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Complete Guide: Discord Profile Picture Size

Worried about discord profile picture size? This post will show you in details regarding discord profile picture size. Discord is a communication application that focuses on communities. Through virtual chat, it links individuals all over the world and draws millions of players, fan bases, and small businesses. It’s crucial to have a fantastic Discord profile picture because it might show the kind of person or company you are. The image is typically the first thing people see when they click on your name in a channel or when you send them a friend request.

We’ll expose you to everything there is to know about Discord avatars in this article. Include best Discord profile picture dimensions, Discord pfp design advice, and instructions for setting up an avatar.

Complete Guide: Discord Profile Picture Size

Your profile page and channel chat interface both show your Discord profile picture, sometimes referred to as your Discord avatar. The 128 by 128 pixel Discord pfp size is suggested.

But if the image has a 1:1 ratio, you can upload one that is greater in size. Discord will automatically compress it for you when you upload. An image for a Discord profile can only be up to 8 MB in size.

discord profile picture size

Discord Servers Logo vs. Profile Image

The Discord server logo is completely different from the Discord avatar. Keep the two of them apart.

A personal chat avatar used on Discord is seen in the profile and conversation interfaces. 128 × 128 pixels are its size.

The public server icon is essentially the Discord server logo. It is what users will encounter while looking for or discovering a server. It will show up in the toolbar on the left side of your screen after you connect to the server. The server logo can only be modified by the server’s creator. The server logo should have a size of 512 x 512 pixels, according to Discord.

discord profile picture size

Discord Profile Picture Formats and Types

The two basic types of avatars in Discord are. The formats JPG, PNG, or GIF are supported. Therefore, users can select practically any image as their avatar. You only need to upload a picture that complies with Discord’s avatar size criteria.

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Two Varieties of Profile Pictures:

JPG and PNG image formats are supported. This kind of avatar can be created from any image, including portraits, still lifes, cartoons, and landscapes. Simply crop the picture to the Discord pfp specifications. Anyone is free to use and modify his profile picture at any time.

Animated GIF avatars are an alternative to static photographs that can be uploaded as profile pictures in Discord. However, only Discord Nitro users are able to use this feature.

A person can only view an animated GIF when they hover over your profile picture if you chose to use one as your avatar.

discord profile picture size

Design Ideas for Discord Avatars

Like every other streamer, it’s crucial to pick or create a suitable profile picture. It not only facilitates faster identification by others but also promotes brand awareness. Here are some few important ideas we have for Discord pfp:

  1. Make connections to your brand. Use the logo for your company or incorporate its colors into your profile picture.
  2. Employ images with vivid contrasts. Your Discord profile photo may easily stand out from the crowd by using sharp color contrasts to attract people’s attention.discord profile picture size
  3. Eliminate the disorganized background. A photo’s focal point may become lost in a busy background. Remove the original photo’s background using the background remover and replace it with a brand-new solid-color background. This can draw attention to the photograph’s main subject and make people take notice of your Discord avatar.
  4. Make use of crisp, high-quality photos. It’s crucial to exhibit photos clearly. Through a small display area, this enables other users to see the content of your images clearly. With Fotor’s photo enhancer, you may raise the quality of your photos and sharpen any that are fuzzy.
  5. Scale down your photo to the proper size. You can prevent the Discord platform from eliminating items you might wish to display by uploading a standard size Discord profile picture. Before uploading, resize your photo using Fotor’s tool.
  6. Apply creative effects. Photo editing options include adding filters, creating cartoons, and sketching out images. Your social media profile images become more artistic and appealing as a result.
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discord profile picture size

How to Use Fotor to Create Your Discord Profile Picture?

You can pick a picture you like and instantly upload it as your Discord profile picture. Or you can generate your own avatar by using the Fotor Discord profile photo creator.

  • Launch the design tool on Fotor and type “Discord” into the search field on the left. All of our Discord profile photo templates are available. Each of these templates complies with the Discord pfp size. Select one from the selection to get going.
  • Alternatively, you can select “Resize” from the menu underneath our canvas. And make the canvas 128 by 128 pixels in size. On the canvas, feel free to creatively express yourself with your avatar.
  • Include extras to personalize your profile picture. Our element library is full of stickers and icons. To add decoration to your avatar, drag them onto the canvas.
  • Get your fresh Discord avatar. When you’re finished, save your image by clicking the “Download” button in the top right corner. You can choose between the JPG and PNG formats.

discord profile picture size

How do I upload my Discord avatar or change it?

When you’ve finished creating your image, go to Discord and change your avatar there. It’s incredibly easy to upload or change your Discord profile photo.

  1. Launch Discord in your web browser and sign into your account. To access the “My Account” settings interface, click the “User Settings” icon in the lower left corner.
  2. To access the profile settings interface, click the blue “Edit user profile” icon.
  3. Select “User Profile” and then click the blue “Change Avatar” icon. To upload or modify your profile photo, click the “+” on the avatar to the right of the preview.
  4. Decide whether you want to upload a “picture” or a “animated image” as your image type. Finish and upload your profile picture.
  5. Drag and drag the image to reposition it in the desired location. You may also zoom in or out by adjusting the slider below.
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After all adjustments are complete, press “Apply.” Click the “Save Change” button to return to the user profile settings interface on the page. Your new avatar will be successfully used in this manner.

discord profile picture size

How Do I Download or Save a Full Size Discord PFP?

  • You are unable to download or store the avatars of other users straight from the platform. It must be acquired from the source code of the software.
  • In Discord, click the user’s profile picture. Activate the “View Profile” tab.

The inspection window will open when you press Ctrl + Shift + I. You can also choose “Inspect Element” from the context menu when you right-click on the target user’s avatar.

  • To open the Inspect Elements window, click the tiny arrow symbol in the top left corner. Click while moving the cursor over your avatar.

The system will show the appropriate script. Look in the img> container for the URL of the Discord profile picture.

  • Double-click the URL to copy it. You can see the avatar if you open it in a new tab.
  • Click the image and then choose “Save Image As.” After that, you will be able to successfully save other users’ Discord pfp to your PC.

discord profile picture size

To Sum Up

This article discusses the dimensions of Discord profile pictures, design advice for your profile picture, downloading full-size Discord pfps, and creating and uploading custom Discord avatars.

With this knowledge, you can stop worrying if your Discord profile picture isn’t attractive enough. Use everything you’ve learnt right away to make beautiful avatars and upload them. The outcome must be unimaginable in your mind.


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