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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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12 Best Insightly Alternatives that You Must Know

Looking for insightly alternatives? This post will show you 11 best insightly alternatives that you never knew before. Insightly is a CRM that integrates a company’s projects, marketing, and sales to provide a single perspective of its customers. Despite the fact that Insightly bills itself as a CRM platform for expanding organizations across all sectors, there are a number of shortcomings that prompt users to search for Insightly alternatives.

This article discusses Insightly’s shortcomings and provides a list of 12 additional CRM software providers who might be a better fit for your company.

Why do companies require an alternative to Insightly?

When it comes to CRM, every tool has advantages and disadvantages, and there is no optimum option. The CRM or project management application that is best for your company must be found. We began researching Insightly CRM reviews online and discovered the following problems mentioned by their present and former clients:

• Difficult to maintain integration: Because other tools don’t frequently update their software, it is challenging to link Insightly with them. The total effectiveness is impacted by this.

Poor resource management, lack of visibility, and insufficient email integration and task integration are all examples of poor project management.

• Poor and unintuitive user interface: The interface lacks visual appeal and appears antiquated.

• Steep Learning Curve: It actually takes a lot of time to set up the CRM and become familiar with all of its tools and functions. The application of a few functions is confusing to the users.

• Pricey: Compared to a few other CRMs that offer comparable or greater capabilities, Insightly is expensive.

• Subpar Customer Service: The Insightly team’s consumer service is extremely poor, and it takes long to resolve customer difficulties.

Insightly initially catered to smaller firms, but the additional features are now directed at the higher subscription levels, and small businesses need to pay extra if they want to use those capabilities. Businesses that require intensive team coordination or project management requirements should not use this CRM. And for these reasons, companies are searching for alternatives to Insightly.

Why are we comparing alternatives to Insightly?

We conducted in-depth market research on the leading CRM solutions before developing TeamWave, an all-in-one productivity software for small businesses that integrates elements of CRM, Project Management, and HRMS. One of the best CRM applications that we have reviewed is Insightly. Others include:

• Engagebay

• Salesforce

• Pipedrive

• Freshsales

• CRM nutshell

• Salesflare

• Scoro

Adaptive CRM

• Agile CRM

• CRM Teamleader

Here is a summary of our research after we examined each of the aforementioned pieces of software and considered its advantages and disadvantages from the viewpoint of a small company user.

12 Best Insightly Alternatives that You Must Know



Highlights of TeamWave:

• Flat monthly fee of $39 for an unlimited number of users.

• A visual sales pipeline that provides total view of the pipelines at all stages.

• Add new fields, strong filters, and custom pipelines to CRM to add more data. creating a CRM that is unique to your company’s needs.

• Convenient access to CRM, HRM, and task/project management in one location.

• Has a mobile app that enables the team to stay informed about their projects and deals even when they are on the fly.

• Contact Administration

• Extensive reports and forecasts to gather current information and useful insights.

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• Email integration for lead management and central conversation tracking.

• Integrated alerts and reminders to keep you updated on all tasks and activities.

• The products feature, which compiles a library of all the products and services the company offers, associates them with deals and enables users to construct custom fields according to their particular business requirements.

• Integrates with additional third-party applications like Gsuite, Zapier, and QuickBooks to gather all the crucial data in one location.

What makes TeamWave the ideal substitute for Insightly?

Important Factors: One of the greatest alternatives to Insightly is TeamWave, which has a flat rate of US$39/month for unlimited users, all the necessary apps, reporting capabilities, project management tools, and connectors with other software. As a result, TeamWave CRM is a great option for small businesses and startups because it will make it simpler for them to grow without having to pay exorbitant overhead fees. Additionally, without incurring any additional costs, integrations with tools like Mailchimp and Google Workspace aid in improving team productivity and streamlining procedures. Check this article on Podio alternatives

Price: $39 per month for UNLIMITED users

2. Engagebay


Highlights of Engagebay

• Drag-and-drop landing page and form builder

• Strategic lead scoring

• Effective tools for A/B testing

• Internal social area

• Powerful array of automation tools

• Calendar sync that is two-way

Intelligent data analytics

Important Factor: EngageBay is a free CRM platform that combines marketing, sales, and customer service. The program offers a complete range of tools at a reasonable price because it was created with startups and SMBs in mind. Its pricing structure is precisely graded to accommodate all different types of enterprises. Despite being one of the top platforms for startups and SMBs, EngageBay could do without some of its pre-built themes.

Cost for ten users: US$ 89.9 per month [Basic]

3. Salesforce CRM


Salesforce CRM Features

• The Lightning Platform enables users to create apps for partners and customers.

• Automation of workflow to support intricate business processes

• Complex customizing possibilities with point-and-click tools or scripting.

• Easily ties with accounting programs, e-commerce platforms, etc.

• The Trailblazer community provides users with opportunities to practice and understand the software independently.

• Using social media

• Territory Control

Key Point: Although Salesforce CRM offers many features, it is rather expensive for small firms to use. Because the expenses associated with customization rise as it does. Therefore, such complex software won’t be required by companies without a specialized sales or marketing team. Additionally, this CRM has a considerably steeper learning curve than Insightly. The configuration also takes a lot of time. Because of the complexity of the features, novice users find it quite challenging to use this CRM. Customers also lament receiving subpar service.

250 USD per month for 10 users (Sales Cloud CRM)

4. Pipedrive CRM


Pipedrive CRM Features

• Users can change anything.

• Has rich reporting features and the ability to create targets

• Email and mobile app integration

Important Factor: Pipedrive is a simple-to-use tool. Businesses can build their businesses by using this CRM to locate the proper leads. The finest CRM for small firms is Pipedrive, but data administration is challenging. Task management becomes more complex, especially as firms expand. There is a need for automated workflow because it necessitates a lot of manual labor. There aren’t many occupations that take a lot of time right now. Few customers who switched from a trial to an actual plan have complained that customer service has deteriorated.

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The cost for ten users is US$120 per month (Essential Plan).

5. Freshworks CRM


Freshworks CRM Features

• Lead scoring system powered by AI

• Intelligent workflow automation

• Ability to send multiple emails and customized templates

• The ability to call clients directly from the app, as well as other features like auto-dialing and customized welcome greetings.

• Sorting and filtering features that assist customers in locating lousy offers, best-sellers, or closed bargains.

Important Factor: Freshworks CRM is a straightforward CRM program for small enterprises. The real drawback is that there aren’t as many third-party integrations as there are for other CRM programs. Additionally, it lacks the adaptability to customize lead scores. We discovered a number of issues about their customer support services while reading client reviews. It might be challenging to manage operations using Freshworks CRM when the firm expands and the need for sophisticated functionalities rises.

10 users for US$ 190 per month.

6. Nutshell CRM


Summary of CRM Highlights

• Offers cutting-edge pipeline automation tools.

• Unlimited storage for contacts and data

• Completely programmable marketing automation

• Intelligent search feature

Important Factor: Nutshell CRM is renowned for being simple to use. Users also agree that setting calls, emails, or meeting reminders is a smart idea. Few people believe that this CRM is more expensive than its rivals, and they also think that the learning curve is a little bit greater. Additionally, their advanced search function occasionally returns inaccurate results. Check this article on Trello Alternatives

10 users for US$ 190 per month.

7. Salesflare CRM


Salesflare CRM Features

• Thorough sales monitoring

• Individual accounts may have custom fields added by users.

• Google Workspace and other platform integration

Key Point: Users of Salesflare CRM mention a few cool functions, such as changing customer notes from the phone. But this CRM lacks customizable capabilities and has an outdated user design. Consequently, it is unable to meet varied commercial needs. Additionally, it is highly pricey when compared to other CRMs, making it an unaffordable choice for small organizations.

Cost for ten users: $300 USD per month

8. Scoro


Highlights from Scoro

• Interactive dashboards that allow consumers to view results in real time

• Simplified processes

• Extensive reports at the enterprise level

• Connections to applications like Xero and Zapier

Key Point: Scoro CRM is a management tool with a few useful features that makes work easier and takes less time to complete normal chores. And for precisely that reason, we have included it on our list of alternatives to Insightly. However, the report portion is a significant letdown because it is so small. The software has a severe learning curve and needs to be much more intuitive. The software also has a lot of bugs, which makes customers’ experiences worse. These explanations make it quite evident that this does not offer value for the money.

10 users for US$ 260 per month.

9. Agile CRM


Agile CRM Features

• All three aspects of sales, marketing, and services are automated. This promotes consistency in communication.

• Interactive Webform

• Modern marketing measurements

• Linking social media profiles to campaigns and contact information is simple.

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• It integrates mobile messaging in campaigns and may send customised messages.

• The landing page builder produces landing pages that are mobile responsive and has great conversion rates.

Important Factor: Agile CRM is a comprehensive system with a low learning curve. One significant drawback is that users of its basic package can only use one integration. Users must make more elaborate arrangements in order to analyze activity reports because they are uncluttered and unclear. As a result, this CRM is quite pricey for its little features. Check this article on Jira Alternatives

Cost for ten users: $99 per month

10. Nimble CRM


CRM Flexibility Highlights

• Has the ability to arrange contacts into various lists and do bulk tasks like sending group messages.

• Offers a thorough list of all completed or upcoming tasks, making it easier for the team to stay organized.

• Keeps everyone informed by automatically tying team duties and activities to the relevant deal.

• Email templates for effective participation. The open and click rates of emails are also monitored.

• Simple Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 connection.

Important Factor: Nimble CRM is an intuitive CRM that offers a summary of all deals and contacts in one place. However, there are only a few difficulties that require attention. It is challenging to forward emails to the Nimble app and to view emails within it. Additionally, in order to integrate Nimble with other programs, the user needs the “sync” tool. Check this article on Bitrix24 alternatives

$10 users at a cost of $250 a month

11. Teamleader CRM


CRM Highlights for a team leader

• Connect to accounting software to conveniently track invoices.

• Record calls, emails, and other communications, both incoming and outgoing.

• Because it is synced with the calendar, all meetings and appointments are continuously updated.

Important Factor: Teamleader CRM offers a pleasant user interface. Where to discover various functions is made apparent in this CRM. However, compared to other CRMs, the features for each function are less detailed and inferior. There is an additional fee for the integrations and add-ons. Check this article on Teamwork alternatives

Monthly cost for ten users is 250 Euros.

12. Method


CRM Highlights: Method

• The best QuickBooks CRM sync available

• Use the adaptable no-code platform from Method to automate any workflow.

• Effective lead and client management skills

• The capacity to modify your transaction templates

• Countless custom reports

• Integrations with commonly used programs like Outlook and Gmail

Important Factors: The finest CRM for customers of QuickBooks Desktop and Online is CRM. For small and mid-sized firms across various industries, the software strives to foster business growth. Method: Strong workflow automation, custom reports and data capturing, as well as online portals that provide a top-notch user experience are some of CRM’s important advantages. The fact that Method:CRM is solely intended for QuickBooks Online and Desktop users at the moment is a disadvantage.

$100,00/month (US) for ten users [Contact management]


Before selecting the finest CRM, businesses need take into account a number of variables in order to give their leads, prospects, and staff the greatest experience.

The TeamWave CRM is just a click away from being tried out. To find out why we think our free trial is the best, sign up today!


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