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13 Best Salesforce Alternatives that You Must Know

Are you also looking for salesforce alternatives? This post will show you 13 best salesforce alternatives that you never knew before. Every weekend, my husband and I have to make a difficult choice: what movie to watch and what to eat for dinner.

As a sales manager, picking which CRM to employ might be as difficult.

You’ll probably examine features like customizability, convenience of use, and affordability to choose the best CRM for your needs.

13 Best Salesforce Alternatives that You Must Know

Finally, you want to improve your sales process without being weighed down by unnecessarily complex software.

Learn More About HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

If you’re looking for Salesforce CRM alternatives, have a look at our list below to pick one that will boost your sales process and reduce friction.



Free of charge. Starter: $45 per month, Professional: $450 per month, and Master: $1,200 per month (Enterprise)

HubSpot is a CRM platform that combines Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and CMS, as well as hundreds of available integrations, to help you align your internal teams, pull meaningful insights, and report on growth opportunities by combining Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and CMS to facilitate marketing, sales, and service processes. It’s suitable for all types of growing enterprises (SMB and enterprise), as well as any team (including marketing, sales, customer service, operations, or C-suite). Looking for accounting softwares? Check this article on Intacct Alternatives.

The CRM is extremely user-friendly, automates manual activities (data entry, data sync, and data changes), and focuses everything you do on your clients so you can provide great customer service and optimize the buyer’s journey. All conversations between you and any contact are synced to that contact’s timeline in HubSpot. Every member of your team, from sales to marketing to service to operations, will have access to a single source of truth.

2. ActiveCampaign


$9/month (Lite), $49/month (Plus), $129/month (Professional), $229/month (Enterprise)

ActiveCampaign is a sales CRM that helps companies automate time-consuming operations like lead prioritization, email marketing, and contact management. You can access your whole interaction and conversation history with any of your contacts in the CRM’s records, and contact info will be immediately updated. ActiveCampaign is actually one of the best salesforce alternatives. Check this article on Sales Tools to Boost Business Growth.

With automatic lead scoring, the CRM can help you figure out which prospects to focus on the most. It combines win probability and segmentation to find those leads for you. There are over 350 products you can integrate with ActiveCampaign CRM to effortlessly mix your current sales tools and data.

3. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Free of charge. Standard: $12 per month; Premium: $20 per month (Professional). $35 per month (Enterprise), $45 per month (Professional) (Ultimate)

Zoho CRM includes an AI-powered assistant, lead management tools, and reporting dashboards that provide you insight into the sales KPIs that matter the most, all from the comfort of your own home or on the go. If your sales team does online meetings, Zoho provides a tool that allows you to conduct video conferences, webinars, and other virtual meetings and interactions directly from the CRM. Read this amazing article on Sales Tools to Grow Revenue.

Within the CRM, the Common Feeds feature makes it simple to connect with your team – ask and answer questions, share data and dashboards, and send deal-related updates to keep everyone up to date. You can also choose to receive notifications anytime members of your target audience connect with your company, allowing you to reach out to leads who have previously expressed interest.

4. Freshworks


$15/month (Growth), $69/month (Pro), $125/month (Enterprise)

Freshworks CRM makes it easier to keep track of pipelines, tasks, and bids. It comes with contract management tools and collaboration features that make teamwork, marketing and sales alignment, and internal communication a breeze. Using the CRM’s AI-powered capabilities, such as activity capture, lead scoring, and email, you can streamline and automate operations. As compared to salesforce, freshworks is very easy to use.

Built-in phone and email capabilities allow you to communicate with leads without ever leaving the CRM. Lead analytics can also help you evaluate the amount of engagement with certain contacts and provide information about their interests so you can better customize your sales pitches and discussions to their needs.

5. Pipedrive


$12.50 per month (Essential), $24.90 per month (Advanced), $49.90 per month (Professional), $99 per month (Enterprise)

Pipedrive’s CRM makes seeing and managing your sales pipeline a breeze. Pipelines are a great way to organize your transactions and then adjust them to fit your specific sales cycle. Deal pipeline collaboration features include things like easy-to-create, shareable pipeline goals and reports.

Sync your email (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) with Pipedrive to handle email interactions and maintain records of those discussions in the same place as your other contact information. You can also combine your CRM with over 200 integrations to expand its functionality.

6. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell

Price: $19/month (Sell Team), $49/month (Sell Professional), $99/month (Sell Expert) (Sell Enterprise)

Zendesk is most known for their customer service software, but they also provide a sales-focused CRM that can help you increase efficiency and automate day-to-day sales operations. Create funnels that are customised to your specific business to gain visibility into your sales process. As compared to salesforce, zendesk contains very user friendly interface. Check this article on Sales Tool to Increase Revenue.

Zendesk Sell is also a good choice for companies who want to align their sales and customer service teams. For example, if a service representative is dealing with a customer who has a problem and the conversation moves to queries about a new product you sell, the representative can transfer the conversation to a sales representative from within Zendesk. This facilitates team communication while also providing a smooth experience for your customers.

7. CRM That Isn’t As Annoying


Price: $15 per user each month

It’s possible to deduce from the name, but Less Annoying CRM’s purpose is to make contact management and lead tracking simple for small enterprises. All of your contact information is stored on a single dashboard, which also allows you to add notes, files, events, projects, and other items.

The CRM features a calendar with tasks that you can set to stay organized and track your discussions and follow-ups with leads. It also interacts with Google Calendar. The CRM’s pipeline will show the priority of each lead, their contact information, and any information from past interactions you had with that lead, so you can remain on top of your conversations and interactions with leads.

8. Thryv


Pricing is available upon request.

Thryv is a customer relationship management system (CRM) designed specifically for small businesses. Sales automation, marketing automation, and reputation management are all included. All of your contacts are organized in one place, with simple filtering, tagging, searching, and tracking tools to help you manage them. Thryv is actually very efficient alternative of salesforce.

The CRM will show you which channels sent you leads so you can engage with them wherever they are. There’s also a separate customer site where your customers can make payments, send messages to your staff, and share files. Your staff may then respond via the portal, streamlining all interactions and reducing the need for numerous tools.

9. Salesflare


Price: $29 per month (Growth), $49 per month (Pro), $99 per month (99).

Salesflare is a simple CRM designed for small enterprises who provide B2B goods and services. It reminds sales staff about impending responsibilities via a visual pipeline tool, so prospects don’t fall through the cracks.

The CRM gathers any contact information it can find, including email signatures, social media profiles, emails, and previous conversations, and automatically enters it into your records, ensuring that you have all of the information you need about each of your connections at your fingertips. It also syncs with your calendar and phone to help you keep track of meetings and phone calls with prospects and clients.

10. NetHunter CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Price: $30 per month (Professional), $34 per month (Professional Plus), $60 per month (Professional) (Enterprise)

NetHunt CRM is unique in that it interacts seamlessly with your Gmail account. All of your CRM data and functionality is linked to your Google email account, allowing you to manage client information, deal opportunities, email tracking, and email campaigns from within your CRM.

It’s also simple to combine the CRM with your other Google Workspace apps. NetHunt also includes a number of standard CRM features, such as task and follow-up automation, reporting and analytics, and forecasting.

11. Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Price: $65 per user per month (Sales Professional), $95 per user per month (Sales Enterprise), $135 per user per month (Sales Premium), $162 per user per month (Sales Premium) (Microsoft Relationship Sales)

Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM and ERP solution that includes social intelligence, cloud-based campaign management, and business intelligence (BI). The CRM can be offered through the cloud, hosted, or on-premises.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a number of apps that you can use to manage client connections on the go and sync data from social media and other business tools with your CRM. Real-time, AI-powered insights help you acquire qualified leads and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. To ensure that these insights are very accurate and actionable, Dynamics based them on behavioral, demographic, transactional, feedback, and engagement data.

12. Keap 12

Keap 12

Price: $79/month (Lite), $149/month (Pro), $140/month (Premium) (Max)

Keap is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that includes a number of sales and marketing features to help you tailor all interactions, schedule appointments, track lead and contact information, and manage quotes. Personalize your outreach, and personalize and automate follow-up reminders and conversations to ensure that you’re reaching out when you need to (by email, phone, or SMS).

When you connect with a contact in the CRM, the Activity Stream is automatically updated, ensuring that all interactions are up-to-date, correct, and centrally accessed.

13. Bitrix24 CRM

Bitrix24 CRM

Free of charge. $19 per month (Start +), $55 per month (CRM+), $55 per month (Project+), $79 per month (Standard), $159 per month (Professional)

Bitrix24 CRM keeps track of all of your interactions with prospects, contacts, customers, partners, and more, and it automatically updates and saves this information in the tool’s contact database very easily as compared to salesforce. Create and distribute reports and contacts with ease, as well as segment your target audience.

Choose to distribute all incoming contacts among your sales reps in order to maintain a consistent workflow. Take notes, send emails, make phone calls, set projects, schedule meetings, and more using the Activity Stream feature, all without ever leaving the CRM. Finally, decide whether your CRM will be hosted on your server or in the cloud.

Select a CRM System

Selecting a CRM can be difficult, but it does not have to be. Making a list of your must-haves and comparing the available solutions is the best way to find the correct software for your team.


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