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Tesla Smartphone Specs And Features

Excited about tesla smartphone? Today, we’ll discuss the latest product that tesla is very soon bringing to the market, “Tesla Smartphone”. Tesla is actually well-known for its electric vehicles, but some intriguing rumors are starting to surface that the business may be focusing more on a smartphone, which is another mobility-focused product.

Here is everything we currently know about the enigmatic Tesla Model Pi, including whether there is actually any basis for thinking that Tesla is producing a phone at all.

Are you going to release the Tesla Model Pi?

As far as we can say right now, the Tesla Model Pi is still very much a work in progress. Tesla has not yet made any declarations about entering this market, and Elon Musk has stated on Twitter that smartphones are “yesterday’s technology.”

“Absolutely not. Neuralinks are the technology of the future; smartwatches and smartphones are obsolete” – Elon Musk

No one is certain when the Model Pi will go on sale because there hasn’t been a formal announcement, if one ever occurs at all. A smart prediction of when it would release is impossible for experts to make because development is cloaked in secrecy. However, if we were to believe the current rumors, it probably wouldn’t be out until at least next year. A debut in 2023 or 2024 makes the most sense because, if it were to be released later this year, there would already be substantial evidence of the phone’s existence.

This is a reference to the creation of chips that could be implanted in the brain, allowing the electrical impulses produced when we thought to operate machines. Although Neuralink Corporation, one of Musk’s businesses, is already actively working to create this technology, it will probably be a while before getting yourself “chipped” becomes a reality.

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What is the price of the Tesla Model Pi?

Although the price of tesla smartphone has not yet been established, it is likely to be at the top of the range if you take into account the characteristics that have been theorized below. Tesla doesn’t do inexpensive, and we don’t see how a smartphone will change that.

Apple’s Issue with Tesla

Apple and Tesla both have similar advantages and approaches to their respective markets. Elon Musk has done a better job than Tim Cook at emulating Apple’s charismatic founder Steve Jobs’ distinct approach to management and product development. Both businesses have strong customer brand loyalty, precise market valuations, and a number of powerful rivals vying for their business.

Tesla has a history of having subpar quality control and little marketing activity. Even while Apple has drastically cut back on its marketing, it still effectively dominates the industry in this area and tends to set the standard for product quality. Tesla purchasers and iPhone users have a strong link. So, Apple may significantly undercut Tesla if it releases a vehicle that is deeply connected into the Apple ecosystem.

Apple poses the biggest danger to Tesla of all the up-and-coming rivals because of its fierce consumer devotion, visibility, and substantial marketing budget. Apple’s reserves make it a dreadful Tesla competition in the future.

What specifications and features may the Tesla Model Pi have?

Ok. Keep your headgear on. Given that the Model Pi is currently something of an urban legend, speculation about the features Tesla will include in its first smartphone has taken unusual turns.

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Although this is obviously totally hypothetical and not based on any real schematic evidence, artist Antonio De Rosa has produced some wonderful drawings that showcase the potential design decisions Tesla may make.

The rumor that Tesla would incorporate solar panels into the device to enable recharging without the need for an electrical power source is likely the most plausible of all the rumors. This actually makes sense as it would be consistent with the environmentally conscious Tesla brand and utilize the solar technology that the business has already created.

Another issue totally is whether solar charging technology is capable of recharging a phone throughout the day, especially when the phone spends the most of the day in a pocket or bag.

Tesla Vehicles

There are also believable rumors that the Model Pi will work closely with Tesla vehicles, giving users more control over features and settings while on the go.

Moving on to the more fantastical, there are numerous rumors that the Model Pi will utilize SpaceX founder Elon Musk’s Starlink service. In essence, this is satellite-based fast broadband that should offer coverage in a lot of places where 5G is hesitant to go. Tesla would have its work cut out for it if it wanted to make the Model Pi widely available because there are already satellite phones available, but they are frequently more expensive to use in comparison to typical LTE cellphones.



Recall the Neuralink innovation we previously discussed? Well, many media outlets are reporting that the Model Pi will work with Brain-Machine-Interface (BMI) chips, allowing users to think to control their devices. Though it sounds very fascinating, using a mind-control phone might be the stuff of nightmares if getting Alexa to choose the proper song to listen to or Siri to call the right person are any indication.

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The last and most ridiculous of all the rumors we have heard is that the Model Pi will actually be able to operate on Mars thanks to Starlink technology. Yep. Mars. Since we could get a better signal in the neighborhood coffee shop than on Olympus Mons, we would be more impressed if Tesla could make the necessary repairs. That would be a significant advancement.


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