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5+ Excel Alternatives that You Must Know

Looking for excel atlernatives? This post will show you 9 best excel alternatives that you never knew before. With an estimated 750 million users all over the world, Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet tools for data summarization, organising, analysis, and reporting. Although it’s an admirable data system for teams within a company, Excel 2016 alone costs $129.99, and an Office personal membership costs $69.99 annually for one user.

5+ Excel Alternatives that You Must Know

It’s also crucial to recognise that Excel has some drawbacks and that there are some choices that might be more suitable for your team or project. Check out our list of the eight finest Excel alternatives if you believe you would be better off utilising a different data spreadsheet system or if you just lack the funds to purchase one.

1. Free Use: Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Basically you already have access to Google Sheets if you have a Gmail account. A few advantages that Excel lacks are present in Google Sheets, a programme that rivals Excel in both look and functions.

Your Google Sheets files are saved on the Cloud, for starters. This implies that if you use a variety of devices for work, Sheets’ built-in accessibility is unbeatable. Second, you may collaborate and work as a team on projects to the fullest extent by sending your Sheets to anyone by email or Slack and letting them to make changes at the same time.

Last but not least, you can import data directly from URLs of web pages using Sheets’ Import Feed/Import Data function and other Google tools like GoFinance, Google Translate, and Import Feed.

2. Numbers

Cost: Free (for Mac users)


This programme, which is included for free with every Mac, is essentially the Mac platform’s alternative to Microsoft Excel. Numerous visual tools are available along with excellent data analysis and reporting features in Numbers.

To transform your data into presentation-ready visuals, the application offers pre-built templates, dynamic doughnut charts and graphs, and a library with more than 600 shapes. You may use the software on any Mac device because it is part of the iOS operating system, making it simple to access your data when travelling or at home.

Numbers also gives you the option to save your spreadsheet as an Excel file, so you can share it with anyone who wishes to continue with Excel.

3. Thinkfree

Cost: $2/month for a trial; $79.99 for the Enterprise edition:


Write, Calc, and Show are the three main capabilities that ThinkFree offers, and they are all compatible with office software. Similar to Google Sheets, Calc, an alternative to Excel, allows you to communicate with coworkers on ThinkFree documents and enables you build spreadsheets and presentations. It also offers 1 GB of free online storage. Read this post on Quickbooks Alternatives.

Actually if you need to make changes to your spreadsheet away from your computer, ThinkFree most importantly enables you to view and edit your documents on your mobile device. There is no need to install Office in order to use ThinkFree.

4. Cost-free Birt Spreadsheet:

This Excel substitute’s capabilities, which include live formulae, pivot tables, hyperlinks, and data-driven layouts, make it especially useful for data analysis.

All of your spreadsheet creation, upkeep, and security are automated and centralised with Birt Spreadsheet (formerly Actuate e.Spreadsheet). The Spreadsheet Designer feature of Birt allows users to generate reports while preserving formulas, formatting, live charts, and data connections. Check this article on salesforce alternatives.

5. ClickUp

Pricing: Free with paid plans beginning at $5 per user per month:


Individual users and teams utilise ClickUp, an all-in-one productivity application, to manage and compile their projects in one location. It offers over 15 different ways to represent your work, including Table view, and hundreds of customisable options. Looking for accounting softwares? Check this article on Intacct Alternatives.

In a similar way to Excel, Table view enables you to manage, edit, and arrange your tasks into neat columns and rows. However, unlike Excel, you also gain access to a potent project management tool to help you progress your job.

All of your progress, modifications, and task statuses are instantly reflected as you go because your Table is directly linked to your workflow in ClickUp. For an overall perspective of your work at any time, you can even get real-time reporting.

6. Zoho Sheet for free

Teams with up to 25 users can use


The fact that Zoho is cloud-based and allows you to access your data from any location at any time is one of its main advantages. It provides Excel-like features like pivot tables and charts, and switching between.xlsx,.xls,.csv, and.ods is simple.

Additionally, Zoho makes collaboration simple by enabling you to modify a spreadsheet simultaneously with peers. Zoho offers tools to produce presentation-ready graphics as well as visual charts, functions to simplify formulae, and filters to examine data.

7. FreeOffice 2016

Cost: Nothing:


PlanMaker, FreeOffice’s Excel substitute, has many of the same capabilities as Excel, including pivot tables, conditional formatting, and tools for creating presentations with data visualisation. Best of all, if you frequently use Microsoft Office, this alternative allows for simple transfers to any Microsoft product because FreeOffice’s tools are compatible with Microsoft Office file formats. Check this article on alternatives.

The FreeOffice tools are simple and easy to use, and they are quick even with large amounts of data. However, you’ll need to get a subscription plan if you wish to save files as.doc,.xlsx, or.ppt.

8. Apache OpenOffice


Apache OpenOffice

Free Apache OpenOffice provides free software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and more. It is used on over 100 million PCs. Because it is open-source and downloadable, you can edit it to suit the needs of your company and work on your spreadsheets without internet access.

Data analysis is carried out via Calc, an Excel replacement, and data storage is done in an open standard format.

9. Quip

Costs $30 annually for five members with a free trial:


Quip is a helpful tool if your team works together on budgeting or data reporting because it enables your team to operate and manage spreadsheets concurrently. The Excel alternative, which has more than 400 features, can manage challenging projects and is employed by organisations like Facebook, CNN, andexcel Pinterest. Quip offers a free trial so you can try it out if you’re unsure. Check this article on Vcita Alternatives.


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