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25+ DesiRulez Alternatives for Streaming Your Favorite Movies

Cannot find anywhere desirulez alternatives? This pot will show you 25+ desirulez alternatives to watch your favorite movies online easily. DesiRulez is a free online application that allows you to listen to music, watch popular television shows, share and also download videos, watch full-length movies, and discuss all things desi.

It is one of the foremost popular and well-known mobile applications in Asia, with over 45 languages available.

25+ DesiRulez Alternatives for Streaming Your Favorite Movies

The content on the DesiRulez app is divided into categories such as TV shows, wrestling, movies, music, time pass, and many others. Every category has its own set of options that can be managed as needed.

One of the most appealing aspects of the DesiRulez app is that it offers full-length content. It has a simple interface and offers faster streaming than the others. It has a search bar option, just like other similar apps, where you can type in the name of a Television show, movie, music, or whatever else you need.

You can get the app for free from the store and begin using it after signing up with your Facebook or email address. You can then begin streaming without interruption. Users can also watch live wrestling matches and share them with others.

Alternatives to DesiRulez

1. IMDb


Internet Movie Database (IMBd) is the world’s most well-known online database of information about  movies, video games, television shows, and other online streaming entertainment. All internet users have access to this platform’s film pages, but in order to contribute to the website, you must first register. Got some spare time? Check this article on Crave Tv Alternatives.

Although its volunteer contributors provide the majority of the database on this platform, registered users can easily add new items and alter current sections. Website theme of IMDB is much more attractive as compared to desirulez.

It also allows you to locate, post, and share each entry, as well as leave comments, rate, and vote without restriction, just like a social networking site. There are other ways to find your favourite items, such as various categories, using the search box, and investigating the areas that are better than others.

The best aspect about this website is that it has a trending section where you can find all of the latest video games, movies, shows, and other forms of entertainment. IMDb also features a simple layout, daily updates with new content, the ability to add favourites folders, and much more.

2. ePix


ePix is a web-based, on-demand video service provider that offers a wide range of entertaining options for fans of TV shows and movies. For you to spend quality time, the app promotes a Paid level of theatrically released motion TV shows and movies. ePix provides less indian tv shows as compared to desirulez. It features outstanding music, comedies, innovative documentaries, and much more.

In the ePix, there are just three paid levels of TV channels to choose from. Interested in anime? Check this article on AnimeFrenzy Alternatives. Adventure, biography, action, animation, concert, crime, drama, documentary, crime, and more categories are available in the ePix programme. All of these categories have subcategories such as new, certified fresh, laugh out loud, staff picks, top-of-the-line, action-packed, and more.

3. Flixster


Flixster is a web-based community-based entertainment interface where you may discover brand new ways to have fun. The app allows you to search the latest movies, read user reviews, and watch TV episodes for free. Flixster is much more convenient as compared to desirulez. It is clearly a residential area for entertainment aficionados where they can express their opinions on any film or television programme.

It not only allows you to see trailers for the latest films, but it also provides information on the release date. Flixster is a website that allows you to buy tickets and watch them whenever you want.

4. SnagFilms


SnagFilms is a widely used entertainment service for users looking for a video on a request platform in order to enjoy seamless video online streaming services. Read this amazing article on Anime Planet Alternatives

The SnagFilms application puts the best entertaining content right in your hands. SnagFilms is a massive platform with thousands of TV shows and movies shared by free movie producers. All movie creators can also use the app to share their desired content with others. Desirulez has much more indian shows than snagflims. You may always check out the latest full-length movies and even TV shows that it regularly adds to its movie collection.

5. Viewster


Viewster is a sophisticated on-demand video entertainment portal that offers free and full-length new releases, horror films, original documentaries, thrillers, and much more. Check out this interesting article on Animeland Alternatives

On the other hand, you must deal with advertisements and promotions on this platform. You will not be required to use any outside software to join the Viewster, and you will not be required to sign up. Viewster is a global entertainment service that is currently available in nearly 120 countries. Compared to desirulez, viewster has less tv shows.

6. Fandor


Fandor.com is a movie streaming service for fans of independent films. Watch award-winning films, festival favourites, and hidden gems from around the world. Read this interesting content on ANMIEHEAVEN ALTERNATIVES if you have some free time. Get fast access to crucial films.

7. Popcornflix


When it comes to watching free movies, Popcornflix is one of the best options. Screen Media Ventures’ constant stream of new releases means we’re constantly adding new titles.

Popcornflix provides over 2,000 movies and TV series to choose from, including comedies, action, romance, drama, horror, family, documentaries, and foreign films. Originals from online and film schools are also available. Popcornflix contains tv shows of every language as compared to desirulez.

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Popcornflix does not require an account; simply press Play on your favourite recent film and relax.

8. MovieTube


One of the most popular internet streaming apps is MovieTube.

It gives customers access to a large number of television shows and movies that they may watch at their leisure for free. Got some spare time? Check this amazing article on BobMovies Alternatives.

To put it another way, you wouldn’t need to pay anything! Shows are available in 18 different languages as compared to desirulez. Music, cartoon, and anime films are also available on the website. MovieTube also functions as a search engine, allowing you to look up information about the film or television series you want to view.

It provided that interface for research, but the website was recently taken down, leaving many viewers disappointed.

9. ShowBox


ShowBox is a free online television and movie streaming application for Android devices. It is thought to be the only Android software that allows users to watch movies in HD for free.

It features one of the most comprehensive collections of dramas and films, which are sorted into categories such as new releases, forthcoming releases, top of the list, most viewed, and more. Check this amazing article on MovieWatcher Alternatives.

ShowBox offers a variety of genres, including action, romance, drama, adventure, horror, sci-fi, comedy, and military-themed content. People want to sideload the ShowBox app because it isn’t available in the Google PlayStore.

It requires enrollment in order to obtain the items it requires. Following the installation, you will be able to enter your email address and receive instructions on how to enjoy intense streaming.

10. Pluto TV

Pluto Tv

Pluto Tv is a fantastic entertainment app with over 100 live channels and thousands of movies from major studios such as NBC, CBS, Paramount, and Warner Bros., among others. You can also watch unique channels like Anime All-Time, Food TV, Pro Wrestling, and hundreds more through the app. Check this amazing article on Yify Movies Alternatives.

It does not require any subscriptions, Visa, or other fees in order for you to use it for free. The app offers a simple layout that allows you to select from a variety of options and enjoy your favourite content directly on your smartphone. It allows for fast streaming and allows you to share your favourite channels with family, friends, and others.

It features over 80+ categories, daily updates, ease of use, and 1000s of unique movies, among other features. Pluto Tv is a fantastic app for watching TV and movies on your smartphone. So go to the store and download the Pluto Tv app to watch free movies and TV on your smartphones and tablets.

11. Now


TV NOW TV is a subscription-based television service that offers a variety of channels and services to viewers. Check out this interesting article on Cmovies Alternatives to watch your favorite movies online for free.

The website offers several passes, such as Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Entertainment, Kids, and so on. People can begin utilising it by selecting the pass they require, creating an account, paying the fee, and then beginning to stream on it.

People may view restricted US comedies and HBO episodes with the Entertainment pass, while the SKY Cinema pass gives them access to 1000+ movies and a fresh new premiere every day with the SKY Cinema pass. It comes with a Kids pass, which allows kids to watch programming tailored to their age group without being interrupted by ads.

NOW TV allows viewers to watch their episodes on any device, whether their smartphone or television. There are no contracts, and users simply select the pass they require and stream from anywhere in the world. It allows them to drop the pass whenever they want.

12. HD Cinema

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is actually an online TV series and movie streaming app that allows users to watch high-definition material on their smartphones at any time. Best Movie4u Alternatives to watch best movies online for free. The site has a large library of TV series and movies, and Cinema HD is unique in that none of the content is stolen.

The platform has a variety of filtering options, allowing users to find the movie they’re seeking for more quickly. People can even add captions to movies, but only if the films allow it. It is a well-designed programme with an easy-to-use dynamic people interface that allows for smooth platform navigation.

People may browse and search for movies on Cinema HD using various filters, and they can even create a favourite list. Finally, after downloading movies, people can watch them without using the Internet, but this requires an updated Android OS.

13. BeeTV


BeeTV is one of the foremost elegant and best entertainment centres where you can enjoy unlimited movies, TV shows, and other entertainment options. Check out this amazing article on Rainierland Alternatives. You can get free access to the most recent version of BeeTV for Android and see a list of the most recent movies on the screen.

It includes a menu selection button that allows you to access the menu and select what you want to watch in terms of movies and TV shows. It allows you to select the content you want to watch or explore, as well as a description, before pressing the play button.

On BeeTV, you may access everything for free and with little effort, as well as stream video content. You can also obtain some fantastic alternatives to the app and enjoy everything to the fullest.

14. Cinema Time

Cinema Time

Cinema Time is the most excellent and easiest way to get an overview of the latest films, as well as release dates, actor and crew information, and critic ratings. Check out this amazing article on SolarMovie Alternatives.

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15. VUDU


VUDU is a massive web-based entertainment provider with a huge library of TV series and movies ranked in order of highest and lowest ratings around the world. The best part about the VUDU app is that it only offers full-length movies and television series.

If you’re looking for a place to view full-length movies and TV series, try the VUDU app, which assures that you’ll be able to watch movies continuously throughout your VUDU connection. Check out this interesting article on Best Popcorn Time Alternatives.

VUDU is also an online platform where you can get HQ and top-rated content to enjoy at any time. If you want to use VUDU’s streaming capabilities, you’ll need a high-bandwidth internet connection. VUDU also specialises in the long-term rental and purchase of DVDs, as well as the most recent TV seasons, movies, and dramas.

16. HBO Max


HBO Max is a subscription streaming service that combines all of HBO’s services with even more blockbuster films, TV shows, and exclusive Max Originals.

Since its inception in May 2020 in the United States, it has generated an estimated yearly revenue of $6.8 billion.  Check out this amazing article on Amazon Prime Video.

With 73.8 million subscribers, the site has shown its incredible offerings.

17. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a popular entertainment software produced by Amazon Mobile LLC that allows users to access and download popular movies and television shows. Check out this article on GoMovies Alternatives to watch movies online for free.

It provides thousands of popular titles to ensure that its consumers have a good time. This platform allows customers to obtain all available content without incurring any further fees. It is well-known in many countries and features all of Bollywood and Indian regional hits.

The Amazon Prime Video app, like other comparable apps, requires a subscription to access the 100+ premium channels and top movies. Amazon Prime Video has also a large library of content and often updates their database with new and updated stuff.

You may also access new channels, documentaries, and TV shows that are full length and uncensored with this app. Amazon Prime Video has a variety of categories, including New Releases, TV Shows, Documentaries, and Sports Channel. You can also use the search box or browse the genres to find what you’re looking for (Action, War, Comedy, and Love Stories, etc.). Both Android and iOS users can access Amazon Prime Video.

18. Netflix


Netflix is one of the most popular and well-known video streaming services in the world, but it is far from the only one. Read this interesting article on crunchyroll alternatives if you want to learn anime tv shows.

There are numerous Netflix alternatives available for your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV that will keep you engaged every night. Some of these services are even free to use, albeit they do contain advertisements.

19. Hulu


Hulu is the main entertainment site for streaming online movies, as it is a multi-platform source of entertainment. Hulu has a stunning collection of hundreds of big hits as well as the highest-rated award-winning films and TV shows. Read out this interesting article on Limetorrents Alternatives.

All advanced digital media devices and operating systems can access this. Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services, with all of the latest features, tools, and a user-friendly layout. This allows you to stream any movie in many languages, including anime, Hollywood, Bollywood, and many others. Hulu is an all-encompassing entertainment platform.

You’ll always discover top-rated and award-winning entertainment content here. That means Hulu’s platform will continuously be updated with new content. Hulu is perfect in terms of visual and voice quality of content accessible. It offers the greatest quality audio and video entertainment to its audience.

20. Crackle


Crackle is an online platform that allows you to watch web-based entertainment, movies, anime, and TV series on your phone or tablet. Crackle is one of the best desirulez alternatives. Crackle is one of the most popular services for streaming Hollywood films that are always uncut and unedited. Check out this article on Torrentz2 Alternatives to watch your favorite collection of movies through torrents.

You may watch full-length movies and TV series without interruption, and the majority of the content is available for free. Apart from the high-quality content and the availability of full-length movies, the Crackle app is the most user-friendly of all.

It’s one of the finest places to find action films, science fiction films, comedy films, crime films, horror films, TV shows, TV episodes, TV seasons, and more. It is a one-stop shop for entertainment junkies looking for a never-ending supply of amusement. It is basically a free content streaming service that provides its users with the greatest and highest-rated entertainment content.

Simply choose your favourite film, press the play button, and begin watching your favourite material on the Crackle app anytime you want.

21. Stremio


Stremio is an online platform that allows you to watch various types of media content in one place. With just a few clicks, you may watch any of your favourite anime, movies, or TV shows.

All you have got to do is download it to your computer, and after that, you can start streaming your favourite media stuff. As compared to desirulez, stremio provides better content. Stremio has more categories as compared to desirulez.

It currently supports Windows, OS X, Android, and Linux. This is a multi-platform streaming service that includes content from YouTube, Amazon, Filmon, Netflix, Hulu, and other providers. All you need is a quick internet connection to view high-quality videos and movies on this site. Check out this amazing article on Zooqle Alternatives to download your favorite tv shows, movies, games and much more easily and quickly.

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22. Soap2Day


Soap2Day is a popular free TV programme and movie online streaming website that lets you view an unlimited number of movies in high definition (HD) quality, even if your internet connection is slow.

Soap2day is also one of the most popular websites for fans of the latest TV shows and movies from across the world, and Soap2day online users are looking for alternative websites to watch Anime, movies, and TV shows.

On Soap2day, you can share your favourite HD quality movies, TV shows, series, and episodes with your friends, family, or coworkers by watching them online or downloading them for free from your Smart TV, laptops, PC, or anywhere else at any time.

23. 123Movies

123Movies has been there since the beginning of the streaming market, and it most likely debuted around 2015. This website quickly grows in popularity among active online movie buffs. 123Movies is an online movie and television show streaming service.

123Movies features a great selection of categories. The simple design with a filter option will make it easier for you to search TV shows and movies by allowing you to select movie categories, countries, and release years. Sci-Fi, Action, Romance, Mystery, Mythological, Psychological, Anime, Biography, Cartoon, Sport, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, History, Horror, Costume, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical, Thriller or Anime, and many other top-rated films are available here.

24. GoMovies

Go Movies

Gomovies is a public torrent site that hosts popular pirate movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, and Kollywood, which are subsequently streamed in HD to users. For enjoyment, movies and television shows have become a vital part of one’s 24 hour life. Check out this amazing article on the RARBG alternatives if you want to learn more about how to download torrents easily and quickly. Gomovies has much more categories as compared to desirulez.

Whereas some people choose to subscribe to several entertainment applications, others watch or download it through pirate torrent sites, the main cause of which is piracy, which is wreaking havoc on the whole film business globally and spreading like wildfire.

25. Kodi


Because of the way it can set up your media inventory and allow you to stream online via the enormous number of 3rd-party add-ons available from developers all around the world, Kodi is the ideal home entertainment application. Read out this interesting article on ThePirateBay Alternatives. Kodi has a lot of impressive content that include movies, tv shows as compared to desirulez.

26. Putlocker


Putlocker is famous among consumers because of its extensive features. It’s also a free video streaming site where you may watch a large number of videos without having to pay or register. Check out this amazing article on USTV247 Alternatives.

CL lists all of the movies, TV series, cartoons, and animes available, as well as their ratings. It features a video database. It also offers high-definition videos. The movies on Putlockers are organised by category. It also continuously updates its database with the most recent and popular videos. Finally, no registration or login is required to see the videos on this website.

27. YesMovies

Yes Movies

If you’re looking for a site where you may watch 1000 free online movies and TV series, we recommend YesMovies. Yes Movies gives you the opportunity to search for 1000 movies, TV series, and documentaries for free. Desirulez contains more than 500+ movies compared to Yesmovies. Check out this amazing article on TorrentReactor Alternatives.

It also includes a list of over 100 TV programmes. Overall, YesMovies is the finest option for watching or downloading free movies and TV series. Instead than hosting movie and TV show files on its own server, YesMovies makes content available from unconnected third parties.

Finally, we have a movie website that, rather than focusing solely on Hollywood films, offers a diverse range of films from different industries, like Asian, French, Hong Kong, Indian, Hong Kong, and so on. Horror or action, romance, adventure, history, science fiction, fantasy, liveliness, mystery or crime, and many other genres are represented on the YesMovies website.

28. IOMovies


IOMovies is the most recent movie pirate site, where users may watch the most recent Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and Telegu films. Check out this interesting content on CrunchyRoll Alternatives to watch your favorite anime easily.

IOMovies is one of the most well-known torrent sites in the world. Because this is the website where viewers may watch the most recently released HD movies. That is something that no other torrent site can do. The majority of people utilise this site since no other site uploads new Bollywood, Hollywood, Telegu, and Tamil films before Iomovies. However, because each country’s laws are different, IOMovies can still be used.

29. IceFilms


IceFilms is one of the top movie streaming services, allowing you to view movies, TV episodes, and anime series in high definition.

The site has a very huge collection of movies and TV series that you can watch and even share. The site also features a variety of categories to help you find your most recent movies easily.

IceFilms is basically a safe and secure online streaming service that allows you to watch full-length movies without having to register or provide personal information. IceFilms, like other alternative movie streaming sites, updates seven days a week with tonnes of new content, making it the best. Read out this amazing article on Putlocker Alternatives.

30. MoviesDa


MoviesDa is a pirated torrent site that offers free online web series, movies, video streaming, and downloading. This website contains a large database of movies. Check this article on Popcorn Time Alternatives.

Movies are offered in a variety of languages, including Telegu, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Bollywood, and Hollywood dubs. Not only movies, but also web series, television shows, award shows, and other sorts of material are available.


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