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Friday, March 1, 2024
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7 Best Hidden Office 365 Features That You Must Know

Looking for hidden office 365 features? This post will show you how to easily find hidden office 365 features. You might not be aware that there are always hidden features that can save you time, increase your productivity, or just be enjoyable and relaxing, from basic user tips to more sophisticated features, as with the majority of Microsoft’s tools.

Microsoft Office 365 is a widely used business tool in the world, which makes sense given that it offers countless options to boost productivity, improve collaboration, and gain a competitive advantage. Office 365 is widely used by businesses all over the world as their primary platform for data and business environments.

They still don’t fully understand all of its features, though.

7 Best Hidden Office 356 Features That You Must Know

Gaining the most value from your business investment is crucial, but since Office 365 is cloud-based, new features are always being enhanced.

The top 7 hidden features of Office 365 are as follows:

1. Produce Detailed Online Exchange Reports Quickly

Many built-in reports are already available in Office 365’s Dashboard Reports. Administrators of Office 365 can see those reports. Secured reports provide data on deployed OneDrive for Business reports, new and deleted mailboxes, mailbox use, and active and inactive mailbox information.

Additionally, you may view the number of available spaces and active Lync users. Additionally, PowerBI is a fantastic tool that enables you to create dashboards and unique reports using data from a variety of sources, including financial systems, CRM, inventory management, or Excel spreadsheets.

2. External users have online access to Sharepoint

Do you feel like working more closely with others outside of your company?

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Through the Office 365 security and administration interface, administrators of Microsoft Office 365 can set up SharePoint Online in a variety of ways, enabling Team Site owners to invite users from outside your company.

Microsoft Project is used by some businesses, while SharePoint project management team sites are used by others. It used to be challenging to create workflows for your SharePoint intranet. The Microsoft 365 programme Power Automate was created to address this. In Power Automate, workflows, also referred to as “Flows,” are significantly easier to create.

It allows for interfaces with programmes like Dropbox that are not part of Microsoft 365 or even SharePoint. You can send tabs to your coworkers. Users can always see their peers’ Internet connectivity whether they are utilising an Outlook desktop or a web application, and they may dial Office 365 Lync Online right away to begin an IM conversation or full meetings.

Old-fashioned people might find it a touch weird, but close collaboration is becoming necessary and welcomed in firms that are flexible and prepared to expand!

4. Concurrent Authorship

Send email attachments for updated documents all the time when working on a file?

Have you ever used a Google Docs feature for a project outside of the office and questioned why Office 365 does not offer it?

The simultaneous editing of a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document is one of their new favourite Office 365 features. The edits and the editor are both visible. Have you never seen this in Google Docs before?

Be ready for a surprise!

5. A form is available

Users of Office 365 have access to a library of Office programmes that they may download and use. Although it is not entirely new, Microsoft does not promote it as much as they do other Office 365 features.

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The library keeps expanding every day, which improves Office 365’s productivity and functionality. Even so, many business owners avoid backing up Office 365 if they use Microsoft’s default backup method.

Did you realise that Microsoft’s Terms of Service include a data loss disclaimer?

They do offer data access through backup and restoration, but only in extreme cases like accidents and natural catastrophes. Microsoft advises using Office 365 backup tools from third parties to safeguard data against outages and other disruptions.

6. Skype with coworkers as you work on a document and use forms to conduct an employee survey

The newest features of Office 365 now allow you to start a Skype chat with anyone working on a document by clicking the “Chat” button, thanks to an extension from Microsoft. You can keep talking to the team while editing even after you exit the form by using Skype on your phone or PC.

On your intranet, you will typically need to collect data from users in order to do things like book training sessions or get office supplies. SharePoint directories can be used for this, but it’s not particularly user-friendly for employees to configure. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Forms enables you to create visually appealing and functional profiles.

Your SharePoint intranet pages and other Microsoft 365 destinations can contain embedded applications that you can design using Microsoft Forms. The information that has been recorded can then be moved through a business process using Power Automate Flows.

7. Use Bing to Look for Images for Your Presentation

Although Bing’s market share started out a little slower than that of Google or Yahoo!, it eventually overtook them to become the second-largest in the country. Google continued to be the most popular search engine. The collected photographs will be processed by Bing to produce search results, and it may also utilise them to improve its image processing offerings.

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