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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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What does Seven Corners Travel Insurance Provide?

What does Seven Corners Travel Insurance provide? Read this article to learn about the services Seven Corners Travel Insurance is providing.

Although no one wants to consider it, a medical emergency can occur while on vacation. If you’re travelling abroad, the big concern is whether you know what you can do in case of a medical emergency. How would you locate a physician and ensure you were receiving the right care? What if your physicians and nurses don’t speak the same language as you? How would you handle paying for medical expenses? What if you require evacuation in order to receive the necessary medical care?

What Does Seven Corners Travel Insurance Provide?

People plan every part of your trip, from making sure your bags are packed well to looking on the internet for the best deals on airfare. It only makes logical to prepare equally carefully for the unforeseen. This covers ailments and accidents sustained while travelling. Even though you can’t predict what, if anything, may happen, Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance will help you be ready.

Is Travel Medical Insurance Necessary?

It’s always a good idea to purchase travel medical insurance, especially if you’re going abroad. Although some health insurance companies may cover life-threatening situations abroad, their definition of a life-threatening emergency may be very different from yours. Your domestic health insurance frequently does not cover you outside of your own country.

With the help of travel medical insurance, this gap can be filled. Travel medical insurance can cover additional costs like emergency medical evacuation as well as non-insurance services like travel support. It also helps with any medical bills you might accrue if you get sick or harmed while travelling. Below, we’ll go into deeper detail about each of these.

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It’s also vital to remember that some nations require visitors to get travel insurance. The COVID-19 coverage that is included in Seven Corners Travel Medical plans may be one of the prerequisites.

Who Should Have Travel Health Insurance?

Customers of Seven Corners have used travel medical insurance to cover a variety of diseases and injuries, from stomach flus and sprained ankles to broken backs and altitude sickness, proving that anyone may require it. Here are some examples of what has occurred both with and without the appropriate coverage.

Daniel and Felipe: The significance of purchasing travel insurance

A Canadian couple named Daniel and Felipe were making their way through Southeast Asia for a month. Felipe was hospitalised after getting a rare stomach virus while in Myanmar. Daniel contacted Seven Corners for help because he was concerned that his partner required more care than he was getting in Myanmar.

The Seven Corners Assist Team managed Felipe’s air ambulance evacuation to Thailand in less than 24 hours despite juggling a 10.5-hour time difference and communicating across a language barrier in remote Myanmar. Felipe received cutting-edge medical care there from specialists in our network.

Felipe’s illness and the couple’s additional expenses for emergency medical transportation to Thailand and their return flights home were both covered by insurance as a result of the couple’s purchase of travel medical insurance. Daniel and Felipe were allowed to travel together during the evacuation thanks to the efforts of our Seven Corners Assist team.

Kevin and Alex explain the benefits of purchasing travel health insurance.

Daniel and Felipe serve as the ideal illustration of why purchasing travel medical insurance is priceless. However, not everyone chooses to buy travel insurance, and in some instances, that choice doesn’t benefit them.

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Kevin, an Indiana high school girls’ basketball coach, was being attacked by a rogue wave while swimming in the Dominican Republic. He crashed into the ocean floor, breaking several back bones. Kevin didn’t have travel insurance, which was unfortunate. Because of this, his family was forced to act quickly and start a GoFundMe to help cover some of his $27,000 in medical costs.

Kevin is not by himself. While on vacation in the French Alps, Alex, an Indiana native as well, fell 30 feet from a retaining wall and broke his T12 vertebra. His expenses would likely exceed $100,000. He was also uninsured. Additionally, his family used a GoFundMe effort to pay the expenses.

What is covered by Seven Corners travel health insurance?

Between two palm trees, a man.

The costs associated with these kinds of incidents can be extremely high. Some can be above $200,000, which can have disastrous financial effects. The stress of navigating a foreign healthcare system and locating the assistance you require fast might add to the sense of urgency.

These and many other problems can be covered by Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance, both monetarily and through help services while travelling. We advise reading your plan document and getting in touch with the Seven Corners sales team if you have any issues in order to understand what is covered. A high-level summary is provided below to get you started:

A vast network of service providers

Our travel medical plans provide you the choice to use a network to locate a doctor or healthcare facility for treatment if you’re travelling within the United States.

Seven Corners keeps an international database of medical facilities if you’re going outside of the United States. The Seven Corners Assist Team can go through our wide network of providers to find the best hospital where you can receive care.

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Medical evacuation in an emergency

Sometimes the best medical facility is not located in the nation you are visiting. Our Assist Team will set up an emergency medical evacuation in these dire situations, if it is considered medically essential, and will coordinate your care with medical personnel to make your change as easy as possible.

Whatever option best suits your needs, evacuations can be made by train, bus, helicopter, aeroplane, or other means, and they can be covered by your travel medical insurance to lessen the cost of your transportation. Seven Corners is required to make the necessary arrangements to cover the evacuation.

Medical expenses

We saw from Alex and Kevin’s stories above that medical care can be somewhat pricey. But depending on your plan and circumstance, travel medical insurance may pay all of the or part of the costs associated with your care.

Some nations, unlike the US, demand confirmation that you will be capable to pay for your treatment before any care is given. You don’t want to be forced to struggle to raise enough money up front to pay for your care. Instead, travel medical insurance ensures that medical professionals will be compensated, allowing you to concentrate on getting better.

24-hour support with travel

You have 24/7 access to our travel assistance staff when you purchase Seven Corners insurance, as we’ve already hinted at a few times. In the event of a medical emergency, our Assist Team will arrange for translation services so that you can communicate with medical personnel, organize an evacuation, and even help with non-medical emergencies like locating an embassy or replacing a lost passport.


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