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Dynamics 365 Amazing 10 Alternatives

Looking for dynamics 365 substitutes? This post will show you 10 best dynamics 365 alternatives that you never knew before. As a business owner, you are aware of how important it is for you to expand your clientele and establish trusting bonds with customers. However, it can frequently be challenging to be being proactive in managing your customers’ relationships while running your business operations. This is why you should use CRM software from companies like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Don’t worry if you believe that this product is not a good fit for your business. This piece explains The top ten Dynamics 365 substitutes will be covered. With great care These solutions were chosen based on their pricing range, offered CRM and ERP features, and intended company sizes. This will actually make it simpler for you to decide which one to pick. satisfies the requirements of your company.

Every business depends on its customers since without them, there wouldn’t be any. be any requirements that businesses can meet with their products and services. Because of this, is essential for effectively attracting, raising, and keeping them. To It is convenient to have customer relationship management to help you accomplish that (CRM) Such as Dynamics 365 systems.

These platforms provide a wealth of advantages for your sales and marketing efforts. CRM solutions are utilized to increase customer service (74%), customer satisfaction (66%) and to increase client retention (56 percent ). As you the table below demonstrates, it can also be utilized to maintain client loyalty (72 percent ), gain new clients (45%), and lower marketing expenses (38 percent ). Added to These systems give you information on how to increase sales and make more utilize the time of your staff, and use specialized marketing techniques.

Improved customer experience, new client acquisition, and decreased cost of promoting cross-selling and upselling more, enhancing customer rights, and making an offer.

Top 3 Customer Management Objectives

Having a CRM system available is helpful, but it is insufficient. You should also make sure it can accommodate the unique requirements of your operations. In fact, based on According to a ResearchGate study, selecting the wrong CRM and implementing it can the complete failure of your system. This demonstrates that, despite Dynamics 365’s while being among the greatest solutions available, it might not be the perfect fit for your business. In some instances similar to these, you must thoroughly assess the requirements of your company to ascertain which CRM program will be most effective for you.

It will be easier to set priorities once you’ve determined which areas of your business need to be prioritized. As we review the top 10 options to, it will be simpler for you to make a decision about the Dynamics 365. This actually ought to give you a clearer picture of what to anticipate when acquiring any of the aforementioned products.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: What is it?

dynamics 365

A CRM and ERP system called Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides integrated technologies that let enterprises to complete a variety of duties. management of sales and customers. This software can actually give you everything you need for finance and field service management that you must manage your business as efficiently as possible. Additionally, it has powerful features including editable grids, activity sorting control, and sitemap designers and reporting on customer insight. Dynamics 365 is an excellent tool for business owners that want to comprehensive visibility and control over their CRM initiatives and other elements of company business. It also includes an advantageous dashboard that is simple to use and may be personalized. This establishes your priorities and displays them all in a single interface. It enables you to make notes for each task to easily streamline your Workload in sales and marketing is balanced with your financial and operational needs.

The fact that Dynamics 365 offers a variety of cloud-based business solutions is its strongest feature and supports the use of mobile devices. Consequently, you and your Employees can easily work on the spot. Additionally, the platform fully interacts using Microsoft applications like Word, Outlook, Lync, SharePoint, OneNote, and others for a system configuration that is simpler.

Regarding costs, Dynamics 365 has various plans based on the feature set. For your operations, you will need. The Dynamics 365 Plan is an option that you starts at $210 per user per month, while the Unified Operations Plan costs $190 per user per month or the $115 per user per month Customer Engagement Plan. These entire packages include data security, a 99.5 percent SLA for uptime, an interface with Office 365, and phone and web assistance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 advantages

There are excellent features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet your demands for both CRM and ERP. Users will be able to drive thanks to its extensive platform and powerful capabilities revenue and profitability through improved customer service and operational efficiency. It can also provides a number of additional advantages, such as:

  1. Streamlined Contact Management – Keeping track of contacts can be time-consuming demands a lot of perseverance and focus to gather, input, and Contact information should be arranged, archived, and updated. To assist you in making the Dynamics 365 includes an interactive excel online process. integration. You and your staff may quickly edit CRM data with this tool. plus more. You can even see this data when combined with the platform’s power BI dashboards together with other crucial components of your business, your CRM data.
  2. Streamlined Workflow – Dynamics 365 is designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It links your email, calendar, and contact information to the system connects your Outlook/Exchange account and the platform. in this manner, can both avoid the need for lengthy troubleshooting procedures and the requirement to function while jumping from platform to platform This is yours without the use of the disposal, you can streamline your operations and increase efficiency fuss.
  3. Easy Social Media Monitoring – Understanding the reputation of your brand on Effective marketing and sales strategies must be developed through the customers’ perspective strategies. Dynamics 365 provides social listening technologies that let you keep an eye on any discussions, articles, or other materials related to your company. This makes it simpler to comprehend who your target market is, as as well as develop marketing strategies and commercials that will them.
  4. Client acquisition and retention through optimized resource scheduling will necessitate setting aside certain resources, including time, money, and manpower. Use Dynamics to ensure that your efforts are not wasted. Lead scoring and list validation functionality in 365. You can use these tools decide which leads are worthwhile following.
  5. decreased downtime – Dynamics 365 enables businesses to create a pro-active utilizing its effective field service management, and predictive service model solution. This function combines the monitoring and forecasting abilities. In this manner, it can drastically cut down on operational downtime. The system also includes mobile- ready features and immediate automatic warnings, allowing you to maintain your complete wherever they may be, the team is always kept informed.

Dynamics 365 Amazing 10 Alternatives

1. CRM Hubspot

CRM Hubspot

The best customer relationship software is the best substitute for Dynamics 365. The HubSpot CRM platform is not only cost-free and user-friendly. The thing has a full feature set that experienced and novice SaaS customers can use almost immediately. You can examine a summary of your KPIs using the user-friendly dashboard. Access to the appropriate resources and data should you need them, as well as recent activity.

It has a communicator with drag-and-drop functionality for quicker communication and collaboration. Additionally, the platform allows you to maintain detailed consumer information comprehensive visual cues for corporate profiles. It has a strong ticketing system that enables you to offer your customers outstanding support and customer care. Additionally, you can automate crucial CRM procedures like internal communications and marketing alerts from the team.

Additionally, it enables you to build a knowledge library of assistance articles and among other features, documentation Gravity Forms, GoChime, and Pipedrive CRM are all effortlessly integrated with the platform. Numerous other corporate systems and apps, including Netsuite. And to top it off it is a Google-certified partner and a universally applicable solution. Finally, it has a version that is always free. The only way to update your features is, There are paid options with monthly initiation fees of $50.

Why should I choose HubSpot CRM over Dynamics 365?

  1. This prize-winning software’s free version is just as potent as the commercial versions of other programs.
  2. The robust functions are crammed onto a UI with simple navigation. Also, It works seamlessly with other apps.
  3. For issue documentation, it features an easy-to-use knowledge-base builder aid-style articles.

Why should I pick Dynamics 365 over HubSpot CRM?

  1. Cortana and Dynamic 365 work well together if you use Windows.
  2. The platform has improved Web API.
  3. It can sync with Outlook and Exchange.

2. CRM Freshworks

CRM Freshworks

For high-velocity teams that require a single point of contact, Freshworks CRM is developed their leads with. Your sales or marketing team can use it to generate leads, manage those leads, and engage them with a simple user interface and potent tools like AI-based lead scoring, workflow automation, integrated phone and email features, and customizable reports and dashboards.

Freshworks CRM can be readily linked with the rest of the Freshdesk product line further products from the developer, including Freshcaller. A free API is also utilized system, so you may combine it with programs you frequently use in your business, such as MailChimp, Quickbooks, and Xero are all examples of accounting software.

Freshworks CRM’s adjustable pricing options are one of its most appealing features. The three modules each (Customer For Life, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud), which vary between $19 and $125. The modules are free for small teams to use, however Larger businesses can select from a range of premium subscriptions based on their needs based on the size and the needs of each team.

Why would someone choose Freshworks CRM over Dynamics 365?

  1. For small teams trying to maintain their productivity, it’s a reasonable and trustworthy CRM option lower expenses.
  2. Due to its open API, it offers the greatest flexibility for app integration.
  3. The program has a clear, straightforward, and user-friendly design but nevertheless provides robust features.

Why should I pick Dynamics 365 over Freshworks CRM?

  1. Field service management options are provided by Dynamics 365.
  2. This system provides tools that are created to meet the needs of larger businesses.
  3. The customer care system in Dynamics 365 is quicker.

3. CRM Salesforce

CRM Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is an integrated CRM platform that enables businesses to communicate with their clients. The sales, marketing, and other aspects of the program these businesses’ departments acquire a 360-degree perspective of their clients, enabling they can provide individualized encounters.

Salesforce CRM may be easily customized by businesses to meet their needs based on their positions, industries, or types of businesses, their clients. Using Salesforce, it whether you run a small firm with 10 employees, a big business, or a vast company workforce, or a team. Salesforce CRM offers detailed information into transactions, enabling businesses to close more deals essential client information. You may send customised emails using Salesforce CRM messages to prospective customers to promote customer retention and happiness. Lastly, the application provides you with a mobile app with a company logo. It makes employees better productivity and keeps you in control of your business wherever you are and at any time.

Why should I choose Salesforce CRM over Dynamics 365?

  1. You can create your own app using drag-and-drop technology instead of learning how to code tools for app creation that let you brand your mobile app with your brand.
  2. You can create lead and activity reports using it.
  3. For your sales, marketing, business, and other operations, it offers a single source of the truth service groups
  4. Make both inbound and outbound calls without leaving the current application platform.

Why should I go from Salesforce to Dynamics 365?

  1. Brands may use the social listening technologies in Dynamics 365 to determine the precise target market’s interests and preferences.
  2. It’s challenging to match Dynamics 365’s integration with analytics software.
  3. On top of its integration with Microsoft’s entire range of applications, Dynamics 365 integrating third parties.

4. CRM NetSuite

NetSuite CRM

A customer relationship management tool housed in the cloud is called NetSuite CRM gives ongoing information about the lifecycle of your interaction with patrons. It combines conventional and contemporary capabilities to increase income and while providing you with a 360-degree perspective of client activity in your business, real-time.

You can implement proactive methods in the sales process in this way from lead management to post-sales assistance, the process. Features of this platform advanced partner connection management, customer data management, sales automation, analytics, eCommerce marketing automation, and customer service management. Don’t forget to check out this article on SAP Alternatives.

At the moment, NetSuite CRM doesn’t make its pricing plans available online. For additional details plan a meeting with the vendor to discuss the packages they provide so they design a subscription strategy that fits your preferences and financial constraints.

Why should I choose NetSuite CRM over Dynamics 365?

  1. You only pay for the features you use because NetSuite CRM offers quote-based plans need.
  2. Additionally, this platform integrates with a huge selection of third-party applications.
  3. More specialized CRM features are available with NetSuite CRM.

Why should you Choose Dynamics 365 instead of NetSuite CRM?

  1. You can get a more comprehensive feature set from Dynamics 365.
  2. More customizable reporting options are available on this platform developer
  3. Users now have total control over updates thanks to this. In other words, they implement system-recommended changes when and how they see fit want.

5. CRM


A very good example of a visual task management is With the help of the lightweight CRM service, you can do away with clumsy spreadsheets. when overseeing projects and teams. Whether you collaborate with individuals in the same the platform combines all of your data from other sources, whether you’re at work, home, or on the go. Organize your productivity tools into a single dashboard for management. makes it simple for you to track your progress with customizable features.

Follow up on pending deals or tasks, manage your client deliverables, and prospect your pipeline for work. Data and tasks can be sorted, filtered, and changed while the system manages keeping track of all updates and revisions made. This implies all the activities that took place in a project are represented visually for you. Check out this amazing post on Wave Alternatives if you are specifically looking for accounting services.

Automated tools are among’s best productivity features. To the post-project phases, notifications, time tracking, and lead & pipeline management are all used. The platform also excels at reporting and analytics. With this, supervisors and team leaders can obtain organized, clear data that could aid them in monitoring enhance the efficiency of their team’s work processes.

Why do you prefer over Dynamics 365?

  1. Your team can develop using this web-based tool, which has an easy-to-use interface be spoke processes in a matter of minutes.
  2. The program can be used by freelancers and even small organizations.
  3. For more effective project management, it features strong data visualization tools.

Why not use instead of Dynamics 365?

  1. It provides numerous deployment options, including cloud, on-premises, and privately hosted by a partner of the vendor.
  2. Power BI may be linked with Dynamics 365, improving it for businesses which call for more in-depth business analytics.
  3. Microsoft goods are seamlessly integrated with it. The platform additionally offers alternatives for automated customer service routing

6. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is designed specifically for sales teams who require a user-friendly but effective platform to arrange their daily chores and promotions. Pipedrive has a straightforward design makes lead management simple to facilitate. As soon as you log in, you’ll acquire a clear picture of your sales pipeline so you can focus on the deals you want to close wished to set priorities. Also, check out how Freshbooks also provide amazing accounting services to their clients based on their needs.

You can identify exactly which activities need more attention with Pipedrive’s goal and activity tool your focus and how far along you are in finishing a certain assignment. The perceptive interface enables you to view various sales pipelines, along with each one’s progress and status deal, as well as the subsequent steps that can be taken to turn that deal into a profitable sale. Plus, Your team may track sales data with Pipedrive’s reporting and analytics capabilities objectives and results.

Your sales staff can access Pipedrive 24/7 on any online device because it is a cloud-based sales CRM browser. The platform is therefore perfect for traveling salespeople. main email service. Pipedrive is also easily accessible through providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, thus Within the CRM, sending and receiving messages is simple. other crucial Trello, Google Maps, Zapier, and MailChimp are a few connectors.

Why should I choose Pipedrive over Dynamics 365?

  1. It gives a simple view of the sales pipeline.
  2. It provides easy drag-and-drop capabilities and fully customizable features so you may quickly move leads through your pipeline at various stages as they develop.
  3. Due to its compatibility with Android, iPhone, and Mac, it gives the greatest versatility Linux and Windows.

Why not use Pipedrive instead of Dynamics 365?

  1. It works with most Microsoft products, including Outlook, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Office products.
  2. Businesses looking to conduct large-scale activities may find it more suitable avoid problems with system adoption.
  3. It allows you to perform field service in addition to sales pipeline management such as management, project management, and customer service limiting client log-in access when they read their own information and documents.

7. CRM Creatio


The CRM Creatio suite helps increase sales, marketing, and service productivity processes for large- and medium-sized businesses. Three modules are available to users the three modules—Marketing Creatio, Sales Creatio, and Service Creatio—that make up CRM Creatio Creatio. Each module includes unique tools to speed up these procedures and enabling a comprehensive, end-to-end CRM strategy.

Businesses can gain from effective lead management, sales, and marketing through these modules forecasting and quicker project completion. Additionally, the modules offer a 360-degree a system-wide customer view that compiles all necessary customer data, resulting in higher customer service standards in the end. Moreover, integrated Analytics tools enable firms to use data to make better decisions regarding CRM tactics.

Through several connections and add-ons, CRM Creatio’s features can also integrated utilities Direct connections with MS Exchange and Excel, for example, guarantee improved data management and simpler communication. Moreover, these integrations allow users to focus on one platform at a time rather than jumping between them task completion and project delivery on time.

The advantages of CRM Creatio vs Microsoft Dynamics 365

  1. Better database segmentation is provided by the Marketing Creatio module, together with with more effective lead and opportunity management.
  2. CRM Creatio offers omnichannel capabilities to increase customer satisfaction communications as well as opportunities for self-service like knowledge bases and service directories.
  3. The three modules of the suite can be bought independently as needed or as part of a CRM package.

Why pick CRM Creatio over Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is smoothly integrated with other Microsoft products, including like as Lync, OneNote, and SharePoint.
  2. Comprehensive resource scheduling features are provided by the software.
  3. It has a built-in sitemap creator.

8. Vcita


A company management program called Vcita is best suited for SMEs, professionals, and contractors offering their services. These professionals include accountants, lawyers, and to mention a few, there are teachers, coaches, photographers, personal trainers, and consultants few. You can manage CRM and other tasks with vcita’s all-in-one platform activities pertinent to your company.

The program integrates crucial lead generation techniques billing and invoicing, online payment, and email and SMS marketing in addition to even your appointment, booking, and scheduling problems can be solved by it needs. It connects to well-known applications that you almost certainly use for business, like Google Calendar, Facebook, PayPal, Quickbooks, and Stripe. You can incorporate it as well utilizing website creation tools like Weebly and Wix.

If you are actually looking for a simple method to increase your clientele, vcita’s the LiveSite client interaction platform can record information about website visitors and convert them become customers. If you’re a consultant looking for a more effective method to plan meetings, the online scheduling tool from vcita can help you spend less time doing so on scheduling a back-and-forth with a client.

Why should I choose vcita over Dynamics 365?

  1. For busy people, it is a simple to use business management program professionals.
  2. It enables you to customize service offerings and scheduling based on your unique needs profession/business.
  3. It has proactive scheduling that is self-service for your clients options for your website’s contact form.

Why should I choose Dynamics 365 over vcita?

  1. Dynamics 365 provides a variety of payment methods.
  2. This platform provides a wider range of CRM and ERP functions.
  3. Dynamics 365 can assist you in developing workflows for particular business operations business.

9. CRM Zoho


A free and feature-rich customer relationship management tool called Zoho CRM offers all the capabilities required to accelerate pertinent procedures, such sales and marketing. Zoho CRM, a market-leading software in its area, is a popular option among due to its freemium package and affordable pricing, SMBs, especially tiny startups upgrade. For enterprises of any size, the CRM solution provides a very adaptable platform that allows them to customize items and pages, customer journeys, and workflows, plus more. Additionally, the software is simple to learn and allows for menu customization to meet the needs and specifications of your company’s CRM. Additionally, Zoho CRM excels in automating the repetitive sales processes methods for support and marketing. Additionally, this CRM program gives you and providing an omnichannel platform for your team to communicate with clients and via social media, other customer portals, email, phone assistance, and email. Additionally, it is simple to incorporate Zoho CRM with outside applications. You have a choice Zoho CRM is interoperable with over 400 other programs, which is a long list. Among these programs include PayPal, HubSpot, MailChimp, Google G Suite, and many others.

Why should I choose Zoho CRM over Dynamics 365?

  1. It’s a CRM that provides SMBs with both a freemium platform and an affordable subscription service plans.
  2. Being a platform with more than 400 integrations, it is favored by any size of business.
  3. It is simple to use, flexible, and extremely customizable, with online assistance resources extremely instructive and useful.

Why should I choose Dynamics 365 over Zoho CRM?

  1. It is a powerful CRM platform that is ideal for businesses that are management of client relationships.
  2. If you wish to improve, adjust, or expand your selections, it provides a multitude of options particular Dynamics 365 implementation
  3. Field service automation, among other capabilities, and social listening tools assist companies in enhancing customer service, financial management, and sales.

10. Pipeliner


A sales management application called Pipeliner makes it simple for salespeople to visualize various sales activity and funnels. The uncomplicated and clear interface makes use of drag-and-drop features and visual reports to improve management effortlessly track team performance and tasks, as well as your daily sales operations.

The simplicity of use of Pipeliner is one of its best features. You don’t require a committed platform management by administrators. Complex interfaces won’t be required of users can swiftly alter the dashboard’s contents to better suit their needs the demands of the projects they are working on. Consequently, your team can pick up on the technology considerably more quickly, which results in a shorter ROI for your business.

You’ll have access to features with Pipeliner for every phase of a sale. each person in the multiple pipelines can be created by your sales staff, allowing them to sort prospects and Track prospects, keep track of contacts, and visualize how consumers affect sales. Its Your salespeople receive insights from the AI engine “Voyager” to aid in better decision-making and concentrating on their primary tasks and sales target. In addition, Forecasts and sophisticated business intelligence reports are examples of reporting capabilities that enable managers to create new campaigns and modify existing ones as necessary. Also worried about your inventory? Check this amazing article on Best Inventory Management Software.

Why should I use Pipeliner over Dynamics 365?

  1. It is a very graphic platform that is simple to use and tailor.
  2. You can take full advantage of your systems because it integrates quickly with practically all of them investment.
  3. Running and managing Pipeline doesn’t require a separate system administrator.

Why not use Pipeliner instead of Dynamics 365?

  1. Flexible payment alternatives are provided by Dynamics 365, which is ideal for people who need unique plans.
  2. The platform is perfect for because it is built to manage massive amounts of data major businesses.
  3. A simpler, easier-to-manage interface is provided by Dynamics 365.

Locate the Best CRM Tool for Your Business

One of the numerous available customer relationship management systems is Dynamics 365. platforms that are obtainable. Although it is unquestionably a complete choice Despite being trusted by many companies, it doesn’t necessarily make it the ideal platform for your activities. When it actually comes to software, there is no universally applicable solution. You will need to be well familiar with your business to choose the best CRM platform services will assist you in expanding your company and strengthening customer ties.

We really hope that our list of the top 10 Dynamics 365 alternatives helped you locate the right solution. software options that are more appropriate for your company. In theory, this could give you advice on the characteristics to search for in a CRM system. Although, if you We advise starting with HubSpot CRM if you want to test out alternatives right now.


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