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10+ ProofHub Substitutes to Boost Business Productivity

Looking for ProofHub alternatives? This post will show you 13 best ProofHub alternatives that you have never witnessed before. Keeping managers, teams, and clients informed is the core mission of ProofHub. Furthermore, even if more than 85,000 teams and businesses use this labor management system worldwide, it might not be the ideal solution for all of them. Here is a list of alternatives to ProofHub that you might wish to try, whether you are “just looking” or actively looking.

Why Seek an Alternative to ProofHub?

Without a doubt, ProofHub is a fantastic tool with lots of features. Nevertheless, neither ProofHub nor this planet are flawless (maybe with the exception of enjoying each day as if it were the weekend). Here are a real few reasons why you might want to think about one of the ProofHub alternatives we’ll be presenting in the following chapter.

• The lack of product width—Despite having a ton of fantastic features, ProofHub still needs some product width. The team behind this tool concentrates on introducing new features rather than polishing the ones that already exist.

• Overly simplistic design—ProofHub has a very basic user interface, which gives it an out-of-date appearance.

• ProvingHub has a steep learning curve and takes some getting used to. Due to the regular introduction of new features, utilizing ProofHub on a daily basis necessitates ongoing learning and maintenance.

• Few integrations—When compared to rival products, ProofHub offers a very small number of integrations. This program connects with iCal, Box, Onedrive, Outlook, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Drive. The majority of teams actually want this list to be a little bit larger so they may focus on additional responsibilities in addition to just organizing meetings, proofreading documents, storing and uploading data, etc.

• No automations – Unlike many of its rivals who have already introduced them, ProofHub currently lacks automations. Automaions are on the user’s list of must-have features since they eliminate manual tasks, errors, save time, and improve efficiency.

• Ineffective for larger teams; ProofHub provides a straightforward yet alluring price structure for freelancers and small teams. However, their strategies don’t take into account the demands of larger, cross-functional teams engaged in challenging initiatives.

10+ ProofHub Substitutes to Boost Business Productivity

1. Infinity


With the help of the project management application Infinity, you can organize your processes in a variety of ways, alter them whenever you please, and get rid of clutter.

By navigating between Infinity’s 6 views—columns, lists, tables, calendars, Gantt charts, and forms—you can quickly visualize tasks and view your work from various angles. On the other hand, ProofHub only offers 4 views: Kanban, table, calendar, and Gantt, providing you fewer choices for how to view your work. Check this article on Trello alternatives. 

Additionally, Infinity has over 20 qualities that you can utilize to give each item on your to-do lists more context. With ProofHub, you can assign assignees, add attachments, establish labels, and measure progress by percentage for each item. Beyond all of this, Infinity takes a step further by making it simple to construct checklists and checkboxes, rank the importance of each job, link items between boards, compute between numeric fields, and more.

Without effective communication, it is hard to move the project ahead. Infinity promotes teamwork by allowing comments and mentions, keeping everyone in the loop by delivering quick notifications about the most recent changes, and allowing you to keep track of those changes in the Activity Log. However, ProofHub is well known for its cutting-edge communication and teamwork tools, which Infinity can unquestionably rival.

Here is a brief movie that shows how Infinity appears and feels:

Additionally, you can get the most out of this feature-rich application by taking use of the strong automations it has developed to assist you in streamlining your business operations and creating regular tasks and reminders.

And finally, Infinity interfaces with over 3,000 apps via Zapier and a few other services, whereas ProofHub only does so with a small number of tools.

Key Elements

• Unlimited Structure – Create a workspace or several workspaces, then add boards, folders, subfolders, and items to each workspace. You also have countless options for how to organize your job because of infinity.

• 50+ Templates – Jumpstart your projects from day one and save hours of your valuable time with our pre-built project management, product development, HR, and other templates.

• Multiple Views—View your work from six different angles. (Gallery and Document) Two more perspectives are coming soon!

• 20+ Attributes – With Infinity’s incredible collection of attributes, you can add more significance to your assignments, specify roles, monitor progress, and more.

• Filter, Group, and Sort – You may filter, group, and sort tasks according to whatever attribute you choose, color-code task boards, and update jobs in bulk to suit your preferences.

• Team Communication—Use Infinity’s remarks and mentions to keep in touch with your coworkers.

• Notifications: Infinity ensures that you never miss a thing. When there is a significant update, we’ll let you know by sending you a notification.

• Automations – Automate some processes in your workflow, set off events, and manage routine and everyday chores.

• Advanced Integrations – To enhance Infinity’s already fantastic functionality, integrate it with more than 3,000 time tracking, budgeting, invoicing, and other apps.

• Web and mobile apps—Use Infinity on your desktop and mobile devices to keep current on work whether you’re working at your desk, from home, or when you’re out and about.


Right now, Infinity is offering lifetime contracts. Instead of paying the standard $9 per user per month price, sign up for one of our programs right away and get unlimited use. You will get unrestricted access to all of Infinity’s present and future features. Plans begin at $149 for a team of five people.

2. Asana


Project management tools like Asana are designed to keep teams coordinated, plan out every stage of the process, and complete each project successfully. It has boards that you may use to track the progress of your work and make plans for the future. Make sure everything is on schedule using the timeline, and plan how to handle changes in circumstances.

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With Asana’s universal reporting, you can learn more about the underlying projects and tasks, get real-time updates on how your projects are progressing, and more. But resolving issues should not be a burden. Because Asana automates tasks, you have more time to concentrate on the vital stuff.

However, that is also what makes Asana a far superior option to ProofHub. The latter, despite having many important features like white labeling, proofing, and live chat, lacks automations that would greatly simplify life and work.

Last but not least, Asana interfaces with so many sales, productivity, marketing, financial, and HR solutions. On the other side, ProofHub allows you to create unique integrations and interfaces with a limited number of tools (not beginner-friendly).

Key Elements

• Several viewpoints

• Task and Project Templates

• Project summaries

• Goals

• Milestones

• Timelines

• Proofing

• Approvals

• Workload Control

• Reporting on Several Projects


Asana offers a free, basic plan as well as two subscription plans for $10.99 and $24.99 per user every month.

3. Zoho Projects


A complete cloud-based application for managing and finishing tasks is Zoho Projects. This application, which was recently modified with new features, gives you many of options for customizing your workflows, working with the team, managing time, and producing reports.

You may develop and reuse layouts, views, fields, statuses, and even functions with Zoho Projects’ customization features. Although ProofHub does provide certain customisation options, Zoho outperformed ProofHub this time around.

While ProofHub is renowned for its collaboration tools, Zoho provides all of those features in addition to a few more. You may create interactive forums, mention specific users or entire teams in chat, track interactions on the feed, and chat with the team using Zoho.

The ability to automate processes, define business rules, workflow rules, and even send messages to external tools is provided by Zoho Projects via webhooks. All these features that can significantly improve day-to-day tasks and make things easier when working on complicated projects are missing from ProofHub.

Finally, unlike ProofHub, Zoho Projects has budgeting and invoicing options.

Key Elements

• Project Schemas

• Task Monitoring

• Tags

• Timekeeping

• Reminders

• Modern Automations

• Participation Features

Reporting Options

• Actual vs. Planned Costs

• Numerous Add-Ons and Integrations


The fundamental features of Zoho Projects are accessible in the free plan. A premium plan (5€ per user per month for up to 50 users) and an enterprise plan (€10 per user per month for bigger organizations) are also available.


A tool called enables team communication just as simple as ProofHub. It removes communication obstacles and keeps everyone on the same page so that your initiatives may proceed.

You may monitor the status of projects as well as the time and resources allocated to them with That is how and ProofHub are different. The latter lacks options for tracking expenses and setting up budgets, which might be incredibly helpful when managing many tasks at once. has more possibilities than ProofHub, which only allows you to create individual me-views, custom roles, and custom reports. It includes tools like agile workflows, waterfall, and sprints that can be used to plan and monitor projects, for example.

The best part is that, unlike ProofHub,’s subscription plans allow you to automate common tasks by selecting configurable actions (250–25,000 in number).

Another item you might find handy with is workload management. You can track existing capacity and deploy resources more effectively by using these insights, which ProofHub does not provide.

Key Elements

200 or more templates

• Automations

• Timekeeping

• Personalized Notifications

• Activity Diaries

• Workloads

• Dashboards

• Advanced Analytics and Reporting

• Numerous Integrations with Tools for Sales, Marketing, and CRM


There are three premium options available at, with the free plan supporting up to 2

5. Bitrix24


An ecosystem called Bitrix24 integrates a number of tools for website development, CRM, contact centers, and task and project management. Bitrix24 includes recurring tasks, task dependencies, workload management, and time monitoring as part of its task and project management capabilities.

Next, Bitrix24 has excellent communication functions. You can hold video meetings and conferences, as well as record them without any restrictions, in addition to chatting with your coworkers. Although ProofHub is well known for its communication tools, HD video calls and conferences are not supported.

Despite all the wonderful capabilities that ProofHub offers, it lacks the lead generation, sales automation, and administration elements that make Bitrix24 so well-known. Even more, you may utilize Bitrix24 to manage and foster communications with your customers, build up your own call center, and construct contact forms.

Last but not least, ProofHub requires payment if you want to add as many team members as you want, but Bitrix24’s free plan is available for an unlimited amount of people. Their free plan comes with a number of added features that are not included in either of ProofHub’s options.

Key Elements

• Task Schemas

• Subtasks

• Checklists

• Reminders

• Automation of Tasks

• Chat

• HD Video Calling


• Call Center

• Bitrix24 Market (more than 600 apps)


As previously stated, Bitrix24 offers 3 paid options with a team of 5 starting at $39/monthly and a free plan for an unlimited number of users.

6. Basecamp


For the majority of businesses that have just shifted their operations online, remote work appears like dispersed projects, unfinished jobs, unorganized personnel, and misplaced contact information. Basecamp is the kind of solution designed to bring order to your turmoil and assist you in organizing and monitoring business processes even from a distance.

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To-do lists, the ability to comment on lists and tasks, and the use of Hill Charts to track progress are all features of Basecamp. ProofHub also lets you measure progress, but Basecamp manages to make it more enjoyable.

Real-time group chat, message boards, check-in questions, and pings are just a few of the communication and collaboration tools Basecamp has built because it recognizes how important communication is for remote teams. The communication tools in ProofHub are excellent, however they fall short of Basecamp’s.

Last but not least, Basecamp enables you to temporarily stop ProofHub’s notifications or specify the hours you wish to receive them, even though they can be extremely unpleasant. Finding a work-life balance and concentrating on the important tasks can both be greatly aided by this.

Key Elements

• Unlimited Users and Projects

• Project Schemas

• Group projects

• Task lists

• Individual Notifications

• Searches

• Forwarding emails

• Hill Diagrams

Reporting Options


Basecamp provides an unlimited number of users with a free 30-day trial and a flat monthly fee of $99 per person.

7. Teamwork


Everything you need to scale your team and client services business is in the instrument called teamwork. It works well for complicated projects, especially the latter. Workload management, different views, Gantt charts, time tracking tools, dashboards, and portfolios are all benefits of teamwork.

Even while ProofHub allows you to create workflow task reports, Teamwork gives you a greater insight of your resources and capabilities, even across various projects, and makes it simple for you to change priorities, work, and anticipate more accurately for upcoming projects. Unlike ProofHub, which has relatively few connectors, Teamwork works with a wide variety of productivity, project management, reporting, and accounting tools.

Key Elements

• Project Schemas

• Portfolio Administration

• Timekeeping

• Workload Control

• Editor for collaborative documents

• Built-in Team Chat

• Special Fields

• Resource Planning

• Usefulness Reports

• Invoicing


Three premium plans for Teamwork are available, with annual billing starting at $10 per user.

8. ClickUp


Project management, design, development, sales, marketing teams, and other groups can use ClickUp. This all-in-one program integrates all the tools you require for productive work in a beautiful environment.

For various use cases, ClickUp created dozens of interesting templates to help you save time and jump-start projects (CRM, hiring, law, marketing, and more). There are a few templates provided by ProofHub as well, but they are not as versatile or as visually appealing as those from ClickUp.

It offers 16 breathtaking views, and you may even design your own. While the Kanban, Timeline, and Gantt chart views provided by ProofHub are all very helpful, they still fall short of what ClickUp has to offer.

One of the best benefits of ClickUp is automation. Utilize them to streamline your workflows and lessen busy work. You may construct more than 50 automatic tasks using ClickUp, which offers more than 100 options to automate labor. Despite how fantastic ProofHub is, it needs automations badly. While ProofHub lacks this capability as well, you can use ClickUp on any device and in offline mode.

Key Elements

• Project Schemas

• Portfolio of Projects

• Checklists, tasks, and subtasks


• Automations

• Proofing

Collaboration in real-time

• Timekeeping

• Reminders

• Over 100 Integrations


You can sign up for one of ClickUp’s paid plans ($5 per user per month and above) or use it for free and take advantage of its basic features.

9. Airtable


You can create content calendars, product roadmaps, events, and quickly connect data to make it work for you with Airtable, a tool that resembles a spreadsheet. Speaking of data, ProofHub, like with many other tools, does not accept as many data formats as Airtable does. However, you can add long text notes, attachments, links, checkboxes, and barcodes to Airtable.

Then, with Airtable, you can move between a variety of views, including the form view that you can use to create and exchange data, all projects, projects by owners, Gantt, Kanban, gallery, and team calendar views. Fewer views are supported by ProofHub, which may not be sufficient for all users. Check this article on Engagebay alternatives

Like the majority of Proofhub rivals, Airtable offers automations that can speed up teamwork. Either construct more sophisticated IFTTT automations or automate straightforward portions of your operation.

You may greatly increase Airtable’s functionality by connecting it to thousands of other apps using, Zapier, or Integromat. Alternatively, you can visit its marketplace and select from more than 50 prebuilt apps (PageDesigner, Scheduler, etc.). As we’ve already observed, compared to rivals like Airtable, ProofHub’s integration options are relatively constrained.

Key Elements

• An infinite database

• Personal and Locked Views plus 6 Views

• Extraordinary Calendar Features

• Real-Time Commenting and Collaboration

• Automations

• Notifications

• Budget and Progress Reports

• Snapshot and Revision History

• 1,000 or More Integrations


For those using the tool for the first time, Airtable is free for both individuals and teams. Paid packages begin at $10 per month per seat when invoiced annually.

10. Scoro


Scoro may be able to assist you in finding clarity and making decisions based on current data if you currently manage projects based on intuition, have no idea how your budget estimates compare to what you actually spend, and are always under stress and ambiguity.

In order to maximize how your people, time, and money are allocated, Scoro is equipped with a variety of project, time, and resource management functions. Scoro makes it simple to monitor project progress using Gantt charts, see how daily changes impact your plans, and make the required adjustments to keep your projects on schedule. Check this article on Insightly alternatives

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Scoro assists you in managing more than simply projects, in contrast to ProofHub. In addition to tracking billable and non-billable hours, which you can also do with Scoro, ProofHub also allows you to measure revenue, expenses, and overall profitability. You can also compare budgets and performance, manage your money in different currencies, and more.

While ProofHub lacks sales and CRM capabilities, Scoro does. Scoro is unquestionably one of the top ProoHub competitors since it allows you to speed up operations by automating repetitive procedures, keep informed with the help of automatic notifications, spot opportunities and bottlenecks, and fix them.

Key Elements

• Project Schemas

• Repeated Tasks

• Shared and individual calendars

• Timekeeping

Timing Locking

• Resource Management

• Table: Quoted vs. Actual

• Receipts and Invoices

• Adaptable Dashboards

• Complex Reporting


Scoro is available for small teams at 19€/user/month. While the Ultimate plan has an unique price, their Work Hub and Sales Hub are both 29€.

11. Podio


Podio helps you advance and accomplish more by aligning your projects, tasks, people, discussions, and other activities. It integrates project and task management, data visualization, teamwork, and CRM and makes very straightforward, intuitive, and simple to use.

Through activity streams where team members may submit the most recent information, talk in real-time, update their travel plans on a shared vacation calendar, organize meetings, and more, Podio functions as an intranet and streamlines communication. Although ProofHub encourages collaboration, some of these features are missing.

Because of its workflow automations, which can save you hours of labor and increase productivity, Podio has an advantage over ProofHub. You can use Podio to create or change items, assign tasks, produce charts and graphs, and set triggers for time-sensitive actions, which you cannot accomplish with ProofHub.

Other than that, Podio has CRM tools that make it simple to manage client and customer interactions, track prospects, and organize your sales staff. While ProofHub doesn’t enable tracking the whole customer experience or producing sales reports, Podio makes it simple to keep track of data about your prospects that can help you close more transactions.

Key Elements

• Task and Project Management

• Templates

• Endless Items

• Automated Processes

• Graphical Reports

• Sales Dashboards that are interactive

• Online chat

• Cost Reporting

• Different Integrations


With annual billing, Podio offers three premium plans starting at $9 per user each month for up to 5 users.

12. Hubstaff Tasks


All of Hubstaff Tasks’ activities revolve around the agile methodology, which emphasizes communication and teamwork. It not only promotes teamwork but also aids in error avoidance and timely completion of significant tasks.

Kanban boards are included with ProofHub, but Hubstaff Tasks has automated Kanban boards. Visualize your work, specify roles, and the program will assign assignments automatically. Additionally, you have the option to add labels to each item on your board and make checklists.

All of this is presented in a more clear and interesting way by Hubstaff Tasks than by ProofHub. Additionally, ProofHub is a little less flexible than Hubstaff Tasks in terms of particular boards, columns, and tasks.

Next, while Hubstaff Tasks support sprint planning, ProofHub does not. Break down large projects into smaller epics, add user stories, define sprint durations, prioritize and optimize work, eliminate ambiguity, make plans ahead of time, and complete everything on time.

Key Elements

• Project Schemas

• Boards for Kanban

• Timeline

## Planning a Sprint

• Task lists

• Timekeeping

• Data Worked and Spent

• Mentions and Remarks

• Notifications


You can use Hubstaff Tasks for nothing, or you can purchase a subscription plan ($5/month/user) and get two months for free.

13. Plutio


Plutio is a user-friendly platform that integrates all the capabilities that companies want in order to succeed. Starting with project management, Plutio enables the use of project and task templates, time tracking, discussion participation, the creation of custom fields and color-coded tags, the setting of reminders and recurring tasks, and it is immediately clear that Plutio is ahead of ProofHub in this contest.

You can talk to your team via Plutio’s group channels, direct messages, or integrated emails. Even better, you can integrate the live chat widget into your website to engage with visitors on a more personal level.

Additionally, Plutio has a thorough activity feed that lets you keep track of your clients and view their contact information, past and present events, status, outstanding invoices, and more, whereas ProofHub is missing CRM tools.

Last but not least, Plutio enables you to send recurring invoices, reuse invoice templates, and receive payments using Stripe, PayPal, and Square in a variety of currencies. Additionally, Plutio enables you to draft proposals and sign documents—features that are unavailable in ProofHub.

Key Elements

• Templates for projects, tasks, and invoices

• Several viewpoints

• Timekeeping

• Real-Time Notifications

• Reminders

• Messages and Mentions

• Digital Signatures

• CRM software

• Surveys and Forms


Solo, Studio, and Team plans for Plutio start at $15 per month.

Wrap up

It’s always wonderful to have options, which is why we’ve put together this list of 13 ProofHub alternatives. We also assume that you’ve further honed in on your alternatives.

Additionally, if Infinity is one of your top choices from our list, we strongly suggest that you schedule a demo call with a member of our customer care staff to obtain a free tour of Infinity. But if you’re already sold on the idea of having such a fantastic weapon in your armory, act quickly to get your lifetime offer before our price goes up!


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