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10 Best Mobdro Alternatives That You Must Know

Looking for mobdro alternatives? This post will show you 10 best mobdro alternatives that you never knew before. According to European authorities, the creator of the most widely used live-streaming software, “Mobdro,” was recently detained on suspicion of streaming unauthorised content. This may be the end for the venerable software that has long provided a vast selection of free movies, TV series, sports, live streaming, and other content. But because Mobdro has been discontinued for some time, leaving many users in dire straits, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Mobdro substitutes for FireStick users.

People may unintentionally download and use dangerous programmes, which could expose them to major security risks. It is strongly encouraged that you utilise a VPN on your FireStick device when using these apps to watch free content before mentioning any Mobdro alternatives. Because ExpressVPN totally conceals your IP address and maintains your online anonymity when using these apps to stream free movies, it is our recommended option. Get ExpressVPN now and get three additional months for free.

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10 Best Mobdro Alternatives That You Must Know

1. Live Net TV

Live Net Tv

One of the greatest Mobdro alternatives right now is certainly Live Net TV. You can view a tonne of stuff on this well-known streaming service, including movies, live sports, TV series, live channels, and much more.

You may effortlessly get Live Net TV’s 800 channels on your FireStick gadget. The nicest aspect of this programme is its straightforward and user-friendly layout. For your convenience, the content is divided into many categories and is entirely free. Check out this amazing article on Sport365 Alternatives.

2. TVTap


The next item is TVTap, formerly known as UKTVNow. Nearly all Android devices including FireStick can run this software. You may stream premium video content for nothing using TVTap. It is totally free. There are hundreds of stations on TVTap, and the user interface is very good.

Even though the user interface may use some work, the programme is still worthwhile. The finest feature, which is such a relief, is the absence of intrusive commercials when streaming. Anywhere in the world may easily access all of TVTap’s channels. Check out this amazing article on Vumoo Alternatives.

3. Kodi


There is no need to introduce the Kodi app because it is very well-liked by fans of entertainment. You should be aware that Kodi is not a streaming app in and of itself before utilising it. You could call it a media player or media centre, but it actually allows you to stream using a variety of addons and builds. Check this amazing article on Hulu Alternatives.

You should use Kodi as your Mobdro replacement because of its user-friendly, straightforward UI. It may be used on any platform, including computers, FireSticks, and Android handsets. So give Kodi a try if Mobdro isn’t operating on your FireStick.

4. YouTube TV

youtube tv

For a while, YouTube TV was unavailable in the Amazon store; however, you can now officially install YouTube TV on the FireStick. You may access a wide range of content on YouTube TV, including the newest movies, TV shows, live streaming, sports, and other types of content. It functions admirably as a Mobdro substitute. On a FireStick, the application runs without a hitch, and there are about 60 channels available. Check out this amazing article on Vumoo Alternatives.

The app’s partial cost is the only disadvantage one may possibly encounter. In order to use YouTube TV, you must pay a membership fee. It is among the finest FireStick apps overall.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto Tv

If Mobdro is not functioning on your smartphone, Pluto TV is another excellent substitute. Pluto TV offers hundreds of channels that you may access without paying a single cent. All of the stuff is both free and authorised. Since it is free, the app’s only limitation is that it is ad-supported. But trust me, it’s worth it.

You may access channels like CNN, Sky News, and CBSN, as well as other high-quality programming. Pluto TV is a legitimate app, so you can easily get it from reputable retailers like the Amazon Store or Google Play Store. Check this amazing article on MovieWatcher Alternatives.

6. UnlockMyTV


The interface and functions of UnlockMyTV and Cinema HD are identical. This makes it the ideal choice for you as a Mobdro substitute because it is incredibly simple to use. There are no intrusive advertising while streaming anything on the app, which is completely free. It only requires a few easy steps to install it from the Amazon app store.

The high-quality HD movies and videos play so smoothly without any buffering, which is the best feature of UnlockMyTV. You’ll have access to the most recent HD movies, TV series, sports broadcasts, and other entertainment. To ensure a top-notch streaming experience, combine the app with others like Real Debrid. Check this amazing article on BobMovies Alternatives.

7. FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ is a video streaming service that offers the newest films and TV episodes as soon as they are released, and in excellent quality. That’s pretty fantastic, huh? The app had some issues for a while, but now that it has been updated, there are no longer any bugs. It implies that your FreeFlix HQ streaming session won’t be interrupted.

The app features huge content libraries with a tonne of movies, TV series, sports, and anime. The app’s UI is very straightforward, with simple navigation and support for larger screens like FireStick. Due to this, it is an excellent choice for FireStick owners and is simple to use. Install it right now from the Amazon store and start enjoying the best new stuff while on the go. Check out this amazing content on redstream alternatives.

8. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

After Terrarium TV was shut down, CyberFlix TV, a Terrarium TV clone, became very popular. It definitely offers high-quality content and shares a lot in common with Terrarium TV in terms of interface and library layout.

On CyberFlix TV, you may access a wide range of content, including the newest movies, sports streams, live games, TV episodes, and much more. Using Real Debrid to integrate CyberFlix TV will speed up your viewing experience. Since it works with all devices, including Android and FireStick, you may use it as a seamless Mobdro substitute on FireStick. Check this article on HBO MAX Alternatives.

9. Peacock TV

Peacock Tv

Over-the-top streaming service Peacock TV is based in the US. Numerous NBC original series are available on the NBCUniversal app. You must pay for this premium service, although some of its information is also accessible for free. However, the app is valuable. Check this article on AnimeFrenzy Alternatives.

There is a tonne of on-demand programming available, as well as the newest productions in television and film. If you’re looking for a Mobdro substitute for your FireStick, Peacock is unquestionably your finest option, and the good news is that the costs are reasonable. That implies that you won’t have to pay a significant sum each month for a membership.

10. Sling TV


Last but not least, Sling TV is without a doubt among the greatest Mobdro substitutes currently accessible. Like Mobdro, it is a premium app, but the subscription costs are low enough that everyone could easily afford it. It is arguably the most widely used streaming app in the country.

With Sling TV, you can watch dozens of channels, including CNN, Discovery, Cartoon Network, and more. There are two Sling TV plans: Orange and Blue. Both have fair subscription fees, however the content they provide differs slightly. The blue one is for news and entertainment, while the orange one is for sports and families. Check out this amazing article on Maximum Plus Alternatives to watch wide of range of movies, tv shows easily and quickly.

Select the package that best suits your requirements, then download FireStick from the Amazon store to start enjoying limitless, high-quality streaming.


Many regions of the world are currently without Mobdro, thus users are looking for alternatives. Some of the top FireStick replacements have been gathered by our team. High-quality content is streamed by all of these apps, some of which are paid and others which are totally free. You can give them a try and choose the one that suits you the best.


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