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11 Best Terrarium TV Alternatives That You Didn’t Know Before

An app called Terrarium TV aggregates movies and TV shows. It doesn’t have any movies or TV shows in its library; it merely offers links to movies. Terrarium TV was discontinued because of its immense popularity. Many viewers were sad when Terrarium TV was discontinued because it was constantly updated with the newest films and television shows.

Since then, comparable applications have emerged in an effort to displace Terrarium TV. In light of this, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top Terrarium TV substitutes. Continue reading to find out more details about these apps.

11 Best Terrarium TV Alternatives That You Didn’t Know Before

1.Cinema APK

Cinema APK

Smart TV, Android, iOS, Fire Stick, and PC are all compatible with the Cinema APK. Comedy, horror, action, thriller, and other genres are available. English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and more supported subtitles. One of the programmes like Terrarium TV that is constantly updated with amusement is Cinema APK. Check this article on DirecTV Alternatives. If you want to learn more about Fubu tv, its features, and compatible devices, click here.

Give a title for a movie or TV show, and Cinema APK will have it in their collection. That is the reason why, following Terrarium TV’s demise, its former users flocked to Cinema APK to keep watching their preferred films and TV shows. The app promises not to crash like Terrarium TV and enables seamless streaming. Cinema APK is compatible with practically all Android devices running version 4.0 and later, so you can use it however you like. The fact that Cinema APK is free to download and use is its best feature.

2.Titanium TV

Titanium APK

Android and FireStick are compatible with the Titanium TV. Romance, horror, science fiction, action, and other genres are available. English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and more supported subtitles. Check this article on myflixer alternatives.

Titanium TV is the app to mention if you want to watch movies on Android smartphones and even download them. Titanium TV is a free alternative to Terrarium TV that works with a wide range of Android devices. Another benefit of using this software is that it offers restart playback, allowing users to pause their viewing and then resume it later.

Titanium TV has seen several updates over the years, all of which have sought to enhance the app in various ways. The programme has undergone several significant improvements, one of which is the addition of more movie connections and a wide selection of players.

This is advantageous because you can never be certain that a movie will go smoothly. The app has an advantage over others due to the abundance of possibilities available.

3.CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

Available Genres for CyberFlix TV for Android include horror, fantasy, action, mystery, and more. English, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, and more supported subtitles. CyberFlix TV is a fantastic substitute for Terrarium TV because it has a huge selection of films and TV shows. Check out this amazing article on Maximum Plus Alternatives to watch wide of range of movies, tv shows easily and quickly.

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CyberFlix TV has everything, including biographies and horror movies. The tool’s portability accounts for its more than 10 million downloads. Additionally, CyberFlix TV provides a large number of sources and links, giving customers more options for what to watch. Overall, CyberFlix TV is still a noteworthy programme because it consistently delivers on its promise to offer the most recent and clear-quality movies.

4. Stremio


Android, iOS, and PC compatibility with Stremio. Action, romance, crime, sport, and other genres are available. English, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, and more supported subtitles. An Android app called Stremio is accessible from the Google Play Store.

The Stremio app is officially available for mobile use and may be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. To access the main interface of Stremio, users must first establish an account and log in to the application. Check this amazing piece of article on DesiRulez Alternatives.

Stremio’s library is enormous because it is constantly updated hourly. Stremio does not need a VPN to mask the users’ IP addresses, which is highly easy compared to other Terrarium TV alternatives. Stremio is the greatest option for those who are hesitant to use apps from unrecognised developers because it is approved by the Google Play Store.

5. Kodi


Genres available include thriller, drama, horror, comedy, and more. Compatible with Android. English, Bengali, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and more supported subtitles. A multi-award-winning media player called Kodi is accessible through the Google Play Store.

The tool’s primary purpose is to play videos and other media files, including audio and video. Although the software itself doesn’t have any content, Kodi may be used to get movies and TV shows. Installing plugins will enable Kodi to access video content. Got some spare time? Check this article on Crave Tv Alternatives.

By employing this technique, Kodi will transform into a software akin to Terrarium TV, and you’ll have unrestricted access to hundreds of online films and TV shows. The fact that Kodi offers a plugin that adds television channels to the player is another advantage of the software.

Kodi is unquestionably a true multi-purpose tool, not only because it can play a variety of media files but also because it can be used to access internet movies and TV episodes.

6. Showbox


Android, iOS, and PC platforms all support Showbox. Crime, documentary, science fiction, and other genres are available. English, French, German, Russian, and more supported subtitles. Showbox is the name of another app that is comparable to Terrarium TV. Check this article on HBO MAX Alternatives.

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Because it is updated the quickest and has the largest repertoire, this app is arguably the one that is most similar to Terrarium TV. Showbox has been shut down numerous times, yet it always comes back. The Showbox app will occasionally stop operating and then have a new version available. The drawback of utilising this application is that you will occasionally need to reinstall it.

However, it is tolerable for an app that consistently releases new TV series episodes and the newest movie releases first. Showbox, a must-have app, will always be one of the best options to take the position of Terrarium TV.

7. CatMouse APK

CatMouse APK

Android is compatible with CatMouse APK. Action, drama, thriller, fiction, and other genres are available. English, Japanese, Italian, Korean, and more supported subtitles. Different features offered by CatMouse APK are not found in other applications. One such is the CatMouse’s ability to cast the screen to other devices, which is a feature that is infrequently offered in free apps. Check out this amazing content on redstream alternatives.

Additionally, you don’t need to root any Android smartphone to install this software on it. According to the app’s creators, it is completely devoid of malware, making it extremely secure to use.

Although the aforementioned features are all outstanding, the fact that this software is free makes it the best. Former Terrarium TV users should anticipate CatMouse APK, an excellent programme, to live up to their expectations.

8. Morph TV

Morph TV

PC, Fire Stick, iOS, Android, and Morph TV compatibility. Fantasy, catastrophe, horror, action, and other genres are available. English, Italian, Vietnamese, Hindi, and more languages are supported. The most current app on this list to be published is probably Morph TV.

Morph TV is comparable to Terrarium TV, much like the other apps on this list, so there is no reason not to give it a try. The fact that this programme works with both Android and iOS smartphones is the cause. Check this amazing article on BobMovies Alternatives.

Additionally, Morph TV has a respectable media collection with a high calibre of streamable connections. You can also view and watch your favourite movies without registering or providing any personal information.

The ability to download HD-quality movies and TV episodes is also available. As expedited downloading is supported by Morph TV, the download time will be rather short when compared to the comparable platform.

9. TeaTV


TeaTV is compatible with PC and Android. Sci-fi, Western, Romance, Action, and other genres are available. English, Italian, French, Hindi, and more supported subtitles. Similar to how Terrarium TV was, one of the finest ways to view movies and TV shows is TeaTV.

Thousands of TV shows, anime, and films may be found on TeaTV. Additionally, you can add your favourite films to a watchlist and view them whenever you have some free time. While watching a video, the app’s media player offers a subtitle feature that may be turned on.

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You may also keep track of the movies you already own, wish you owned, have seen, and want to watch. Finally, you can alter the app’s appearance on your device to better reflect your personality. TeaTV is a fantastic app that will show to be dependable for you and your friends.

10.PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD

Android, iOS, and PC are all compatible with PlayBox HD. Anime, cartoons, comedy, drama, and other genres are available. English, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, and more supported subtitles. Another platform that functions similar Terrarium is PlayBox HD.

This app makes a number of perks after you subscribe, primarily with the video quality and the number of screens you may watch. The app offers well-organized media, so finding your favourite movie or TV show to watch won’t be an issue. Check out this article on GoMovies Alternatives to watch movies online for free.

Additionally, viewers will be able to watch movies and TV series in HD. PlayBox HD is designed to work with any device, particularly Android TVs. The videos can be downloaded from the app so you can watch them offline. Additionally, the software guarantees that it won’t harm or infect your device with viruses.

11. Onebox HD

Onebox HD

Android, iOS, Fire Stick, and PC are all compatible with Onebox HD. Action, adventure, crime, fantasy, and other genres are available. English, Tamil, Japanese, Korean, and more supported subtitles. The last option is Bee TV, a straightforward yet efficient method of watching movies and TV shows.

Users can find material on Bee TV by using the search box to enter a title, a keyword, or a category. Although the software is not accessible through the Google Play Store, it is free to download and use. Check out this amazing article on Amazon Prime Video.

This is the reason why before downloading the app, you must first grant your smartphone access to install third-party programmes. In terms of content, the app contains thousands of films and television shows, including both old favourites and more modern works. Basically the main drawback of the tool is that occasionally, videos won’t play at all.


All of the aforementioned apps operate similarly to other apps for streaming movies. Furthermore, each of the aforementioned apps is worthwhile to try.

Additionally, these options provide simple ways for kids to access and download free animated movies. The choice, like Terrarium TV, is ultimately up to the user because they must choose the programme that best meets their needs.


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