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TCL Roku Tv Screen Blacks Out [QUICK FIX]

Cannot find solution anywhere regarding tcl roku tv screen blacks out but sound works? This post shows how to fix tcl roku screen black sound problem. TCL Roku TV actually gives you the best of 2 globes; high-grade images and also access to endless home entertainment programs. As a result, you can kick back in your home as well as take pleasure in all your favorite movies and shows in crisp, clear pictures.

Unfortunately, like every other tool, TCL TVs are additionally susceptible to some problems that can influence your watching experience.

TCL Roku Tv Screen Blacks Out [QUICK FIX]

One common concern is where your TCL Roku TV has sound however doesn’t show photos. Thankfully, sometimes the trouble is minor, meaning that you can fix it without calling a technician.

If a TCL Roku TV’s screen has actually gone black however the sound still works, it is primarily as a result of loose cord connections or a hardware issue influencing your TV’s LED lights. Disconnecting the TV from all cable links, consisting of power, and then plugging it back in after 5-10 minutes settles the concern. Check out this amazing article on Common Roku Problems and their Quick Fixes.

Nevertheless, if it is an LED problem, you will require assistance from a professional.

While the above are the usual sources of this mistake, they remain in no chance the just one. Here is a listing of more possible reasons.

What creates TCL TV image troubles?

TCL TV picture troubles but with sound can have several reasons. They consist of:

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A hardware concern causing influencing the screen, as an example, LED illumination trouble

A software program problem influencing your smart TV

Loosened wire links

Out-of-date firmware

HDMI wire issues

Damaged motherboard or TV chip

Faulty screen

How to simply fix a black screen on a TCL Roku TV?

tcl roku tv screen black sound works fix

Getting a black screen on the TV can be irritating. Nevertheless, a few of the reasons are small as well as can be fixed by simple do it yourself fixing.

Try these remedies one at a time until the concern is solved:

1. Restart your TV

Rebooting is a solution that is given alm whenever as a fix for devices, specifically routers and also phones. As well as while you could be hesitant, it can work just as well for your TV

A reboot will certainly reboot all the hardware and software in your device. Consequently, any minor glitches that could be triggering the black screen will be taken care of, allowing you to take pleasure in high quality images once again. Check out this amazing article on Best Different Roku Hacks that You Must Know.

To reboot your TCL Roku TV, merely disconnect it from the power electrical outlet (without powering off), wait for about one minute, after that plug it in back as well as power it on.

This treatment will certainly work the majority of the time, dealing with any small problems affecting your TV.

2. Manufacturing facility reset your TV.

Did the reboot not work? The issue could be a tad extra serious, for example, damaged setups on your TV. In such an instance, a manufacturing facility reset can aid fix the concern.

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There are 2 means to reset your TV:

Through the setups menu

Via a difficult reset

Given that you can not access the food selection without pictures showing, the tough reset is the option to comply with.

Go to the back panel or side panel of your TV (where HDMI and also other port ports are located).

Find the tough reset button and press it (you may need a sharp-pointed object for this).

Hold the switch for about 12 secs then launch it (your TV perseverance off).

Power on the TV and finish the directed arrangement treatment

With a factory reset, all setups including network setups, and conserved data will certainly be eliminated. For that reason, you will need to establish your Roku account all over once again when you are done.

3. Inspect the cord links

tcl roku tv screen black sound works fix

Are you linking the Roku cord box to your TCL TV? Loose wire links could be the trouble.

HDMI cable televisions can be specifically bothersome if they are damaged, so examine to ensure that they are not damaged. Loosened or broken power line can additionally be causing glitches to your screen, causing the picture problem.

If the HDMI cord appears is faulty, think about getting the iVanky high-speed braided cable. It can stream HD material without lagging and it is knotted meaning that there are marginal opportunities of damages. The cable is readily available on Amazon.

4. Update your TV firmware

TCL Roku Televisions feature firmware that needs to be up-to-date for your tool to operate efficiently. Consequently, if you are experiencing a black screen with sound, the concern could involve obsolete firmware.

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To fix the issue:

Most likely to the setups food selection on your TV

Browse to systems upgrade

Select the update option to download and install the most up to date firmware

Now, this choice will only function if the black screen does not impact the menu. Nevertheless, if the food selection is not visible, you will require to get in touch with TCL consumer support. They will after that direct you on exactly how to repair as well as fix the trouble.

Final thought

Your TCL TV screen has gone black, yet the sound still works– what can you do? Being interrupted from enjoying your favorite programs can be discouraging.

Thankfully, with the above solutions, you can be able to fix most of the concerns creating the black screen.

Nevertheless, if the trouble persists, your next best option is to call consumer assistance. Conversely, you should take your TV to an accredited TCL repair facility for servicing.


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