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15+ Visual Studio Code Alternatives

What do you know about Visual Studio code? Here are the top 19 alternatives to Visual Studio Code for the year 2023.

Visual Studio Code Alternatives

1. VSCodium

visual studio code

The VSCodium project offers Code – OSS executables for distribution that are built on the VS Code source code but do not contain any Microsoft products. JSON alterations The VSCodium coders take great care to turn off any tricky telemetry options, so you can download the cleanest source code for visual studio code without building it yourself. According to VSCodium, visual studio code has a number of exclusive tools that cannot be included with an open-source version.

2. Sublime 

It has practical features like the ability to perform split division, bypass lines or symbols, underline code, and define various syntaxes. This program has 23 distinct themes and a fully customizable user interface. Although the software is fairly complex, once we understand it, our output will increase. It has keypad and command tools that can help our program more quickly and efficiently.

3. Atom 

It supports programming features like autocompletion, linting, and testing. The graphical user interface (GUI) of Edit-IDE d’s allows you to access fundamental functions and write code. Numerous tools are available in Atom for working with computer languages. For instance, the auto-completion feature suggests words as you write. It is also “designed for multilingual development” and places a strong emphasis on linguistic grammar.

4. Notepad++

It is a highly feature-rich Notepad clone. Standard features of Notepad + + include tabbed navigation, programming language folding and outlining, filename encoding, color grammar highlighting, programmable hotkeys, macro recording, and replay. It also enables spell testing with Ispell and has a built-in text file comparison utility. The software Notepad++ is gratis. It is best known for merging source code editing features into a multi-line tabbed text editor.

5. UltraEdit

visual studio code

You’ll love the robust code-folding, and it has all the standard editing tools like erase, copy, and paste, as well as finding. Two additional features that increase efficiency are delimiter matching, which indicates where parentheses begin and end, and highlighting, which aids in remembering and locating key sections of code like subroutines and constant declarations. When the drop-down window is enabled, keywords from the syntax highlighting word file are displayed.

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6. GNU Emacs

visual studio code

Similar to earlier Emacs versions, GNU Emacs can be expanded using a Turing complete computer language. With the necessary assistance from the base system, GNU Emacs can display files in a variety of character sets, and it has been able to simultaneously display the majority of human languages since at least 1999. Throughout its life, GNU Emacs has been a crucial component of the GNU effort and a representation of the free software movement.

7. Brackets

visual studio code

You can quickly piece together programs using its code completion tools without having to be familiar with the precise syntax. The Quick Edit option will walk you through the procedure if you need assistance with the grammar or selections of the code. Among the reliable features it offers are the parameter clues, which include linting, skip to definition, auto-update issue fixes, and update notifications tailored to specific platforms. Additionally, the program supports PHP tools and language server protocols.It is one of the best visual studio code alternative.

8. BBEdit


visual studio code

It has a wide range of tools for editing, finding, and working with text data, source code, and writing. By enabling you to use as many of BBEdit’s extensive toolkits across numerous files and directories with just one initial configuration, Text Factories increase efficiency. Text factories also work in the background, maximizing the use of multiprocessor machines while letting you use BBEdit for other chores.

9. CodePen

visual studio code

For coders of all skill levels, but particularly for those just learning to code, a robust and cost-free online code editor. We focus on the preparation of syntaxes that turn front-end languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The CodePen Editor has a wide range of adaptability. Emmet and autocomplete both offer quickness and precision. When starting new tasks, you can also set logical settings.

10. Jupyter Notebook

visual studio code

Its flexible UI allows users to design and organize processes in data science, scientific computing, computational journalism, and machine learning. A modular design promotes extensions to improve and enrich utility. It offers a clear, condensed, and document-focused atmosphere. The Jupyter Notebook can be used by thousands of employees at your company thanks to unified technology that is located on- or off-site.

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11. Spyder

It blends the robust editing, debugging, and profiling features of a full-featured computing tool with the data analysis, live processing, and spectacular visualization tools of a scientific package. Spyder is compatible with a variety of different specialized platforms. Using a Sympy interface inside Spyder, you can write and view symbolic math formulae. In order to expedite your work and use C methods straight from Python, you can use a Cython console.

12. PyCharm

The features of PyCharm include a built-in terminal, a Python profiler, a debugger and test runner that functions as both, compatibility with popular VCS, built-in database support, online development using remote interpreters, an integrated ssh terminal, and connections to Docker and Vagrant. PyCharm enables the most recent iterations of JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS.

13. Dropbase

Without the need for engineering, Dropbase enables you to clean and verify your data with just a few keystrokes. Utilize pre-built cleansing and certification processes or create your own to suit your unique requirements. Databases are strong but challenging to set up, manage, and expand without the aid of engineering or IT. With Dropbase, creating a database is as easy as creating an account. You can handle, grow, and secure all of your database’s info using the simplest interface available.

14. Geany

Geany lets you change a lot of things, like how it looks (Geany schemes) and what file types it can open. Additionally, there are numerous ways to adapt Geany to your needs and hobbies. Through the plugin system, users can extend Geany’s functionality, and coders can easily add new features or update existing ones. You have the right to learn more about all of your stored personal data, including where it came from, who it was intended for, and why it was processed.

15. Kakoune

The text editing and composing tools in Kakoune include contextual help, as-you-type completion, and grammar highlighting for a number of computer languages. With Kakoune, you can work together on the same document because all new windows created by the editor are clients and can simultaneously change the contents of the document. As a consequence, windows can be completely managed by your X11 window manager or managed using Kakoune’s tmux support in a single interface.

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16. WebStorm

An integrated programming platform for JavaScript and related tools is called WebStorm.WebStorm can assist you with every aspect of coding and has a comprehensive knowledge of the structure of your project. It will autocomplete your code, help you correctly restructure code, and discover and fix errors and duplication. The convenience of having all of your instruments in one place when using an IDE is one of its best features.

17. Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a very adaptable, low-level CSS system that is heavily founded on the idea of utility classes, which are also built-in to Bootstrap. Without using internal styles, you can combine and match CSS attributes using utility classes. It offers a selection of predesigned tools to assist you in building your website, but it doesn’t compel you to make irreversible design errors.

18. CodeTogether

Whether you work on an Agile team where pair programming is a regular part of the software development process, or you simply prefer to live-share your code during the occasional troubleshooting session, CodeTogether is the best option for pair programming, mob programming, code review, and more. CodeTogether makes it straightforward to switch between teams of coders working on a project at once or even work alone when you share a coding session.

19. Theia 

visual studio code

One IDE can be created with Theia and operated on the web or as a native PC application. Theia was designed to modify and expand any component by extenders and converters. Theia is constructed using state-of-the-art web-based technology. LSP and DAP are used to provide language assistance. Furthermore, it enables the visual studio code enhancements and provides full terminal access. Theia was developed by a large collection of individuals and is vendor-neutral.


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