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7 Best Solutions When Chase Mobile App is not Working

Annoyed by why chase mobile app is not working? This post will show you different solutions to try when chase mobile app is not working. Banking has become incredibly convenient in today’s fast-paced, always-connected environment. You may check your balance and transfer money simply from anywhere at any time with apps like the official mobile app from Chase.

But if you’ve recently tried to perform any of these things on Chase’s mobile service, you might have noticed that it’s not working, or at the very least, it’s not working effectively. You are not alone if this has occurred to you, so don’t be alarmed. There are several remedies to this issue, which is excellent news.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the most typical problems on Android, iPhone, and iPad, along with solutions, so you may resume your daily activities as quickly as possible. However, before tackling the fixes head-on, you must identify the issues with Chase that are causing them in order to stop them from actually happening again.

Why doesn’t the Chase mobile app function?

Your Chase Bank mobile app may not be working properly for a number of reasons, including poor internet access, outdated operating system or app versions, server issues brought on by heavy local traffic, and more. A mobile app may occasionally experience issues as a result of your device’s overcrowded storage and corrupted caches.

How can I fix the broken Chase Bank app?

The majority of customers typically encounter the following issues with the Chase Bank mobile app:

1.The game Chase won’t load.

2.It repeatedly crashes.

3.You are actually unable to log in or have any other issues with your account.

4.It has a white, black, or empty screen that won’t go away.

5.”temporarily Unable to Connect to Server” is displayed.

6.Payment or checkout not working?

7.Chrome does not support the website of Chase Bank.

Whatever the issue you are having with Chase or the root of the issue. All issues with the Chase bank app can be resolved using the techniques outlined in this article.

7 Best Solutions When Chase Mobile App is not Working

Let’s begin the step-by-step troubleshooting tutorial now without further ado.

1. Verify that your smartphone is compatible with the Chase Bank app:

Although downloading Chase Bank may seem like a no-brainer, don’t speed through the process. Check to see if Chase may be used on your device, and if not, try again.

IPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones running OS 6.0 or later and iOS 11.0 or earlier are all compatible with the Chase app. On Android phones, we recommend a 4-Megapixel camera with autofocus for the optimum results.

2.Restart your device

A device restart can solve a variety of issues. When something goes wrong with your phone or app, it’s a wise move to make. If you’re having trouble logging into your bank account using the Chase mobile app, it’s worth a shot. Before restarting your phone or tablet, make sure it still has a sufficient amount of battery life. Restarting a phone (steps may vary depending on the device)

On iOS:

  • Hold down the side or sleep/wake up button for a long time until the power-off toggle is shown.

Drag that slider to turn off the phone at this time.

  • Restart your device after waiting 30 seconds.
  • To restart your device, press and then hold the volume or side button until the Apple logo appears.

With Android:

1.10 seconds of simultaneous long presses on the side and volume buttons will bring up the power menu.

2.Next, select Power-OFF.

3.Before turning your device back ON, wait a short while.

3. Sign in and out

Try signing out of your account and then logging back in if you’re still having issues with Chase mobile banking.

When you do this, your account session often gets refreshed, fixing any issues that might be preventing you from accessing your account. Before signing out, be sure you can remember your password.

How to:

  • On the payment net toolbar in the top right corner of the screen, tap the Log Out option to log out.
  • To log back in, type your username and password.

Notification: To reset your password if you’ve forgotten it, click the Forgot Username/Password link under the login box.

4. Force Chase and any other background-running programs to close:

You can usually solve your issue by just restarting or forcing your app to close. The activity is necessary if your app is having problems or has ceased working altogether and you haven’t closed it for a longer period of time.

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When your program is frozen on a white, black, or blank screen, the remedy is especially effective.

Close any problematic apps that are currently operating in the background in order to avoid further screen difficulties.

How to end:

On iOS:

1.To access all open apps on your iOS device, double-click the Home button.

2.Flick your finger from right to left or vice versa to locate the app.

3.To close Chase’s preview, swipe it up.

4.Swiping up on other background-running programs will also force them to close.

With Android:

1.To access all open apps, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to the top.

2.Find the app you really want to close, swipe up from the bottom, hold, and then let go.

Note: Try altering Chase settings on your phone if the screen issue continues. Here’s how to accomplish that;

On iOS:

1.Access the iPhone settings.

2.Select Chase.

3.All toggles used by the Chase app should be turned off, then back on.

5.Clear app caches

You can remove all temporary data by clearing the caches or data of an app. It frequently offers assistance with any issues you might be having with a certain program.

When you open an app, caches are often established, thus cleaning them will eliminate information about your recent usage, as well as any issues and malfunctions that may have appeared.

Your device will have additional storage space, which should improve your experience overall.

How to:

On iOS:

1.Click Settings, then select General.

2.Next, select iPhone storage.

3.Choose Chase from the available apps.

4.Press the OFFLOAD cache button to remove caches.

With Android:

1.Activate the Settings.

2.Select Apps towards the bottom of the page as you scroll.

3.Tap Installed Applications after that.

4.Locate the Chase mobile banking application.

5.The Storage tab is now selected.

6.Press Clear Data to clear caches.

6.Check your internet connection

Check your internet connection first if you’re having trouble loading the Chase Bank mobile app. Your data rates may have decreased or reduced as a result of watching or downloading huge files, streaming video, or video conferencing with loved ones.

If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet because of slow or inconsistent data speeds, consider pausing or ending any streaming videos or downloading/uploading large files before returning to the app. Restarting your device is another way to fix minor internet connectivity problems. Try the following if your connection speed shows no signs of improvement:

1.Try turning your cellular data off and back on if you’re using it.

2.Turn on that Airplane Mode, then turn it off.

3.Attempt re-establishing your Wi-Fi connection, if you have one.

4.Next, reboot your modem and router.

5.After unplugging the wires once, plug them back in.

6.Reset your network settings to remove any incorrect configurations that might be preventing your device from connecting to the internet.

On iOS:

1.Select Settings.

2.Visit General.

3.To reset network settings, select Reset [Device]>Transfer or Reset>Reset.

With Android:

1.Access Settings.

2.Click on Network & Internet.

3.Then click on those three dots icon located at the top. Choose Reset Network Settings. Reset settings next.

4.If necessary, provide a password before selecting Reset Settings.

Try signing in with your Chase bank app account once more after your phone has restarted and has displayed a notification indicating that the network settings have been reset.

7.Sync time and date settings

If you get a notification that the Chase mobile app isn’t working, check the time and date settings on your device. Make that the time and date on your computer, phone, or tablet are set correctly or are in sync with the actual time and date.

Syncing the time and date settings:

On iOS:

1.Activate Settings > General > Date & Time.

2.Select Set Automatically to have your iPhone get updates for your current time zone as well as the correct time across the network.

3.Test the Chase after restarting your phone.

8.Enable LAN & app permissions

Some apps want you to provide them access to your phone’s local area network so they can show you the most pertinent advertisements or other content. If the Chase app won’t load, allow it access to your device’s local network to see if it solves the problem.

This is how to accomplish it:

On iOS-

  • Access Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Select Local Network.
  • Switch on the option for Chase mobile.

Try enabling app permissions for Chase if the loading or not opening problem still occurs:

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How to:

  • Click Settings.
  • Choose Privacy.
  • Next, click Chase to view the apps that can access it.
  • To activate permission, now slide the toggle next to each application.

9. Make room on your device.

Clear some space on your device if you have a download failure or loading issue. Follow these steps to see if you have enough room:

  • Click Settings.
  • Select General.

Go to iPhone Storage next.

  • You may check the amount of free space on your device using this page, and you can also delete some files to free up memory.

The precise amount of storage that Chase Mobile requires is unknown. However, for the software to run smoothly, we advise at least 1GB of space.

Before trying to download or use your device once more, make sure to free up as much space as you can if it’s running low on capacity.

Select the files in storage that require a lot of space, such as huge photographs and videos, and delete them to make room for Chase mobile.

By choosing Settings, Safari, and then clicking Clear History and Website Data, you may erase your browsing history.

10. Update the OS system on your phone

Your app may be experiencing problems if you are using an old OS version on your phone. Check to see if the operating system has an update available first. It’s possible that doing this will assist in resolving app-related operating system issues. Operating systems frequently need upgrades to correct bugs, maintain security, and provide new features.

If you got an Android phone and are unsure whether your operating system is current, follow these instructions:

On iOS:

  • Access Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Next, select Software Update.

To download and install, select. Now adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

With Android:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click System right now.
  • Next, select System Updates.
  • This page will display any accessible updates.

Try launching this American Mobile Banking app once your device’s operating system has been updated; this may resolve any performance difficulties you have been experiencing with the application or your device.

11. Removing and installing the software again

A quick uninstalling and reinstallation is the simplest way to get your bank’s mobile app working again.

In essence, deleting and reinstalling the app will get rid of any potentially corrupt data that might be the reason your app is acting poorly.

Reinstalling the Chase will get around any momentary technical issues by forcing a new connection between your phone and its servers.

Here’s how to remove it and then install it again:

On iOS:

1.Visit the home page.

2.Once you see a panel, long-press the chase mobile until it is gone.

3.To delete, tap Remove.

4.Now reinstall it at the Apple Store.

12.Phone factory reset

By returning your device to its default settings, you can remove all the settings and data that might be the source of the issue and restore it to working order.

Please be aware that by doing this, all of the data on your phone—including pictures, music, videos, documents, and so forth—will be deleted.

Please make sure you got a backup of the data if you decide to move forward with this process. You’ll lose all of the information on your phone if you don’t create a backup before doing this.

Performing a factory reset:


1.Access Settings.

2.Press General.

3.Reset by pressing the button (enter your passcode if prompted)

4.Erase all Content and Settings after that.

5.All of your data will be deleted after less than a minute, and the phone will then be restored to its original condition.


In the menu that appears, select Apps>Settings>Backup and Reset>Factory Data Reset>Reset Device>Erase Everything.

Install the previous version of the Chase Bank app:

Apps occasionally receive so many updates that we fail to notice a problem. Try torevert to an earlier version of the app if you’re encountering issues because Chase has released a number of upgrades.

For that,

  • Enter the settings of your phone.
  • Look for app updates.
  • Next, select Don’t update to turn off automatic updates for Chase.
  • Now look for Chase in your local Apple store, then download and install an earlier version (two updates before is fine).

13. What should you do if the mobile app won’t let you log in?

In order to log into Chase, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Ensure that you got a reliable internet connection.

2.Verify that you already have a Chase bank account.

3.Instead of using the previous username and password, enter the current ones.

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4.The Chase bank merchant agreement has already been signed by you.

5.Try removing content blockers on iOS if the issue persists. To do this, navigate to Settings > Safari > General > Content Blockers and slide the toggle to the off position.

14. How to resolve the “Temporarily Unable to Connect to Server” message on Chase?

There are two possibilities if your Chase app says “temporarily unable to connect to server” or “Unable to reach servers at this time.” Either something actually went wrong on your end or something went wrong with their end.

1.Try to sign out and then log back in again in the interim.

2.Go to Settings>General>>iPhone Storage>select app>Cached Data and Clear Cache to try deleting caches.

3.Your phone needs to be turned off and back on in order to restart.

  1. Wait a few minutes before attempting to reconnect to give your connection some chance to come back.
  2. You might have to reset your phone’s settings by heading to Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings if none of these fixes work.

Chrome does not support Chase Bank. Fix.

Here are quite some other methods you can try if you’re having problems logging into your Chase account using the Chrome browser on a computer:

Reload or refresh your browser. (CTRL+R)

  • Sign out and back in again.
  • Clear out browser caches. (From your browser’s options, clear the cache and cookies.)
  • Close all active tabs.
  • Test in anonymous mode.
  • Update or change your browser. (Check that Chrome is up to date, and if you can, try using a different browser to see if it solves the issue.)
  • Switch off your computer.
  • Verify whether the website is down?

In most circumstances, if Chase is having website troubles, there will be alerts on their home page or social media. However, you might receive a “service unavailable message” when attempting to access Chase’s website.

You can assess whether Chase is experiencing network problems and whether you should keep trying by checking for any updates (or give up).

You can attempt opening Chase in a different window because occasionally bugs are isolated and do not impact all users across all browsers.

Use DownDetector to see if the Chase site is down. This website looks for any website problems. This can actually assist you in figuring out whether there are any widespread problems or just a few lone ones.

Utilizing Pingdom and Uptime Robot are more options. You may test your connection speed and overall PC performance on these two websites.

These websites will notify you if your connection is sluggish or intermittent so you can determine whether it is an issue on their end or not.

If all else fails, contact their customer support at 1-713-262-3300 from outside the US or their business platinum line at 1-877-425-8100.

In addition to hopefully getting things back up and running as soon as possible, they ought to be able to provide with the further information regarding what’s happening with their services.

Reach out to support:

If you’re still having issues using the Chase mobile app or website, get in touch with customer service. You can check out their FAQs and numerous troubleshooting techniques there. Nearly all of your questions regarding their services can be answered by their support center.

You can reach their customer service agent by calling (800)935-9935 immediately. Visit chase.com/customerservice to view the call center’s operating hours.

From Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 11 PM ET, and from Saturday to Sunday, 10 AM to 7 PM ET, customer care representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to actually help you with any problems you may be experiencing while using their services.

Additionally, you can contact them securely through their website.

To send a message, adhere to these steps:

  • Use your account to sign in if you are an existing customer.
  • Type your message and press the Send button after selecting “Secure messaging” from the three-line side menu in the top left corner.
  • To provide you a better experience on their app or website, they’ll make sure to fix the problem as quickly as they can.


You can also easily also get in touch with us in the comment section below if the Chase Bank is still not working. If you have got questions or concerns about your account or the Chase mobile app, we’d be pleased to assist you. Simply leave a remark below, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.


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