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How Can You Easily Enable or Disable Gmail User Interface

Looking for how to enable or disable gmail user interface? This post will show you how to easily enable or disable gmail user interface. Google announced last year that they will rebuild Gmail, and now it is happening.

Google wants to combine Gmail with other Google products such as Chat and Meet.

How Can You Easily Enable or Disable Gmail User Interface

Gmail already offers meet, places, and chat features, but it appears that Google is going to incorporate all of these features into a new look.

The main difference between Gmail 2022 and the present Gmail UI is that all apps have been consolidated into a single tab on the left sidebar.

Gmail for Android and iOS has a similar design.

Google refers to it as the “New integrated Gmail layout,” and its goal is to make it easier for users to transition between important apps like Chat, Meet, and Gmail quickly and simply.

The Gmail New UI is already being rolled out in stages, so not everyone will get it at the same time.

The implementation will be finished by the end of Q2 2022, according to the release the contents

How to Enable the New Gmail 2022 User Interface

If you’ve received an update, you’ll receive a notification from Google with the option to try it out.

Click the ‘Try it now‘ button to enable the Gmail UI.

Try out the new Gmail interface


The page will reload immediately, and you will see a new Gmail interface.

Even if you missed the notification or unintentionally clicked the Dismiss button, you can still use the new Gmail interface.

To do so, go to the Quick Settings menu by clicking the Gear icon in the upper right corner.

Enable gmail 2022 ui to try out the new Gmail View.

Here you’ll see a new option labelled “Try out the new Gmail View,” which you should select to transition to the new Gmail design.

New Gmail design

The page will instantly reload, and Gmail will open with the new UI.

Take a glance at the screenshot above to see how Gmail 2022 appears.

How to disable Off the New Gmail 2022 User Interface?

You may quickly switch to the old UI if you don’t like the new Gmail UI or find it difficult to use.

Here’s how to go about it:

To access the Quick settings menu in Gmail, click the Gear icon.

To return to the conventional Gmail UI, select “Go back to original Gmail view” from this menu.

Disable the gmail 2022 ui to return to the classic gmail view.

We’d want to let you know that customers who have activated the New Gmail 2022 UI will be able to switch back to the old Gmail UI until the deployment is complete, it is anticipated to happen by the end of Q2.

After that, this will be the default Gmail experience, with no way to change it.

What are your consideration on the new Gmail user interface for 2022?

How did you find it?

What did you enjoy about it?

Please let us know your consideration within the comments area.

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