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What Characteristics Should Home Inspector Insurance Have?

What should you know before buying home inspector insurance? Following things, you must know before buying home inspector insurance.

What Characteristics Should Home Inspector Insurance Have?

Your job as a home inspector exposes you to a variety of risks. For instance, every task requires you to consider a vast array of home characteristics. No matter how skilled you are at your work, you’re nearly certain to overlook something or form an incorrect opinion at some time in your career—and any error could lead to legal action. Additionally, even if you have done nothing wrong, you might be sued by a customer who is just dissatisfied with their purchase and have to defend yourself in court.

The chance of unintentionally causing harm to a client’s property also exists. When you try to examine the plug behind a TV while it is on the floor, something in your toolbelt catches the edge of the TV. The customer will understandably expect you to spend hundreds of dollars on a new TV.

You require small business insurance to safeguard yourself against these and other risks. The phrase “home inspector insurance” refers to a variety of insurance coverages, including general liability insurance and home inspector E&O insurance, which cover errors and omissions. If an incident occurs and your company doesn’t have appropriate coverage for the numerous risks you face, you may be stuck paying a significant amount out of pocket.

Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses, including home inspectors, are forced to shut their doors each year due to the enormous financial load imposed by lawsuits and other costs they failed to budget for.

Is Insurance for inspectors necessary?

Not all states mandate small business insurance for home inspectors. Operating without insurance isn’t a wise business decision, though, given the risks associated with this line of work. That is especially true given how reasonably priced coverage is, as will be discussed below.

Additionally, being able to mention insurance may help you draw in new customers.

How Much Insurance Does an Inspector Need?

To safeguard home inspectors like you, there are seven different types of insurance for home inspections. Your coverage can be customised to meet your specific needs, whether you need some of them or all of them. The following seven categories of policies:

Insurance for errors and omissions If someone alleges that you made a mistake or failed to provide a service and as a result caused them financial injury, home inspector E&O insurance, also known as professional liability insurance, can shield you from the cost of damages and legal costs. For instance, you can face legal action if you overlook a plumbing leak and the subsequent extensive water damage is discovered by the new homeowner.

a general liability policy. This coverage, also known as commercial liability insurance, covers losses and legal fees related to injury claims from third parties (such as clients), medical bills related to these occurrences, and damage to third parties’ property during an inspection. Therefore, your insurance will pay for related costs if you leave a tool behind and a client slips on it, breaking their wrist, or if a ladder you’re using for an inspection tips over and damages a light fixture.

policy for business owners (BOP). A BOP, also known as property & liability insurance, combines the general liability insurance with coverage for real estate you own or rent, such as an office. It also covers expenses you expend to resume your operations after incurring property damage, such as the use of a temporary location, as well as business interruption and lost income as a result of property loss. A BOP can cover a large portion of the expenses associated with recovering from an occurrence, such as if a pipe bursts in the building where you work and floods your office.

insurance for workers’ compensation. Any business with employees is normally required by law to have this insurance. It’s a sort of insurance for home inspectors that pays benefits in the event that one of your members of staff is hurt, becomes ill, or passes away due to an accident at work. It can provide a death benefit to the family of the deceased and assist with paying for medical expenses, court costs, and lost wages.

insurance for commercial vehicles. This kind of policy covers liabilities related to incidents caused by persons operating the vehicles your company owns or rents, as well as protecting those vehicles. Let’s imagine you accidently run a stop sign while driving a corporate vehicle, colliding with another car, causing damage, and hurting the driver. If that driver sues you, your commercial auto policy, up to the policy’s limit, will pay for the damages you are required to pay as well as your legal costs. Even if a covered vehicle is used for purposes other than its principal commercial usage, you may still be protected by this insurance.

Cyber insurance This kind of home inspection insurance is available as a supplement to a BOP, general liability, or E&O policy. It assists in covering the costs associated with situations where a security lapse or system attack led to the theft of sensitive data and fraud has occurred or there is a plausible anticipation that it would. For instance, your cyber insurance may protect you if a hacker gains access to client credit card information.

What Is the Price of Insurance?

The good news is that insurance for home inspectors is extremely reasonably priced.

The price of your home inspector insurance will vary depending on your experience, business size, and past home inspection insurance claims, among other things. However, you may access quick, cost-free, self-service home inspector insurance quotes anytime it’s convenient for you online.

What Kinds of Insurance Claims Relate to Home Inspections?

The primary area of legal liability for home inspectors is errors and omissions. Errors and omissions insurance is essential for home inspectors because of this. Your E&O policy can defend you if a client sues you because they believe you made a mistake that cost them money.

You are additionally protected by home inspection insurance. For instance, your workers’ compensation policy can pay for your employee’s medical costs if they lacerate their skull while examining someone’s craw area and need sutures. Or, if you harm a home’s electrical system, your general liability insurance may cover the cost of fixing it.

If your business owns or leases the vehicles, commercial auto insurance can offer crucial protection. For instance, a commercial auto insurer can pay for repairs if corporate vehicles are vandalised.


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