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Slack vs Discord: Everything You Need to Know

Confused between slack vs discord? This post will show you in detail what’s better between slack vs discord for you.

Which platform is better for you, Slack or Discord?

As remote work and remote collaboration become increasingly prevalent, finding the appropriate communication solutions for groups, teams, and businesses is crucial. The two main rivals for team conversations are Slack and Discord. What is better for your needs, though? Let’s contrast them closely to find out.

Discord vs. Slack: Target Markets

slack vs discord

Slack and Discord can be used for a variety of things, like most other services, but they were designed with certain markets in mind.

The business sector is Slack’s target market, and its feature set reflects that by providing better text conversations, better thread control, greater file sharing capacities, and more. Not to mention the cost, as Slack may be expensive, particularly when signing up larger teams.

In contrast, Discord is designed for gaming. For this reason, phone communications, video chatting, push-to-talk, and other features are given more attention. Given that the program isn’t aimed at successful enterprises and companies, the free plan has far fewer restrictions than Slack’s.

Unbiased Feature Comparison

The free account users are more constrained by Slack’s business strategy. While the restrictions on Slack’s free account are something you can deal with, a basic Discord account has significantly fewer constraints.

To begin with, the Go Live function of the Discord free plan enables video conferences with up to 50 people. Basic video calls may accommodate up to 25 people. Screen sharing or unlimited storage or voice-only channels, and push-to-talk conversations are additional free Discord capabilities. You can only upload files greater than 8MB with the free Discord plan, although many people can cope with that restriction or use other services for larger file transfers.

The free version of Slack only permits one-on-one video calls, doesn’t permit screen sharing, and only lets you view the last 10,000 messages in your message history. Although Slack has a nice 1GB file upload limit, you shouldn’t abuse it. Your storage is limited to 5GB with the free plan, so you’ll need to delete some files to make room for new ones. Message threads, one fantastic feature of Slack, making it much simpler to organize conversations.

Compare Premium Features

Once you start paying, Slack’s true power will become apparent. The premium capabilities of Slack include cooperation with other businesses or individuals, unlimited chat history, unlimited integration with other apps, up to 1TB of storage per member (the entry-level account offers 10GB), and 24/7 support. Additionally, screen sharing is permitted, and the number of participants in a video call is increased to 15. Slack offers premium subscriptions at three different levels: Pro, Business+, and Enterprise Grid. Each has advantages and costs. Find out all the specifics here.

Nitro and Nitro Classic are two of the premium programs that Discord offers. With the Nitro plan, users can upload files up to 100MB in size, experience better video quality, and have the option to upgrade chat room servers to allow for greater user accessibility. Additionally, you get amusing upgrades like animated avatars, badges, and better Emojis. With the exception of Server Boost, Nitro Classic provides the same functionalities.

As you can see, paid features in Discord are considerably less necessary than those in Slack. The only meaningful enhancements are file size upload restrictions and better screen sharing, both of which many casual users can do without.

Discord vs. Slack Pricing

Differences become tangible if your pocketbook is involved. Nitro is only $9.99 per month ($99.99 annually) if you choose to use Discord’s premium subscription. The cost of Nitro Classic is $4.99 per month ($49.99 per year).

The least expensive premium subscription for Slack is $8 per user each month. When you buy for a user’s entire year, you can lower that price to $6.67 per month, but it’s still a respectable sum of money. particularly if you have to pay for, say, 100 people. If so, the Standard paid plan might not be sufficient for your requirements, necessitating additional investment.

Which is better for businesses, Slack or Discord?

Even while Slack is considerably more expensive, especially for large teams, its business-specific feature set will prove to be well worth the extra money, especially if Discord’s restricted functionality is insufficient. The 1GB upload limit will be helpful because business users are more likely to send each other larger files, and the maximum 1TB storage choice is also highly practical.

Slack also boasts greater security features, more app connectors with other services, and a support crew that is considerably more work-focused. However, video calling can be insufficient.

Which is better for video/audio calls, Slack or Discord?

In comparison to Slack’s one-on-one video conversations for free users or 15-person video calls for paying subscribers, Discord’s 25 participant limit (or 50 participants with Discord Go Live) is far more practical if you’re focusing on video calls.

But in all honesty, neither service is appropriate for video calling. If you require a more potent video conferencing program, you might want to give a service like Zoom or Google Meet a try.

Which is better for social communication, Slack or Discord?

Although Slack was not designed for such, social and informal talks will operate wonderfully on it. Discord is a superior choice for pleasant chats because of its more entertaining, laid-back, and simple user interface. You can also take advantage of calls and push-to-talk for brief voice messages. Aside from that, you also get entertaining emoticons, more intriguing profile personalization, and gaming features.

Which of Slack and Discord better meets your needs?

When you consider all the things that Discord has to offer, its free features are not as constrained. The highest file upload limits and HD screen sharing video quality are the most technical justifications for paying. In all other respects, Discord’s free service is almost identical to its commercial counterparts.

Discord offers an unlimited message history and free storage, which is one of its main advantages. Not to mention push-to-talk and voice channels, which may be excellent for teams with more vociferous members. But if you choose Discord, you’ll be restricted to just nine service integrations (for social networking, games, and other services), 25-person video calls, and 8MB uploads (100MB at most, when paying).

By purchasing the most economical Slack subscription plan, you may address these drawbacks. Slack offers 1GB uploads, threads, unlimited integrations, 15-person video calls, and screen sharing. You actually still have to deal with file storage limits, which is the only significant problem. Although purchasing additional storage is a possibility, it will never be limitless.

If you’re ready to pay extra for the extra capabilities, Slack is the superior option out of the two. Discord can provide bare-bones functionality for no cost. What matters most is actually whether or not your team can get along with Discord. If the features of Discord are insufficient, Slack must be purchased.

Are WhatsApp’s replacements Slack and Discord?

Absolutely not. WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app that works best on a smartphone or tablet. For personal or business conversations, it usually works well. Although they are designed for team and group discussions, Slack and Discord also function on mobile devices.

There are other team messaging and video calling platforms besides Slack and Discord. Additionally, you ought to consider Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and GoToMeeting.


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