution because these features are only included in Copper software’s more expensive editions.

Copper CRM – 13 Best Alternatives

Here is a more thorough evaluation of the top 14 Copper CRM solutions for your company.

1. Salesforce


Salesforce holds a 19.6% market share or more of the global CRM market, making it a top provider of CRM solutions. It offers a strong and well-integrated platform for IT, eCommerce, support, sales, and marketing. By utilizing this unified access to all corporate data, amazing client experiences may be provided. Salesforce’s built-in intelligence can assist in improving business decisions and automating crucial business procedures. The tool can also be linked to a number of other programs, and data synchronization across all of these platforms is automatic.


Essential Elements of Salesforce CRM:

  • Personalize marketing initiatives to increase conversion potential and targeting.
  • Automate routine chores to boost group output.
  • Improve contact profiles by collecting information from various sources.
  • Include unique triggers to keep offers progressing through the sales cycle.
  • Use AI-powered recommendations to choose your next course of action.

Popular Salesforce CRM integrations:

  • Slack
  • QuickBooks
  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Dropbox

What Is the Price of Salesforce CRM?

$25 per user, per month.


  • Salesforce is a very adaptable and dependable CRM thanks to cloud-based access.
  • Workflow automation increases productivity on a daily basis and saves a substantial amount of time.


  • The tool may be excessively complex due to its wide range of features.
  • Setting up the instrument is a difficult and drawn-out process.

2. HubSpot


A number of products are available from HubSpot that increase business productivity and help with revenue growth. HubSpot’s CRM application is a potent tool for increasing visibility into business operations. The application provides a clear sales funnel view to aid in managing and tracking all open opportunities. HubSpot CRM may be used to automate and customize marketing initiatives. To measure company performance and spot trends, the application also offers thorough reporting dashboards.


HubSpot’s main attributes are:

  • Auto-enrichment of contact profiles from online forms, browsing history, social media sites, etc.
  • Distribute mass emails to enhance lead nurturing.
  • Set up alerts for critical deadlines.
  • Use a global inbox to keep track of all correspondence with clients and team members.
  • You can quickly track the metrics of your choice thanks to built-in reporting.

Popular HubSpot integrations:

What Is the Price of HubSpot?

Free Version is accessible.

Paid Versions: Prices begin at $45/month.


  • Manage all processes from a single tool with the help of simple two-way data synchronization with other business tools.
  • The CRM system keeps an automatic log of every interaction.


  • The free version’s functionality is extremely constrained.
  • Customizing email templates can be difficult and technical knowledge is necessary.

3. CRM Zoho


A solid Copper CRM substitute that will help you interact with customers more skillfully is Zoho CRM. You can communicate with your prospects and clients using their chosen channels, such as social media, email, etc. By automating time-consuming operations, Zoho CRM promotes resource and time conservation. You can monitor important KPIs and create more accurate projections with real-time reporting and analytics. The tool’s UI can be readily modified to suit your unique requirements.


Key characteristics of Zoho CRM

  • Establish triggers for automated processes to ensure constant progress.
  • Use the AI-powered assistant to easily navigate the CRM.
  • Use lead analysis and prediction to concentrate on the correct prospects.
  • The tool offers knowledgeable notifications, recommendations, and reminders.
  • Encourage team collaboration through discussion boards, notes, and personalized tags.

Popular Zoho CRM integrations:

The G Suite

  • Twilio
  • Xero
  • Proposify
  • LeadFeeder

What Is the Price of Zoho CRM?

Three users can use the free version.

Paid versions begin at $14 per user per month.


  • The program is among the most flexible CRM tools.
  • Task scheduling and delegation to team members are simple processes. The tool also assists in monitoring the status of each action to make sure that due dates are reached.


  • More effective training materials are needed for Zoho CRM.
  • Customer service might use some work.

4. Keap


Keap is CRM software with strong marketing and sales automation features. It can be used to gather and classify leads. Keap offers drag-and-drop sales funnels that are fully customisable. You may track position sales chances with the aid of these funnels and direct them toward making a choice. Along with automated email marketing, Keap also provides lead generation services. You may analyze business data, create performance reports, and A/B test your marketing initiatives using Keap.


Key Keap Features:

  • Use automation to nurture more leads.
  • Have access to email templates that are simple to adapt for your intended demographic.
  • From a single dashboard, schedule appointments and keep track of all planned activities.
  • Automatically gather leads from numerous sources and handle them from beginning to end.
  • Remove guesswork with improved process visibility offered by intelligent reporting.

Popular Keap Integrations

Keap: How Much Does It Cost?

beginning at $56 per month


  • There is outstanding technical assistance accessible.
  • Your workflow may be automated and visualized.


  • The tool has a severe learning curve.
  • The search function requires improvement.


Your data is structured and accessible from a single platform thanks to This CRM provides robust reporting dashboards, pipeline management, communication tracking, and email marketing. Team members may more easily track pertinent data because all contact information, files, notes, and conversation histories are kept in one place. You can also set up personalized automations on to assist you prevent any needless delays and provide your consumers with superior services.


Key characteristics of

  • Gather leads from places like websites, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Use sales pipelines that are configurable to visualize every opportunity.
  • Create automated workflows with personalized triggers.
  • Streamline opportunity management by keeping tabs on transaction size, priority levels, and due dates.
  • Access CRM data remotely and manage it using a mobile device.

Popular Integrations:

  • Outlook
  • Slack
  • PandaDoc
  • Zapier
  • Zoom

The price of

Free Version: Two users are permitted.

Paid versions begin at $8 per user per month.


  • Enhance group collaboration with file sharing, comments, and co-editing.
  • Use Gantt charts and Kanban boards to plan, organize, and carry out projects.


  • The performance and speed of the mobile apps are subpar.
  • Establishing task dependencies might be challenging.

6. Pipedrive


A CRM called Pipedrive is made to increase sales. Businesses can create unique sales pipelines using this Copper substitute to see how prospects progress through the sales cycle. With the aid of Pipedrive’s analytics, you can make better business decisions without having to rely on guessing. You may automate a number of steps in your sales process using the program to close more deals. Pipedrive can also be used to qualify leads and assign them to the appropriate sales reps.


Key characteristics of Pipedrive

  • Receive insightful suggestions based on client activity and behavior.
  • Create customized stages for numerous sales pipelines.
  • Utilize custom data fields to get the most pertinent information for leads.
  • Tailor the reports to follow the most important metrics.
  • Use pre-made email templates to select one and keep in touch with your leads.

Popular Pipedrive Integrations

  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • HubSpot
  • Lemlist
  • Xero

What is the price of Pipedrive?

begins at $12.50 per user each month.


  • Get thorough conversation histories and total visibility into customer interactions.
  • Pipedrive is simple to set up and use.


  • Customer service might use some work.
  • More thorough reporting are needed.

7. Freshsales


Freshsales is a trustworthy Copper substitute that can support your company’s expansion. You have the tools to shorten the sales cycle and increase income with our sales-focused CRM solution. By automating time-consuming procedures, Freshsales enables you to concentrate more on developing closer relationships with your clients. In order to customise experiences, it integrates consumer data to give you total visibility into their behavior, preferences, and communication history.


Key Characteristics of Freshsales

  • You can keep track of all communications using two-way email synchronization.
  • Select pre-built templates or alter the reports to monitor crucial parameters.
  • Interact with prospects using their preferred method of communication, such as live chat, email, phone calls, social media, etc.
  • Build personalized sales pipelines, and monitor stage-by-stage success rates.
  • Apply artificial intelligence to trend analysis and gain useful business insights.

Popular Freshsales integrations:

  • Mailchimp
  • Segment
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier
  • Xero

What is the price of Freshsales?

Free Version is accessible.

Paid versions begin at $15 per user per month.


  • Create automation workflows in accordance with your current processes.
  • Gain insights on customer behavior using AI, and adjust experiences as necessary.


  • The tool’s interface may be easier to use.
  • The software’s tech assistance might use some work.

8. CRM NetSuite


By centralizing all corporate operations, NetSuite CRM improves the alignment of sales and marketing. It provides cutting-edge capabilities to increase your consumer interactions. Lead management, sales prediction, pipeline tracking, and marketing campaign management are some of this software’s most potent capabilities. Lead qualification and determining when prospects are prepared to make a purchase are simple processes made possible by NetSuite CRM. Additionally, it provides built-in reporting and goal tracking to assess the appropriate criteria.


NetSuite CRM’s main attributes are:

  • Look at potential lead sources and more effectively qualify them.
  • Use custom reports and real-time statistics to keep an eye on performance.
  • Centralized access to all data will improve employee productivity and team collaboration.
  • Look for upselling possibilities to boost revenue.
  • Access your CRM data from anywhere using a mobile device.

Popular NetSuite CRM Integrations:

  • Quickbase
  • Pepperi
  • LeadMaster
  • Mailchimp
  • Spiro

What Is the Price of NetSuite CRM?

beginning at $129 per month


  • Create more accurate estimates thanks to better sales process visibility.
  • Enhance personalisation and rapid support to increase client satisfaction.


  • The setup process is drawn out and prone to mistakes.
  • There are no sophisticated search capabilities.

9. CRM Pipeline


Businesses may better manage their sales processes and optimize them to boost profitability with the help of Pipeline CRM. You can alter the tool’s numerous modules, such as pipeline stages, data fields, and user roles, to suit the requirements of your business. Pipeline CRM’s graphic leaderboards, in-depth contact profiles, and real-time notifications allow your team members to monitor their progress toward targets so you can take advantage of every opportunity.


Pipeline CRM’s main attributes are:

  • Monitor the sources of leads and give high-value deals priority.
  • Create and manage several pipelines to streamline your sales processes.
  • Use strong reports to influence decisions using data.
  • With a unified inbox, obtain complete conversation histories in one location.
  • Create unique user roles to specify rights and data access.

Popular Pipeline CRM Integrations:

  • Mailchimp
  • Assist Scout
  • QuickBooks
  • Zapier
  • INinbox

What Is the Price of Pipeline CRM?

$25 per user, per month.


  • Clearly define your team’s objectives and keep regular tabs on their development.
  • From a single dashboard, get a thorough overview of all sales activity and data. Get daily updates and real-time reports as well to keep up with all sales activity.


  • The reminder system might be improved.
  • Managing bulk email lists and campaigns is challenging.

10. Insightly


A CRM alternative to Copper called Insightly can unite several corporate divisions under a single platform. Automate notifications, task delegation, data entry, and other processes to save time and get rid of human errors. Using tailored emails from the CRM, you may communicate with prospects and customers more successfully. You may stay current while on the go thanks to the CRM data’s accessibility from any mobile device. Utilize Insightly to visualize corporate data for actionable insights and process optimization.


Key Characteristics of Insightly

  • Develop compelling marketing efforts to gain access to leads of the highest caliber.
  • Keep track of all the pertinent information for leads so that the appropriate sales professional is automatically contacted.
  • Easily manage tasks, keep track of deadlines, and work with other team members.
  • Create customized consumer experiences based on customer segmentation.
  • Easily add objects to your dashboards by dragging and dropping.

Popular Insightly Integrations

  • Salesforce
  • Trello
  • Twilio
  • Wrike
  • Xero

What Is the Price of Insightly?

Free Version: Two users are permitted.

Paid versions begin at $29 per user per month.


  • Create multi-step automated workflows for your team.
  • Conduct A/B testing on marketing initiatives to determine what resonates with your prospects.


  • Basic project management skills are lacking.
  • Report customization options are restricted.

11. Nutshell


Nutshell is one of the greatest alternatives to Copper since it smoothly combines sales and marketing. Using this CRM application, you can easily access and store all of your contacts’ information in one location. You can use custom reports in Nutshell to monitor your team’s performance. The program provides effective email marketing capabilities like time-saving automatic sequences and configurable themes.


Key Nutshell Features

  • Establish an automated sales process to explicitly specify actions for your team.
  • Simplified communication and immediate notifications will improve internal collaboration.
  • To reach out to more individuals in less time, use email templates
  • Utilize customisable reports to monitor progress.
  • Use a visual pipeline to view and manage all sales possibilities.

Popular Nutshell Integrations:

  • Permanent Contact
  • Intercom
  • Mailchimp

365 Office

  • Slack

What is the price of Nutshell?

Initially $19 per user per month


  • The tool’s interface is simple to use.
  • The necessary documentation and training materials are accessible.


  • Importing and exporting data can be difficult.
  • Adding numerous attachments to emails is challenging.

12. SugarCRM


Sales, marketing, and customer care are all combined with SugarCRM. It eliminates busywork and boosts productivity by automating crucial operations. You can alter workflows and modules to suit your company’s requirements thanks to the tool’s simplicity of customization. You can attract prospects’ attention and turn them into clients using this sales and marketing automation software. You can create enduring customer relationships with SugarCRM by providing wonderful experiences and enhanced support.


Key Characteristics of SugarCRM

  • Obtain contact details for leads automatically. Keep this information accessible and centrally located.
  • Create lead nurturing campaigns with many touchpoints and steps.
  • Receive business insights enabled by AI to spot lucrative opportunities.
  • Utilize a drag and drop interface to create automation sequences.
  • Receive real-time alerts to stay informed.

Popular SugarCRM Integrations:

  • QuickBooks
  • Jira
  • Permanent Contact
  • Logic Creator
  • Dropbox

What is the price of SugarCRM?

from $52 per user each month.


  • The setup is simple and quick.
  • The functions for task tracking and booking appointments function effectively.


  • The mobile application is lacking in some features.
  • The tool’s user interface could be enhanced.

13. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a potent CRM and task management system that aids firms in using their time and resources more effectively. This CRM application provides automation and sales information to increase your revenue. Additionally, productivity can be increased with the aid of project management tools like Gantt charts, time tracking, and automated chores. Additionally, Bitrix24 provides statistics and analytics so you can see your performance more clearly and find areas for improvement. You can also obtain activity reports to monitor the development of certain team members.


Bitrix24’s main attributes are:

  • Automate process to increase your team’s output.
  • Gather leads directly into your CRM database from sources like web forms.
  • To keep track of all prospects, set up a sales pipeline with personalized stages.
  • Plan email marketing initiatives and assess their effectiveness.
  • Increase team productivity through enhanced communication, time management, and remote working.

Popular Bitrix24 Integrations:

  • Gmail

365 Office

  • Xero
  • Mailchimp
  • Dropbox

What is the price of Bitrix24?

Free Version is accessible.

Paid Versions: Prices begin at $39/month.


  • It enables you to create personalized automation rules to maintain progress.
  • You can get leads from websites, social media platforms, and other places.


  • Technical support may use some work.

Notification scheduling is a difficult task.

Which Copper Alternative Should I Pick?

The use of copper is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are a number of specific demands that the tool cannot meet. There are various situations when it could be preferable to look for a Copper CRM replacement, whether it’s because of the limited flexibility for customers who aren’t G Suite subscribers or the lack of substantial customization.

Unlike Copper, which exclusively integrates with G Suite, the 14 top Copper alternatives for small businesses listed in our CRM comparison for small businesses offer the same or better capabilities as Copper CRM, giving you the freedom to work with the tools you want.

Every organization has different requirements and goals for a CRM application. As a result, you need to spend money on a versatile tool that you may customize to your needs.

Copper – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best software for my company?

Choosing the best CRM can be difficult, especially with so many options available. In order to choose wisely, you must:

  • Remember that the particular needs of your company.
  • Take advantage of the free trial to learn more about the product.
  • Conduct a thorough examination of the best tools.
  • Choose a spending limit and look for tools that fit it.
  1. What distinguishes a tool as a trustworthy Copper CRM substitute?

The following elements are necessary for a tool to be a successful Copper CRM substitute:

  • Automated procedures and duties
  • A minimal learning curve
  • Sales pipeline that is adaptable
  • Effective integrations
  • Pre-written reports

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