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7 Best Pipedrive Alternatives to Improve Business Decisions

Looking for pipedrive alternatives? This post will show you 7 best pipedrive alternatives that you never knew before. There may be other CRMs that better meet your demands and won’t cost you $50 per month for reports. Over 90,000 businesses in 179 countries use Pipedrive CRM, a well-liked and comprehensive CRM. Their branding presents them as a straightforward, well-rounded option for organizations of any size and a crucial tool for making the lives of salespeople simple.

Although Pipedrive is unquestionably a good CRM, not everyone should use it. You can identify the options and make sure you’re selecting a CRM that truly suits your needs by using this comparison table.

CRM Pipedrive

The uncluttered user interface of Pipedrive is well-liked by users and potential customers. Advanced capabilities like email synchronization, templated email automation, and one-click calling are available behind the hood to help any sales force achieve its objectives. Pipedrive aims to offer a straightforward and understandable user experience so that its users may concentrate on selling.

When compared to other CRMs, Pipedrive’s starting pricing of $12.50 per user per month is a competitive figure, but it excludes several of their standout features. With emails only operating on a BCC basis, no email or task automation, and no user/admin access, this “essentials” edition leaves a lot to be desired.

These features are included when you upgrade to the $24 “advanced” version, however the $49.90 “professional” version is the only one that offers one-click calling, unlimited meeting scheduling, multiple dashboards, and revenue forecasting. Finally, the only version that offers unlimited assistance is the “business” model, which costs $100 per user each month.

It’s important to note that Nutshell offers free phone, email, and live chat assistance to all users. Be mindful of Pipedrive’s restrictions before deciding to use it.

Numerous consumers complain about excessive wait times and solutions that don’t genuinely address their concerns when they call customer service. After I protested that they had abandoned me, “one tech even went so far as to fabricate a previous email response.”

Furthermore, even the most expensive plans frequently fail to provide users with the information they need, such as the ability to monitor the number of touches a prospect received, specify custom time frames, or view activity across users. The $100/month edition is the only one that Pipedrive offers customers setup support for.

For ten users, reports and email synchronization, as well as a personal customer success manager, a Pipedrive customer would spend $1,000 a month. Customers would pay $390 in a nutshell.

7 Best Pipedrive Alternatives to Improve Business Decisions

These alternatives to Pipedrive are probably ones you’ve heard of or seen on software review websites if you’re thinking about switching from Pipedrive. Although the majority of their features are comparable, each has particular advantages and disadvantages that, depending on your needs, may make or break your CRM experience.

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Simple: $16 per user per month (paid annually), $19 per user per month (billed monthly)

Total cost (Pro): $42 per user per month (paid yearly), $49 per user per month (billed monthly)

Features worth noting

  • Automation of sales
  • Flexible pipeline administration
  • Complete “excel-style” lead and reporting filtering and sorting
  • Contact administration
  • Personal email sequences that can be automated and triggered according to pipeline stage
  • Automation of email marketing (billed separately, based on number of contacts)
  • Integrated web forms
  • Free onboarding support
  • Free live assistance

An award-winning growth software platform called Nutshell enables B2B sales and marketing teams to collaborate and close more business. Nutshell is liked by small to medium-sized businesses because it is strong enough to cover any aspect of your organization and easy enough to use without a hired admin or IT department. These businesses are wise enough to avoid overpaying for software they won’t use. Customer reviews also show that Nutshell’s features frequently outperform those of the competition in terms of both usability and comprehensiveness. Check this article on vcita alternatives.

Beware: Users claim that the mobile application’s interface doesn’t feel the same as the PC experience they are used to.

Nutshell Forms now offers customers the ability to design stunning, personalized forms that can be hosted on any website or landing page. Nutshell Forms seamlessly beams all data collected into the CRM after submission. Which forms will you use?

2. CRM Salesforce


Starter: $25 monthly

Total cost: $300 per month

  • Tools for customizing workflow
  • Analytics
  • Lead management in marketing
  • Communication between sales teams

Salesforce is a comprehensive and powerful software solution platform built around its CRM and lead management features. Almost anything is possible with Salesforce (and its related cloud applications): Custom sales workflows based on the customer journey, plugin application builders, and system connectors are just a few examples. Be aware that while the basic setup costs start at roughly $5,000, if you want the features described above, your system will cost you starting at $50,000.

Be careful of: For the version with unlimited assistance, they charge twice as much as their enterprise price ($150 per person). Users claim that this is because the program is very challenging to operate and necessitates regular communication with Salesforce staff. Additionally, only a small percentage of the (expensive) add-ons are applicable to small and medium-sized firms.

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3. HubSpot


Free introductory version

Total cost: $120 per month (Sales Hub)

Features worth noting

  • A landing page builder for websites
  • Workflows based on customer journeys
  • Builder for sales and marketing email templates
  • Tools for managing sales and marketing

HubSpot is a CRM, marketing automation solution, and central location for customer service all rolled into one. You may design unique web pages, forms, and emails with HubSpot, and you can connect them all to make intricate, automated workflows. For sales and marketing organizations who can afford the high cost but lack the time or resources to link their CRM with other, comparable functions, HubSpot is a wonderful solution. Check this article on Sales Tools to Boost Business Growth.

Beware: The free version isn’t much more useful than an Excel workbook, so don’t be deceived by it. It will cost a fortune to use HubSpot’s capabilities in their entirety. Additionally, people that lack HTML expertise will use HubSpot to design their marketing pages.

4. Zoho



Total cost: $100 per month

Features worth noting

  • Compatibility with other Zoho apps

Emailing within CRM (restricted users/number)

  • Reports and dashboards
  • Works with Outlook and Microsoft
  • Workflow control

The varied ecosystem of bite-sized applications that Zoho offers, which are often sold in packages, includes Zoho CRM as one example. The CRM provides both fundamental contact management capabilities and automation, such as the automatic conversion of website visitors into leads. The reporting capabilities in Zoho are also excellent, enabling users to report on data from various accounts, locations, items, and statuses while also offering helpful sales predictions.

Be careful of: Zoho offers a wide range of add-on applications, making it challenging to obtain a quote without undergoing demos, trials, and other hassles. You might have to purchase more software separately to get the whole package.

5. Insightly


Initial: $29 monthly

Total cost: $99 per month

Features worth noting

  • Connects to G Suite, Microsoft, MailChimp, and other services
  • Individual dashboards
  • Builder of custom pipelines
  • Reports on opportunities

A CRM that is liked by businesses with simple sales procedures is Insightly. Their straightforward user interface offers all the tools and functionality required to manage custom pipelines and enables their construction. Strong filtering provided by Insightly enables the division of lengthy lists into manageable chunks. Check this article on SAP Alternatives.

Be careful of: Insightly’s excessively expensive onboarding and support plans, without which many of their clients would be lost, are how they make their money. Additionally, users complain about email attachments being lost, slow or useless sales reports, and crawling load times.

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6. Copper CRM


Initial: $19

Total cost: $119 per month

Features worth noting

  • CRM powered by Google
  • Chatbot built for Hangouts
  • Support for the Chrome extension, Gmail inbox, and additional Gsuite apps

Copper CRM is a cutting-edge method of customer relationship management. Its goal is to exist only in the Gsuite environment to enable quicker and more efficient usage of the Google app suite. It describes itself as a “relational CRM” as opposed to a “transactional CRM.” Its Chrome plugin is useful for setting up follow-ups over email and organizing meetings without getting in the way. Read this post on Quickbooks Alternatives.

Keep in mind that because Copper is solely intended for Google users, it will not function properly with any of your other software. Only the most expensive option offered by Copper includes the pricey onboarding process.

7. Spiro.ai


Commendable mention

$10,000 per user per year (seriously)

Features worth noting

  • AI-based optimization
  • Minimal manually entered data
  • Examines email messages to automate tasks

An AI-based CRM called Spiro.ai employs algorithms to cut down on the amount of busywork salespeople must do, allowing them to clinch more deals. For instance, Spiro and Nutshell both search the web for a person’s information when you enter their email address, and when you send an email with the subject line “I’ll call you tomorrow,” the system really prompts you to make the call. They don’t appear to have paid anyone to write any of their glowing evaluations. Check this article on Logmein Alternatives.

Keep in mind that Spiro is extremely expensive for what it does, so a salesperson who already creates jobs rapidly won’t gain much from having Spiro’s AI handle it.

The conclusion

Choosing which piece of software will essentially handle your sales operations for a time makes shopping for a CRM challenging. There are several unnoticed aspects at work that don’t appear on the “features” page of a conventional CRM, such as ramp-up time, implementation costs, additional services required, level of customer support, and more. The easiest way to be sure you’re making the proper decision is to try out a free CRM to see if it can actually meet all of your needs without breaking the bank. Customers frequently share tales that CRM salesmen are unable to, making software review websites even more beneficial.


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