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What Are The Specialties Of Zenitsu and his Sword?

What do you know about the zenitsu and his sword? let me unlock to you the powers of zenitsu and his famous sword

Here is an explanation of Zenitsu Agatsuma’s swordsmanship and abilities. He is one of Demon Slayer’s most (surprise) powerful warriors. Demon Slayer, a manga and anime series by Koyoharu Gotouge, is a dark fantasy series set in Taisho-era Japan. It narrates the story of Tanjiro Kamada, a young man, who discovers that most of his family members have been murdered by demons and that his sister Nezuko, who is still alive, has also been transformed into one. Tanjiro enlists in the Demon Slayer Corps, a legendary group that defends Japan’s citizens against demons, in order to get revenge for the murders of his family and discover a cure for his sister.

What Are The Specialties Of Zenitsu and his Sword?

On several of his Demon Slayer Corps missions, Tanjiro is accompanied by Zenitsu Agatsuma, a fellow adolescent. He joined the Corps quite reluctantly and did so mainly to make good on a sizable sum he had racked up. He first comes across as a cowardly figure who constantly worries about getting killed and frequently lets his fears overcome him. Zenitsu Agatsuma, voiced by Hiro Shimono, is quickly revealed to have poor self-esteem and is far stronger and more capable than he gives himself credit for.


When the occasion demands it, Demon Slayer Zenitsu acts bravely, especially when it comes to defending his companions. Even though he lacks confidence, he is a worthy opponent in battle. When he was in the Demon Slayer Corps, he killed a number of demons thanks to his great swordsmanship and wide range of skills and abilities. Zenitsu, like his fellow demon slayers, wields a blade called a “Nichirin Blade,” a katana made from an ore that continuously absorbs sunlight, which just so happens to be a significant weakness of the demons they fight.


Zenitsu’s swordsmanship technique in Demon Slayer is called “Thunder Breathing,” and if perfected, it enables the user to use their katana in a swift manner that resembles lightning. Zenitsu can dash at any demon he’s battling at a blindingly rapid pace and decapitate them before they have a chance to respond while equipped with his sword and the Thunder Breathing technique. Zenitsu’s sword skills in Demon Slayer are supplemented by a variety of unique abilities. For instance, he has demonstrated incredible stamina and endurance in battle despite suffering numerous wounds, and he possesses a remarkable tactical genius that enables him to determine his opponents’ weaknesses and the most effective approach to remove them.

Zenitsu is not the most powerful character in Demon Slayer, but he also has superhuman hearing, which enables him to hear danger in even the slightest sounds. As a result, he has extrasensory perception, which enables him to hear people’s thoughts and emotions just by listening to the sounds they make. The capacity of Zenitsu to engage opponents in fight even while he is asleep or unconscious is possibly his most astounding talent in Demon Slayer. This talent was developed as a result of his propensity to faint when his worries get the better of him. However, falling asleep has no effect on any of his other skills; in fact, there are instances when he does better in battle when he isn’t even awake. Even though he frequently struggles with self-belief, Zenitsu Agutsuma is one of the most formidable characters in Demon Slayer thanks to these capabilities and his superb sword technique.

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