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20 Best Sales Tools to Boost Business Growth

Are you also looking for best sales tools? This post will show you 20 best sales tools that you never knew before. There is no shortage of sales tools designed to increase your productivity and make your group more successful.

However, the paradox of the choice can make it difficult to, well, choose what’s finest for your team. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 20 finest sales tools currently available, based on the best alternatives for:

– Salesforce tools

– Prospecting and conversational intelligence

– Sales content management

– Personal and expert efficiency

– Inbox management

Salesforce Tools

20 Best Sales Tools to Boost Business Growth

1. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight actually brings Salesforce to your inbox and your inbox to Salesforce.

Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, you’ll have the ability to keep all activities and contacts synced no matter where you sell. Enjoy functions like email and link tracking, the actionable insights of Activities+, and easy calendar event development. State “goodbye permanently” to manual upgrading your CRM.

The all-in-one suite of sales productivity tools provided by Cirrus Insight likewise includes business scheduling functionality and Flight Plans– a service for sales e-mail automation.

Cirrus Insight likewise provides a mobile app for staying productive on-the-go!

2. Geopointe


Geopointe provides Salesforce users spatial insights to understand the mapping and geography of your customers so you can handle specific territories better.

You can search for your customers across various locations and regions, optimize routes between the clients, and can view geo-analytics. Check out this article on Best Sales Productivity Tools to run business efficiently.

Geopointe’s merger with the LevelEleven will be one to watch!

3. DocuSign


DocuSign is the Salesforce environment’s most popular file signing platform.

Keep your company protected while eliminating documentation and hold-ups. If you’re not using an electronic finalizing service, it’s time to step away from the facsimile machine and make the relocate to DocuSign.

4. Conga


Conga is an amazing company to watch, following their current acquisition of Apttus.

Configuring price quotes? Managing your supplier relationship? Handling complex agreements or workflows? Conga streamlines agreement life cycle management and will cater a solution specifically for you from inside Salesforce.

Using the suite of tools previously provided by Conga, you’ll reduce your sales cycle and increase the possibilities of closing your next big deal.

Likewise worth mentioning is Conga Composer, which takes info from Salesforce to develop richly-formatted design templates that fit your organization’s needs.

Save time on producing and formatting files. After you’ve made your file, you can quickly export it to any place you are working.

Prospecting and Conversational Intelligence

5. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder provides sales groups the capability to see who’s visiting your business’s site and, more significantly, what they’re interested in.

Qualified leads can be immediately sent to reps and updated in the client relationship supervisor (CRM). With the advanced insights into a prospect’s interest, you can start on the right foot with conversational intelligence that drives the needle forward.

6. Detective


A little account-research goes a long way. Too bad most sales associates do not have the time to do it– or, more significantly, do it well.

Investigator equips groups with the prospect information they require to make meaningful connections. Gathering details from all over the web, Detective surfaces whatever on potential consumers– from breaking news articles to social networks updates. Check out this amazing article on Best Sales Tools to Grow Revenue Quickly.

Detective’s Browser Automation actually also makes it possible to customize continuous searches to your group’s particular sales procedure.

7. ZoomInfo


The sophisticated company and contact search abilities of ZoomInfo make it possible to not just connect with more customers, however more of your perfect customers.

Use ZoomInfo to develop a strong list of capacity leads based upon your recognized perfect client profile. This info can then be contributed to your CRM for a more robust database that integrates data on team size, financing, and technology use.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re on a B2B-focused team that stresses social selling, then LinkedIn Sales Navigator will show a vital sales tool for your stack.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator assists you identify the best prospects with advanced search performance and potential leads based on target account information. Access to InMail Messages help the relationship-building process.

You will also get updates on tracked leads and accounts in real-time, and can sync any notes and tags back to your CRM.

Mentioning CRMs, you can easily connect to Salesforce and upgrade activity in a single click.

9. Clearbit


Clearbit helps your sales group recognize clients as they engage with your business.

Clearbit collects information across omnichannel experiences (with information sourced from 250+ personal and public sources, then vetted for quality and precision) to produce one merged, precise profile. Start with an email address or the corporate domain to paint a fuller photo and offer associates with the details they need to move a deal forward.

10. Populr


Dream it was much easier to make simple, appealing sales material without a team of developers and designers?

Populr enables groups to create sales one-pagers– drag-and-drop style– to share through e-mail, social networks, or any other digital sharing medium. You can likewise quickly replicate and edit pages to tailor them to various audiences.

11. Contactually


You really do not have to reinvent something whenever you begin a new conversation. Email templates are your good friend.

Contactually has an email design template generator for each circumstance– whether it’s connecting to a prospect, following up after a webinar, or perhaps getting your stuff back from an ex-lover! Check out this article on Best Sales Tool to Increase Revenue. 

Some of the options are certainly a bit more amusing, but it’s a terrific sales tool to draw the inspiration from.

12. Templafy


Templafy is a real document creation platform that supports teams no matter where they work.

Templafy offers templates for whatever from email signatures to PowerPoint discussions. Simplify branding and format throughout your employee network for a cohesive, sleek representation of your company.

Your Inbox

13. Zapier


Zapier touts itself as the “simplest method to automate your work.”

In terms of the inbox, Zapier’s integrations for the Gmail and the Microsoft Outlook help you get more done from one centralized area. Set up triggers (i.e. “zaps”) to integrate info across thousands of apps, and start preserving a level of productivity that will hum along in the background.

14. Clean Email

Tidy Email

Have a great deal of mess in your inbox?

Tidy Email lets you establish segments in your e-mail, based upon guidelines and filters. You will be able to quickly focus on the most crucial messages, and overlook the spam.

Clean Email’s Smart Unsubscribe feature is specifically useful for handling those pesky spam messages that never stop coming, no matter how typically you click “unsubscribe.”.

15. Hunter


You can discover anybody’s e-mail address if you know where to look– and have the right tool for research study.

Hunter gives you the direct access to any email listed on the internet. All you’ll need to understand is your contact’s business site.

Even if Hunter can’t find the exact address of the contact you’re trying to find, it’ll offer you with the email address format utilized by your target company, so you can still connect if you understand the individual’s name.

Productivity for Yourself and Your Organization.

16. Evernote


Evernote centralizes your note taking, no matter where you are– in a meeting or onsite with a possibility.

Collect everything for a task in one place, from web short articles to photos. Share, team up, and incorporate your work across all the platforms you work on (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce) and view your efficiency skyrocket.

Most importantly, you can get arranged and share your concepts totally free with Evernote’s standard strategy.

17. Todoist


Todoist is a no-fuss solution for tracking jobs and todos. A minimalist technique makes it simple for associates to arrange their day and tasks in need of follow up. Set repeating tasks, preferred tasks, and organize tasks by due dates and concern level.

And if Todoist isn’t your best fit, utilize one of these Wunderlist options to remain on top of todos.

18. Guru


Guru is an understanding management sales tool that keeps everyone in sync.

Rapidly access the resources you need, whether you’re working in your inbox, on a call, or in your CRM. Everyone will be on the same page, and the onboarding process for new staff members will be much easier than ever.

Expert makes sure precise and helpful information is right where you require it.

19. Grammarly


When you’re writing content or interactions, you do not constantly capture your own errors.

Thankfully, Grammarly ensures that you don’t have to keep an editor on staff. This complimentary online composing assistant keeps an eye out for grammatical and spelling mistakes, inaccurate punctuation, and misused words.

Look expert and keep communications flowing, whether you’re typing up an e-mail, crafting a sales document, or publishing an update to LinkedIn.

20. Ambition


Does your sales team struggle with inspiration? Desire work was more fun?

Aspiration taps into the inner-competitiveness of your sales group and turns the selling process into a video game (all while increasing their performance).

Points are granted based on personalized company goals, and your sales group will take pleasure in contending for the top area on the scoreboard.

Last Thoughts: 20 Sales Tools to Accelerate Your Success.

Developing the right sales tool stack for your group is all about experimentation. Recognize your discomfort points, evaluation opportunities for increasing performance, and put the above platforms to the test.

Do not be distracted by shiny bells and whistles. And don’t just equip your group with more functions– provide the best features.


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