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Does Spotify Acquire Heardle? 

Does Spotify acquire heardle?  There have been rumours that spotify acquires heardle, Read this article to know the truth.

Does Spotify Acquire Heardle?

Tuesday saw the announcement from Spotify that it has acquired Heardle, one of the many themed trivia games that emerged following Wordle’s phenomenal popularity. Heardle is the first game that Spotify has purchased, and the business is hoping that it will serve a dual purpose: it will both entertain music enthusiasts and serve as a tool for finding new music.

According to Jeremy Erlich, worldwide head of music at Spotify, “We are continuously exploring for novel and fun ways to boost music discovery and help artists meet new fans.” Heardle has shown to be a wonderfully entertaining way to link millions of fans with songs they already know and love as well as with new songs, as well as a means for them to challenge their friends to see who knows more about music.

For the time being, the game still has its own website. Users are required to identify the music being played within six tries (similar to Wordle) using the first few notes and then increasingly longer suggestions. It will link to the music on Spotify when the solution is revealed at the conclusion (previously, it linked to SoundCloud). Although the firm declined to reveal the purchase price, Spotify claims that the game currently has millions of players.

Prior to extending to additional nations and languages, Heardle’s Spotify integration will first launch in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The business also intends to “more thoroughly” integrate Heardle into the app in the future, though it did not specify how or when that may occur.

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Heardle may be a minor addition to Spotify’s portfolio compared to some of its other purchases, but it seems like a wise choice that taps into the core of why fans first fell in love with the streaming service. Nowadays, you can listen to music pretty about anywhere, but Spotify has always excelled at services that users can share with others (such playlists and Spotify Wrapped).


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