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Quick Fix When Roku Remote is Not Working

is your roku remote not working ? This post will show you different solutions to why your roku remote not working. There aren’t way too many things that can fail with a Roku remote. If yours quiting working, work through this listing troubleshooting steps. You’ll be using your Roku television remote to binge-watch in no time.

Quick Fix When Roku Remote is Not Working

Sources of a Roku Remote Not Working

There are numerous reasons why a Roku remote stops working, as well as some are less complicated to diagnose than others. Normally, it’s as a result of something straightforward, like dead batteries or an obstructed signal. Various other times, the problem may be with the remote. Usually, the issue only discloses itself with the corresponding repair.

Exactly how To Fix It When Your Roku Remote Is Not Working

is your roku remote not working

Follow these steps, in order, to obtain your Roku remote working properly once more.

  1. Check for an obstructed IR (infrared) signal. IR remotes require a straight signal free from blockages. If there are any objects, walls, or other obstructions obstructing the line of view in between the Roku and also the Roku remote, the remote will not work. If you can not move the obstacle, lift the remote higher to obtain a clear signal as well as factor the remote at the front of the player.
  2. Examine the batteries. Weak or the dead batteries can make the remote malfunction. Initially, remove the batteries, then re-seat each battery. If the remote is less competent, replace the batteries and attempt once again.
  3. Reset your Roku box or stick and also Roku remote. Eliminate the batteries from the remote, after that eliminate the power line from the Roku streaming gadget. Wait 5 seconds, then reconnect all the power to the device. When that Roku logo displays on the home display, re-install the batteries in the remote. Wait 30 secs to see if the remote re-establishes a link with the Roku gadget.

4.Re-pair the Roku remote. Repeat the pairing process. Comply with the directions to establish the remote to recognize the Roku gadget as well as vice versa.

  1. Examine the HDMI connection. Roku Streaming sticks actually install in a TV from the HDMI port. If your tool is linked into the HDMI port, you might obtain some disturbance. To fix this, you’ll require an HDMI extension, which is available without Roku. See to it you have your Roku identification number helpful. It needs to get on a sticker on the gadget. Check out this article on Common Roku Problems and their Quick Fixes.

You could additionally move the streaming stay with a various HDMI port if the TV has one to extra.

Relocating the Roku device to a various HDMI port might mean you’ll have to establish the Roku again. Nevertheless, it may eliminate a defective HDMI port from the checklist of possible concerns.

  1. Check the network link standing of your cordless gadgets. Depending upon whether you have a Roku player or a streaming stick, your Roku device has at the very least one network link. On Roku gamers, the majority of have actually both wired and also wireless choices. Streaming sticks just have cordless network connection.
  2. Download and install the Roku app. If you can’t obtain the remote to work at all, download the Roku remote application from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Shop. The app has all those features of a Roku remote, plus it makes it easier to go into a message search.

Roku Substitute Remote

If the remote is hot to the touch, quit utilizing it right away. Place that remote on a non-flammable surface to cool. As soon as cooled down, get rid of the batteries. Malfunctioning or dripping batteries can create overheating and can harm or make the remote useless. If this is the case, change the remote. You can most likely to Roku’s internet site or a website like Amazon that sells accredited Roku remotes and also third-party suitable remotes.


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