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Top 10 Best Freshworks Alternatives that You Must Know

Cannot find anywhere freshworks alternatives? This post will show you 10 best freshworks alternatives that you can use for your business. Today, we’re going to speak about the incredible selection of SaaS for businesses that goes by the name of Freshworks. But are there any other better Freshworks rivals vying for your attention? Freshsales, specifically to compete with Freshworks CRM? This article takes a risk by looking into: What are the most effective Freshsales substitutes?

Here are some alternatives to Freshsales that we believe to be the finest choices. Read more about each alternative in the areas below. Although they are all pretty similar, some Freshsales/Freshworks competitors will be better suited to your situation than others.

Top 10 Best Freshworks Alternatives that You Must Know

Before diving headfirst into our Freshales comparison essay, it’s kind of a big deal that you have a basic understanding of the CRM world. What then is CRM? Please have a serious look at the list of the top CRM programs for a more meta perspective.

You might also wish to open our post on the best free CRM in a separate tab. Here, we contrast the free edition of Freshsales with its rival.

Here is a complete list of the top Freshsales substitutes for 2022:

Now that you’ve seen a summary of the top Freshsales alternatives in a table, let’s focus on each marketing, sales, and CRM solution separately. Since all of them are already alternatives to Freshworks apps, you’ll need to pay close attention to choose which is best for your company’s needs. Looking for accounting softwares? Check this article on Intacct Alternatives.

You might want to look at a Freshsales review as well. All set? Move along.



Pipedrive CRM markets itself primarily as a platform for streamlining the sales process. It was developed with and for salespeople. It’s the greatest Freshsales substitute on the CRM market, as evidenced by our Pipedrive review. Check this article on vcita alternatives.

Pipedrive functions best for:


Small companies

Large and medium-sized companies


Sales executives


Pipelines that can be customized are used for lead and deal management functions. Track every communication and activity while organizing connections, businesses, and organizations. There is a consolidated inbox, a template library, and two-way email synchronization. Along with numerous workflow automations for the sales pipeline, Pipedrive now provides an AI assistant for sales teams.


The $12.50 per user, per month, yearly fee for the Essential plan

The advanced plan costs $24.90 per month per user when paid annually.

The monthly cost for the Professional plan is $49.90 per user, payable annually.

Enterprise costs $99 per user, per month, payable yearly.

2.HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

Although there are excellent options available in the subscription plans as well, HubSpot CRM is unquestionably one of the best free alternatives to Freshsales. Check this article on Sales Tools to Boost Business Growth.

For: HubSpot CRM is ideal.


Little teams


Small companies


Sales, marketing, customer service, and content management are all included in HubSpot’s services (CMS). One of the most important free CRM tools is contact management, which keeps track of contacts’ online activities. Web forms, email templates, task and activity monitors, Gmail and Outlook connections, and email monitoring are all available. Ticketing and pre-written response snippets are provided by customer support features. You’ll need the paid versions if you want more marketing or sales automation.


a free version of HubSpot CRM exists.

CRM Suite Starter costs $45 per month on an annual basis.

CRM Suite Professional costs $1,600 monthly when invoiced yearly.

CRM Suite Enterprise is available for $4,000 per month when paid yearly.

Sales Hub costs $45 per month for two users when invoiced annually.

The monthly price for Marketing Hub is $45 when paid yearly.

Service Hub costs $45 per month for two users when invoiced annually.



What’s better, Salesforce vs. Freshsales? is a frequent topic of debate among supporters of CRM platforms. But for the purposes of this article, Salesforce is designated as the CRM system that is most comparable to Freshsales. One factor is the modular design and abundance of tools.

Salesforce excels at:



Big business



Although Salesforce truly has a tool for everything, using it as an all-in-one company software solution is a little challenging because you need to subscribe to a variety of different packages and add-ons. However, Salesforce excels at tasks like lead scoring and sales forecasting.


Monthly fees for Sales Cloud Essentials are $25 per user, invoiced yearly.

Annual billing for Sales Cloud Professional is $75 per user per month.

Monthly fees for users of Sales Cloud Enterprise are $150 payable yearly.

Monthly fees for Sales Cloud Unlimited are $300 per user, payable yearly.

4.Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

In the world of business applications, there is a lot of trust in the Zoho CRM name. While it is true that Zoho CRM has a respectable free edition, it may be the lower priced plan that really makes Zoho a fantastic alternative to Freshsales.

What Zoho CRM is excellent for



Little teams

Budget-conscious businesses



Sales force automation is a service offered by Zoho, and it contains tools for managing leads, contacts, accounts, and deals. For items like tasks and events, there are automated notifications and follow-ups. Call logs and notes can both be added. Zoho features mobile apps for iOS and Android that perform real-time analytics and even scan business cards, just like many of the best CRMs.


One version of Zoho CRM is free.

Every year, $7 per user is charged for Zoho CRM Bigin.

Regular plan costs $14 per user per month when paid yearly.

Monthly fees for the professional plan are $23 per user, payable yearly.

Monthly fees for the enterprise plan are $40 per user, payable yearly.

The premium plan costs $52 per user per month when paid yearly.

The annual cost of the $57 per person, per-month Zoho CRM Plus plan

5.NetSuite CRM from Oracle

NetSuite CRM from Oracle

With numerous well-liked products spanning from CRM to ERP and more, Oracle is a titan in the corporate SaaS space. For large businesses and corporations, their Oracle NetSuite CRM is a fantastic rival to Freshsales. Check this article on SAP Alternatives.

The finest uses of Oracle NetSuite CRM are:


Large companies

Business operations


Governmental organizations

Educational institutions


For superior organization and network insights, NetSuite starts with a highly sophisticated customer relationship management system. Both the sales and the support departments have a help desk to provide excellent customer service. For quotes, prices, and invoicing, you receive financial tools. Their toolkit for marketing automation includes excellent email marketing solutions. For analytics and reporting, NetSuite CRM is the best.


Visit the Oracle NetSuite website for pricing.

6.Copper CRM


For Google customers, Copper CRM is a wonderful alternative to Freshsales because it provides a basic plan that is made to work perfectly with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite or Google Apps). However, Copper offers a wide variety of excellent CRM solutions. Check this article on Logmein Alternatives.

Copper CRM works best for



Users of Google Workspace

Sales teams for Gmail


The project management tool offered by Copper, which mixes team communication and workflow automation, is one of its best features. All projects and processes are adaptable and scalable. With customizable templates, automated notifications, and other features, this is a fantastic tool for tracking pipeline management as well. A decent mobile app is available for Copper CRM.


$25 per user per month for the basic plan, payable yearly

Monthly fees for the professional plan are $59 per user, payable yearly.

Monthly fees for the business plan are $119 per user, payable yearly.

7.Nimble CRM


Freshworks CRM-related applications like Freshsales can be replaced with Nimble CRM. It shines in its social media and web features in addition to being a fantastic sales tool. Check this article on Sales Tool to Increase Revenue.

When it comes to:


Small companies

Sales groups

Social media administration

Integration of email

Nimble, a CRM program, searches social media to automatically update your contact information. From a variety of sources, including Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can gather general information about your contacts. From there, it provides insights into trends and aids in audience segmentation so you can convey the appropriate marketing message. Nimble can handle the rest thanks to its efficient pipeline management.


The monthly fee for the Nimble Business plan is $19, payable yearly.

8.Really Simple Systems

really simple systems

A comprehensive CRM toolkit for sales, support, and marketing is Really Simple Systems. It has a few pricey products in addition to a cute little add-on library. In terms of conducting a comparison review, RSS is a more approachable substitute for Freshsales. Read this post on Quickbooks Alternatives.

You should use Really Simple Systems for:


Small companies



Customer service


Your salespeople stay on target and perform better via efficiency when you combine contact and pipeline management with strict task and calendar tools. Lead generation is streamlined by effective email marketing campaign automations. Case management and SLAs are effortlessly synchronized with your email on the service end.


Real Simple Systems has a free version available.

Starter plan is $14 monthly per user, payable yearly.

The professional plan costs $30 for each user per month when paid yearly.

The monthly cost for the enterprise plan is $46 per user, invoiced yearly.

9.Agile CRM


For startups and small businesses trying to expand, especially those operating on a tight budget, Agile CRM is a fantastic rival to Freshsales. Check this article on Xero Alternatives.

Agile CRM is ideal for


Small companies

Little teams



Remote supervisors


Agile is one technique in the customer relationship management arsenal that hasn’t actually lost anything. You receive productivity tools like RPA, or robotic process automation software, for significant AI business activities in addition to the standard sales, marketing, and customer support capabilities. For supervisors of remote sales teams, there are facilities for time tracking and screen capture.


Agile CRM provides a no-cost version.

Starter plan is $9.99 per month, per user, payable annually.

The standard plan costs $39.99 per user per month when paid yearly.

The monthly fee for the Enterprise plan is $64.99. It is invoiced annually.

10.The Insightly


With support, marketing, and sales at its core, Insightly is a CRM and project management all-in-one solution. It excels as a fantastic API replacement for Freshsales. Check this article on Freshbooks alternatives.

What Insightly does best is



Big business



Complete toolkits for sales and marketing are available, including automated functions and high-quality insights. With milestone tracking, external system integrations, and process management, project management improves the performance of you and your team members. The REST API for Insightly is accessible and simple to use, and the company has a strong connectors library.


Annual billing for the Plus plan is $29 for each user.

The professional package costs $49 per user per month when paid yearly.

Annual billing for the enterprise plan is $99 for each user.

Visit the website for Insightly Marketing or Insightly Service.

Which of the Freshsales alternatives is the best option for you?

This Freshworks Freshsales best alternative review is now complete. Hopefully, you now know which Freshsales rival is the perfect fit for you. Why not try out a free trial if you still want to learn more? For one, two, or even three weeks, many of these CRM systems offer free trials, and occasionally you don’t even need to provide your credit card information.

In the end, we must stick to our list and commend Freshworks alternatives like Pipedrive and Salesforce for being the most comparable to Freshsales. Although FYI, Freshsales also has a free edition, HubSpot and Zoho continue to receive praise for their free versions and affordable costs. Although it’s quite simple, it will get you started as a free customer relationship management tool. From there, you can choose from a lifetime’s worth of premium CRM options. Happy selling and networking. Check this article on Dynamics 365.

FAQs regarding programs like Freshsales

Are Freshworks and Freshsales the same thing?

The app called Freshsales is not exactly the same as Freshworks. Many commercial SaaS are sold under the name Freshworks. Freshworks’ CRM and sales platform is called Freshsales. Freshdesk for customer service, Freshmarketer for marketing, Freshteam for HR, and Freshservice for IT management are further Freshworks products.

Freshworks: Is it a CRM?

Numerous commercial software go by the name of “Freshworks.” It contains the sales platform and CRM (customer relationship management) tool Freshsales. In 2010, Freshworks was first known as Freshdesk Inc. Later in 2016, they introduced Freshsales. Freshdesk Inc. changed its name to Freshworks only in 2017.


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