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10+ Best Anime You Should be Watching Right Now

Want to know about the best anime of 2022? Today, we’ll present you 19 different categories of best anime that you never knew before. Odd Taxi, The Heike Story, Sonny Boy & SK8, the Infinity were among the exciting new original anime that were released in 2021. Other popular anime that made their long-awaited returns like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and My Hero Academia. With famous shows like the Mob Psycho 100 and the Bleach set to return later this year, 2022 is already looking a lot like that previous year. And all the indications point to Chainsaw Man and Uzumaki making their eagerly awaited debuts!

10+ Best Anime You Should be Watching Right Now

We’ll be updating our list of the greatest anime running in 2022 throughout the year as the seasons advance because there is a lot of content to pick from and not nearly enough time in the day to see it all. Check out the top anime from this year so far, and come back later when we update the list! This year’s list is organized by premiere date for convenience.



One of the most popular original anime series of 2022 will undoubtedly be Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The series, created by Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagann, Promare), CD Projekt Red, and Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Promare), presents a stand-alone tale in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and Mike Pondsmith’s original TTRPG. It follows a young street child named David Martinez as he advances from a greenhorn mercenary inexperienced to a genuine edgerunner on the verge of legend. Got some free time? Check out this amazing article on animepisode.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is not just one of the best anime of the year; it might just be one of the best anime Trigger has ever produced. It features fast-paced action, endearing characters, clever nods to Cyberpunk 2077, a fantastic soundtrack, and a rich plot that builds on the promise of Night City in a way that Cyberpunk 2077 never quite did.

Edgerunners, a cyberpunk film, is currently streaming on Netflix.



After the fifth season’s launch last year, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure made a comeback. The new season picks up immediately after Jolyne Cujoh’s successful attempt to get one of the two discs required to bring her father, Jotaro Kujo, back to life. The second season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, which consists of 12 episodes, places Jolyne and her comrades directly in the path of the evil Enrico Pucci and his band of Stand users in their scheme to bring back Dio, the Joestar family’s most dreaded opponent.

With thrilling fights against meteor-throwing security guards, feng shui-practicing assassins, and necromancing gangsters, Stone Ocean part 2 proudly upholds the series’ legacy as one of the most bizarre, gory, visually audacious, and conceptually adventurous action anime to be released in any year, but especially in 2022.

Netflix has JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean accessible for streaming.



Regarding Tekken: Bloodline, the Netflix anime version of the venerable fighting game series, opinions are divided. The six-episode series is produced by Larx Entertainment and Studio Hibari and is directed by Yoshikazu Miyao (Hellsing, Gad Guard). It tells the tale of martial artist Jin Kazama’s quest to exact revenge for the murder of his mother by training under the guidance of his ruthless grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, before competing in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Read this interesting post on Soul Anime Alternatives.

For what it’s worth, despite the series’ flaws, I quite enjoyed my time with it as someone who isn’t really crazy about fighting games but is nonetheless passionate about anime. Tekken: Bloodline is an amusing and unoffensive, if repetitive, take on one of the longest-running fighting games of all time, from the wacky characters to the powerful visual effects and action sequences. If you’re looking for something with little plot but lots of action to put on and watch in the background, it’s a fun watch.

You can watch Tekken: Bloodline on Netflix.



This slice-of-life anime centers on the Tadano, a typical high school student, who discovers that his stunningly attractive and apparently popular classmate Komi actually suffers from severe social anxiety, to the point where she is unable to interact with anyone. Although everyone perceives her as the most stunning and aloof ice queen, she is actually painfully shy and then finds it difficult to connect with others. Tadano decides he’ll be the first of 100 friends Komi makes before graduating. Check this post on Gogoanime Alternatives

The fact that the Komi Can’t Communicate never makes fun of Komi’s fears is one of its best features. Something as seemingly insignificant as ordering single cup of coffee or then asking a classmate for a simple pencil is a massive and terrible thing for Komi. Komi’s worries are very gently acknowledged in the show, and Tadano serves as the ideal buddy who gently encourages Komi to eventually take these steps and then make connections with others. The pleasant comedy the Komi Can’t Communicate enjoys the commonplace aspects of the life. For the very first time, Komi enjoys companionship and the connection, which is really delightful and then helps one appreciate the simple things.

And if you actually came for the romance, let’s just say that Tadano and Komi have one of the loveliest friends-to-lovers transformations and it is wonderful.

Netflix has season two of Komi Can’t Communicate accessible for viewing.



In Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure, the only major thing you really need to know is that in the second episode, the bear-suited protagonist is unable to ride a rollercoaster because the bar will not fit over his enormous bear head. This one is for folks who like high stakes situations like “oh no, we left our lunchbox on that bus!” and “dang, can we finish this stamp rally in time to earn that pancake special?”
The bear and his friends enjoy a day at the theme park in the stunning stop-motion animated series as it simply follows them. The physicality of Rilakkuma and his friends accounts for a lot of the hilarity and cuteness. In an effort to gather his friends, the small bird bounces around. Unfazed by warning barriers, Rilakkuma lumbers forward. It is really wonderful. The show is not only adorable but also a great exercise in the animation, with certain scenes changing the tone to represent memories or the characters delivering tales.
You can watch Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure on Netflix.



SIUIL, A RIN: The Girl From the Other Side is a three-episode short series that was previously released as a feature-length original animation DVD (OAD). It also tells the tale of Shiva, a little girl left behind in a forest full with “curse” creatures. The girl is then found and taken in by a mystery creature that resembles a human called “Teacher,” who takes care of her while trying to find a method to put her back with the rest of her species.
SIIL, A RIN: The Girl From the Other Side is a stunning tale brought to life through brilliant expressionist-style animation, complete with watercolor hues, wispy outlines, and then gorgeous subdued earth tones. It’s a condensed version of Nagabe’s 2015, the Gothic fantasy manga. Anime series “The Girl From the Other Side” is a must-watch if you’re searching for a brief anime that will dazzle your senses and move your heart. On Crunchyroll, The Girl From the Other Side can be watched online.


Uncle From Another World

Uncle From Another World tells the story of Takafumi Takaoka, a young man who takes care of his scruffy 34-year-old uncle after he mysteriously awakens from a 17-year coma, in a fiendishly ingenious spin on the isekai (see: “other world”) fantasy genre. The turn: Takafumi’s uncle actually traveled mentally to a mythical world full of monsters and magic, where he spent over two decades honing his fighting skills before being brought back to the normal reality of contemporary Japan with his magic still in tact.

Takafumi now assist his uncle in adjusting to a strange, hostile world where Sega has lost the console wars while earning a living as a YouTuber performing stunning feats of supernatural prowess for the amusement of bored shitposters all over the world, with the aid of his childhood friend Sumika and his uncle’s former allies. One of the most memorable anime comedy of the year, Uncle From Another World is irreverent, creative, and surprisingly brilliantly animated at times.

Netflix has Uncle From Another World available for streaming.



The updated and the streamlined version of the 2002 magical girl classic is called the Tokyo Mew Mew New. Ichigo Momomiya, an innocent young girl who is transformed into an alien-fighting magical girl after the ingesting an Iriomote wildcat’s DNA, is the main character of the anime series. She must deal with invading aliens while juggling her love life and also hiding identity while working with four other ladies (who were also given the endangered species DNA).
Although this plot may not appear very novel, the real Tokyo Mew Mew contributed to the development of that magical girl subgenre and is still regarded as a masterpiece. What’s not to appreciate about the beautifully rendered anime females, a cute café atmosphere, and a love triangle involving the high school stud and then the extraterrestrial invader? It is the ideal program to bring back Saturday mornings from your youth, except this time you won’t have to deal with embarrassing English dubs and name changes.
You can watch Tokyo Mew Mew New on Hi-Dive.



The main character of the Lycoris Recoil, a new series written and directed by Sword Art Online character designer Shingo Adachi and created by A-1 Pictures, is the Takina Inoue, a high school student who works for Lycoris, an elite group of all-female assassins. Takina is then transferred to one of Lycoris’ covert branches, a modest cafe called LycoReco, where she works with the Chisato Nishikigi, an indefatigably bubbly Lycoris agent renowned for her formidable fighting skills and paradoxical aversion to killing. Takina was then dismissed from her unit for disobeying the orders. Together, the two then carry out errands and contracts for the cafe around Tokyo, developing closer as they come up with a simple strategy to get Takina back on that job.
While the Lycoris Recoil is a prime example of the “moe girls with guns” anime subgenre, similar to the Gunsmith Cats and Gunslinger Girl, it more than makes up for its lack of originality with a ton of laughs, intense shootouts, impressive character animation, and a very compelling central dynamic between its two protagonists that actually drives the plot forward. One of the most noteworthy original titles of the summer 2022 anime season is Lycoris Recoil, if not the main one.
Crunchyroll offers streaming of Lycoris Recoil.



Spy x Family’s premiere season, which only got four episodes so far, is already anticipated to be among the finest anime of 2022. The program centers on the Loid Forger, a spy assigned with a top-secret mission to prevent the head of the National Unity Party from jeopardizing the peace between the two close neighbors. He then hopes to meet the political figurehead at an occasion held at a top-tier primary school in order to become close with him. The only issue is that the Loid is a bachelor.
Enter Yor, the new wife, and Anya, his adopted daughter. The two are unaware of the Loid’s true identity, but they each have their own dark secrets. Yor is just an assassin, and Anya is a telepath with the ability to read minds. When the family’s story begins, they are all striving to keep the appearance of being a family while balancing their individual secrets while living under the same roof.
The show is emotional and comic center is Anya. The program comes together in an amazing sequence of endearing character moments thanks to the short, pink-haired child’s sincerity (and, to be honest, very pure idiocy). Anya’s reaction to actually realizing Yor actually kills people for a living is, “I’m really excited!” You get the impression that the Anya is merely a girl who really wants to be loved despite these sillier times. The show has actually given viewers a much-needed reprieve from those problems of the world since it is amusing and pleasant.
You can watch Spy x Family on Crunchyroll and Hulu.



The setup of the Kaguya-sama: Love is War feels new even after three seasons. For those who are very unfamiliar, Kaguya-sama centers on class president Miyuki Shirogane and the vice president Kaguya Shinomiya, two bright, ambitious students who have actually agreed to play a game in which they attempt to entice one another to confess their emotions for one another. The only major issue is that they both developed intense feelings for one another along the process but are now both stubbornly refusing to give in. The hilarity increases as the cast expands, bringing in vibrant characters like upbeat Fujiwara, gamer loner Ishigami, and goody-two-shoes Miko, to mention a few. Kaguya-sama actually manages to surpass herself in pure secondhand embarrassment, and every week, it manages to transform from something utterly cringe-inducing into something incredibly moving. Shinomiya and the Shirogane’s romantic relationship remains the focus, but the friendships that they develop with one another and the other people in their lives grow to be equally captivating and emotional.
You can watch Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic- on Crunchyroll.



The story of Zhuge Liang Kongming, a third-century Chinese statesman and strategist who wished to be reborn in a more tranquil era, is told in the book Ya Boy Kongming! When Kongming wakes up in an alley in modern-day Shibuya on Halloween night, he receives more than he anticipated. Kongming, who thinks he is in hell, is persuaded by two partygoers to go to a nightclub where he meets part-time bartender and aspiring singer Eiko Tsukimi. Kongming, moved to tears by the beauty of Eiko’s singing voice and unsure of what to do with his new life, offers to manage Eiko and utilize his renown military strategy talents to assist shape her budding career.
Ya Boy Kongming! has so far been a blast in every episode. Kongming demonstrates his talent as a cunning manager and astute decision-maker by utilizing antiquated military tactics to win over new fans, thwart dishonest competitors, and win over reluctant allies. The heart of the show’s appeal lies in the way the characters come together over their shared love of music and the hilarious way Kongming adjusts to modern life while being many centuries behind the times. Not to mention the series’ totally catchy theme tune, a Japanese adaptation of the Hungarian pop song “Bulikirály,” which is also gorgeously drawn.
You can watch Ya Boy Kongming! on HIDIVE.



It’s simple (too simple) to draw the comparisons between Tomodachi Game and Squid Game because of that mystery subterranean game the kids are forced to play, the capitalistic debt that actually keeps them playing, and the life-or-death stakes that bind each episode. The one only uses the economic fear as a stick, whereas the latter deals with it. With the baited promise that doing so could help one of their pals pay off debt, the friend group is initially duped into playing a few rounds of the “tomodachi game.” But after a few episodes, it’s very obvious that the friendship, not yen, is the primary currency in the Tomodachi Game. And a lot of the secrets come along with that companionship.

While the Tomodachi Game has some decent animation, its pacing occasionally leaves something to be desired. It’s the kind of anime that can entice you to buy the manga just to find out where the hell the plot is actually headed. However, if you are anything like me and are compulsively curious in the drama that results from people ping-ponging off one another, you’ll find it impossible to resist. Where would all these incredibly hot threads go? I can’t wait, and there’s nowhere good.

On Crunchyroll, you can watch the stream of Tomodachi Game.



One may be thankful that there is a show like Healer Girl in the universe if, in an imaginary world, we were experiencing a year that felt at times interminably depressing. Three young ladies who are learning to practice “voice medicine” healers are the subjects of the original anime directed by Yasuhiro Irie (also the director of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the GOAT). They use the healing power of specially written songs for each patient to treat their problems.
My anime rotation includes Healer Girl in a similar spot. It is tender, nutritious, and constrained in size. And even if that might not be the exact selling point everyone seeks in their shjo excursions, have faith that the show’s artistic direction gives its own share of rich benefits. Irie’s eye is skilled at switching between the more minute details and the larger picture, bringing out the most expressive viewpoints on any given situation. Healer Girl is simple (and important) charm in a brutal, cruel world when you combine it with lavish, wonderful singing montages set to fresh bops in every episode.
You can watch Healer Girl on Crunchyroll.



The Orbital Children, a short six-episode anime (released in Japan as two feature-length films) following the story of five children stranded aboard a commercial space station on the verge of a catastrophic disaster, marks Mitsuo Iso’s comeback after nearly 15 years since the release of his last original anime, Dennou Coil. Iso and company create a coming-of-age tale through a bewildering tapestry of rich world-building brought to life through exquisite animation that takes the lives of five innocent children and positions them at the brink of humanity’s expansion into the wide unknown of space. It’s a fantastic anime with rich, stunning visuals that rewards both attentive new viewers and repeat viewings equally.
You can watch The Orbital Children on Netflix.



In this fantasy television show Ranking of Kings, kings are judged on both their deeds and, more crucially, their physical prowess. Enter the Bojji, a little kid with a big heart who will soon succeed his ailing father as king. Bojji struggles to speak and isn’t physically strong, thus he mainly uses sign language to communicate. Where his qualities may fall short in contrast to more established leaders, he makes up for it with his heart. He gives someone in need the clothes off his back in the first episode.

One of the most heartfelt and captivating anime heroines I’ve ever seen is Bojji. Ranking of Kings elevates even the most little situations to the greatest stakes; it somehow elevates a non-lethal quarrel between Bojji and his half-brother to the status of a battle between gods. He makes the ideal protagonist because of his diminutive size and sense of awe, which heighten the grandeur of a vast fantasy world full of giants, golems, and wizards. Having said that, Bojji is not the only person who sticks out. His comrade Kage, the lone survivor of a once-persecuted clan, and his half-brother Daida, who tries to find a path to power that seems authentic to him, stand by his side.

I would die for Bojji, therefore Ranking of Kings works. But this show is more than just an underdog tale. Anime, which is actually based on the manga written and illustrated by Sosuke Toka, has all the elements of a great fantasy series down pat: fascinating monsters, eerie and sinister magic, royal intrigue, and an adventure that sends a young boy deep into hell. I can’t suggest this series enough; it’s amazing so far.

Crunchyroll and Funimation both have streaming versions of Ranking of Kings available.



Wakana Gojo, a high school girl, enjoys making hina dolls, a traditional Japanese doll, whereas Marin Kitagawa is primarily into anime and gaming with a penchant for cosplay. Gojo and Marin, a lively girl who wears gyaru clothing, become a terrific team when Marin asks him to use his creative talents to help her create a costume. Gojo’s restrained but resolute thinking and Marin’s effervescent and friendly nature combine to create an intriguing partnership that deviates from the traditional pattern of a gyaru girl and a quiet boy (in which the gyaru girl simply teases the boy relentlessly while hiding her own feelings for him). Even if Gojo ends up feeling embarrassed when taking Marin’s measures, it is clear that Marin cares for him and isn’t doing anything to intentionally harm him or cause him difficulty. Even though My Dress-Up Darling has an uncomfortably high level of fan service, I had to include it on this list because the plot itself is so original.

You can watch My Dress-Up Darling on Funimation and Crunchyroll.



The anime on this year’s best-of list that has generated the most controversy is probably Attack on Titan’s last season. A huge amount of content has been written about the Attack on Titan manga’s concluding chapters, from its creator Hajime Isayama’s implied support for imperialism to the unsettling allegories the series draws from actual historical tragedies. Given these criticisms, it becomes sense to wonder why Attack on Titan is included in this list.

The solution is straightforward: Through 22 episodes, directors Jun Shishido and Yuichiro Hayashi and studio MAPPA have created the best animated representation of a complicated and contentious conclusion. One of the most shocking shocks in recent anime history was delivered in a one-two punch by the season’s 20th and 21st episodes, which featured some of the most apocalyptic visuals ever seen in the series.

Nothing compares to being a part of a Big Anime Event, when it seems like everyone is following (and analyzing) every new twist in the continuing climax of the series right along with you. Despite its controversy, Attack on Titan’s final season is unquestionably one of the must-watch anime events of 2022. It not only marks the conclusion of one of the decade’s most important anime series.



The stakes have been raised for Demon Slayer’s return following the incredibly horrific Mugen Train Arc. The youthful hero Tanjiro and his pals Inosuke and Zenitsu accompany flamboyant Uzui, the Sound Hishara, as he travels incognito in the Entertainment District to sniff out a monster hidden in the midst. This is depicted in the Entertainment District Arc. Unlike a regular Monster Slayer episode, this arc begins with Tanjiro and his comrades disguising themselves as courtesans in order to locate the whereabouts of the formidable demon. The majority of the arc is taken up with the catastrophic final battle between the Demon Slayers and not one, but two formidable demons. Everything is exquisitely animated, full of unexpected turns and, most tragically, a brother-sister comparison between Tanjiro and Nezuko and the two demons.

The second half of the last season of Attack on Titan is currently streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.


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