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5+ SAP Alternatives of 2022

Looking for the best sap alternatives of 2022? This post will show you best sap alternatives that you wished you knew sooner. SAP is one of the major ERP software providers, serving 172,000 companies across the globe with enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, human capital management (HCM), product life cycle management, and supply chain management are just a few of the several ERP programmes that SAP provides.

5+ SAP Alternatives of 2022

In order to assist firms streamline their operations and become more competitive, it also provides business analytics solutions. Both on-premises and cloud deployments of SAP ERP are possible, and it may be used by both large and small/midsize enterprises (SMBs).

Both iOS and Android operating systems have a mobile app for it. SAP ERP isn’t for everyone, despite its widespread use and abundance of features. Some SAP rivals have unique or niche features that can work better for your small business.

We’ve put up a list of the top five SAP alternatives to aid small enterprises like yours. Real people who have used these solutions have given them great marks in Software Advice evaluations. The top five SAP substitutes are listed below:



ERP, HCM, and CRM are among the business management features included in the software suite known as ePROMIS ERP.

It includes modules on business intelligence (BI) reporting tools, distribution, supply chain management, analytics, financial management, inventory management, and customer relations.

Both on-premises and cloud deployments of ePROMIS ERP are possible. Users can collect and retrieve information in real time using its mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphones. Looking for accounting softwares? Check this article on Intacct Alternatives.

Small, midsize, and big enterprises can all benefit from ePROMIS ERP.

In addition to the standard capabilities provided by the majority of ERP packages, ePROMIS ERP also has the following significant features:

  • Fleet management: Enables companies to organise, oversee, and manage the transportation and storage of their products across national and international borders.
  • Event management: Assists companies in keeping track of the overall progress of their processes (such as events or training programmes).

Businesses are given visibility into a variety of events that have an immediate influence on their distributors, consumers, and suppliers. To determine which ePROMIS ERP features are useful and which areas of the programme require improvement, we looked at user reviews. The results are shown in the graph below:



ERPAG offers a comprehensive range of business management features, including inventory management, manufacturing management, sales management, and accounting and finance management. Payroll, service administration, user access management, point of sale, barcode scanning, reporting, and analytics are some of its key features.

Similar to Intacct, ERPAG can only be used on the cloud and provides iOS and Android mobile apps. Mostly small and midsize firms would benefit from ERPAG. Check this article on Sales Tools to Boost Business Growth.

In addition to the typical functionality of ERP software, ERPAG further provides:

  • Phone scanning: This feature enables users to scan objects with their Android or iOS mobile devices’ cameras.

While managing inventory, they can also scan barcodes as usual.

  • Integration with numerous e-commerce platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, QuickBooks, Square, and Stripe, is made possible by this feature.

According to the infographic below, we looked at customer reviews to see what they thought of ERPAG and where they thought it might be improved.

3. ERPNext


ERPNext provides features like project management, inventory management, financial accounting, and HR management. Server management, upgrade management, priority support, configuration support, scalability support, and bug fix guarantee are some of its characteristics.

Both on-premises and cloud deployments of ERPNext are possible. ERPNext offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, much like the aforementioned solution, to assist organisations in managing their processes while on the road. Small and midsize enterprises can benefit from ERPNext. Read this amazing article on Sales Tools to Grow Revenue.

In addition to the typical functions provided by most ERP solutions, some of ERPNext’s important characteristics are as follows:

  • Website design and creation: Enables companies to design and build their own websites, as well as their own product catalogues and shopping carts.
  • Gantt chart interface: Gives users a broad overview of the project’s execution status and allows them to follow the project’s progress in real time.

In order to learn what consumers like about ERPNext and where they feel it could require some enhancement, we looked at user reviews:


sage Intacct

Core financial management as well as additional modules like order management and inventory management are all provided by Intacct. It is not an entire ERP system like SAP, ePROMIS ERP, or Priority Software, which provide a considerably larger variety of services including HCM and CRM.

The primary applications that Intacct focuses on are cash management, general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. It contains built-in reporting, dashboards, project accounting, revenue management, and time and expense management. Check this article on Sales Tool to Increase Revenue.

Intacct can only be used on the cloud, in contrast to the other options on this list. It provides mobile apps for iOS and Android. Most small and medium-sized organisations can benefit from using Intacct.

Here are some of Intacct’s primary features, in addition to those found in most ERP software:

  • 1099 reporting support: Provides customers with 1099 reporting support, just like SAP. • Depreciation tracking: Enables users to compute the depreciation on their fixed assets based on various accounting methodologies and business models.

Any payments made by individuals who are its employees to third parties as subcontractors are subject to 1099-MISC reporting in the United States. In order to understand what Intacct consumers appreciate as well as some areas that could use improvement, we looked at user reviews. The results are shown in the picture below:

5. Priority Software

Priority Software

Business management software called Priority Software includes features including CRM, HCM, and ERP. It performs effectively for tasks including project management, business analytics, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, time and attendance, and warehouse management.

Both on-premises and cloud deployments of Priority Software are possible. For real-time information access, its mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Small, midsize, and big enterprises can all benefit from Priority Software.

Here are some essential characteristics of Priority Software in addition to the functionality found in most ERP software:

  • Mobile application generator: Provides pre-made mobile apps and many tools for building custom mobile apps.

Without writing any code, organisations may create their own mobile mini-workflows using the Mobile Application Generator tool.

  • Complete REST API integration: Provides support for and integrates a wide range of third-party applications, including Pepperi, Practi, and SphereWMS.

All popular programming languages, including Java and C#, support REST API, which decreases the complexity of connection semantics while streamlining any component development. As seen in the picture below, we looked at user feedback to determine what they liked and didn’t like about Priority Software:

6.Future Steps

Read the descriptions and features listed above thoroughly before deciding which SAP alternative is appropriate for your small business. Before choosing which solution to buy, consider the deployment options, the target business sizes, mobile compatibility, and user reviews.

Visit the individual profile page for each solution to learn more, read more reviews, and see screenshots:

  • Intacct • Priority Software • ePROMIS ERP • ERPAG • ERPNext

To better understand the features and costs of other systems that might be suitable for your small business, you can evaluate alternative ERP software on Software Advice. See the best-performing ERP products on the market by viewing our ERP FrontRunners quadrant for additional resources.



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