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18 Trello Alternatives to Boost Business Performance

Looking for trello alternatives? This post will show you 18 best trello alternatives that you never witnessed before. Searching for a Trello substitute? Working from home has become commonplace in the COVID-19 corporate environment. However, without the proper tools, managing a remote workforce is impossible. 

Over 249 project management software tools are available, and the majority of them work with kanban boards. Choosing the best option for your organization is difficult due to the overwhelming quantity of options. In order to simplify things, we’ve looked at the established market leaders and upstarts and reduced the field to a more manageable list of 18 reliable Trello alternatives.

Everything from features, plans, pricing, user experience, and appropriate use cases will be covered. Get started now! Let’s get going!

An Overview of Trello

The Kanban board feature was the primary feature that formerly distinguished Trello from other project management tools:

In essence, a kanban board is a visual representation of several projects at various phases. Initially, Toyota used whiteboards to visualize project progress. Joel Spolsky, the creator of Trello, later leveraged the idea to develop a more user-friendly project collaboration and management interface.

This kanban board capability is now available in all significant project management applications, such as Asana, Jira, Microsoft Project and Planner, among others.

Overall, this makes them all fairly comparable to Trello in terms of usage.

Does Google Offer a Product Similar to Trello?

Google has not yet developed a specific tool for project management. However, you might use one of Google’s cloud-based services to manage and collaborate on projects.

To-do list capability is available in Google Keep, the company’s note-taking app:

Google Stay

Additionally, you may set reminders, make your own labels, and share certain cards with other Google users. The answer is, of course, far from ideal. You cannot access a kanban-view or create deadlines.

Does Microsoft Offer a Product Similar to Trello?

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner are two different project management apps that you can use as Trello substitutes.

Windows Planner

A kanban board view serves as the centerpiece of the straightforward task management and communication tool Microsoft Planner. All Office 365 business plans include it, even the $5 per user per month Business Basic (formerly known as Business Essentials).

Project Microsoft

A more sophisticated project management tool, Microsoft Project focuses on specific timetables, task-by-task responsibilities, and more. It starts at $10 per user per month and integrates with Office 365 capabilities, although it is not included in any Office 365 plan. Below, we’ll go through these two tools in more detail.

18 Trello Alternatives to Boost Business Performance

Continue reading if you’re seeking for a real alternative to Trello.

1. Asana


Asana is a well-known project management program that has largely adopted a Kanban-based approach in recent years. When it comes to the Kanban-board method of task management, Asana provides capabilities that are equivalent to those of Trello. It also has three separate views and more sophisticated workflow automation tools.

Pricing for Asana

The premium plan starts at $10.99 per user per month and includes up to 15 users on the free plan.

Yoga UI

The “Board” view or tab provides a nearly identical user interface to Trello. You can click on tasks to view and update their information or drag them from one stage to the next. Overall, Asana is quite simple to use once you start creating and assigning tasks.


With 158 native connectors, Asana is compatible with popular programs like Slack, Office 365, and Salesforce.

Cases of Use for Asana

• Small teams working on challenging projects with numerous task owners.

• Big teams with intricate workflows.

Does Asana Outperform Trello?

It’s challenging to determine which option is inherently superior due to the conceptual and use case differences. However, once you comprehend the distinctions between them, you might know which choice is superior for your business. For a more thorough overview of both applications, read our thorough comparison of Asana vs. Trello.

2. Airtable


Businesses can utilize Airtable, a clever “half spreadsheet, part database” solution, to manage teams and projects. It is employed by us to manage duties pertaining to client connections. For managing tasks, Airtable offers a calendar view, a kanban view, and more than simply a spreadsheet view.

The Airtable Price

There are 1,200 rows and 5GB of storage in the free plan. The monthly price for Plus is $10 per user.

User Encounter

The default user interface has more of an Excel or Google Sheets feel to it.

UI Airtable

For those who have used Trello before, the Kanban view is simple to use and intuitive.

Airtable’s Kanban view

Simply click the + symbol in each column to add additional projects, then reorder the cards as necessary.


Airtable supports more than 1,000 more integration SaaS products through Zapier in addition to their 32 native integrations available through their API.

Applications of Airtable

• Businesses that require features for data organization in addition to project management.

• Users who favor using spreadsheets for their work.

3. Basecamp


Basecamp is a platform for communication and workstreams in addition to being a project management tool. Beyond simply standard project management, Basecamp offers a message board, live group chat, and other collaboration capabilities.

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Basecamp cost

Basecamp offers a 30-day free trial and a set rate of $99 per month per company (not user).

User Encounter

Your business is divided into teams or projects by Basecamp. You may access the message boards, task lists, and campfire live chat from the individual team view.

Team view in Basecamp


Integrations with Basecamp

Through its API and additional interfaces with Zapier and, Basecamp 3 features more than 45 native integrations.

Basecamp Use Cases

• Organizations seeking a unified solution for communication and project management.

• Businesses want to reduce the price of per-user pricing options.

4. Jira


Jira is a software development management platform made by Atlassian, which also owns Trello. Jira includes agile development tools including agile reporting, bug mapping, and more in addition to work management using Kanban boards.

Price for Jira

Up to 10 users may utilize Jira’s free plan, while the standard subscription costs $7 per user per month.

user encounter

The board view in Jira operates almost identically to Trello’s.

Jira version release

Software developers can stay on task with the support of version release planning and perspectives.


Over 1,000 apps and integrations are available for Jira, including those for Github, Adobe XD, and other crucial developer tools.

Cases for Jira’s Use

• Software firms in need of a project management instrument.

5. Project Microsoft

Project Microsoft

The enterprise project management tool from Microsoft is called Microsoft Project. In addition to fundamental project management tools for agile development, Project also provides a task list grid and board view.

Cost of Microsoft Project

The entry-level plan costs $10 per user each month.

user encounter

The default grid or list view in Microsoft Project makes it simple to assign tasks, deadlines, and other details.

the project board view

For users who are actually already accustomed to using Trello kanban boards, the board view is ideal.


Microsoft Project is clearly far behind when it comes to extending functionality with third-party tools, with only 16 available apps and connections. However, it has native integration with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 applications.

Using Microsoft Project: Use Cases

• Organizations that currently use Office 365 and Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

6. Microsoft Planner

microsoft planner

The SMB-focused counterpart to Project, Microsoft Planner, is a part of all Microsoft 365 business plans. Only rudimentary project management functions are included in Microsoft Planner, while the Microsoft 365 software suite offers some additional functionality.

Microsoft Planner price

Every Microsoft 365 business plan, starting at $5 per user per month, includes Planner.

user encounter

Anyone familiar with Trello should find the kanban board layout to be simple to use.


UI for Microsoft Planner

Less than 10 pertinent AppSource results for Planner’s integrations. It is compatible with Microsoft products like Teams and Flow.

Examples of Microsoft Planner’s Uses

• A basic planning tool for companies that have Microsoft 365 subscriptions for other apps.

7. Workzone


Workzone is a project management tool targeted at product teams and agencies. Workzone supports workload tracking and management in addition to basic project management.

Workzone cost

Workzone has no free plan, and its cheapest plan starts at $24 per user per month.

User Encounter

For businesses that place a lot of emphasis on deadlines, the project dashboard view is excellent.


There are 17 integrations with Workzone, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Applications for Workzone

• Businesses looking to manage both their personnel and projects with a single tool.

8. Wrike


Project management software for creative teams called Wrike features cutting-edge workflow technologies. Wrike includes a Gantt chart view, workload management tools, and creative workflow capabilities in addition to basic kanban and task management.

Price of Wrike

Up to five users can use it for free, while the pro plan costs $9.8 per user each month.

user encounter

WorkIt UI

The kanban perspective in Wrike is clear and uncomplicated. Creating, assigning, and moving tasks is simple.

Image commenting on Wrike

Additionally, it has capabilities for the creative approval procedure, such as picture approval and in-image commentary.


Use the Wrike Integrate add-on to connect Wrike to more than 400 different SaaS applications. There is an add-on available for Gmail users as well.

Using Wrike: Use Cases

• Marketing and design firms with intricate workflows.

9. KanbanFLow


A fantastic free alternative to Trello and other project management applications is KanbanFlow. It resembles Trello in many aspects, but it incorporates task time tracking (Trello does not and requires third-party programs).

Pricing using KanbanFlow

The free edition has no connectors and restricted analytics but allows for an unlimited number of projects, users, and boards. Monthly fees for Premium users begin at $5.

user encounter

Although Trello offers a similar basic board view experience, the colorful design has a more whimsical feel to it.

Using the KanbanFlow timer

The Pomodoro time tracker that users can use to monitor their time spent on projects is the most intriguing aspect of the user interface.

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A REST API is available, and several Zapier integrations are supported.

Examples of KanbanFlow in Use

• Businesses looking for a limitless, cost-free alternative to Trello.

• Workgroups that apply the Pomodoro technique.

10. Sortd


Within your Gmail inbox, there is a project management tool called Sortd. Task management and simple email-focused workflow solutions are available through Sortd.

Sorting by Price

Up to three lists and personal boards are included in the free version of Sortd. Pro plans start at $6 a month for per user.

user encounter

UI Sorted

Within your Gmail inbox, Sortd provides full project management board features.


It doesn’t offer any connectors outside those with Gmail and Google Workspace.

Applications of Sortd

• Organizations that still rely largely on email to communicate with clients and partners.

11. Monday

Monday is a clever project management solution that emphasizes automation and process. Monday has a little bit more functionality, including sophisticated processes and time monitoring.

Tuesday prices

There isn’t a free option, and Monday is extremely pricey, with monthly prices starting at $39 for each user.

user encounter

How simple it is to automate repetitive operations is the best feature of Monday’s user interface.

Workflow tools for Monday


Integrations with

More than 30 native connections are available for, including those for popular SaaS programs like Zoom, Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Cases of Use on Monday

• Groups that wish to automate more of their workflows and use numerous platforms.

12. ClickUp


ClickUp’s equivalent of Trello. A project management tool called ClickUp is created to be a central hub for all of your activities. Utilizing ClickUp’s hierarchy will enable you to view your projects however you see fit. ClickUp offers a variety of methods to organize your projects. You can see a single project while working at the List level, but if you zoom out to the Everything level, you can see all of your tasks across the entire workspace!

Price click-up

The free version of ClickUp allows for an infinite number of users and tasks, while subscription plans grant access to permission control and limitless storage.

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user encounter

user experience with ClickUp

There are 15 views in all that you may utilize in your workspace with ClickUp, including a Doc view for writing your own Docs and a Chat view for chatting with your team in a channel. You may also view your tasks in a kanban-style similar to Trello’s in ClickUp’s Board view.


ClickUp is a powerhouse of integration, enabling you to connect with your email inbox, GitHub, and many more services. ClickUp has over 80 native connectors. Additionally, you may connect ClickUp with Zapier, Integrately, or Integromat to gain access to tens of thousands additional integrations.

Examples of ClickUp’s Uses

• Organizations that seek to centralize their workflow in order to facilitate project management and communication.

• Individuals who want to accelerate their own productivity and finish their own work faster.

13. Pipefy


Another project management application with a focus on automating ineffective operations is Pipefy. One of the most affordable paid alternatives to Trello on our list is Pipefy, with monthly prices starting at just $9 per user.

Pricing for pipes

user encounter

UI Pipefy

The Pipefy user interface is simple to use, and the default setup uses the well-known kanban view. Simple task creation, assignment, and pipeline movement are all possible.


Pipefy, a fledgling startup, only has a few native integrations, but it does support Google Hangouts and Slack.

Applications of Pipefy

• Businesses wanting to increase workflow effectiveness.

14. Taiga


Taiga is an open source project management solution with a particularly user-friendly UI for startups and agile development teams. The cost of the program varies depending on the infrastructure and user count, ranging from free for on-premise instances to more than $3000. Taiga is a fantastic choice for individuals looking for open source solutions.

Taiga cost

user encounter

Taiga features sophisticated Scrum and sprint capabilities in addition to a straightforward kanban view, such as this backlog view of Sprint performance.

sprint backlog for Taiga


Taiga includes native connectors with Mattermost, DealCloud, HipChat, Github, and Gitlab.

Taiga’s Use Cases

• Organizations that embrace agile development and have the knowledge to employ open source solutions.

15. Restya


An open source substitute for Trello and other project management tools is Restya. The program can be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

Prices and Features

Although the software is available for free, there are premium subscriptions that start at less than $20 per month and include more functionality. Support is offered as a premium service.

user encounter

You have complete control over the kanban board using Restya, including the amount of columns, the chores, and the background music (you probably want to leave this off).

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Restya may be integrated with more than 1,000 applications and software programs via Zapier. Sadly, the most of these are only accessible via their power-up packages (paid).

Applications for Restya

• Businesses that are equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to use open source software.

16. Wekan


Another open source competitor to Trello that was made available under the MIT license is Wekan.

Prices and Features

Wekan can be hosted on your own server and is free to use.

user encounter

UI for Wekan

The user interface (UI) of Wekan is a simple, no-frills kanban board for task management.


Wekan now only supports time tracking with Titra, while we’re working on adding other integrations.

Applications of Wekan

• Any business that wants to employ open source software, has a clean kanban board, and avoids using outside services. Two Trello substitutes integrated into your website. Do you want Trello’s features integrated directly into your WordPress website? You can get just that with these two project management plugins.

17. Kanban


Looking for a self-hosted alternative to Trello but unsure how to use Github repositories? WordPress Kanban might be the best option for you. It provides a fully functional kanban board in addition to an editorial calendar and tools for the sales pipeline.

KanbanPro Cost

There are no user or usage restrictions with the free Kanban for WordPress plugin’s basic version. A lifetime license for the pro plugin costs $499, or a flat rate of $149 annually.

user encounter

Because the plugin integrates a kanban board directly into WordPress, your site’s current writers and editors can quickly start using it to manage projects.


It is compatible with a number of well-liked WordPress plugins, including Gravity Forms.

WordPress Use Cases for Kanban

• Owners of WordPress websites that desire a self-hosted kanban tool.

• Magazines and publishers who use WordPress as a publishing platform and require a tool to handle editorial content.

18. Panorama


Another WordPress project management plugin is called Panorama.

Price and Features of Panorama

Panorama presently has a distinct project dashboard rather than a kanban board view.

Panorama cost

The WordPress plugin is free, but you must pay at least for an individual license, which costs $69 per year, if you want access to all features and support.

user encounter

UI of Panorama

Large pie charts and descriptions on the dashboard push the task lists far below the first view, making it a bit clumsy.


While it doesn’t interface with any other apps or collaboration tools, it does with WordPress.

Applications for Panorama

• Owners of WordPress websites seeking a self-hosted project management application.

In our article on WordPress project management plugins, you may find additional independently hosted alternatives to Trello.

Alternatives to Trello (Free vs Paid-Only)

Most of the solutions discussed in this article adhere to Trello’s freemium business model. That essentially means they provide a constrained edition of their product for no cost at all.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Free alternatives to Trello

• Asana (Free up to 15 users)

• Jira (Free up to 10 users)

The Pipefy (Free up to 10 users)

• Flow Kanban (Unlimited users and projects)

• Sortd (Up to 3 lists)

Airtable • (Up to 1200 rows or 2 GB data)

• Wrike (Free up to 5 users)

• WordPress Kanban Boards

• The WordPress plugin Panorama

• Taiga (Open Source)

• Restay (Open Source)

• Wekan (Open Source)

Trello substitutes that charge a fee

• Basecamp (unlimited users and projects for $99 per month).

• Microsoft Project ($10/user/month is the minimum plan).

• Microsoft Project (Included in Office 365 Business plans)

• (14-day free trial available)

• Workzone

What’s the Best Alternative to Trello?

The ideal Trello substitute will depend on the particulars of your business. For instance, Microsoft Planner can be your best option if you already use Office 365 Business and just need a straightforward task management and team collaboration solution.

On the other hand, paying the flat charge for Basecamp or choosing an unlimited free option like KanbanFlow may be your best option if you operate with a variety of different freelancers and don’t want to deal with individual user licenses for each one. Asana or Jira are likely your best options if you’re looking for a more comprehensive project management system.

In conclusion, every Trello substitute on this list is the best choice for a specific user. Simply choose the one that works best for your circumstances. Market heavyweights like Asana and Jira are still reliable alternatives to Trello, but several upstarts have given the kanban approach their own spin.

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