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12 Top Wrike Alternatives to Enhace Business Performance

Looking for wrike alternatives? This post will show you 12 best wrike alternatives that you never knew before. With a sizable user base across the globe, Wrike has moved past the stage of being a startup and is now among the most well-known job management products available.

But given that you are here, it is clear that you are doubting whether everything there really is sunshine and roses. Or, even better, you are trying to leave Wrike and find a more reliable solution for your management requirements. Together, we’ll examine the information in this post to determine which Wrike substitute is the best option.

But first, we must inform you that:

Describe Wrike

Wrike is a web-based project management tool created to provide visibility and control over tasks and projects. It actually has long been regarded as one of the best project management tools available. Some of the most well-liked characteristics that have made this software popular include accelerating performance, automating complex operations, giving higher efficiency, etc.

Wrike’s suitability for your company nearly entirely depends on your needs. Making this decision is all about how the technical specifications live up to your expectations and how the pricing information fits into your budget.

Despite the fact that many Fortune 500 organizations presently use Wrike to manage their projects, teams using Wrike have voiced a number of problems (that we have discussed in the next section).

Why Should I Pick an Alternative to Wrike?

Let’s disprove the notion that you should look for a Wrike substitute.

  • The difficulty of using and adapting to the software itself is a common complaint among users. Teams look for Wrike alternatives because they wish to simplify processes rather than add to them.
  • There is no built-in chat feature.

Why When compared to numerous other better alternatives to Wrike, the cost per user of Wrike is significantly greater.

  • Because of its unintuitive user interface, the learning curve is high.

It’s vital to consider your options even if no project management product is designed to perfectly fit your team. There are also quite a few benefits to switching to a new job management software platform over continuing with Wrike, which has a number of drawbacks of its own. There’s a chance you’ll discover some features you didn’t even realize you needed.

We must first identify what Wrike lacks in order to know which option will work best for your team. Let’s go over those particulars with:

12 Top Wrike Alternatives to Enhace Business Performance

1. ProofHub


ProofHub makes it easier to complete tasks. It is a flexible, user-friendly platform for project management that brings together managers, team members, and decision-makers to develop plans for and complete projects on schedule.

Gantt, Kanban, discussions, chats, notes, files, schedules, timesheets, and other capabilities offered by ProofHub help project managers and teams work together more effectively than ever. Additionally, the online proofing tool from ProofHub adds a special touch to the entire review and feedback-sharing process.

Are you sick of using standard project management tools and methods? Try out ProofHub!

A Solution in Every Feature

  • A user-friendly work management tool

ProofHub was created with simplicity in mind, but one feature that sets it apart from the competition is the abundance of capabilities for teams and any project management issue. It also really serves as a focal point for organizing and carrying out initiatives as well as working with groups and clients.

  • Arrange tasks in a single location

ProofHub provides room to create projects and subtasks and organize them on the fly so that you can see all the work that has to be done in a clear and straightforward manner. Creating recurring tasks, setting due dates and time estimates, assigning them to various persons, attaching files, and adding comments are all possible in one location.

  • Kanban Board task stages

If you frequently wonder “Who will work on this next?

You can see work in progress clearly with the help of ProofHub. Observe how the work progresses through several phases on the Kanban board as it is completed in a certain workflow.

  • Use Gantt charts to plan projects

Plan projects, establish task dependencies, and visualize work with the ProofHub Gantt chart’s timeline view. With task dependencies, you may shrewdly modify your strategy as work changes and deadlines alter.

  • Integrated Proofing for a Clear Feedback

The procedure of getting feedback might be difficult. Checking lengthy email threads for comments is no longer necessary thanks to ProofHub. With markup tools, the process can be sped up. You may review, proof, annotate, collaborate on, and instantly approve files using online proofing software.

  • Custom Roles Provide utmost Control

To actually maintain complete control over who has access to what information according to the workflow, ProofHub offers the ability to build unique roles. In just a few seconds, you may assign a default role as well as create and assign custom roles, provide access levels, and revoke access.

  • Manage Your Time Well

You won’t need to use an external time monitoring program any more. You can add timesheets, establish time estimates, track time manually or with timers, and make personalized time reports with ProofHub.

  • Work together on conversations

With ProofHub’s real-time collaboration, you can have conversations with your teams and clients in one location while keeping track of what your team members are doing. Using @Mention makes it simple to keep everyone or anybody up to date.

  • Calendar for centralized scheduling

since switching between several calendars is a challenging effort. Organize all of your milestones, tasks, and events in one location with ProofHub. To schedule work, add recurring tasks and choose from a variety of views. With the help of automated reminders, stay on top of your calendar.

  • Gather all of your documents in one location.

You really won’t have to waste time looking for files and documents anymore thanks to ProofHub. With the ability to send file links for review or just attach the files and documents to keep them secure, sharing files with teams and clients is now simple. All of your organized files can be kept in one location. Additionally, work together on documents in real time and give and receive feedback without switching between tabs.

  • Make Publications Using ProofHub

Add announcements to acknowledge team accomplishments, send birthday greetings, provide information about workplace events, or include any other relevant information. Subscribe recipients to announcements, attach files, and specify time limits.

  • Make reports how you want to

With only one click, you may review project progress and get comprehensive resource and project reports. To plan and manage projects in the future, create custom reports and visualize overall project progress.

  • Use the ProofHub request form to submit work requests.

Utilizing ProofHub makes accepting work requests simpler now. You may design request forms to assist you move out of your cluttered inbox and receive job requests, service inquiries, or even tickets using a form, so you never miss a demand again.


New users can also easily take advantage of a free trial. Please check our price page for more on our pricing options.

Why pick ProofHub instead of Wrike?

You can view ProofHub’s pricing page to learn more about pricing and plans.

User evaluation

“ProofHub optimized the satisfaction of our clients and removed any uncertainty and potential issues with email project management.”

2. Celoxis


A comprehensive web-based tool for team collaboration and project management is called Celoxis. A wide range of enterprise-class capabilities and functionalities are included in the software. It is also a great option for teams and enterprises seeking for a simple and economical project management solution because of how easy it is to use. Check this article on Hubspot alternatives.

Why choose Celoxis instead of Wrike:

  • It is simple to use
  • It provides good assistance.
  • It makes task prioritization and improved task management easier.
  • Project mapping using Gantt charts is possible.
  • It’s a fantastic tool for tracking time and costs.


SaaS – with duration and volume discounts, $25 per user/month

On-Premises: $450 once-off per user plus volume discounts

User Evaluation

Excellent PM tool overall, especially for digital tasks.

3. Bitrix24


A popular software program for managing and communicating projects is called Bitrix24. With the help of this solution, teams and enterprises can effectively oversee all project tasks, communications, contacts, crucial files, etc. The fundamental PM features of Bitrix24 can be used without any training or assistance because of how simple they are to use. Want to really make it easier for teams to work together and monitor project activities? Employ Bitrix24.

What sets Bitrix24 apart from Wrike:

  • It effectively supports a variety of data types, including wikis, pictures, and work calendars.
  • It is an effective planning tool.
  • It provides features for internal and external cooperation and communication


Plus, $39 each month

Regular – $99 per month

Expert – $199 per month

User Evaluation

“One platform for numerous solutions – good project and task management tool, CRM, project management, time management.”

4. Gantt Pro


An online project management app based on Gantt charts is called GanttPRO. The program is a wonderful option for both lone individuals and teams of all sizes from various industries. GanttPRO offers customers excellent task management, team communication, resource and cost management, as well as time tracking, to assist everyone stay on track and in the same place. Every team member you invite to your project will be able to start working on assignments right away without any training because the program has a very short learning curve. Check this article on ActiveCollab alternatives.

Why GanttPRO is superior to Wrike

  • It is simple to use.
  • It has a lovely, user-friendly UI.
  • It has a strong set of features that make it possible to keep everything in one place and organize all the work done by a team and in a project.
  • It offers excellent support.
  • Its pricing is reasonable and open.


Person – $15 per user each month

Team 5 – $7.90 per user each month

Team 10: $6.90 per user each month

Team 15 — $5.90 per user each month

User evaluation

“GanttPRO has a very user-friendly and effective user interface, which is supported by a wide range of functions that simplify work. It allows for efficient project management, which boosts productivity by allowing everyone to monitor their progress on all of the allocated tasks.

5. Project Insight

project insight

A web-based project management tool for organizations and teams of any size is called Project Insight. Integrated with a wide range of capabilities and an incredibly user-friendly interface, it is an enterprise-grade PM platform. The main purpose of Project Insight is to facilitate improved team collaboration, task delegation, time monitoring, and project management. Managing diverse business responsibilities is made easier than ever with Project Insight.

Why Project Insight is preferable to Wrike

  • It enables effective project evaluation in accordance with corporate goals and available resources.
  • It enables improved team composition, scheduling, and job prioritization.
  • It allows for effective resource management.


Free Forever team

Business: $45 per month per electricity user

Enterprise: $65 per month per power user

User Evaluation

Our management teams have been able to address problems earlier, enhance processes, and work to increase the accuracy of project forecasts thanks to Project Insight’s visibility, all while ensuring that the project program is completely in control.

6. Manage ConnectWise


An easy-to-use project management tool is ConnectWise Manage. It unifies all important systems into a single, centralized platform, increasing user visibility overall and team member accountability across the entire enterprise. Through clever documentation, transparent communication, and error-free ticketing, ConnectWise Manage streamlines all project-related operations. Check this article on Insightly alternatives.

Use ConnectWise Manage instead of Wrike because:

  • It enables teams to manage projects, provide customer service, create marketing strategies, manage sales, and follow up on purchase orders all at once.
  • It facilitates the development of intelligent service techniques at no additional expense.


In accordance with the particular requirements and scale of each firm, they offer bespoke pricing options.

User evaluation

“Manage’s simplicity of use is my favorite feature. The learning curve for whatever they have adopted has never been very steep. Since we first started using it, there haven’t been many problems.

7. MeisterTask


MeisterTask is a fantastically designed online task and project management tool. This product’s primary goal is to give project managers and teams complete control over each phase and component of their projects. MeisterTask offers collaborative features and tools that enable team members to hasten project completion and boost individual productivity in addition to its effective project tracking functions. Check this article on Engagebay alternatives.

Why MeisterTask is preferable to Wrike

  • It gets rid of the time-consuming elements of project management.
  • It makes adding team members, assigning tasks, and other processes easier.
  • It offers adaptable project boards that are simple to customize to fit your existing workflows.
  • It also really acts as a central location for the storage and communication of all project-related information with project teams and stakeholders.


Free Basic Plan

Pro Plan: $8.25/month/user

Enterprise Plan – $20.75 per user per month

Business Plan – Special price

User evaluation

As visually appealing and user-friendly as MindMeister, MeisterTask is ideal for the kinds of organizations I work with. This is my favorite Kanban implementation to date.

8. Projects on Zoho

zoho crm

Among professionals, Zoho Projects is the top platform for managing projects. A variety of tools are included in this multi-awarded system to assist team cooperation, performance, and overall output. It is really also known as one of the most popular project management tools among organizations of all sizes because it really offers a number of premium features and functionality without cost.

Use Zoho Projects instead of Wrike because:

  • It makes it simple for teams to divide even the most complex projects into their individual milestones or tasks to complete.
  • You can quickly and effectively find and get rid of potential bugs with it.
  • You can use it to develop specialized business protocols and procedures.
  • It provides a secure system that can only be accessed by authorized users.


Standard: $25 per month ($20 per month with a yearly bill plus relevant tax)

Express: $50 monthly ($40 monthly if paid annually plus relevant tax)

$100 monthly premium ($85 monthly premium if invoiced annually plus relevant tax)

Enterprise: $125 per month (plus relevant tax if billed annually), $150 per month.

User evaluation

For waterfall project management, Zoho Projects is a great tool. It offers a full collaboration suite in addition to all the features and capabilities you would anticipate from an enterprise-level project management solution.

9. Quire


Quire is a user-friendly platform for task and project management that was created to meet the demands of creative teams and organizations. You may efficiently manage every part of a project using this free program all the way through to completion. Even with the most challenging projects, the distinctive UI of this application enables you to make sure that you efficiently manage your time and resources.

Why Quire is superior to Wrike

  • It has a simple user interface.
  • Its peculiar tree-structure has many jobs and subtasks.
  • It makes the workplace more open.
  • It offers all the necessary integrations.
  • Team members may actively cooperate on everything thanks to it.


It is a totally free program.

User evaluation

I’ve tried more than 100 different project management applications, and I adore how easy this is to use.


A cloud-based project management software program is available at The system offers functions that support strong cooperation, effective planning, efficient scheduling, and on-time project delivery. Over 10,000 companies and teams worldwide rely on it since it is one of the most trustworthy PM solutions. Consider using if you’re seeking for a program that will help you finish your projects on time and on budget. Check this article on Podio alternatives.

Why is preferable to Wrike

  • Organizations like the UN, NASA, and Volvo trust it
  • It enables you to gain insightful information about project workload, budget, and schedules.
  • It enables you to compare a project’s planned and actual progress and to make quick changes when necessary.


$15 per user per month for personal

$20/user/month for Team

Business – $25 per user per month

Business – by quote

User evaluation

“ provides fantastic tools that compete with Microsoft Project and are in fact a better overall experience.”

11. is another another excellent Wrike substitute on our list. It is a capable and user-friendly project management tool that makes managing projects and project communications easier. The product was once known as Dapulse, and after being rebranded, its user base has been steadily growing. In fact, it has evolved into one of the top project management tools on the market right now.

Why is preferable to Wrike

  • It fosters workplace collaboration.
  • It offers a social networking user interface that we are all accustomed to.
  • Teams can schedule projects in advance thanks to its task scheduling function.


Simple – $25 monthly (billed annually)

Regular – $39 per month (billed annually)

Pro: $59 per month (billed annually)

Business – $118 per month (billed annually)

User evaluation

It keeps us on pace to successfully complete projects by keeping us organized, focused, and on task.

12. Taiga


Taiga offers us an universe of intricate tools and functions in an organized format. By assisting you in making better plans, this management software platform enables you to stay ahead of the curve. It is not only a productive environment for teamwork, but it is also a very rapid approach to keep track of bugs, queries, and improvements. Check this article on Trello alternatives.

Why choose Taiga instead of Wrike

  • It offers a very simple approach to monitor the status of tasks.
  • The use of Kanban boards facilitates the creation and monitoring of the process.
  • Taiga allows you to monitor the development of several projects in a single window.
  • Unlike any other technology, it makes it easier to integrate agile and scrum practices into the process.


Simple – Free

Premium: $5 monthly per user, payable annually

Business – by quote

User evaluation

“I appreciate Taiga personally. We make extensive use of it at @Fedora, and it provides an excellent experience.

13. ClickUp


A fantastic alternative to Wrike is ClickUp. It is unique among work management solutions due to its wide range of capabilities and user-friendly interface. The fact that this program contains pre-defined templates for practically everything considerably simplifies your task. By giving you a variety of functions, it also promotes efficient teamwork by allowing you to constantly communicate with your colleagues. Check this article on Pipedrive alternatives.

Why choose ClickUp instead of Wrike:

  • It facilitates the setting of reminders that can be handled and viewed in the calendar view.
  • You can see what your teammates have planned for the future.
  • It also makes it simple to import data and files from other tools.
  • You can easily manage your wikis and documents with ClickUp.


Totally free

Unlimited – monthly billing of $5 per user

User evaluation

“ClickUp has been a great experience for me. The majority of the tasks I had in Todoist, my former test manager, could be imported into ClickUp, where they could then be cleaned up and organized as needed.

14. Teamwork


The ability to work together and put their best effort forward is made possible by effective teamwork. It is a platform where you can consolidate all of your data, tasks, projects, and files and serves as an excellent Wrike substitute. With its distinctive system for keeping the team informed, it has been suitable for both conventional and remote teams.

Why Teamwork instead of Wrike:

  • By assigning resources, it enables you to manage and optimize your workload.
  • It offers a centralized location from which you can view all of your active projects.
  • Teamwork gives you all of your assignments in the form of accessible cards.
  • The Timer app aids in keeping you on top of your schedule.


Free – Always Free

Pro: $10 monthly per user, payable annually

Premium: $18 per month, per user, payable yearly

Business – by quote

User evaluation

“With Teamwork, we receive more visibility over the capacity and resources of the team, as well as better visibility in terms of who owns a job and what precisely has to be done,” says the author.

15. Smartsheet


With its user-friendly and highly customizable interface, Smartsheet stands as a worthy rival. This tool can be used for many things, including time management, teamwork, and communication. Because of its interactive characteristics, it may be customized to meet the demands of every user from any business. Users switching from other tools have no issue onboarding to this one because of its versatility. Check this article on Copper alternatives.

Why choose Smartsheet instead of Wrike:

  • It enables you to make and distribute personalized reports.
  • You may quickly create sheets using a dependable spreadsheet tool.

Smartsheet offers a shared workplace, which helps in teamwork.

  • It provides a central location where the group can upload files and collaborate on them.


Business – by quote

First – by quotation

User evaluation

Smartsheet is a pretty sophisticated spreadsheet application, however it’s not the most user-friendly program if all you need is project management.

16. LiquidPlanner


Your go-to option for planning is, you guessed it, LiquidPlanner. It delivers a project management solution in a compact package with a very user-friendly interface. It allows you run diagnostics and analytics on your data, track performance, and manage your activities and the project timetable.

Why LiquidPlanner is preferable to Wrike:

  • You can easily set project and task priorities with this tool.
  • It gives you a simple foundation upon which to design and carry out your strategies.
  • It shows you a card-based list of your chores that is organized into Kanbans.
  • It also really provides you with a brief overview of the project’s timetable along with time estimations.


Professional – $45 per month per user (5 users minimum, billed annually)

Business – by quote

User evaluation

“I’m completely delighted with LiquidPlanner and adore how simple it is to use.”

17. Project Microsoft

Project Microsoft

In contrast to Wrike, Microsoft Project is comfortable and familiar, two qualities that are difficult to find. It has a wide range of options for work management. You can rely on this software and you can trust it. It helps you create very visible and simultaneously appealing roadmaps and provides a wonderful picture of your project and the team’s schedule in many ways.

Why Microsoft Project is preferable to Wrike

  • Starting work is an easy process because it enables you to set up a project with ease.
  • You can review your workflow and progress using the board view provided.
  • Through Gantt charts, you can see the task deadlines and dependencies.
  • Improve teamwork with Microsoft Project by collaborating with clients and stakeholders.


Project Plan 1 costs $10 per user per month with yearly billing

Project Plan 3 costs $30 per user per month, payable yearly.

Project Plan 5 costs $55 per user per month, payable yearly.

User evaluation

It has numerous uses and is simple to use and download. It also doesn’t slow down computers.

18. Scoro


Scoro is a different tool that is extremely jam-packed with excellent features and capabilities. This is a naturally occurring answer to work management that satisfies all of your requirements. In comparison to Wrike, certain of its capabilities, such as task bundle creation and calendar view of the agenda, enable you to complete projects and assignments on schedule.

How to choose Scoro over Wrike:

  • The drag-and-drop planner facilitates planning.
  • Assign assignments to your team and receive immediate notifications about their progress.
  • It provides movable perspectives that let you see your project from above.
  • Prioritize your work and set deadlines in one place.
  • Examine how much time the team spent on billable and non-billable tasks, and keep track of both.


Important: $26 per user each month billed yearly (Minimum 5 users.

Work Hub: monthly fees of $37 per user, paid annually (Minimum 5 users)

Sales Hub costs $37 per user each month when paid yearly (Minimum 5 users)

Finally – by quote

User evaluation

Our consultants are now in control of their time and planning thanks to Scoro. Additionally, they are currently saving 2 hours every week.

19. Notion


You can rely on Notion to replace practically all of the software and apps you presently use. Big-name companies like McDonald’s, Verizon, IBM, Samsung, and The Wall Street Journal, among others, rely on this exclusive platform.

Why Notion is preferable to Wrike

  • By maintaining an office wiki, you can build a knowledge base for your project management application.
  • It enables you to save contacts and maintain an employee directory.
  • It provides you with a wide range of options for how to organize and browse your tasks and projects.
  • It gives you a clear image of all of your tasks and their status in a card view.


Individual – Free

Personal Pro costs $4 per user per month when paid yearly.

Team: $8 monthly per user, payable annually

Business – by quote

User evaluation

“Able to work with a global team, record notes and research for later use, and monitor the progress of various tasks.”

20. Basecamp


The only work management tool that enables efficient team collaboration is Basecamp. It has a very user-friendly layout that helps you keep track of your projects, activities, and to-dos. Basecamp’s sophisticated chat features make project planning simple. With this all-in-one tool, you can plan events, create timetables, and choose to get push notifications.

Why Basecamp is superior to Wrike

  • View the team’s actions in Activities to be informed at all times.
  • It provides pre-programmed check-in queries like “What are you working on?

“to facilitate reporting.

  • It provides smooth communication for teamwork.
  • You have a single location to share updates, new concepts, and your progress.
  • Hill Charts are used to track the project timeline.


Personal Basecamp – Free

Basecamp Business is available for $99 per month when paid annually (or $999 per year).

User evaluation

“We are able to clearly identify what must be done and when. We’re a lot more effective.

21. Jira


Jira is a project and problem tracking tool that greatly aids in work management. It is a convenient location for users to navigate through the workflows with a very user-friendly and customisable dashboard-style interface.

Why choose Jira instead of Wrike

  • Agile projects are simple to manage when using a system like this one.
  • It enables you to view your goals using both the Kanban view and a scrum board.
  • In addition, it aids you in presenting data and Agile reporting.
  • It makes sharing, attaching, and uploading deliverables simple.


Free – Free always (Up to 10 users)

Standard: $7 per user per month, payable yearly (Up to 5000 users)

Premium – monthly fee of $14 per user, paid annually (Up to 5000 users)

User evaluation

“Great way to work on projects and tickets with team members and outside vendors, with lots of integration potential. I would strongly advise it to users who are not already using JIRA.

“Do you require a simple, effective, and user-friendly PM tool? Attempt ProofHub! ”

What project management tool rivals Wrike the best?

According to its features and functionalities, ProofHub is the finest Wrike replacement if you’re switching from Wrike to another work management software or seeking for work management software to start with. Hopefully, one of the major options on this list will work best for your work management. Simply browse the list to choose which tool or program will suit your project management requirements the best.

Are you sick of managing projects on Wrike? Try out ProofHub!

Time to decide: A checklist for selecting the best Wrike substitute

It can be difficult to choose when there are so many excellent options just a click away. However, it’s simpler to choose wisely when you’re clear on what you’re after. In light of this, we’ve detailed some of the crucial elements you should take into account before selecting an alternate application or piece of software to replace Wrike.

  • Simplicity of application
  • Cost
  • Company size
  • Scalability
  • Integrations
  • A mobile program
  • Updates
  • User feedback
  • Training
  • Ongoing assistance

We are aware that there are many alternative programs and applications that would benefit your company more than Wrike in terms of project management, so this list is by no means exhaustive. Hopefully, we’ve covered every alternative and comparable piece of software that would work best for your company.


Any tool selection procedure might be time-consuming. You must, however, be wise enough to assess your needs before making a decision. At ProofHub, we emphasize analysis. You must first assess your requirements before making a list of the characteristics that are a must-have for the operation of your team.

And if you are thinking about leaving Wrike for any reason, you should also take into account the many Wrike alternatives (as already explained in the article). Make your choice and see which one works best for you.


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