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8 Best Dynamic DNS Providers for Your Website

Looking for best dynamic dns providers? This post will show you 8 best dynamic dns providers that you have never seen before. A service for mapping the Internet domain names to a computer with dynamic IP addresses is known as a dynamic DNS (also known as DDNS or DynDNS). Most computers use DHCP to connect to routers, which means the router chooses your computer’s IP address at random.

8 Best Dynamic DNS Providers for Your Website

Additionally, this implies that your computer’s IP address is always changing, which makes it challenging to establish a connection with the outside world. By continuously updating its DNS service with your most recent IP address, dynamic DNS addresses this problem. Here are some of the top free Dynamic DNS providers for home networks, listed in no particular order.



One of the top DNS services available is the free Dynamic DNS app that Namecheap offers with its domains. It responds quickly and effectively, reporting your changes to Google DNS.

Within NameCheap, there are three different tiers of DNS providers, including a lightweight free one accessible to everyone who simply merely registers for a free account. You are promoted to the “Basic” DNS, which ensures 100% uptime, when you create a domain or transfer. For individuals that register and host their own domains, this service has quietly been one of the easier and quicker solutions available.



YDNS, a free Dynamic DNS provider based in Germany, just requires you to sign up with your email address and the password before you can use it. Unless you’re using a custom domain name, you’re constrained to utilizing the “” domain, although for many individuals, that will suffice.

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On ydns, there is no restriction on the number of custom domains or hosts you can have, and DNSSEC security extension is supported. The majority of Dynamic DNS implementations are compatible with it. Users with more technical knowledge can also download the YDNS bash script and use it to update the dynamic hosts.



FreeDNS is one of the simplest ways to quickly set yourself up with a Dynamic DNS thanks to its highly simplistic layout. Additionally, it provides static DNS services. Tens of thousands of domain names are available, and you can also use your own unique domain names. With over 7 billion requests processed each month, it is currently one of the most well-known Dynamic DNS providers available.

It will not take actually more than five minutes to create an account, and the process is really simple. DNS pointing happens instantly after account setup. Additionally, you have access to over 90,000 domain options. They provide URL redirection for all of these sites.

4.Securepoint DynDNS

Securepoint DynDNS

This is a totally free DDNS service with a German base. Your attention will be drawn to the website’s offer of a total of five hosts and 100 domains right away. Aside from this, it is a single provider that integrates flawlessly with firewalls and products from other manufacturers. You are permitted to utilize the services even though this is a “secure point” provider without a “secure point” gadget.

With Securepoint DynDNS, registration is quick and simple. In significant part, it is also anonymous. Just a username, email address, and password are required. Once you have registered, you can begin once you have received a confirmation email. The IPv6 protocol and the update token, a second password for increased protection, are both supported by Securepoint DynDNS.

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5. Dynu


While Securepoint DynDNS is completely free, Dynu is not. Both a free and the premium version are available, with the paid version having some extra features. However, the free version will offer dependable DNS uptime across a variety of global servers. This is significant because it suggests that even top-level domains will function, irrespective of the nations to which they belong.

Its DDNS client, which runs in the background and automatically updates the DNS record when your IP address changes, is available for free download. All services in the free edition are restricted to a single subdomain. These include SSL certificates, domain registration, and email service. You gain access to all the features for an infinite number of subdomains with the premium version.

6.DynDNS Service

DynDNS Service

Another company that provides free services is this German DDNS provider (no longer available). There is also a premium version with more features. Up to three DDNS domains can be supported by the free version. You only need to create a free account in order to do this. This setup is easy to do. You will need to build a DDNS campaign and input account data in the router.



The infrastructure of Amazon was used to build the DuckDNS dynamic DNS service provider. Just two software engineers manage the entire system, and the website is unadorned. However, this system offers a good number of published guides that may be used to set up DuckDNS on several systems. These systems range from Linux to macOS and include all of them.

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On, your account is permitted a total of four subdomains. Only by contributing to the team’s cause will you receive more.

8. No-IP


There are two paying packages and a free package available from this US-based DDNS provider. You are only allowed three hostnames, a small number of domains, and the requirement for account confirmation every 30 days in the free edition. Accounts are promptly terminated if they are not verified. Ads will be everywhere in the freeware version as well. However, none of these drawbacks exist in the commercial version. You should use DNS services that can secure your online privacy in addition to Dynamic DNS, such NextDNS, or turn on DNS over HTTPS in your browsers.


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