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How to Play Spider Solitaire on Your PC or Phone

Want to know how to play spider solitaire? This post will show you step-by-step on how to play spider solitaire. Another kind of Solitaire that has grown in popularity is Spider Solitaire. Everyone enjoys playing this game, whether it be on a computer or a phone. There are different degrees of Spider Solitaire difficulty, ranging from “extremely easy to very hard.” The difficulty rises as you continue to win more games. Here, you may learn how to play Spider Solitaire and what strategies you can use to consistently succeed.

How to Play Spider Solitaire on Your PC or Phone

With two normal stock decks of cards, you play Spider solitaire. The main important goal of the game is to place 13 cards of a particular suit, from Ace to the King, on top of a pile. The full outfit is discarded from the game once it is finished. If all eight suits are used, the player prevails.

Setup of the Spider Solitaire Game

The configuration of the game is crucial in Spider Solitaire. Players will require two regular decks devoid of jokers, as mentioned above. In the game of solitaire, jokers are rarely utilized.

What’s Up

Ten stacks of five cards each are used to deal in rows. The top cards are dealt face up, and the bottom four cards are dealt face down.

Playing the Game

• Sort your cards.

• Deal 10 cards, keeping them all in a row face down. That’ll create a tableau.

• Make 10 face-down piles of cards. More than three rows of ten face-down cards are dealt.

• Deal four more cards, this time with their faces up. After that, deal another card face-up at the base of a ten-pile stack. Your four heaps from the left will be those four.

• Stockpile cards are placed to the right of a player’s 10 pile, face down, from the remaining cards in the deck.

• Remember to play with the face-up cards when playing spider solitaire. The stock cards can only be used once you’ve used them on the board.

Turns in Spider Solitaire

spider solitaire

Reduce the number of turns you take if you want to improve as a Spider Solitaire player. The quantity of turns is displayed on the screen whether playing on a computer or mobile device. You score better the fewer moves you make. There are no limits on how many moves you can make in a game, but if you keep doing so, your score will drop noticeably. Here, in some circumstances, order should be used instead of turning.

Combining runs and minimizing suit changes within runs adds structure to the game. More order in your game allows you to move cards across the columns more rapidly.

Spider Solitaire Playing Guidelines

Although there are numerous variations of Spider Solitaire, the fundamental guidelines remain the same. The cards may be moved in many ways, but the fundamental rules are the same for all of them. Following is an explanation of the many rules of the variations:

Rules for 4 Suit Version Solitaire

• If a card in the four-suit version has one less value than the card you intend to put on top, you may place it on another pile of cards. You may, for instance, put a 7 of any suit or an 8 of the same suit.

• The players can deal 10 cards to each column if they are unable to make any further moves. The column must include at least one card.

• A set of cards of the same suit, arranged in descending order, may be moved by a player. You could, for instance, play 10, 9, 8, or 10 spades onto any Jack.

• You must place a face-down object in a column.

• You may discard a single suit that contains a whole descending sequence. In other words, you can eliminate playing cards to win a game when they are ordered from King of Hearts to Ace of Hearts.

• Any set of the cards or a single card may be played into a column that is empty.

• 2 Rules for Suit Versions

This version is frequently seen on computers. With a two-card standard deck, you can imitate it by assuming that all the red cards are in one suit and all the black cards are in a different suit. As long as the available cards are either of the two colors, immediately arrange them in foundation piles.

A player might, for instance, put a 9 of spades or a 10 of clubs onto any Jack. Additionally, you can get rid of every red card ordered from the King to the Ace. The play ends when a column has finished a group in a single suit. The four-suit variant is followed by the other rules.

Rules for 1 Suit Version

Players in this card game must decide whether all of their cards are of the same suit before making a move. As a result, you can put any group onto the proper card in the descending order. Players can play six hearts, five spades, and four diamonds, for instance, and arrange them in a series. The one suit variant is unquestionably the simplest and most relaxing to play.

Strategies for Spider Solitaire

Move Fully Packed Builds First

Only the final card in the column that was placed on that column or a fully packed build may be moved when creating cards. A fully packed build is what? when a full run of cards is displayed sequentially. This actually must be kept in mind when constructing down columns.

When possible, reveal hidden cards

The chance of fresh movements increases with the disclosure of hidden playing cards. Additionally, it is the ideal approach to make an empty pile.

Empty the Bins as Soon as You Can

Cards from columns with fewer cards should be moved. While rearranging sequences, store cards as early as feasible in empty piles. To turn over more cards, move cards to empty spaces.

Build first on the stronger hand

Utilize the cards with the highest rank first as you construct. If you start with a low card, you’ll end the pile with an Ace right away. An Ace cannot have another card placed on top of it. You can add additional cards to the stack below if you start with higher cards.

King-moving to reveal columns

The King cannot be placed on any other card by the player. After the deal, place a different card in an empty column so that you can transfer it there. Try various alternatives to keep the column more flexible for re-stacking. This holds true for each of the eight suits.

Fast Column Emptying

While rearranging the cards to get them in the right sequence, temporarily store them in empty spaces or columns. You might have a run of cards where one card prevents the entire run from being arranged.

Early column removal

When you have a column from King to Ace that is completely filled, you can take those cards out of the game. Therefore, the column is empty. Therefore, employing this method results in the removal of a large number of cards as well as a powerful move. A crucial part of the important strategy is to make an empty column.

Face-down cards should be exposed as soon as possible.

The prospect of additional movements arises when cards that are face down are discovered. In order to achieve the goal of producing empty tableau columns, clearing out these cards is also crucial.

Be patient before dealing additional cards.

Dealing more cards is another step required to win the game. Wait as long as you can before clicking the deck to deal more cards, though. Why? Because if any moves were possible, dealing additional cards will block a sizable proportion of them. Prior to dealing more cards, fill any empty columns you have with a card drawn at random from the deck.

Take full advantage of Undo.

This final piece of advice could seem dishonest to sincere gamers. Nevertheless, think of the Undo button as your dependable ally and a proven approach to triumph in a game of Solitaire. As a player, you are unable to predict the card that is concealed beneath a flipped card. You can also always use that Undo button to go back and change anything you don’t like. This will decrease the number of moves you need to make and raise your score. Use the Undo button in Spider Solitaire if you want a surefire victory.


In solitaire, are jokers permitted?

In most card games, including Solitaire, the Joker is absent. However, gamers often employ the Joker as a Wild Card in several card game varieties.

Has a descending sequence been added to Spider Solitaire?

To build foundations in Spider Solitaire, make complete sequences in descending order by suit (from King to Ace). Even after you finish creating mixed lines within the tableau columns, you cannot transfer them or send them to the Foundations.


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