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Friday, March 1, 2024
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17 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies Free

Are you also looking for putlocker alternatives? This post will show you 17 best putlocker alternatives that you never knew before. Streaming material totally free, utilizing numerous online platforms, is rather typical. Putlocker, with a broad collection of motion pictures and television shows of all genres from across the world, is among the most popular. But presently, Putlockers main website is not accessible, and viewers require Putlocker options.

Considering that its inception in 2011 in Britain, Putlockers, without dispute, has been one of the most gone to video streaming sites. Unfortunately, Putlocker is notorious among legal authorities since it offers video content for free. Don’t fret, however. There are numerous sites like Putlocker, which offer good content.

17 Best Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies Free

Are you missing the collection of Putlockers films and television programs? Are you desperately looking for some alternatives? Have a look at the list of our preferred sites.

1. SolarMovie


Searching for a platform that can provide you with a large collection of videos free of charge? SolarMovie has the potential to be the very best Putlocker for you. It’s totally free; it’s fast, and it’s updated to offer you the best. You can access the large collection of movies and shows on the website for an endless streaming experience. The interface is very simple and easy to use, and you’ll get among the best platforms to stream the videos with SolarMovie.

You will need to ignore the few ads, which is basic on sites like these. However apart from those, the site is the ideal place to gain access to movies and programs from all genres or categories. You will likewise discover videos categorized by the country name, which means that you will get to watch movies from the different parts of the world, from India to Korea. You must register on the site utilizing an e-mail id, however the sign-up is totally free.

2. KissCartoon


It is a no-brainer that KissCartoon is a platform for streaming animations. That’s where it stands apart from the lots of other websites that provide streaming material totally free. Revisit your childhood with the best animated programs and movies from the golden days of your lives. The very best part is that all these videos are readily available in top-notch on this website. It’ll be fun to binge-watch old cartoons in hd, right?

The site has an user-friendly user interface, and you will have the ability to access the collection of KissCartoon with convenience. The collection is large, and the videos are well-organized for your convenience. The website is owned by Kiss Anime Network. This organization owns websites dedicated to manga or comics, and more from all over the world. Here, you can access the animation films made in Asian countries, as well as the United States.

3. Mangastream


For the enthusiasts of Japanese animation, i.e., manga, among the most popular websites is Mangastream. The website came as an innovative platform at a time when international audiences had restricted access to manga. Now, people from around the world turn to Mangastream. It has actually been slapped with strike-downs by authorities, however that hasn’t stopped it from getting revived and catering to manga enthusiasts.

The website has a large collection of crisply scanned videos with good translations. No wonder it is a household name. The site is simple to access and check out, with all videos arranged appropriately for your convenience. You will need to look past the advertisements, obviously, which help to run the website, though you can also leave a tip to support it. The only problem is with receiving on-time actions if you have concerns.

4. KissAnime


You get no brownie points for thinking that KissAnime is a platform that provides anime videos– and their collection is big. Anime, as we know it, is not just for the children however also for mature viewers, including teens and grownups. So KissAnime uses all sort of material genres for all age groups. If you’re a fan of the special stories and discussion designs of this animation design, KissAnime is going to be your pal.

It is an exceptional alternative for Putlocker, as it gives you access to the latest and the very best anime videos totally free. The mobile version of KissAnime has actually websites approved by the DMCA. Videos available on this website are of high quality and intense colors, so you can take pleasure in the best anime-streaming experience. Series, films, webisodes– everything anime is readily available here, and you can look for and find them easily.

5. 123Movies


For users who require a platform to offer a comprehensive collection of movies and shows, 123Movies is among the most popular the Putlocker alternatives. You can say that it also has one of the best libraries of movies at the moment. If you are a fan of Asian animation like anime, manga, and others, this website is the very best for you at the moment. You’ll be able to find the current films and animation videos in outstanding quality. Got some spare time? Check out this article on Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives if you interested in watching anime.

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The best features of this website is that unlike other websites of this kind, 123Movies does not require you to register. That means no more unneeded e-mails in your inbox about the updates on the website. This can be a also good thing or a bad thing, depending upon whether you prefer to get them. Based upon your capacity, the streaming procedure is devoid of buffering. You will, nevertheless, need to handle lots of advertisements.

6. Afdah


Another the most popular substitute for Putlocker is Afdah, a platform that uses free videos without the trouble of a sign-up. It is a no-frills platform, without any unnecessary features that can confuse a new user. It has an uncomplicated user interface, and it is rather simple to check out the big collection of the site and discover videos that you need. No more bouncing around the website to find the best page for streaming video! Got a lot of craze of anime? Check this article based on Best DubbedAnime Alternatives

The video classifications are clean and disciplined. You’ll be able to find them segregated as Thriller, Action, Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi, War, and more. Even the search engine is quite powerful. Just type alphabet, and you’ll get to see the movies beginning with that letter. An amazing function of the site is that it offers four servers for smooth streaming. The only problem here is that of pop-up advertisements.

7. Crackle


Among the most popular websites that most netizens rely on free of charge material is Crackle. This video streaming webite is an excellent platform for taking pleasure in films and television shows. The collection here is actually going to leave you in awestruck. There are countless titles in its collection, and the library is broadening every day, making it an  ideal replacement for Putlocker. With this platform, you’ll be binge-watching for days on end.

The number of functions is restricted, making it a simple platform to use, without any unneeded frills. You can depend on this website for a remarkable streaming performance, too. Nevertheless, the platform’s simplicity also makes it a lackluster one, though that doesn’t actually affect the efficiency of the website or the mobile platform, which is great! As an ad-supported site, you’ll require to handle lots of pop-ups.

8. StreamingSites


StreamingSites is a website that offers a fast and easy solution for all your video streaming needs. You will discover everything from movies to television programs from throughout the world in its collection. The very best part is that the collection is not limited to simply TV shows and movies. You’ll be able to get cartoons, sports, video games, news cartoons, and a lot more. StreamingSites brings everything under one roofing for your convenience.

Considering that most visitors on the website choose motion pictures, the platform makes the best efforts to give you the access to a long list of film-streaming platforms. The library is continuously ending up being larger, too. It has a light style with an appealing combo of red and white, to raise your state of mind. Its user interface is likewise simple, and its search bar is among its finest features. Interestingly, this site has alternatives for both free and paid content streaming.

9. YesMovies


The very name of the YesMovies suggests that it is mostly a website for streaming films. Undoubtedly, the collection of motion pictures on this website is astonishing, to state the least. However you will also find television shows on this site, making it an ideal option for your preferred Putlocker. With the YesMovies, you will not get the time or opportunity to be tired. All video content available for the streaming here is well-organized. Read some amazing Best CrunchyRoll Alternatives here to learn more about anime.

Thriller, action, adventure, war– every classification of films can be discovered on this site. If you are into documentaries, you will discover an exceptional collection on this website. With such an enormous library that is easy to check out, you will not need to look any further. It has an easy design that makes it easy for new users to access it. The streaming page is simply one tap away. The pop-ups are annoying but bearable.

10. LOS Movies


For film enthusiasts trying to find a dependable platform to stream movies, LOS Movies is one of the very best. With several pages committed to each film, the procedure of streaming becomes extremely hassle-free on this site. The design of the website is basic. As a result of the instinctive interface, finding your favorite motion pictures and watching them is convenient. Less time lost browsing, more time seeing films!

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It’s also easy to filter the content on this site based on Ratings, Release Date, Date Added, and Featured. Its extensive library will give you motion pictures from any genre you’re in the mood for. The only issue here is that in order to access the movies, you will need to register first, for which you must use your email id. But registration is totally free, and the easy step is a little price for such quality material.

11. MegaShare


To get a mega-collection of films, television shows, animations, web series, and more on a single platform, MegaShare is the ideal location for you. This Putlocker option is one of the most preferred sites of netizens who love to stream video content. The streaming procedure is quickly. Many users consider this a reliable platform to gain free access to the best of home entertainment in the form of high-quality videos.

The videos on that platform are categorized in a well-defined way. You will discover them segregated by country name, release year, alphabetical order, IMDb score, and more, making the process of searching for the motion pictures really simple for all users. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your preferred material instead of searching for them. It’s easy to use and uses multiple servers for streaming smoothly.

12. FMovies


If you’re into streaming video content for free from different platforms, there’s very little chance that you haven’t become aware of FMovies currently. It is also extremely popular, and that’s because of the amazing library of videos that it opens to the whole world. Seamless streaming of the movies and shows in high quality– what else could you ask for from a video platform that provides complimentary videos? It’s undoubtedly one of the very best.

Like numerous other sites of its kind, it has not had the ability to make an excellent impression on the authorities. Nevertheless, it has gone beyond all efforts to shut it down and then come back to offer a series of platforms for the embedded videos and host links. The main content types here are movies, web series, and television programs. You’ll get to enjoy the most recent and the best content from nations all throughout the world on this site.

13. WatchTVSeries


If you are a client of television shows, WatchTVSeries is among the very best platforms for you. Its library of television shows is larger and better than its motion picture collection. That doesn’t mean you’ll not find good films here. The website likewise has an outstanding selection of the latest web series. However, as the name suggests, the site is devoted to tv series. You will find almost all popular shows on this platform with no trouble.

Productions of all those major channels like CBS, HBO, ABC, BBC, Fox, FX, and more are all put together on this site. When it comes to web series, the popular Netflix shows are all on this platform. The website is easy to use. It constantly takes into consideration the users’ experiences to enhance its user interface to offer a much better streaming experience to its brand-new and returning users. Accessing and streaming programs are super-easy here.

14. Noxx


Another fantastic platform that is completely dedicated to providing television shows and web series, Noxx, is among the very best Putlocker alternatives that you will discover. An online video streaming platform from your home of AZMovies, it supplies an enormous collection of videos in high quality. However the only issue you will face on this website is with the categorization of the shows and web series.

To be fair, it’s a brand-new kid on the video streaming block, and there’s plenty of room for improvement. Fortunately, it is catching on actually quick. It ensures that it will makes up for all spaces with a user friendly search engine. It likewise ensures that while enjoying series and shows, the series of episodes is not broken. You also get the best material on this platform. It guarantees a total entertainment experience.

15. Popcornflix


The name is self-explanatory. Get yourself a bowl of the popcorn and prepare to binge-watch with Popcornflix. In a world of top quality streaming centers on paid OTT platforms, Popcornflix is among those websites that has changed the game by providing high-grade material free of charge. Here, you will find nothing but the most recent and the freshest films and programs, within a short time after they are released.

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The platform likewise offers an exceptional collection of motion pictures. The only issue with the site is the film classification, which could do with a little improvement. A first-time user on the website might discover it challenging to find the movies that he is trying to find on this site as the variety of categories is on the lower side. However if you can look past that, you will have a good time on this site, specifically if you like to enjoy web programs.

16. MovieWatcher


For motion picture buffs searching for a Putlocker alternative to get the best collection of movies, MovieWatcher is a fantastic website. It is an online video streaming site with a vast choice of films, from classics to the current hits. You will discover links to external platforms like 3rd party film sites, forums, and online search engine, all embedded on this site. Besides, it also has a commendable library of TV series on this site.

It’s easy to discover movies and series videos of top-notch, all arranged nicely on the site. Searching the site to get the content you’re searching for is really simple. You will find all content classified according to year, category, and appeal. Here, you’ll discover the very best films of the last twenty years under the Year area. Its interface is rather tidy, and even brand-new users discover it easy to search for videos, be it motion pictures or television series.

17. Soap2day


Are you interested in accessing the best tv shows for free? Then Soap2day is your location. However access to TV channels is not the only advantage of this website. It is likewise an exceptional platform to stream movies. So, it brings all your preferred content under a single roofing system. As a result, it also gets one of the greatest numbers of visitors. It’s a terrific Putlocker alternative, understood to provide a comparable streaming experience.

As a free site, Soap2day makes it through by supporting ads, therefore, you will have to deal with numerous pop-ups and banners. Nevertheless, you will get utilized to them quickly, due to the fact that its comprehensive collection of content will keep you busy. From television classics to the latest theater hits, you will discover everything on this site, classified nicely. It is also a great platform for sports fans, with a separate section devoted to sports.


It’s most likely that you’re not able to access the large collection of films and TV shows that Putlocker makes available for you free of charge. You might try accessing it through a VPN. However if you do not want to enter into the trouble, it’s a good idea to move to other sites that can supply the exact same service.

We have also named some of the best Putlocker options above. These sites offer a huge library of movies and television shows– and they are all offered totally free. So, it’s time to stop missing your preferred website for streaming content, and get ready with some popcorn to begin binge-watching for hours again!


1) What Is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a gush site for free entertainment. This platform is very popular for allowing the users to download motion pictures and shows for free. Since 2011, it has remained a continuous favorite amongst entertainment fans seeking to stream complimentary content, in addition to police, who keep attempting to pull it down.

2) Has Putlocker Been Shut Down?

Because its creation in 2011, Putlocker has been amongst the preferred websites for streaming complimentary movies and TV programs. Naturally, it is not a favorite of law enforcement, much like other online platforms that give complimentary material streaming options. It was removed due to piracy charges and legal concerns.

3) Is Putlocker Legal?

Individuals streaming totally free movies and reveals online know Putlocker, a platform popular for providing open door to entertainment. However the legality of this platform is questionable, as the links it supplies might lead to material that is copyright protected. If you can access it through ISP, it is safe for you.

4) Is It Safe To Use Putlocker?

Like a lot of websites supplying totally free entertainment, Putlocker bombards users with pop-up ads, reroutes, banners, etc. But you don’t need to worry about malware if you utilize antivirus software application. You’ll need a top quality VPN to protect you from copyright violation dangers. If it’s available through ISP, it is safe for you.

5) What Are The Best Putlocker Alternatives?

Putlocker may not be offered to use through ISP. However you can still use other websites that offer a large collection of motion pictures and television shows. Try platforms like the 123Movies, Popcornflix, Afdah, SolarMovie, Crackle, and others to get access to a large library of content available to the stream for free.


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