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How Can I Use The Wordlebot?

How can I use the Wordlebot? let me tell you the tricks and tips on how you can know about your score on the wordle, and much more!

How Can I Use The Wordlebot?

Visit this link after completing the day’s puzzle. You will be guided by it all the way through. Take a screenshot if you want an analysis of an older puzzle or another person’s puzzle. (The Wordle stats panel will appear when you finish a puzzle. After clicking “x,” take a screenshot of the grid. If the following puzzle hasn’t been released yet, you can return to that page at any moment after solving, and it will remember your guesses.)Swipe through the result screens after that. The first one awards you a combined skill and luck score. The bot then compares your decisions to what it would have done by going through the rest of your estimates.

How adept at Wordle is WordleBot?

By the way, the bot cheats. It determines how successfully you are eliminating options, but it also knows which 2,309 words are on the list of accepted answers. The number of five-letter words in the English language is actually closer to 13,000; many of them were simply left out to spice up the game, such as the plurals of four-letter terms that aren’t frequently used. Additionally, a number of words that I don’t think are particularly obscure were omitted, along with several obscure words: The bot informed me that neither FUTON nor PORKY would ever be a solution, despite both being acceptable as educated guesses.

But at least the bot is unaware of which puzzles have already been released. When I play, I can mentally check off a possibility if it is SNOUT and I recall that SNOUT was the answer the previous week. This instruction has not been delivered to the bot.

How to use and learn this bot ?

The most intriguing aspect of WordleBot is not that it will rate your ability level but rather that it can offer you advice on how to improve.

The problem for today was on the simpler side (I and two of my coworkers all solved it in three guesses.) The bot claims that it would have solved it in two, being the smug bastard that it is. (The phrase begins with CRANE.)

My overall skill score was 93. It praised my first guess (STONE) and stated that my second guess (CHAMP) down the options to just two. So, my third guess was correct.

Next, I used the bot to process Sarah Showfety’s solution, a staff writer. Her second guess of SNARE only reduced the number of possible solutions to three rather than two, giving her an overall skill score of just 85. Joel Cunningham, the deputy editor, received a talent score of 84, and in this instance it appears that he was penalised for being too fortunate. The number of potential answers was reduced to to 9 following his opener, and to just 1 after CLAMP. (The bot claims that we all outperformed the usual Wordle player: The average skill score is 79.)

I tried the problem from today again in a different browser just for fun and did my best to play it poorly. I may not truly be excellent at Wordle, but as we saw from my piece about Antiwordle earlier this week, I am definitely horrible at being bad at it. It appreciated both my introduction, BOGUS, and my conclusion, PARSE. The small robot was only shaking its head at my incorrect assumptions after that, though. In reality, I had it down to just four options at that point. My subsequent two choices, RAISE and SPARE, were labelled as “wasted” because they didn’t advance our understanding. However, that’s not really the case: Both included grey characters that I could rule out as possibilities and provided hints about the location of the previously yellow letters. However, after answering the puzzle in five guesses, I only received a competence score of 22, which matches.

So, what did we discover? We received grades for our starters among other things. The bot chose CRANE and preferred Sarah’s ROUTE and Joel’s STERN. All of these will, on average, reduce the number of options to between 90 and 100. (However, that number may vary depending on the actual solution for the day, which could be greater or lower.) You’re just unfortunate sometimes.)

So feel free to inquire about your performance to the bot. Even if the responses may enrage you, you’ll probably pick up something.


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