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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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5 Google Hangouts Alternatives for Communication

Do you want to know some Google Hangouts alternatives? Today I will tell you about the six best Google Hangouts alternatives.

Google Hangouts Alternatives for Easier Communication.

1. Spike

google hangouts alternatives

Spike offers all the features of a digital workplace you could possibly need in a single app across all platforms, including video meetings, team chat, email, and collaborative notes. It is the finest Google Hangouts substitute due to its simplified user interface.

One of the simplest to use features in any app is Spike’s Video Meetings and video chat. Furthermore, Spike Video Meetings are built into the Spike software, eliminating the need for Zoom or Google Hangouts.

You can send email invitations to Video Meetings or plan them in your calendar with Spike. Invites can be sent without beginning a new email or thread, allowing you to switch between text, audio messages, and video calls in the same email thread without opening another app.

Even if the other person doesn’t use Spike, they can still join using any web browser on any device without having to create an account, install a plugin, or make any other complex settings. With just one click, you can attend any meeting.

Teams that work remotely frequently miss out on the chats and interactions that strengthen working relationships. When there is no water refrigerator, there can be no “water cooler” talk. Spike encourages a cooperative setting where sending an email is as simple as sending a text message. Even though your team may be distributed or remote, you can still develop connections. Spike can assist!

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With Spike, you don’t need to launch yet another service in order to build the finest Google Hangouts and Google Meet substitute. You only need to log in using your email address for Spike.

Spike is the first native desktop and mobile software that brings together all team communication channels in your Inbox, allowing for seamless internal and external communication within your company

2. Zoom

google hangouts alternatives

Because it allows for one-on-one and group calls as well as the option to film or broadcast meetings with the paid packages, Zoom has grown to be a well-liked tool for video collaboration. Additionally, there is a free alternative, but it only allows for 40-minute group calls.

One of the finest video conferencing programs is Zoom, but it only supports simple chat and video conferencing. Other video conferencing services have overtaken Zoom in that area, but they also offer deeper team chat, email, collaborative notes, document sharing, and task management to build a complete digital workplace inside of a single app.

3. Slack

google hangouts alternatives

Slack is a well-liked collaborative chat program that runs on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. It has long been a well-liked tool for distributed organizations. The COVID-19 pandemic’s prevalence of remote work led to its acquisition by Salesforce in 2020.

Although Slack has tools for video conferencing integrated into its app, many teams have trouble locating them. The majority of people still require a solution for video collaboration with individuals outside of their team because they are accustomed to using Slack for team conversation. Large meetings cannot be held using Slack’s free plan because it is restricted to 1:1 conversations between teams.

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4. Discord

google hangouts alternatives

Teams can communicate, text, chat, and work visually with the help of some fundamental tools provided by Discord. It has traditionally been used by gamers for in-game chat, but teams have lately started using it for voice and video chat. For collaboration, it allows channels and direct messages. While the video chat feature is working, it is hidden inside a much more complicated service.

Access to all services on Discord is completely free. Anyone can start a new server, send out free invitations to peers and coworkers, etc. Every desktop and smartphone device can use it. However, using it for organizations is challenging due to its pricing structure. Each user must update their individual accounts.

Discord is not appropriate for the majority of SMBs, but it can work if you are aware of its constraints before using it.

5. Microsoft Teams

Similar to Slack, Microsoft Teams provides video conferencing as a component of a much more comprehensive team chat system. Microsoft Teams, in contrast to Spike, a standard email program, will be much trickier to implement as a team collaboration tool.

Microsoft Teams has some nice collaboration and chat tools. It is still an additional tool on top of email, so it will be much more difficult to develop a video collaboration strategy around it unless you intend to move all of your team’s workflows there. If your team wishes to test it out, Teams does offer a free plan to begin.

6. Telegram

One latest entry into the field of Google Hangouts substitutes is Telegram. Although Telegram’s popularity in the US isn’t as high as it is abroad, it is nevertheless expanding. Search for the video icon to convert a speech or text group chat into a video meeting. Up to 1,000 people can view the video if they are in the group, and the first 30 people to sign up can chat over it. According to Telegram, they plan to keep raising this cap as well.

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The noise reduction feature of Telegram is one thing it excels at. Although the function is intended to maintain everyone’s audio clarity and sharpness, it can be disabled in the settings. Cross-device compatibility is simple with Telegram’s video calls because they function on both iOS and Android.


Although Google Hangouts and Google Workspace are closely integrated, Google Hangouts is difficult to use, only accessible through a web browser, and occasionally has issues supporting global teams. If you’re searching for a Google Hangouts replacement, Spike is the best option. The Spike app, which combines email, group chat, file sharing, tasks, and video meetings inside of one digital workspace, supports it directly.

People who don’t use the Spike app for email can still easily join a Spike Video Meeting by doing so through a web browser without the need to install any plugins or manage any accounts.



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