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8 best Google Meet Extensions For Online Conference Calls

Cannot find anywhere google meet extensions? This post will show you different google meet extensions to have a better video call experience. Video conferencing apps like Google Meet got tremendous appeal and traffic in 2020. With the help of different extensions for Google Meet, users attempted their best to improve their video conferencing experience. Sadly, Google Meet does not have all the functions that work to all its users.

Students, instructors, and other working experts need very different functions according to their needs. One app can not have all the functions that everyone desires. Extensions concerned the rescue and improved the video conferencing experience.

There’s a wide array of extensions users can pick from. Google Meet supports a ton of extensions that can take students’ participation or perhaps prevent members from silencing each other. A few of the very best extensions can likewise obstruct students or participants from getting in late in the meeting.

Apparently, utilizing an extension is a terrific method to add a function that’s not on your preferred video conferencing app. Got an unpleasant background that you do not wish to be seen by others? Well, some extensions can likewise assist you change the background in your video conference.

The wonderful part is, you can include multiple extensions in Google Meet to make your experience much better. The list of features continues. We’ll explore some remarkable features of various extensions for Google Meet in detail now.

8 best Google Meet Extensions For Online Conference Calls

1. Google Meet Call Timer

Tracking time throughout video conferences is quite challenging. Teachers mainly forget to keep track of time when describing a brand-new concept to their students. One’s failure to track time may lead all the individuals to get late in signing up with another essential video conference.

Not just teachers and students, other specialists likewise typically forget to keep track of their time. And, as a result, conferences are extended for a long duration.

Google Meet Call Timer

And given that time lost can’t be compensated for, the Google Meet Call Timer extension for Google meet actually makes it possible for users to track time.

The outstanding part?

Well, the extension won’t look additional with the UI of Google Meet. In easier words, the Google Meet Call Timer Extension looks stylish like the Google Meet.

Pros of Google Meet Call Timer:-.

  1. The Google Meet Call Timer allows users to track the time they dedicate to every video conference they participate in. This extension is quite trusted for professionals or students who have a tight schedule. Additionally, it enables them to handle their time effectively.
  2. As soon as the time is up for a user in a teleconference on Google Meet, the extension would not detach the call instantly.

Rather, when the time is up, it’ll send a reminder along with a beep to bring it to the user’s notification. The setup is such; no user would look unprofessional for using the Google Meet Call Timer Extension.

  1. This call timer extension is among the best extensions for Google Meet to improve users’ efficiency.
  2. The extension is readily available in English, one of the most spoken languages around the world.

Cons of Google Meet Call Timer:-.

  1. The other individuals in a video conference on Google Meet wouldn’t understand when the time is finished. Every participant needs to have Google Meet Call Timer set up on their system.
  2. The default and just language assistance offered in Google Meet Call Timer is English. Non-English speakers might deal with problem utilizing the Google Meet Call Timer extension.

2. Test Master Extension For Google Meet

Test Master Extension For Google Meet

Quizzes are an excellent way for teachers and other specialists to gather data about a test or survey. Tests are rather common for students in schools and universities across the globe.

Nevertheless, carrying out a quiz on a video conferencing service like Google Meet might not be that basic.

But, with the internet and extensions for Google Meet, there’s a way for nearly everything. Users can effortlessly perform quizzes on Google Meet with the Quiz Master Extension. The Quiz Master extension also includes the interesting buzzer feature to make things interesting and competitive.

The QuizMaster is a compact-sized extension that makes performing tests a lot more fun and engaging. The extension requires less than one megabyte of area on the user’s system.

Pros of Quiz Master:

  1. The Quiz Master Extension for Google Meet allows users to utilize the buzzer during the test.
  2. The test organizer can also mark the participants for their right answers and inaccurate reactions too. The extension features both favorable and unfavorable marking in real-time.
  3. Users can likewise include their concerns in the Quiz Master extension to carry out the test. Additionally, expect a group of individuals is looking to kill time. In that case, they can likewise take a quiz utilizing preset questions in the extension.
  4. Using the Quiz Master extension is straightforward and doesn’t require a user to be a tech geek. To join a quiz after setup, the users need to click the dice icon after entering a Google Meet conference. The extension will then ask the users if they want to carry out the quiz or join it as a gamer.

Cons of Quiz Master:

  1. The Quiz Master Extension gathers user information momentarily to run the tests. However, it assures to delete the data immediately after users stop using the extension.
  2. Users can not tape their responses in the Quiz Master extension. Users need to examine the responses by themselves.
  3. Even the Quiz Master extension is available in the English language. Non-English speakers may find it challenging to use the extension.

3. Nod Chrome Extension

nod chrome extension

Background sound throughout a video conference is irritating for everybody. While a user can choose to mute others in the conference if there’s an annoying background sound disrupting them.

However, this typically leads to miscommunication during the video conference.

Well, what if you could use an extension to decrease the background sound and avoid miscommunication on your video conference? Remarkably, you can do so with the help of Nod Chrome Extension for Google Meet. As the name suggests, Nod Extension allows users to make numerous gestures using emoticons.

Approval Chrome Extension works to perform well-disciplined online classes or conferences. Considering That the Nod Extension enables conference individuals to utilize emoticons to communicate with the meeting organizers, there are no unneeded interruptions.

Pros of Nod Chrome Extension:-.

  1. The Nod Chrome Extension makes undisturbed Google Meet Sessions a reality. When all members are on mute, speakers can point across zero disturbance in the background.
  2. The users of Nod Chrome Extension get only a restricted emojis set so that no participant sends out something frustrating or unprofessional.
  3. In Nod Chrome Extension, emojis are thoroughly contributed to prevent interruption. Raise a hand, clapping, agreement, and disagreement are some emojis that users can find in the extension.
  4. With Nod Chrome Extension for Google Meet, users don’t need to send out text to speakers to get their attention. Users can send an emoji and get the attention of the speaker in the Google Meet.
  5. Nod Chrome Extension makes it easier to track who wishes to speak next. This feature is useful when all the individuals are on mute in a Google Meet video conference. It works best, even with big audiences.

Cons of using Nod Chrome Extension:

  1. To guarantee complete efficiency of the Nod Chrome Extension, all the celebrations must have the extension set up on their system.
  2. The extension requires about 8 megabytes of space on the user’s system.
  3. The Nod Chrome Extension can not reduce the sound coming from the speaker’s background.

4. Meet Attendance

Attendance for google meet extension

Recording attendance during a video conference is a lengthy procedure. In some cases, it may also get irritating for teachers as students take longer to respond if they’re dealing with network concerns.

Furthermore, composing each trainee’s names results in less time for the teacher to describe essential topics in detail.

However, teachers can take a rear seats when it comes down to taking attendance on Google Meet. Meet Attendance is among a few of the most sophisticated extensions for Google Meet. As the name suggests, the extension assists users record the participants’ attendance in their Google Meet conference.

When teachers set up and activate the Meet Attendance Extension on Google Meet, it tapes participation instantly.

Pros of Meet Attendance Extension:

  1. Educators can conserve the important time that they typically spend on tape-recording the participation of their students. On a video conference, presence automation leads to a chaos-free video conferencing experience.
  2. While recording the attendance manually, instructors might not keep track of their time in their class. However, Meet Attendance is among those Extensions for Google Meet that allows them to do so effortlessly.
  3. Educators who utilize Meet Attendance Extension to tape their trainees’ participation can access the taped attendance anytime.
  4. What makes Meet Attendance easy to use extension is its easy and easy to use design.
  5. Unlike other extensions, Meet Attendance likewise notes down when a participant signed up with the class and what time they left.
  6. Meet Attendance’s premium function also enables organizers, aka Teachers, to track, who are absent from the class.
  7. Users can access the Meet Attendance Extension in numerous languages, consisting of English and Spanish.

Cons of Meet Attendance Extension:-.

  1. Not all the features of Meet Attendance Extension to users who utilize it on the totally free version. To unlock all the characteristics, users need to upgrade to the premium version of Meet Attendance.
  2. Do Not Disturb feature of the Meet Attendance Extension is for premium users just. The fee for the premium variation is $2.5, which may be too high for some users.
  3. The functions of the Meet Attendance might seem puzzling at first to some users.

5. Meet For Teachers

Meet For Teachers

Individuals coming late to a meeting or a class are irritating. They do not simply interrupt the organizer but also all the other participants. In video conferencing services like Google Meet, instructors typically get a great deal of joining demands.

These frequent joint requests after the beginning of the lecture benefit only annoying the teacher.

Regardless if you’re a teacher or any other professional who doesn’t want latecomers in their conference on Google Meet. Meet For Teachers is among the most dependable extensions for Google Meet that you can use.

It’s difficult to focus when there are pop-ups on the speaker’s screen regularly. To guarantee a seamless video conferencing experience on Google Meet, anybody can set up the Meet For Teachers Extension for Google Meet.

Pros of Meet For Teachers Extension:-.

  1. To prevent frustrating sign up with demands in Google Meet, Meet For Teachers works best to block all the sign up with demands. When all the demands are blocked, the speaker can teach the class with no undesirable disruptions.
  2. The user can lock the join button so that no one gets to send a join meeting demand post the given time.
  3. The size of the extension is less than one megabyte. The compact size makes the Meet For Teachers Extension widely available to numerous users.
  4. The Meet For Teachers Extension also promotes punctuality among trainees because it will not let them enter the class late.
  5. Even other professionals can utilize Meet For Teachers for their official meetings and block out latecomers.
  6. The Meet For Teachers Extension is easy to use and master for a terrific video conferencing experience.
  7. Users may switch on and off the extension with a basic click on the extension’s icon.

Cons of Meet For Teachers Extension:-.

  1. The Meet for Teachers extension isn’t readily available in multiple languages. Non-English speakers might have to adjust to the extension to utilize it for their Google Meet video calls.
  2. The securing ideas pop-up may appear regularly to some users.

6. Google Meet Grid View Extension

Google Meet Grid View Extension

Before things went completely online in 2020, the majority of us were regular of social interactions where we could see each other.

After the break out of a worldwide pandemic, we could not see our students, instructors, and associates. Video conferencing services like Google Meet have a restriction on the number of grids a user can view at a time.

It is amongst the few of the very best extensions for Google Meet that makes it possible for users to view participants in a grid.

Teachers or organizers conducting an online test of more than 16 participants may utilize the Google Meet Grid View extension. With numerous participants beginning the organizer’s screen, it ends up being quite simple to track what each participant is doing.

Pros of Google Meet Grid View Extension:-.

  1. Google Meet Grid View Extension permits users to see more than sixteen participants on their screen.
  2. The users can also highlight the speaker using the Google Meet Grid View. This feature brings the attention of other participants to the speaker.
  3. The screen ratio is similarly shared amongst all the members in a Google Meet video conference. This function makes it easier for a speaker or organizer to engage with the audience.
  4. The organizer can likewise pick to hide away the individuals who have no video or have their electronic camera turned off.
  5. The extension designers declare that the Google Meet Grid View Extension does not shop or track the data of the users. People worried about their personal privacy can use the grid view extension without any concerns.

Cons of Google Meet Grid View Extension:-.

  1. The Google Meet Grid View Extension may trigger the video to decrease if the variety of individuals is huge. As the extension tries to bring everyone to the user’s screen, it’s bound to slow down when there are numerous participants.
  2. Repairing the sluggish action of the Google Meet Grid View extension might problem users.
  3. The Google Meet Grid View Extension is available just in the English language.

7. Google Meet Breakout Rooms Extension

Google Meet Breakout Rooms Extension

Breakout rooms are available on Google Meet for the users who have access to G Suite Enterprise. The Breakout Rooms Extension is suitable and most ideal for users who do not have access to Google’s G Suite enterprise.

Carrying out arguments or any other group activity can be more comfy with Google Meet Breakout Rooms Extension.

Users can pick to divide participants into a group so that communication becomes proficient.

The Organizer can develop a group established for the arguments or other group activities in Google Meet. With subgroups, organizers can perform meetings in a very disciplined manner.

Pros of Google Meet Breakout Rooms Extension:

  1. With the help of Google Meet Breakout Rooms, users can make small groups within the Google meet conference. Subgroups in a Google Meet allows users to conduct group activities effortlessly.
  2. Subgroups are a great way for organizers to deal with all the participants on a one-to-one level.
  3. The Breakout Rooms Extensions for Google Meet make sure that video conferences are extremely efficient and expert.
  4. Users can also alter the layout of the Meeting at their convenience.
  5. With the Breakout Room for Google Meet, users can also tape the participation of the individuals. Adding this extension makes the experience of Google Meet conferences even much better.
  6. Furthermore, the organizer can likewise set timers for subgroups. The timer on the subgroup permits the organizer to tape the speaking time each subgroup gets and utilizes to speak.

Cons of Google Meet Breakout Rooms Extension:-.

  1. While utilizing Google Meet Breakout Rooms Extension, users can not produce unlimited spaces on all gadgets.
  2. Organizers with more than 50 individuals in their conference may deal with some problems while using the extension.
  3. With multiple spaces, some users might face problems with their speakers and mic. However, it might be because of the low ram on the system.
  4. The Google Meet Breakout Rooms Extension is only available in English.

8. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Google Meet Enhancement Suite is one of those Extensions for Google Meet that supports a range of functions. The users can pick to utilize the free version, or they can select the premium version.

Frankly, one wouldn’t wish to miss the features that come loaded with the premium variation of the Google Meet Enhancement Suite.

With the Google Meet Enhancement Suite, users can choose to mute themselves instantly on signing up with a conference using the auto-mute function.

Furthermore, it also permits users to change how the video appears on their screen. One can do a lot with Google Meet Enhancement Suite to enhance their general experience of video conferencing.

The extensions support as lots of as thirty functions like emoji reaction, timer for meetings, and much more. Users can also turn on dark mode for Google Meet using the Meet Enhancement Suite. With the premium version, Users can also trigger a clock on the meeting screen to track time.

Pros of Google Meet Enhancement Suite:

  1. Users can instantly grant permission to all the join requests they get throughout the Google Meet. This feature is offered for users who select the premium version of the Google Enhancement Suite.
  2. This extension for Google Meet automatically switches on captions for all Google Meet calls.
  3. Who doesn’t enjoy faster ways? With Meet Enhancement Suite, users can leave the Meeting room on Google Meet by pushing the Shift and K essential together.
  4. Got an undesirable background? Well, do not stress. The Google Meet Enhancement Suite enables individuals to alter and set a custom-made background on their own.

Cons of Google Meet Enhancement Suite:

  1. Many interesting functions are locked for the Premium version of the Google Meet Enhancement Suite. Users need to update their version to unlock all the features of the suite.
  2. The month-to-month membership of the Google Meet Enhancement Suite is priced at $7 monthly.
  3. The feature-loaded Google Meet Enhancement Suite might overwhelm and puzzle some users.


When it concerns Extensions for Google Meet, the primary issue is about the functions, user interface, and personal privacy policy. One can find hundreds of extensions, but not all of them will serve genuinely and as much as their pledges.

Users can pick from paid extensions, or they can also utilize the free ones. What matters is which extension makes things enjoyable and practical for the user.


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