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5+ Top External Microphones for Action Cameras

Looking for best External Microphones for Action Cameras? Today, we’ll show you best 5+ top External Microphones for Action Cameras. Action cameras are ideal for capturing fast-paced sports and even travel movies. Because action cameras are compact but strong, you can even vlog with them. However, eye-catching graphics are only one side of the puzzle; vlogging also necessitates high-quality audio. You’ll need to use an external microphone with your action camera for this.

While most of the action cameras and the 360-degree cameras have some built-in mics, the audio quality is subpar. So, if you want to record professional-quality audio, here are few of the best external mics for action cameras on the market.

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5+ Top External Microphones for Action Cameras

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Let’s start with one of the most simple mics available for your action or 360-degree camera. The Boya BY-M1 is a lav microphone that may be used with a camera or a smartphone. It’s inexpensive, and the audio quality is superior to many mics that cost four times as much.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a wireless microphone for the action camera, a simple wired lav mic like the Boya one is your best bet. It features two modes of operation: one for use with a camera and one for use with a smartphone. Simply connect the 3.5mm jack to the mic port on your action camera and you’re ready to go.

The main disadvantage of using a wired lav mic is that you must keep the camera close to you at all times. This shouldn’t be an issue if you want to vlog with your action camera. There are nearly 5,000 user evaluations for the Boya BY-M1 microphone, and the majority of them emphasize how the mic punches much beyond its weight in terms of audio quality.

Why you should buy: If you’re on a limited budget and want a vlogging microphone, try the Boya BY-M1. It’s an excellent microphone for any action camera or 360-degree camera with a 3.5mm connection.



The Movo VXR10, like the Boya BY-M1, is a wired microphone. However, it is a shotgun mic rather than a lav mic. Some users may prefer Movo’s method because its shotgun mic does not include a hanging wire. As a result, the mic is more convenient for vlogging and filming various types of videos.

Unlike a lav mic, which comes with a clip-on microphone to attach to your clothing, a shotgun mic mounts directly on the camera. A shock mount and a windshield that shuts out external noise are also included. While it is more convenient than a lav mic, the limited space on an action camera may be a hindrance.

The Movo VXR10 shotgun mic must be positioned on the camera with its back to the user. However, external mics cannot be mounted on the majority of action cameras. That implies you’ll need to purchase additional accessories. If you’re ready to do that, the Movo shotgun mic comes highly recommended by users.

Why you should buy: Do you frequently record yourself with your action camera? If so, the Movo VXR10 microphone is an excellent choice. However, make sure you have somewhere to install the microphone. It’s a wonderful microphone for the insta360 X3 if you also get the insta360 mic adaptor and mount.



The dual wireless lapel mic system from the AIKELA is the first of many wireless mics on this list. The most convenient way to record audio with an action camera is with a wireless mic. There are no cables to worry with, and you may move away from the camera.

One of the best features of the AIKELA dual wireless mic is the adaptable receiver, which can be plugged into any device. The microphone can be used with an action camera, iPhone, Android smartphone, or even a PC. You also receive two mics in the box, which can come in useful if you’re recording an interview or have two persons in the frame.

Despite its low price, the AIKELA wireless mic has received positive feedback, with customers stating that it performs adequately in ordinary situations. Where it falls short is in windy settings. When not utilizing your camera, you can use the microphone for video conversations or presentations on your phone or PC.

Why you should buy: This microphone’s adaptability allows you to use it with any device of your choice. As a result, you can put the microphone directly into the Insta360 X3 or any other action camera with a USB-C port without the need for an adaptor.



We’re now using professional mics, which provide excellent audio quality but are significantly more expensive. The Hollyland Lark M1 is actually a wireless lav mic with a small transmitter. It also includes noise reduction technologies for improved audio clarity.

Clean and crisp audio enhances the allure of a video tenfold. That is exactly what the Hollyland Lark L1 wireless lav mic claims to provide. Aside from superb audio quality, the brand’s advertised range of 650 feet is rather astounding. You also get eight hours of battery life on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about constantly charging the mic.

We recommend the Hollyland Lark L1 since reviewers say it compares favorably to the Rode Wireless Go II, which costs significantly more. In fact, it’s even better in terms of design than the Rode mic since it’s more compact – something that’s critical for a mic that’s going to be used with an action camera.

Why should you buy: With clear audio and a small size, the Hollyland Lark L1 is one of the more cost-effective wireless mics. It’s a terrific match for a GoPro microphone, especially in windy conditions.



Content creators laud Rode’s Wireless Go II microphone. Rode has been developing audio accessories for years, and the Rode Wireless Go II mic demonstrates the company’s skill.

What you get here is a fantastic microphone with only minor flaws. The sound quality is superb, making it a wonderful pick for anyone seeking professional-grade audio. A little indicator on the receiver indicates the connection status, which is a pleasant addition.

Of course, no product is really perfect, and the Rode Wireless Go II suffers from poor connectivity capabilities. Some reviews remark that the mic occasionally disconnects from the receiver, which can be disastrous while you’re in the thick of a shot. Another disadvantage is that the receiver is fairly large, so you’d have to locate a suitable spot to clip it to the action camera.

Why should you buy: If you’ve ever used a Rode microphone, you’ll know that the instrument catches bizarre audio. Furthermore, the Wireless Go II is a dependable wireless mic that performs admirably in all settings, even outdoor shooting.



The Rode Wireless Go II was unquestionably the leading player in the wireless mic market until the DJI Mic arrived with some impressive capabilities. For starters, the mic and receiver are smaller, and the noise cancellation on the DJI Mic is reported to be considerably superior.

When compared to the Rode Wireless Go II, the DJI Mic offers several design advancements. Because it is smaller, it is easy to attach to an action camera. It also comes with a charging case, similar to a set of TWS earbuds, making it exceedingly easy to store while not in use. In addition, you may receive up to 15 hours of battery life on a single charge, which is rather excellent.

When used outside, DJI’s noise reduction algorithms outperform Rode’s. You also get a discreet magnetic mount to attach the microphone to your garment without disclosing its location. The DJI Mic is somewhat more expensive than the Rode Wireless Go II, but the enhancements are definitely worth the extra money.

This one comes with two mics, however there is also a variation with just one mic if that’s what you’re looking for.

Why should you buy: The DJI Mic is one of the best action camera mics for Go Pros and 360-degree cameras since it is packed with features. If you don’t have a set budget but want the best audio available, the DJI Mic will not disappoint.


The audio quality of a video does not take second place to the visuals, especially if you intend to share your recorded footage online. Unfortunately, the inbuilt microphone on most action cameras is not up to the task. So, if you want to improve the audio quality of your action camera, you should invest in an external microphone.


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