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5 Rotten Tomatoes Alternatives for 2023

Are you looking for Rotten Tomatoes alternatives? Read the article to know about the top 4 Rotten Tomatoes alternative.

5 Rotten Tomatoes Alternatives for 2023

A review aggregation website for movies and television based in the USA. The Tomatometer’s home site, Rotten Tomatoes, is the most reliable resource for evaluating the quality of films and television shows.

It is the best website for finding trailers, Showtime, reviews, and other details about the media you want to watch. It offers multiple suggestions for works in various genres. On the rotten tomatoes website, you can find information and honest reviews about everything from the 90s hits to the most significant movies.


IMDB is your ultimate platform and online database of important information Rotten Tomatoes Alternatives

Is your go-to website and comprehensive internet information source.

IMDB is your go-to resource and database for vital information about television shows, motion pictures, video games, home videos, and other internet streaming media.

The website provides you with crucial information about the media you want to stream, such as the cast, narrative description, production team, trivia, ratings, individual biographies, fan and critic reviews, and more. Because it functions similarly to Rotten Tomatoes and is renowned for its consistency and accuracy, IMDB is one of the greatest Rotten Tomatoes substitutes.

Main Points

  • IMDB does all the legwork and compiles accurate data on the tens of thousands of movies and TV shows that are accessible for streaming online.
  • IMDb offers you personal biographies that provide a brief overview of the characters, in contrast to other database services that emphasize general cast information.
  • Ratings on IMDB are highly regarded. When deciding whether to spend their time streaming the content or not, many people think about taking these ratings into account.
  • The website’s user interface is simple to use.
  • It is accessible via apps for both Apple and Android smartphones.

2. Metacritic

reviews from users for movies, television series, music albums, video games and books

User reviews for movies, TV shows, music albums, video games, and books can be found on Metacritic.

Red Ventures’ well-known website Metacritic collects user reviews for films, TV shows, music albums, video games, and books. Metacritic calculates the average rating from all of the reviews that it has received for each TV show or film.

The platform does not allow users to express their opinions directly regarding TV shows or movies. In contrast, Metacritic relies on a network of reliable sources to give frank and accurate assessments of films and plays. We have referred to it as one of the modern Rotten Tomatoes Alternatives in light of its professional manner of operation.

Main Points

  • You may more easily obtain an impression of how good the TV show or movie is because of Metacritic’s self-invented phrase, Metascores.
  • It features an article section with in-depth details concerning the release of the video game and associated topics.

3. PluggedIn

one of the best Rotten Tomatoes alternatives

One of the top substitutes for Rotten Tomatoes is PluggedIn.

Using a source like Plugged In, you can choose the right entertainment for you and your family. It operates in the entertainment sector and offers details about movies, books, and video games. One of the top Rotten Tomatoes substitutes, as the name suggests.

The most excellent place to find out about a movie’s status and unbiased reviews from those who have seen it in cinemas and before you is Plugged You learn the MPAA rating for each film.

All of this aids in your decision-making on whether to choose a particular book or movie on your own. The game part has the same information. Plugged In is the go-to movie review site for parents; it’s the best place for parents to find family-friendly, educational movies for their children to watch.

Main Points

  • The brand’s website is user-friendly and has a good user interface.
  • Users are not given any misleading or erroneous information via Plugged In. Everything you see is accurate and true because of its excellent stability and accuracy rate.
  • With Plugged In’s assistance, you may search for better options that suit your tastes rather than wasting time on pointless books, TV shows, or movies.

4. Roger Ebert

American film critic movie reviews Rotten Tomatoes alternatives.

The American cinema critic Roger Ebert is. Although the critic passed away in 2013, his crew continues to run the website that he founded and filled with movie reviews. The website’s team is made up entirely of reputable critics and reviewers of motion pictures. They all subscribe to the adage that claims that either a short film is poor or a good film is too long.

They provide thorough, fair reviews and have a unique twist. To make it actually simpler for readers to grasp a movie’s quality, they rate the films they have reviewed on a scale of 1 to 5. You can use the website’s date, ratings, and genre filters to search for movies. Therefore, one of the best Rotten Tomatoes substitutes is Robert Ebert’s website.

Main Points

  • The reviews on the website are thorough and provided straightforwardly to make it easier for readers to understand.
  • There isn’t a movie that you can’t locate on the website because it was founded years ago and is the home of movie reviews.
  • The reviewers make the reviews enjoyable to read to keep you interested and from giving up halfway through.


If you enjoy the rapid pace at which Rotten Tomatoes produces its work, all of the aforementioned websites are a fantastic fit for you. They are all the top websites to trust in place of unreliable and false review websites on the internet and the greatest Rotten Tomatoes alternatives.


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