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11 Top Finest Textnow Alternatives to Make Free Calls Easily

Are you also looking for textnow alternatives? This post will show you 11 best textnow alternatives to make calls easily anywhere. Do you need an extra telephone number for texting and/or calling? Alternatively, do you require an option to call and text landline numbers while just utilizing WiFi and without a smart phone strategy in place?

TextNow is amongst the most common messaging apps since it allows users to call and text real numbers online by utilizing an unique internet-based number.

TextNow is readily available on both iOS and Android gadgets. TextNow doesn’t require you to have an active mobile plan; all you need to do is register with your email address or Facebook account and you will be appointed your really own telephone number.

In contrast to the Whatsapp, which requires you to have an existing mobile number and just enables you to call other Whatsapp numbers, TextNow does not need an existing mobile number.

With the TextNow, you may call any number and text any smart phone number at any time of day or night. On the other individual’s phone, your text will look like if it were a standard text.

Yet, TextNow has its defects. In the case of the TextNow, for example, one of the disadvantages is that if you do not utilize TextNow for a specific period of time, they will eliminate your number from your possession and appoint it to someone else.

Additionally, TextNow includes advertisements. This is how it has the ability to supply a free service, however, there are other solutions offered that do not include as lots of advertisements.

Today, I will go through the best TextNow options for making free phone calls and sending text messages over the internet. Let us get this party began.

11 Top Finest Textnow Alternatives to Make Free Calls Easily

1. Rebtel: Cheap Calls to International Destinations

Rebtel: Cheap Calls to International Destinations

If you need to make affordable international calls, Rebtel is one of the fantastic TextNow options to think about. More than 50 countries, including landline phone lines, are accessible by means of this service.

You can likewise make call utilizing your cellphone strategy, which eliminates the requirement to link to the internet.

Rates are very reasonable, and you can pay on a regular monthly basis. If you just need to make a single telephone call, for instance, you can save cash by not paying as much.

If you refer a good friend who makes a purchase with Rebtel, you will get $5 in calling credit from them.

2. Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM

In listing the very best TextNow options, Numero eSIM always comes in convenient. Numero eSIM allows you to get a phone number from any of more than 70 nations! If you have tried to utilize TextNow to get a number in a particular country however were unsuccessful, Numero eSIM may be the solution you have actually been trying to find.

In addition, there are over 3,000 various area codes to select from. Although not all numbers will be complimentary, you will be able to obtain free credits.

Utilizing Call Forwarding, you can respond to calls even if you do not have a web connection, and you can even make your telephone number confidential. When you make telephone call, your Numero eSIM telephone number will not appear on the screen, allowing you to remain confidential.

Numero eSIM also supplies the option of obtaining an international toll-free number for business use.

One drawback of Numero eSIM, on the other hand, is that you need to have an existing contact number in order to sign up. You are not able to simply log in with your email address or Facebook account.

3. Hushed


Hushed is amongst the TextNow alternatives that put a strong emphasis on personal privacy. Instead of keeping the Hushed number indefinitely, the concept is to use it for Craigslist ads, on dating sites, and for other functions, with the alternative to “burn” your number later.

Hushed supplies you with the choice of picking from over 300 location codes in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. You can choose from a number of various prepaid plans that last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or 365 days.

The capability to call or text other US/Canada numbers exists, however, UK numbers can call or text other UK numbers. However, if you really want to make and receive global calls and texts, you can buy a worldwide strategy.

Exists another factor to select Hushed versus TextNow? It interfaces with Slack and Dropbox, to name a few services.

Users have the ability to support their communication history and voicemails to their Dropbox account so that they can access them later on, even if they uninstall the Hushed app from their gadget. Slack enables users to send and receive messages in addition to reply to them.

4. Talk Home App

Talk Home App

If TextNow isn’t tingling your bones, Talk Home App just might. With over a million downloads and pleased clients, Talk Home has developed itself as the UK’s leading international calling brand name.

With over 25 years of the calling card experience, Talk Home App has actually been introduced as an innovative option to bridge the barriers of cross countries with low-cost, high-quality calling mixed into a single app, offered on both IOS and Android.

Talk Home App uses users the incredible benefit of calling either through Wi-Fi or through local gain access to lines (significance no internet needed), that link any telephone number, whether mobile or landline, in over 250 destinations all over the world.

And not simply that! In addition to the marketplace’s most inexpensive rates for calling worldwide, users can also send text messages and share top-up credit with other users through the in-app transfer function.

Additionally, Talk Home App likewise enables users to send global top-ups to those very same telephone number that you can call with Talk Home.

All you need is to just simply download the app, register and verify your contact number on the app, and enable it access to your contact list. And now, you can also call any number from your contact list with just a few taps!

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Interestingly, the Talk Home App deals with adaptive network abilities, implying that you get the most optimized connection for your call. It assigns the best regional access numbers for you to pick from the list to link your call worldwide.

Likewise, for each pal you welcome to download the app, you get a benefit of ₤ 1 on their first top-up! And because Talk Home App is so low-cost, you can do wonders with your perks!

So, all-in-all, the advantages you receive from Talk Home App are that:-.

– High-quality, crystal-clear phone calling.

– The best international calling rates for 200+ countries.

– Complete transparency and absolutely no concealed fees.

– In-app credit transfer center to instantly move app credit.

– Super easy-to-use: get connected with loved ones in seconds.

– Secure & backed by leading networks worldwide for 20+ years.

– Extensive flexibility in bundle plans and deals.

– Pay-as-you-go benefit to not bind you to any long-lasting contract.

Lastly, you get to enjoy the entirety of the app and its functions without seeing any advertisements! Get the smoothest global calling experience at the cheapest rates.

5. GoDaddy Smartline

GoDaddy Smartline

You could be believing to yourself, “Wait, what? GoDaddy is a domain registration corporation, is not it?”.

However while GoDaddy is most known for its domain and hosting services, it likewise offers a service called SmartLine, which is a telephone answering service and amongst the TextNow options on our list.

SmartLine is actually VoIP service that is geared towards website and business owners, according to the business. In the case of a small blog site or eCommerce business run by a one-man group, users might like to supply their readers, clients, and e-mail customers with a way to contact them without divulging their actual, individual phone number.

In that instance, SmartLine is a viable alternative. SmartLine utilizes call forwarding to send out calls to your individual number; nonetheless, you will have the ability to tell that the call is originating from SmartLine, so if you are with your family and are not in the state of mind to accept a company call, you will not be needed to do so.

Call forwarding allows you to make some important business calls without losing your concentration.

You can even keep your current telephone number and transfer it to SmartLine.

When you actually make a phone call or send a text, the number that appears on the other end will be the SmartLine number, not your own personal number, which is convenient.

SmartLine is totally free for the very first seven days. Thereafter, you would be charged $9.99 every month.

SmartLine, on the other hand, makes it possible for users to obtain a free-of-charge number! This is actually feature that TextNow and most of the other TextNow options do not offer As they are designed for casual consumers instead of company owner.

A toll-free number will be more costly At $19.99 each month. Individuals will be able to call you totally free, as long as they are not responsible for the expense of the call on their end.

In addition, having that toll-free number makes you look more expert and authoritative.

SmartLine is readily available as an Android and an iOS application. The app and phone service provide some intriguing functions, such as automatic spam call screening and voicemail transcriptions, which are both extremely recommended.

Overall, GoDaddy SmartLine is among the very best TextNow alternatives if you need a second number of business functions in addition to texting.

6. AbTalk Call– Free Phone Call & Worldwide Calling

AbTalk Call-- Free Phone Call & Worldwide Calling

AbTalk Call is actually among the TextNow alternatives for the Android users that want to make calls. AbTalk, like the other application on this list, does not require the use of a SIM card in order to obtain a phone number.

I specifically delighted in how you can get a benefit of 1,000 points just by associating Google or Facebook, which I believed was a great touch. You can still register utilizing your email address, however you will get fewer bonus offer points as a result.

Another advantage of using AbTalk instead of TextNow is that it consists of a built-in VPN! Utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) while making telephone call and browsing the web will assist you remain safe and safe while transferring your details.

You are under no need to make use of a VPN, however the choice is available and it is free. You will even get bonus points for using the VPN service.

You will also get points for generating new friends. You will get 200 points for each recommendation, with extra credits ranging from 100 to 1,500 points granted after a set quantity of buddies have been referred.

You can make up to 700 points every day just by signing in at the hotel.

Points can also be bought for a little fee, and they are affordable. Get 16,000 points for $0.99, or 60,000 points for $3.99, and you will have earned $16,000 points.

So, just what are you supposed to do with the points? You can making international calls.

The app offers info about calling rates. Making a phone call to a global number, such as a number in Buenos Aires, Argentina, costs just 330 points (I think that is per minute).

7. TextFree


A substantial number of TextNow alternatives appear to contain the term “text” in their names! When you first sign up for TextFree, the app will ask you to enter your zip code; if the zip code you desire is not available, the app will use adjacent postal code that do have contact number.

Although it has been observed that some area codes with numbers offered on TextNow did not possess any numbers offered using TextFree, I did not find this to be the case. However, it is possible that this wouldn’t be the case all the time.

When creating a TextFree account, you will need to enter your email address as the username and password. Sadly, there is no signup alternative offered through Facebook at this time.

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Even considering that TextFree numbers are completely complimentary in perpetuity, you need to use them a minimum of once every 30 days in order to keep them. If you do not use your phone for more than 30 days, your number will be automatically reassigned.

By signing up for a $4.99 premium membership, you might make sure that you keep your phone number indefinitely. If you do this, you will never ever lose track of your telephone number, even if you do not utilize it for an extended period of time.

The Textfree UI was incredibly easy to use. The user interface was much more user-friendly than both TextNow and TextMe, in my viewpoint.

It has a great deal of ads, much like TextNow, although they were less invasive. Still, this is a drawback compared to some other TextNow options.

However, when you enroll, you will just have the ability to make free calls for a total of 60 minutes. After that, you can continue to send texts, but you will require to acquire extra minutes if you wish to make telephone call.

There are numerous strategies to select from; I was able to get 100 minutes for $1.99, which was a good deal. If you wish to use TextFree for a long period of time, you can save money by purchasing 1,000 minutes for $18.99 instead of 500 minutes.

You can also earn complimentary minutes by participating in surveys and viewing video ads.

There are likewise additional fascinating configuration choices. For example, you may personalize your ringtone, handle your greetings, pick to have actually all calls forwarded to voicemail, and set up an auto-response to inbound calls.

8. TextMe


TextMe is a wonderful option to TextNow that you must take a look at. It has gotten over 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store, indicating that it is widely used.

Additionally, TextMe is accessible on the iOS App Store in addition to the Amazon App Store.

To get going, just join up utilizing your address or Facebook profile. While TextMe and TextNow both have ads, the disadvantage of TextMe is that the advertisements can get annoying after a while. 

I, on the other hand, discovered the UI to be simple to utilize. Additionally, you can get rid of the advertising by updating your account; the expense of doing so will vary depending upon your place.

In addition, it enables you to have lots of telephone number at the same time, making it an exceptional TextNow choice for that reason also.

In addition, upgrading your account will enable you to establish call forwarding, which would permit incoming calls to be redirected to your mobile number, comparable to how Google Voice works.

Credit packs are also available for purchase. If you acquire a great deal of credits simultaneously, the price per credit will be lower, and those credits will enable you to make international calls.

Recall that domestic calls (that is, calls made from an US phone to another US number) are entirely free. Texting is also totally complimentary.

Furthermore, in addition to paying for credits, you can earn credits free of charge by performing jobs. Think about the copying: you can finish a deal to earn anywhere from 5 to 100 credits, or you can view a quick video advertisement to gain a couple of credits.

I truly took pleasure in the reality that TextMe supplies you with a list of locations where you can get a location code. For example, there were nearly 30 various location codes to choose from in California!

You are likewise not needed to get a contact number in the United States. TextMe is a fantastic choice to TextNow if you need a phone number that is not in your nation.

If you plan on making a lot of abroad calls, you may wish to consider getting a worldwide phone number. For example, if you plan on making calls to people in Australia, you may wish to get an Australian contact number.

TextMe currently has the following countries’ contact number accessible for usage:.

-( +1) in the United States.

-( +44) in the United Kingdom.

– Canada (phone: +1).

– Australia (phone: +61).

– Belgium (+32) is a nation in Europe.

– Austria (+43) Colombia (+57) Costa Rica (+43 ).

– In France, dial +33.

– Prague, Czech Republic (+1 420).

– Malaysia (phone: +60).

– The Netherlands (phone: +31).

– Mauritius (+230) is a country in the Indian Ocean.

– Sweden (phone: +46).

– Poland (+48) is a country in Europe.

Nevertheless, though all numbers enable users to deliver SMS messages and carry out calls, just (+1) numbers in Canada and United States let them include MMS messages in their texts.

In addition, I would like to point you that foreign numbers are not complimentary. Depending on for how long you wish to preserve your phone number, costs will differ.

For instance, if you will not desire the foreign number for more than 3 months, you might choose to pay just for three months. A regular monthly subscription that repeats immediately can likewise be set up so that you never ever lose your telephone number once again, which is especially convenient.

TextMe is plainly one of the most advanced TextNow Alternatives.

9. Second Line

Second Line

2nd Line appealed to me since it permits you to establish your account with whatever three-digit location code you like. For example, when I chose 715, I existed with a list of 10 distinct 715 area code numbers from which to pick.

Bear in mind that the 2nd Line is just available for Android phones at the time of composing.

Second Line is a paid service that costs $9.99 a month, but I suggest enrolling for the complimentary trial first so you can get a feel for the app prior to you devote to anything.

It is possible to establish a voicemail inbox or an auto-reply message utilizing your 2nd phone number. Also offered is the choice of setting up call forwarding so that calls are routed to your main line.

Compared to other TextNow options, the 2nd Line stands apart due to the fact that it permits you to tape-record your call. For instance, you may wish to conserve a recording of a call for future recommendation, or you may wish to record a telephone call with your trainer so that you can examine the lesson later.

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In some jurisdictions and countries, it is legal to tape-record a phone conversation without the other party being aware of what you are taping. Nevertheless, in some regions, you are not permitted to do so.

10. TextPlus


This text messaging app frequently described as TextPlus or sometimes composed as Text+ is among the best TextNow alternatives that I have actually personally used. It is likewise used by a large number of people I know.

To sign up, all you need is a username and then you produce a password. Even though you are not required to offer an e-mail address, doing so is highly advised if you wish to be able to restore your account in the event that you forget your password or username.

TextPlus, like TextNow, contains ads. I did, nevertheless, appreciate the truth that you might remove advertisements for a day for just $0.05.

That is, in fact, 5 pennies! Given that this isn’t a continuous membership, on those days when a user does not require to use his TextPlus number, he will not be charged; on the days that he does require to use it, however, he will simply pay the 5 cents to have actually the adverts gotten rid of from his text messages.

You need to manually renew it each month, but it still works out to be just $1.20 each year usually. That is among the reasons I take pleasure in TextPlus– it makes it rather affordable to keep the very same phone number while removing ads.

Completing the offers on the deal wall or seeing videos are 2 other ways to make credits for absolutely no cost to you.

11. Google Voice

Google Voice

If you need a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone number for personal or business purposes, Google Voice lacks a doubt my # 1 choice.

VoIP is merely a slang term for the fact that the phone number is based on the internet and that calls and messages are transferred through a web connection.

You can use Google Voice for nothing at all, and your telephone number will be connected to your Gmail account.

For each brand-new Google account, you create, you will be offered a special Google Voice number.

That Google Voice is a site instead of an app is the most appealing aspect of the company’s offering.

You can make and receive calls utilizing the app on your phone, but you can likewise do it on a computer by checking out on your computer system’s internet browser.

On top of having the ability to make outgoing calls through the desktop website or mobile app, you can also get calls and texts through the platform.

As an included benefit, voicemails are automatically transcribed, permitting you to read voicemails instead of listen to them. Nevertheless, I have actually found that transcriptions are not constantly specific, and this is dependent on how clear the caller’s voice was when they called.

When it concerns selecting your location code, Google Voice, like TextNow, supplies you with a number of alternatives. Furthermore, simply with TextNow, it is totally free to make domestic calls.

You may, nevertheless, be required to top up your account balance if you wish to make a worldwide call to a number in Europe or somewhere else on the planet.

You can add $10 or more to your account at a time.

The Google Voice app, in contrast to the TextNow app, does not contain advertisements. While TextNow enables you to pay to have advertisements removed, Google Voice does not have any ads at all.

When using Google Voice, another useful feature is the capability to link your genuine contact number to your Google Voice number. This is very helpful if you have a cellphone plan.

Even if you do not have an active web connection, you can have calls to your Google Voice number forwarded to your mobile phone number so that you can address them from your phone.

There are two significant problems I come across when making phone calls online: dropped calls and an absence of call clearness, both of which might be very discouraging if you need to make an essential business call.

When someone contacts your Google Voice number, you have the alternative of picking which of your associated contact number will ring. You can likewise specify which gadgets you desire your Google Voice account to sound on when someone contacts you by e-mail or phone.

However, as formerly stated, this is completely optional, and you do not need to attach a cellphone number in order to use Google Voice.

As an included benefit, Google Voice allows you to migrate existing telephone number to Google Voice.

In addition to the Google Voice app, you can utilize the Hangouts and Hangouts Dialer applications, which are also connected to your Google Voice number, to communicate with others. You can use them both to make calls from your mobile device while linked to the internet.

While Google Voice is entirely complimentary, you can update to a more expensive Business Plan.

You can include more users and incorporate with corporate tools such as Google Meet and Google Calendar if you so choose.

Arguably, Google Voice is the best of all the TextNow Alternatives on our list.


I believe that Google Voice is the greatest TextNow replacement, particularly for business needs in addition to personal uses, such as calling loved ones members.

Nevertheless, I likewise recommend TextPlus, especially if you are experiencing problems making calls using the Google Voice app, which can take place from time to time.

TextPlus has ads, however, it is affordable to have those ads removed, and it is also low-cost to keep your contact number even if you are not actively using it.

Let me understand what other TextNow Alternatives you find important in the remark section.


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