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Friday, March 1, 2024
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4 best Flippa Alternatives to Purchase Websites

Looking for flippa alternatives? This post will show you 4 best flippa alternatives to buy online businesses easily. On the website Flippa, there are many opportunities to purchase a site that is discounted but has the potential to be enhanced and sold for a much greater price. There are undoubtedly several drawbacks to utilising Flippa as well, though.

4 best Flippa Alternatives to Purchase Websites

The important good news is that there are many excellent options available for anyone looking for websites similar to Flippa, but with more control, verification, or assistance. The following are my recommendations for amazing sites to locate great locations to buy content sites if you’ve been on the wrong side of a bad deal before, are looking for a bit extra help as a newbie, or want a Flippa alternative.

The top website broker, Flippers, helps customers acquire and sell internet businesses for a healthy multiple. This includes SaaS, eCommerce, content websites, and Amazon FBAs.

What Are the Common Issues with Flippa?

Flippa offers many chances for buying and selling websites, but there are also some well-known issues.

These are the frequent problems:

“Flippa Scams” – Due to the platform’s openness, listing websites is simple, providing a vast array of alternatives if you’re looking to buy. Flippa does vet listings over $50,000, but those under $50,000 are not.

This may result in false traffic statistics, earnings that have been faked, and other statements that cross the line into scam territory. You must use due diligence!

You’re Responsible for Vetting – Unless the listing is valued at more than $50,000, no Flippa moderators are verifying the information given by the sellers.

You are entirely responsible for conducting the research necessary to verify the numbers the seller supplies.

Overeager Bidders: Since Flippa uses an auction system, it’s not unusual for a bidding war to spiral out of control and drive up the price much above the site’s actual or even future worth. The buyer paid too much.

Little Support for Transfer – It is up to the buyer and seller to set up the process after a site is purchased. There is no other help, so it’s crucial to understand how to set up the Escrow procedure correctly or have an expert guide coach you through it (particularly for novices).

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5 Flippa Alternatives That I have Used to Acquire Sites

1.Empire Flippers


Website broker Empire Flippers has a stellar reputation. Their primary concentration, in my opinion, is on bigger, more expensive websites and internet businesses. Major emphasis on “premium” websites or internet enterprises with annual revenue of at least six figures.


  • In order to prevent future sniping
  • Important information is withheld until proof of cash is shown
  • An excellent team assists with the purchase procedure from the transfer onward. High-quality websites are offered.


  • It’s more difficult to locate affordable
  • solid bargains
  • high demand drives up costs.

How it Works

Private website broker that asks visitors to sign up on their website in order to receive updates every Monday morning about new websites (assets) that are for sale. To be accepted, you must provide income documentation that meets a minimum standard.

You can read my comprehensive comparison of 12 distinct categories between these two brokers, Empire Flippers vs. Flippa, here. And you may read the specific Empire Flippers review if you want a more thorough analysis.

2.Motion Invest

Motion Invest

Finding websites with steady, proven earnings over the last 10+ months for around $30,000 can be easy with Motion Invest. If you’re worried about the traffic and profits information being thoroughly examined and validated, Motion Invest is a superb brokerage.

Although there are typically fewer sites available, the vetting process allows you to view 10 months’ worth of traffic and earnings, which lets you spot trends. One of the greatest Flippa substitutes available is Motion Invest, especially for those who are still learning about buying websites.


  • include access to cheaper sites
  • accurate statistics
  • earnings figures
  • fair market-based valuations
  • a strong dedication to customer service.


  • Copycat competition may result from the fact that potential buyers may see the traffic, topic, and earnings statistics.
  • The best sites fall in the $5,000–$30,000 price range. This is the golden zone for Motion Invest sales, while there are some higher and lower.

How it Works

Dutch auction fashion. The site is made available for a set charge at the outset. The selling price will decrease by $275 every two days until the property is sold. The help provided by Motion Invest to the buyer and seller in order to ensure that the purchasing, selling, and escrow processes go well is excellent.

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3.Investors Club

Investors Club

A really distinctive website brokerage is mClub. They are a private marketplace created by internet investors that offers great deal flow for buyers and sellers.


  • include free escrow services
  • extremely thorough due diligence reports
  • Fair market appraisals
  • the ability to speak with and bargain with website sellers directly
  • an extraordinary detailed dashboard that breaks down information for purchasers.


  • Buyers must pay a membership fee ($747 for a lifetime or $247 yearly) to gain access.
  • If you lack negotiating skills, direct negotiations with sellers may not be the best option.

How It Works:

The purchasers who are members of Investors Club can then negotiate arrangements with the seller at this private, members-only brokerage after thorough site vetting.

Being a full VIP member of Investors Club gives you access to the newest listings and the best bargains, making it the finest way to use the site.

4.The Website Flip Newsletter


Subscribers to this email newsletter receive access to new offers through the newsletter. To prevent copycats, details are kept confidential in this way.


  • Positives Consistently works with websites worth $50,000 or less
  • Strong vetting procedure Well-organized data on earnings
  • traffic, and simple winning opportunities


  • Limited deal flow
  • especially when compared to the competition
  • deals only provided through the newsletter (though growing)

How It Does

Get a list of bargains after subscribing to the email newsletter, and look into any that seem interesting. Actually you will be given a form to fill out if you are interested in a certain website. You will receive a P&L spreadsheet, an earnings screenshot, and access to Google Analytics. Negotiations are welcome, and if an agreement is reached, Escrow is used to complete the transaction.

5.MicroAcquire Marketplace

MicroAcquire Marketplace

When I first learned about MicroAcquire Marketplace, I was curious. They are quickly becoming one of the well-known internet company brokerages on my list of potential sites to look.

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The nicest part about MicroAcquire is that there are no markups in the sale price to cover the fees because the seller does not pay commissions to the marketplace. You are purchasing the company at its full potential value.


  • Positives Strong vetting procedure
  • ability to negotiate directly with sellers
  • provision of critical indicators for buyers


  • Focus on many internet businesses, not just content sites
  • Premium is the way to go, which entails a $290 annual subscription
  • Lots of competition for excellent discounts on startups

How It Works

Create a user account.

To be the first to see updated listings as new content sites and online companies are added, familiarise yourself with the layout and upgrade to premium. The members’ area of the website allows for direct communication with sellers.

FAQs regarding Flippa

What is the Flippa platform about?

Websites can be purchased and sold on Flippa.

The most prospective websites and internet businesses will frequently be for sale there because it is the most open market.

In an open market with an auction mechanism, buyers and sellers can interact and reach an agreement.

Is Flippa a legit site?

Flippa is an entirely legitimate website. These are actual websites for sale, despite the fact that they do have certain problems, as was previously mentioned.

On Flippa, I’ve completed more than 150 deals. There are many excellent, trustworthy deals available.

How much does it cost to sale on Flippa?

Basically this depends on what exactly you are selling; you can find the current Flippa listing fee schedule here.

Currently, a beginning site or template costs $15, while an established website costs $49.

There are costs associated with the sale that are based on a percentage of the selling price while those are for listing.

Wrap up

I visited several of my favourite websites, such as Flippa. One should monitor all brokers and markets as a website flipper. You never know when a deal might arise. Since Flippa’s inception, I have completed a sizable number of transactions there and I am a great supporter of it. However, because it’s an open market, if you don’t exercise adequate due diligence, you could be taken advantage of.


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