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11 Best WebP to Gif Converters that You Must Know

Looking for WebP to gif converter? This post will show you 11 best WebP to gif converter that you never knew before. This short article lists Best Free WebP to GIF Converter Software for Windows. Using any of these freeware, you can transform WebP images to GIF, or you can even convert a whole WebP images folder to GIF at the same time. Likewise, you can convert GIF to WebP in a comparable way. In many of these specalized software, you can even produce animated GIF utilizing WebP images. For this function, you can personalize many specifications including delay rate or size of each frame, frame order, alignment, etc.

Ususally most of these WebP to GIF converters are mainly image editors. Thus, you can manipulate WebP images before converting them to GIF format. These software application provide general as well as sophisticated modifying tools, such as rotate, resize, crop, image filters, drawing tools, text, watermark, standard color adjustments, and so on.

Apart from WebP to GIF, you can likewise transform WebP to JPG, WebP to PNG, and other supported formats like BMP, TIFF, ICO, etc.

My Favorite software to transform WebP to GIF:

Picosmos is my favorite freeware to convert the WebP image to GIF. It supplies versatility to batch transform WebP to GIF. You can likewise create an animated GIF using WebP images.

XnConvert is also an excellent option to convert the WebP to GIF. It’s primarily an image converter which supports a good series of formats. It likewise lets you modify WebP images prior to the conversion process.

11 Best Webp to Gif Converters that You Must Know

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1. Picosmos


Picosmos is a totally free image processor software application for Windows. As you launch it, you will see different tools which you can use for editing and integrating images, creating animations, screen recording, making page styles, and so on. This actually freeware can also be used to convert WebP to GIF.

There are 4 ways to convert WebP to GIF utilizing Picosmos:

Open Batch module to convert WebP to GIF. Just add a folder consisting of WebP images, select preferred images, and click on Convert button (present at left panel). Now, you can also choose output format as GIF, personalize output resolution or quality, and output folder.

Using Editor tool, you can also first modify a WebP image (for modifying tools, check here) and after that save it as a GIF image.

Utilizing Combine tool, you can integrate several WebP images to form a collage. After that, you conserve the WebP collage as a GIF image.

From Animation module, you can also create an animated GIF utilizing WebP images (described listed below).

How to simply create animated GIF using WebP images:

This WebP to GIF converter supplies a terrific function to develop an animated GIF with WebP images. To do so, open Animation module and include desired WebP images utilizing its inbuilt file explorer. Now, from the best side of the interface, you can adjust frame, period, alignment, tailor the size for each frame, etc. You can also play the GIF to have a preview of the output. To save that GIF, use the Save as the option. An animated with GIF with WebP images will be produced. In the comparable manner, you can create animated GIFs using other images too.

Picosmos is a terrific image editor for the Windows. It then supports a wide range of the image formats including PNG, JPEG, ICO, RAS, TGA, WMF, RAW, and so on. 

2. XnConvert


XnConvert is really an image converter software for Windows. Using it, you can transform WebP to GIF, and even transform a folder of WebP images to GIF.

Merely include specific WebP images or a folder of them in the Input tab. If you want to actually edit WebP images, go to the Actions tab. Here, you can also make the desired adjustments to images like resize, crop, turn, add filters, add watermark, set DPI, and so on. Now, go to that Output tab and then select output format as GIF. You can also enable interlaced and GIF 87a parameters for that resulting GIF. Select wanted relabeling pattern, output folder, maintain metadata, and so on and click Convert button. From Status tab, you can see log details of WebP to GIF conversion procedure.

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XnConvert can be utilized to convert a range of file formats consisting of TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG, RAW, CSV, ICO, PGM, PDF, and so on. It is a really user-friendly file converter software.

3. Paint.Net


Paint.Net is one of the most typically utilized image modifying software application. It can be used for numerous energies including generating textures, modifying SVG files, inverting image colors, etc. This can be your another option for that software to convert that WebP to GIF.

Using Paint.Net, you can also convert WebP to GIF image or even transform WebP to animated GIF. However, there is a technique to that. You will require additional plugins to accomplish either of these 2 goals. Let’s see how.

To convert that WebP to GIF in Paint.Net:

This can also be done by just opening a WebP image and using Save as alternative to convert it to GIF. However, as it doesn’t naturally support WebP format, you require to download the WebP Filetype plugin. After that, extract that ZIP folder and then copy all DLL files to FileTypes subfolder in the installed Paint.Net folder. As simple as that.

To develop animated GIF using WebP images in Paint.Net:

To do this, you need to download another plugin besides WebP Filetype plugin, which is then for creating animated image. You can also download it from here. After doing so, paste that DLL file to installed Paint.Net folder > FileTypes subfolder. Now, follow the listed below actions to create an animated GIF:

Create a canvas with wanted width and height.

Go to that Layer > Import From File option and select a WebP image (or any other supported image format). In this manner, you can include numerous WebP images to produce an animated GIF. You can likewise develop brand-new layers by using drawing tools.

Now, use Save as alternative and select output format as animated GIF. You will also be then asked to specify counts and hold-up (in ms). After specifying these criteria, an animated GIF with WebP photos will be produced.

Paint.Net is a hassle-free alternative for its routine users to convert WebP image to GIF image or WebP to animated GIF.

4. IrfanView


IrfanView is just popular image editor for Windows. It can also be your another option to a freeware to transform WebP to GIF. However like Paint.Net, it likewise does not support WebP format natively. So, you need to set up an additional plugin in order to open and edit WebP image in IrfanView. To download the needed plugin, click on this link > IrfanView Plugins.

After that installing the above plugin, open a WebP image. You can modify it prior to transforming WebP to GIF. After that, use Save as alternative to conserve WebP image in GIF image format. Another alternative to transform WebP to GIF is by utilizing File > Batch Conversion choice. Here, you can include numerous WebP images and transform them to GIF at once. While doing so, you can tailor rename pattern and output parameters like GIF quality, maintain metadata, save GIF with a transparent color, and so on. Utilizing Advanced Options, you can even edit included WebP image by utilizing tools like crop, resize, turn, turn, color correction, watermark, and so on.

So, this is how you can utilize IrfanView to convert WebP to GIF. Similarly, conversion of GIF to WebP is likewise possible. For this, you get to choose predetermined type (icon, image, drawing, etc), quality, extra tuning, and so on.



GIMP is just another popular image editor which can be utilized to transform WebP to GIF. Like some other software application, this one too needs an additional plugin to support WebP format. Just set up the required plugin after downloading it from here > GIMP WebP Plugin.

The conversion of WebP to GIF resembles many other software. Simply open the WebP image, edit it as needed, and utilize Export As choice to transform it to GIF. You can utilize the same method to convert GIF to WebP image.

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Like couple of other software, it likewise lets you create animated GIF utilizing WebP images. You can import several WebP images as layers. Also, it lets you add several layers by drawing them or using different image formats (JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP, and so on). You can then utilize Filters > Animation choices to personalize output GIF. To know more about how to develop an animated GIF in GIMP, check here > Simple Animations in GIMP. After developing animated GIF utilizing WebP images, go to that File > Export As and then choose output format as GIF. In that new dialog box, enable the Animation option and set delay between each frame in milliseconds. You can likewise add GIF remark and make it possible for interlacing, loop forever, etc alternatives.

GIMP is a feature-rich image editor. It supports a large range of formats including JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, SVG, ICO, WMF, etc.

6. Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES

Chasys Draw IES is a free software consisting of a set of tools for image processing. These tools include image audience, converter, editor, etc. You can transform WebP to GIF in two ways, which are then as follows:

Chasys Draw IES Converter: Using that tool, you can merely convert WebP to GIF. Not just one, you can transform a folder of WebP images to GIF. The process of doing so is quite easy. Add a WebP image folder, choose target GIF folder, tailor renaming options, select target file format as GIF, personalize resizing alternatives, select effects and improvements (rotation, processing), and select other alternatives like remove EXIF tags for Geo-location, etc. As you define these specifications, you will see Conversion Summary including chosen input specifications. If you really wish to change any of the input, click Back; else, click on that Start button. The WebP images will then be converted to those GIF images.

Chasys Draw IES Artist: This tool actually lets you easily modify WebP images prior to WebP to GIF conversion utilizing its basic as well as sophisticated editing tools. Drawing (hand or brush or pencil, text, shape, eraser, magic wand, pen and course, and so on), basic image changes (brightness, contrast, and so on), transformation (rotation, flip, etc), and so on tools are readily available in it. It then lets you import another WebP or another image as layer too. There are different panels of layers, color scheme, actions history, sneak peek, and so on that makes the modifying job easy. After modifying the image, you convert WebP to GIF using Save as alternative. To know more about its modifying tools, check here > WebP Editor.

Apart from that WebP and GIF, it supports a great range of image formats as input and output consisting of JPEG or PNG or ICO, CUR, BMP, TIFF, etc.

Chasys Draw IES is that feature-rich image processor. You can use it to produce static/animated cursors, produce item animation, record video, and so on.

7. Pixillion Image Converter

Pixillion Image Converter

Pixillion Image Converter, as that name suggests, is a dedicated image converter for Windows. It is free for non-commercial purpose just.

To merely transform WebP to GIF, add one or several WebP images and pick output format as GIF. You can also edit that WebP image using tools consisting of Resize, Flip, Rotate, Watermark Text, and Watermark Image. Lastly, click Convert button for WebP to GIF conversion.

How to combine WebP images and produce an animated GIF:

After including WebP images, choose the files you wish to integrate into an animated GIF.

Select output format as the GIF and click on Combine tool present on its interface.

Now, in brand-new Combine Images window, you can reorder image sequence in the resulting GIF.

At last, click Combine images button and choose output name and location. That’s it.

So utilizing this freeware, you can transform WebP to GIF and even create an animated GIF by combining numerous WebP images.

Pixillion Image Converter supports an excellent range of file formats for conversion, consisting of JPG, BMP, DOCX, PDF, ICO, TIFF, etc.

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8. RealWorld Paint

RealWorld Paint

RealWorld Paint is another among WebP to GIF converter in this list. Utilizing it, you can transform WebP to GIF, or you can likewise create an animated GIF using WebP images. To just transform a WebP image to GIF image format, open the image, modify it if you want, and utilize Save as option to convert it to GIF. Click on this link to understand more about its editing functions.

Now, to develop an animated GIF utilizing WebP images, here are the arranged actions:

Click Create module from the main interface and choose either of New Raster Image or New Vector Image alternatives accordingly. Define criteria for canvas including width, height, background color, and resolution (in DPI).

Go to Create menu > Create animation choice and pick a number of columns and rows.

Now, import WebP images to private frames of the animation by going to Layer > Import Layer. You can then edit and annotate images based on your requirement.

You can see all frames of animated GIF at the bottom of the user interface. From there, you can also customize animation speed. Or, you can also go to Animation menu and use choices like modification animation speed, loop count, insert frame, replicate frame, and so on.

You can also watch the real-time preview of the produced animated GIF from Preview tab present in the best panel of the user interface.

After editing that GIF, go to File > Save regarding save the animated GIF. You can save specific frames as GIF image too.

Likewise, you can produce an animated GIF utilizing images in other formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.

RealWorld Paint is another great image editor and WebP to GIF converter. You can also know more about it here > RealWorld Paint Review.

9. WebPconv


WebPconv is just straightforward WebP to GIF converter for Windows. Apart from that WebP to GIF, it also lets you convert WebP to JPG, PNG, TIFF, or BMP.

To transform WebP to GIF, just move to Decode tab and include one or multiple WebP images. Now, click on that menu button (at the top right) and pick output format as GIF from Decoding choices. Other options that you can also customize are enable filter, openness result, dither strength, and so on. After customizing these criteria, click on the run button to start WebP to GIF conversion. In a comparable method, you can convert WebP images to other supported formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, etc too.

To transform GIF to WebP or PNG/JPEG to WebP, use Encode tab. You can customize predetermined type, compression method, quality aspect, etc parameters for output WebP image.

WebPconv is a devoted software to transform WebP to other image formats and vice-versa. It is easy to use and contains simple and intuitive interface.

10. File Converter

File Converter

File Converter is a shell extension for transforming multimedia formats. After installing this software application, it will be contributed to the context menu of files of supported formats. These formats consist of WebP, PNG, JPG, FLAC, AAC, OGG, MP3, WAV, MKV, MP4, AVI, GIF, PDF, and so on.

To convert that WebP to GIF, simply go to a WebP image and right-click on it and click on File Converter > To Gif from the context menu. If you desire a low-grade GIF, click To Gif (poor quality) alternative. Also, you can transform other images formats too.

Submit Converter is the easiest tool to transform WebP to GIF in this list. It makes the entire task of file format conversion pretty basic. 

11. Webp Bulk Image Converter

Webp Bulk Image Converter

Webp Bulk Image Converter is just another simple software to transform WebP to GIF or other formats consisting of JPG, PNG, and BMP. Merely search a folder containing WebP images, click GIF format from its interface, and then click on that Converto button. All WebP images from that added folder will then be converted to GIF at the same time. You can likewise see log info and number of converted and not transformed files.


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