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10 Shareit Alternatives to Share Data Among Peers

Looking for SHAREit Alternatives? This post will show you 10 best Shareit alternatives that you have never witnessed before.

There are hundreds of apps available in the Google Play Store if you search for file transfer apps. Android devices can share files via WiFi file transfer apps. The majority of programmes also offer a desktop client, allowing users to move data from one computer to another or from one PC to another. Shareit is a peer to peer file sharing app.

Shareit appears to be the greatest and most well-liked WiFi file-sharing programme available. You may quickly share movies, videos, audio, wallpapers, and other documents with ShareIt. This programme allows you to transfer files from a PC to an Android device or vice versa and is also accessible on desktop operating systems like Windows.

10 Shareit Alternatives to Share Data Among Peers

Shareit is not the only product of its kind, though. On the internet, there are numerous Shareit Alternatives that do the same function. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the top file-transfer applications that are alternatives to SHAREit.

1.Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

One of the best SHAREit alternatives for safely transferring data between iOS and Android devices is Send Anywhere. The most striking feature of Send Anywhere is that it transfers files in their entirety, uncompressed. Send Anywhere creates a 6-digit key automatically after installation.

To send and get files from the other devices, you must utilise that key. In addition, the programme gives you the option to send files over a secure link to numerous recipients at once. Send Anywhere can be used to transmit files between Android and PC in addition to Android to Android. Overall, Send Anywhere is a fantastic SHAREit substitute that you can use right now.

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Another fantastic WiFi-based file-transfer tool is XShare. Your photographs, movies, documents, and other file types can be transferred more quickly using the app.

A file manager is another feature of XShare in addition to file transfer that you may use to view or manage files. Millions of people have already downloaded and used the software, which is completely free to do so.



The fastest file-sharing app for Android cellphones is likely Xiaomi’s ShareMe.

What’s this?

Smartphones from Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, LG, and Realme are all completely compatible with ShareMe. You can quickly transfer files between mobile devices, including photos, videos, music, apps, and other file kinds, by using ShareMe.



It is one more top Shareit substitute on the list that you may use with an Android phone. The programme comes with a great interface that is tidy and well-structured. Zapya operates without an active internet connection, just as Xender. It only establishes a hotspot for file transmission and reception.



FEEM might be your best option if you’re looking for a Shareit alternative that isn’t overloaded with pointless features. To share files with FEEM, you should join both devices to the same WiFi network. It works with practically all of the major platforms, including iOS, Windows 10, Mac, Linux, etc., and the data transfer speed is significantly faster.



Another top WiFi file transfer programme available right now is called Superbeam. Superbeam utilises WiFi Direct technology to transfer files at a rapid pace, just like ShareIt does.  In addition, Superbeam offers file sharing through a web browser, a QR Code, or NFC.

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This remote access application for desktop and mobile operating systems is one of the best and most highly regarded. You may use AirDroid to control and access your Android phone or tablet from a computer. WiFi is required for AirDroid to begin a remote session. Users can move files across devices after mirroring.

8.Easy Share

Easy Share

It is a top Android file transfer app that is comparable to ShareIt. Users can share any kind of file format using Easy Share, just like they can with SHAREit. The programme uses WiFi P2P to share files, and the maximum speed is 20 MB/s. In addition, Easy Share may send files over an FTP server to your PC. Easy Share also offers backup applications, unlimited file sharing, and other capabilities.



It’s undoubtedly among the best file transfer applications for Android smartphones. You can exchange apps, e-books, photographs, music, movies, and other content. You can send files using this app at a pace of up to 40MB/s. So it’s yet another excellent ShareiT substitute you can use right now.



JioSwitch may be the finest option if you’re looking for an Android app to transfer files via WiFi. It is a data transmission application that allows you to send many file kinds from one smartphone to another.

Because it supports many platforms, data can be transferred between Android and iOS using it. The finest SHAREit alternatives for Android are so listed above. Instead of SHAREit, use one of these top Android file transfer applications. Please let us know in the comment section below if you are aware of any more such apps.

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