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15+ Best Tech Startups that are Changing the World

Excited to read about best tech startups? Today, we’ll show best tech startups companies that are contributing to make a change in the world. Early-stage startups are receiving more attention than ever as 2022 gets underway. Crunchbase reports that venture capitalists staked $201 billion on 8,000 early-stage startups in 2018. This is a significant increase from the $101 billion invested in 2020. (VCs made $643 billion in total bets on tech startups in 2021, ten times as much as they did in 2012.

A prospective early-stage startup’s success is obviously influenced by a variety of factors, including people, outside factors (such pandemics), and plain old chance. However, the finest young startups already have a clear understanding of a crucial market need and the earliest stages of a compelling solution.

15+ Best Tech Startups that are Changing the World

We have put up a list of some of these exciting startups across a range of industries, limiting our selections to businesses that have received seed capital or Series A funding. These are actually the ones to watch in 2022 in industries like farming, health, and beauty in addition to robots, cybersecurity, and quantum computing.



Santa Clara | 2021

Medicaid is used by one in four Americans. However, the method for treating these patients is far from effective, costing the insurance companies who manage the plans money. Waymark believes that by connecting patients, community-based caregivers, and health practitioners through a tech platform, it can increase access to treatment, make better use of preventive care, and ultimately improve results. Andreessen Horowitz, NEA, and Lux led a Series A round in which the company just raised $45 million.



Seattle | 2019

Scientists are becoming increasingly aware that psychedelic substances, long considered illegal in the West, may actually be able to treat conditions like anxiety and depression. A specific research facility was established by Johns Hopkins Medicine in 2019 to explore the clinical implications. Among a select group of startups creating new psychedelic-based pharmacological molecules, CaamTech is one of the more promising. Tryptamines, which are akin to the main ingredients in magic mushrooms (psilocybin) and LSD, are the substances the business is searching for in potent combinations. CaaMTech secured a $22 million Series A investment in September, anchored by Noetic, a collection of venture funds established by Grey House Partners to invest in early-stage psychedelic and CNS companies. This shows that there are some believers in the theory as well.



Boston |2019

Quantum computing is caught between being a developing technology and having practical uses. Scientists in academia and tech firms are gradually solving the issues that have prevented quantum computers from being competitive with conventional supercomputers. QuEra Computing, which uses a distinctive quantum architecture and laser techniques to arrange and direct the tiny qubits, or quantum bits, in its 256-qubit system, was launched as a result of research breakthroughs made by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. (Experts claim that before quantum systems start to outperform traditional supercomputers in some types of problems, they need to have more qubits than 100.) The business came out of hiding in November with $17 million in venture finance from sources like Rakuten, Day One Ventures, Frontiers Capital, and others. In addition to recently receiving a research award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, QuEra claims to have already produced $11 million in revenue. Quera is one of the best eye catching tech startups that is changing the face of quantum computing.

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prime medicine

Massachusetts’s Cambridge | 2019

Over the years, Google Ventures has invested heavily in tech startups in the health and biosciences sector, with several notable triumphs. The gene-editing business Editas, one of its bets, raised $94 million in its 2016 IPO. GV co-led a significant $315 million investment round for the gene-editing startup Prime Medicine when it emerged from stealth over the past summer. The gene-editing tool that Prime has created is compared to a “DNA word processor” with a search and replace feature. In order to correct the problematic gene without affecting the rest of the genome, the editor first identifies the underlying genetic causes of the disorders.


Miami | 2018

The inability of cryptocurrencies to support the size and infrastructure required to support tens of millions of transactions per day may be the key factor preventing its widespread adoption. The situation is changing thanks to tech startups. People can purchase several cryptocurrencies through one app or website thanks to MoonPay’s cryptocurrency trading platform. To enable them to provide the same service to their customers, it also interfaces with other businesses, like cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, decentralized finance platforms, and NFT markets. After receiving $555 million in a Series A financing sponsored by Tiger Global Management and Coate, MoonPay’s valuation increased to $3.4 billion. According to cofounder and CEO Ivan Soto-Wright, the funding would enable MoonPay to expand its global reach and provide more individuals access to the nascent cryptocurrency market.



California’s Palo Alto | 2018

The number of cyberattacks has increased as more organizations of all kinds have moved to the cloud. Confluera is a new breed of cybersecurity startup that is specially suited to aid such enterprises and has raised $29 million. Enterprises can protect against cyberattacks with the help of the company’s cybersecurity platform, which is itself delivered from the cloud and is constantly improving and getting more complex. The secret sauce of Confluera might be its integration of threat analytics, threat detection, and cloud security solutions, which are frequently siloed off as separate fixes.


integrated roadways

Missouri’s Kansas City | 2012

When a car drives over Integrated Roadways’ unique Smart Pavement, it can connect to the internet and get real-time traffic, road, and accident information. According to the business, the interconnected pavement “slabs” might eventually melt ice and snow from the surface as well as power cars wirelessly. They can detect the weight, speed, and congestion of moving vehicles as well—information that may be utilized to assist cities control traffic. In accordance with a contract it has with the Colorado Department of Transportation, Integrated is currently installing its highway technology at an intersection close to Denver. Integrated Roadways may be in a unique position to fulfill the promise of smart roads for smart cars given the rapidly expanding number of electric vehicles and the deteriorating state of America’s infrastructure.


loop recruit

Australia | 2011

Aims to address this by providing the advantages of a recruiting agency at a cheap price by providing its service online. Hiring personnel is typically a time-consuming and expensive process. RecruitLoop is a marketplace where businesses may find skilled recruiters. Its recruiters’ experience is crucial, and RecuirtLoop ensures that every recruiter in its marketplace has at least five years of experience. In order to maintain high standards, RecruitLoop will delist a recruiter if they receive multiple client complaints. Unlike many other employment services, RecruitLoop bills clients on an hourly basis as opposed to a commission basis.

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With a savings of between 15% and 30%, RecruitLoop promises to be able to lower recruitment costs by 90%. The company doesn’t now have any direct competitors due to the undercutting of conventional employment agencies. RecruitLoop opened an office in the US as a result of its success in the Australian tech market, which included filling positions for DesignCrowd.


serve robotics

City of Redwood in California | 2017

The history of Serve Robotics is a little convoluted. Originally created by Postmates, the technology for its little delivery robots was then acquired by Uber, which later spun off Serve and invested in it. You get it? To transport goods to customers’ front doors, Serve’s tiny four-wheeled courier bots employ autonomous AI to handle sidewalks, crosswalks, and even small curbs. They can transport little to medium-sized items, including food orders, for a lot less money (and with less impact on the environment), than a 2-ton car. Uber and 7 Ventures, the venture capital division of 7-Eleven, contributed money to the company’s recent $13 million investment round.



Santa Clara | 2016

The healthcare system does not contain the ability to adequately care for children has been made worse by COVID-19. As a result, investors are actually becoming more interested in pediatric-focused digital health techstartups. One such business is Good Parents, which creates Kiddo, a wristband for children. The gadget monitors vital signs such blood oxygen levels, heart rate, skin temperature, activity, and sleep. A smartphone app that actually allows parents to track the data in real time can provide them a comprehensive view of their child’s health. Pediatricians can also access the information, which may enable them to spot emerging issues. Since 2015, the company has been burning through small sums of startup capital, but to support its next stage of expansion, it raised a $16 million round in early January 2022, led by Mojo Ventures.


cowbell cyber

USA | 2019

Cowbell Cyber is the top supplier of cyber insurance for small and medium-sized businesses, offering stand-alone cyber coverage customized to meet the specific requirements of each of its clients. In order to provide policyholders with a closed-loop approach to risk management, their system depends on AI for continuous risk assessment and underwriting. Cowbell received funding in March 2022 from a group led by Anthemis Group. At the time of the round, Cowbell reported that it had grown its monitored risk pool to more than 23 million enterprises, accounting for 70% of the US SMB market, and had established the largest cyber insurance distribution network in the country with more than 14,000 producers. This is one of the best tech startups of in the last five years.

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London | 2014

Blink provides businesses with a technological platform that enables frontline (non-office) employees to access corporate resources (IT, HR, productivity, communications, etc.) using a straightforward app and without logging into each one individually. In order to relieve the IT employees of the client company, the company manages integration. Since releasing its app in 2018, Blink quickly attracted new users. It has now received $30.7 million in funding, including a recent $20 million Series A round headed by Next47 with participation from early investors Partech and Techstars.


Israel’s Tel Aviv | 2014

Nobody enjoys passwords, an authentication method that dates back to the 1960s. But we can’t seem to go on—not fast enough, anyway. Businesses are particularly vulnerable to password fatigue since customers frequently give up on signing up or logging in due to password issues. With alternate methods like UX drag-and-drop or device biometrics, Transmit Security assists businesses in enabling their users to log in without passwords. According to the company, it has a solid presence among major U.S. banks and has been quickly gaining new clients in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. It raked in a whopping $543 million investment round based on a $2.3 billion valuation last summer, increasing its total to $583 million.


Landing AI

California’s Palo Alto | 2017

We’re becoming more concerned about how the products we wish to buy are made and distributed as supply chain issues persist. In some industries, the production process is highly automated, but companies are only now starting to apply artificial intelligence and computer vision to monitor the entire process. Andrew Ng, cofounder and head of Google Brain and former top scientist at Baidu, founded Landing AI, which offers a tech platform and AI tools that manufacturers can utilize to swiftly identify product flaws and system failures on their manufacturing lines using sensors. Landing AI completed a sizable $57 million Series A round headed by McRock in December with money from Intel and Samsung’s investment divisions. AI is changing the world, which is why consumer must keep an eye on this amazing tech startups company.

15. SAIE


In New York | 2019

Saie stands out among the current crop of “clean-beauty” startups. The startup sells a large array of beauty and skin care items, which the company markets efficiently and sells at relatively inexpensive costs. One of the most impeccable tech startups such as Saie Vintage, which was launched before the end of 2021 and sells secondhand or homemade apparel through in partnership with female-founded vintage curators, the company entered in the fashion industry recently. A seed round investor in the business is Gwyneth Paltrow.



Milan | 2016

Farmers everywhere are coming under growing pressure to demonstrate to consumers that their farming practices are ethical, sustainable, and safe. In order to help farmers digitize and quantify the economics of growing crops, this agricultural IoT firm. The company’s offering is a mobile platform that gathers and analyzes a variety of data, including hydration levels, farm equipment performance, weed growth, and even crop market values, using actual physical sensors placed in the fields. 2019 Series A funding for xFarm included a 3 million pound (more than $4 million) round from United Ventures.


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