Top 5 YouTube to Mp3 Converter in 2022

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Want to know about Top 5 youtube to mp3 converter in 2022? In this article, we will highlight the top 5 youtube to mp3 converter in 2022.

The finest free YouTube to MP3 converters will let you to freely access your preferred YouTube material whenever and wherever you want. The best option is to download YouTube content for later viewing, if you have obtained permission to do so, especially if you don’t have Internet connection or are in a location with limited YouTube access.

Top 5 YouTube to Mp3 Converter in 2022

Here is the list of top 5 youtube to mp3 converter in 2022.

Remember that watching videos on YouTube through a browser or an app supports the producers as the more views a video receives, the more money it can potentially earn. Furthermore, illegal downloading is prohibited per YouTube’s terms of service.

However, a free YouTube to MP3 converter ought to work provide that creator gave you permission to download their work. You should be able to quickly access those songs and listen to them while flying, working out, or travelling across the country.

Many of these free YouTube converters have been put to the test by us, and as a consequence, we have compiled the list below of those that met our strict criteria. These converters, which should not be confused with the best free music downloader apps, are comparable to the best free YouTube downloaders with the exception that they only convert YouTube videos to MP3

Free YouTube to MP3 converters are fairly comparable to the best free YouTube downloader apps.

They convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio and other formats as opposed to downloading the real files. However, before utilizing one, confirm that you have the author’s or copyright holder’s consent to obtain their stuff.

1. In 2022, the top free YouTube to MP3 converters

This programme is what you need if you’re seeking for a quick, versatile YouTube to MP3 converter. You might be excused for assuming that Any Video Converter Free is a tool for converting between different video formats based solely on its name. While this is among its capabilities, it can also be used to download YouTube videos and store them as MP3s—exactly what we need!

The programme is larger than you might imagine

because it serves more purposes than only converting YouTube to MP3s, but this should not deter you. We discovered that everything on it is logically ordered, so you ought to have no trouble navigating it.

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To download MP3s, all you need to do is paste the URL of a YouTube video and wait for the download to finish. It may seem nearly excessive to utilize such a robust and adaptable piece of software for just one purpose. Click the Convert Now button after choosing MP3 as the output format. It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a one-click option for YouTube to MP3 conversion, but it’s not a huge inconvenience.

2. 4K YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3

Similar to 4K Video Downloader (further down this page), 4K YouTube to MP3 is focused solely on removing the audio from videos. Contrary to its name, 4K YouTube to MP3 also lets you save video soundtracks in OGG and M4A formats, and you can select from a range of bitrates.

You may use it to save the sound from videos posted on Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, SoundCloud, and other sites in addition to YouTube. To begin, simply copy the url from your web browser and press the green “Paste URL” button.

The fact that 4K YouTube to MP3 does not include any additional software is undoubtedly the nicest part. You can download whole playlists by upgrading to the premium edition for a one-time price, but the free software is ideal for regular use.

3. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

Though it may not be the most fashionable program available, 4K Video Downloader is excellent, just like 4K YouTube to MP3 above.

It functions similarly, but there are a few extra steps needed because this app is primarily used for downloading entire videos. Click “Paste URL” after copying the video’s URL from your web browser (it supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Flickr, and Daily Motion). Choose MP3, OGG, or M4A from the list of available audio formats, then click “Extract” to convert and save the audio to the location of your choice.

Although the free version of 4K Video Downloader has some restrictions, we found that most customers are perfectly content with it. It is especially helpful for getting multiple songs by a specific artist because it allows you to download more or less 24 videos in a playlist. If you purchase a license key, you can download and convert lengthier playlists to MP3 format, although the software’s free features are also quite strong.

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4. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

It’s safe to assume that Free YouTube to MP3 Converter performs precisely what its name implies (converts YouTube videos to MP3 format).

But once it’s installed, you’re in for a treat. You may immediately start downloading the music you want to listen to without having to fuss with alternatives. Paste the URL into the easy drop-down box, select the audio file’s quality and format, and then click the Download button. Files are simultaneously saved and converted.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter’s simplicity, lack of extraneous details, and clarity make it beautiful. It was created with a single goal in mind and to achieve it as effectively as possible. We are confident that you will enjoy it if you give it a try.

5. ClipGrab


With the exception of the included Opera browser, which you can easily skip if you’d rather not have it, ClipGrab is an application that is a complete treat to use and makes converting from YouTube to MP3 nice and simple.

In our experiments, we discovered that ClipGrab did a great job of simplifying everything. The incredibly straightforward user interface provides you a pleasant indication of how simple things will be right away. When you copy a YouTube URL to your clipboard, ClipGrab will offer to download the associated video for you.

Even if this doesn’t occur—say, because the programme isn’t currently running—all it takes is a fast paste into the necessary field. Then, you may choose to download the audio as an MP3 before clicking the “Grab this clip!” button to carry out that action. You’ll have access to the MP3 you’re looking for very quickly.

How to pick your personal favorite free YouTube to MP3 converter

How many videos you want to convert is mostly one of the first things you think about while looking for a free YouTube to MP3 converter. It can to take a while into account an online tool if you’re only going to do it once or twice. However, for anything more, it’s worthwhile to acquire a specialized desktop application and, if you can afford it, possibly even purchase a premium subscription.

Because the data is not handled on a distant server, desktop software will also be quicker. Some apps can even batch convert several YouTube videos to MP3 format.

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However, it pays to exercise caution because malware can be easily discovered when searching for YouTube to MP3 software because it is so widely used. All the tools in this manual have undergone extensive testing, so we are confident in our recommendations.

How can free YouTube to MP3 converters be tested?

More work goes into testing free YouTube to MP3 converters than you might imagine. Despite being free, they ought to be able to perform more tasks than merely convert those films. After all, each user has a unique set of needs.

So, we carefully examine its features. This covers the variety of formats it can convert between, whether it can convert in batches, and the degree of customization it allows. We also look at the tools that are available, including as filters, cropping, and putting a watermark.

Naturally, we also examine its user interface. We want to make sure that using the software is simple and straightforward for most customers because many consumers only want to download the audio and don’t care about anything else. We take note of any converters that have a more challenging user interface that is better suited to seasoned users.

Last but not least, we examine whether a free YouTube to MP3 converter includes bloat ware. You shouldn’t have to bother with unnecessary software that consumes space and bandwidth and you won’t utilize. Bloat ware, however, sort of goes along with being free.

FAQs for a free YouTube to MP3 converter

Free YouTube to MP3 converters—are they secure?

There are several safe free YouTube to MP3 converters, but there are also many unsafe ones. Additionally, there are converters available that are secure but come with bloatware and a pop-up-filled website. Some of these pop-up advertisements could be dangerous or point to malicious websites that want to steal your information or your money.

For this reason, before downloading a free YouTube to MP3 converter, make sure to read internet reviews. Fortunately, the programmes on our list have all been found to be secure, despite the fact that some of them do contain bloatware that consumes CPU resources and storage space on your computer.


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