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20+ Best Google Adsense Alternatives That You Must Knew

Looking for free google adsense alternatives? This post will show you 23 best google adsense alternatives that you never knew before. Try running advertising on your blog if you want to earn a little additional money from it.

You will require an advertising network, a service that links online advertisers with website publishers, to accomplish this. You’ve probably encountered Google AdSense while looking for an ad network.

With over 10 million sites using it, it is the most widely used pay-per-click (PPC) platform online. Publishers can receive a fair share of click-through revenue thanks to AdSense, which is convenient and dependable.

However, it’s not the only option; you might want to think about an AdSense substitute. We’ll talk about the reasons why you might choose a different ad network for your website in this piece.

The best alternative ad networks to AdSense will then be discussed, allowing you to start monetizing your blog right away.

Why Use an Alternative to AdSense?

The Google platform has a few drawbacks that make it inappropriate for some blog sites. Here are a few typical and convincing arguments to choose a rival ad network over AdSense:

Conditions for Eligibility

Before applicants may become partners with a network, including AdSense, they must achieve specific website metrics. You’ll need a network with less stringent approval standards to get started if Google won’t approve your blog for an AdSense account.

You might have also had your AdSense account disabled due to the platform’s strict click fraud management. For instance, you might have accidently clicked one of your own ads or accidentally placed an advertisement on a page you shouldn’t have.

If you’re not paying attention, it’s simple to break the terms of service, therefore you might require a more lenient option. Revenue Share The majority of ad networks place advertisements on your website in predetermined locations using an automated technique.

Basically you get a portion of the commission when users interact with these advertising, such as by seeing, clicking, and/or making a purchase through the ad, while the network keeps the rest. Publishers get 68% of the money produced by adverts on their website with Google AdSense. Although this rate is competitive, several alternative networks give an even higher share. To qualify, you’ll need a top-notch website with consistent, significant traffic, but if you do, it will be worthwhile.

Ad Personalization

To make your adverts blend in more seamlessly with your original content, several ad networks allow you to customise their appearance to match the theme of your website.

Although the degree of customization varies by service, many allow you to change a unit’s size and colour, which is more flexible than AdSense does.

Minimum Reward

The bare minimum of earnings required to qualify for a payment from a network is known as the minimum payout. The minimum payout for AdSense is $100, which is more than some alternatives.

It can take longer than you’d want to attain $100 in earnings if your website is newer or less popular. Partnering with a provider that has a smaller minimum payout could be more advantageous. Adapting for Your Blog Big ad networks like Google AdSense are made to support every kind of content-rich website, including blogs, news sites, video producers, and everything in between.

It actually makes sense to look for an alternative to AdSense if you’re seeking for an ad supplier who works closely with you and can create a tailored solution for your unique blog. You might want a partner network that works in conjunction with AdSense on your website as opposed to replacing it in order to create an extra cash stream.

As long as you adhere to the AdSense terms of service, there is nothing wrong with that. There are other worthwhile options you might explore if any of these situations apply to you.

20+ Best Google Adsense Alternatives That You Must Knew

1. Media.net


Contextual advertising is dominated by Media.net. It is largely regarded as the preferred AdSense substitute by publishers and marketers. The programme is operated by Bing and Yahoo. You can anticipate to make around the same amount of money through Media.net’s native and display advertisements for desktop and mobile as you would from AdSense.

Pay heed to Media.net’s clearance requirements as you would with any alternative to AdSense. Your blog needs to have excellent content and a tidy, polished layout in order to be accepted.

Your source of traffic is also important:

You must have the bulk of your visitors from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada in order to use Media.net. Media.net is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for a service with similar features, quality, and payout rate to AdSense.

PayPal payouts start at $100 and happen once a month. Best for: Publishers seeking a Google AdSense alternative that offers the highest compensation and best user experience.

2. PropellerAds: Top Popunder Ad Network


A rapidly expanding company called PropellerAds offers monetization options for both new and established blog sites. Popunder adverts, which run behind the active browser window and manifest themselves once this window is closed, are a trademark of PropellerAds.

If popunders are too intrusive for your blog, PropellerAds also offers native ads, banners, and video ads as targeted and non-targeted desktop ad solutions. Additionally serving mobile applications and websites, PropellerAds even provides a push notification ad type for these channels. As compared adsense, one can earn good money through propeller ads too.

Although useful for newer blogs as well, PropellerAds is accessible to established websites: Your account is immediately activated after setup, there is no minimum need for site traffic, and the PayPal payout threshold is only $5. The payments are made each month. Best for: Websites, new and old, that want to include popunder ads and other non-targeted advertisements.

3. Monumetric


A blogger-focused advertising network called Monumetric (formerly The Blogger Network) makes sure the ads that appear on your website are of the highest calibre and relevant to your visitors.

They do this, in part, by speaking with their clients directly, and they offer support when required. With Monumetric, you are paid when visitors view the advertisements on your pages rather than when they click them. This is because the company uses a cost-per-impression approach rather than a cost-per-click strategy.

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Monumetric compensates for the fact that impression revenue is less than click revenue by serving highly tailored advertisements. The four tiers of monetization plans offered by Monumetric, which are based on monthly pageviews, raise your degree of support as your site grows. Google adsense comparatively is a bigger platform.

While there is a minimum requirement of 10,000 page views per month to be accepted, this criterion is lower than some other networks on our list and can be met by medium-sized blogs. Also take note that websites with less than 80,000 monthly visits must pay a setup cost of $99 up front.

The minimum payout for Monumetric is $10 via PayPal or direct deposit. Best for: Big and medium-sized bloggers who desire top-notch, carefully targeted impression-based advertisements.

4. Revcontent: Best for Media Sites with High Traffic


Native advertisements, which are made to look and feel like content on your blog, are a specialty of Revcontent. These advertisements are carefully chosen to fit in with the pages of your website. Other ad forms that Revcontent provides include display, mobile, and video. On the publisher and advertiser sides, Revcontent has a reputation for having great clientele.

It collaborates with publishers who will probably produce a lot of clicks on ads, attracting advertisers that are willing to pay larger commissions. The problem is that Revcontent is more picky than Google AdSense.

Your website must receive at least 50,000 monthly visits and consistently produce good material in order to be considered. Even if there’s a chance you won’t be accepted, Revcontent’s guarantee of better interaction rates makes it worthwhile to try. The minimum payment to publishers is $50 per month. Best for: Outstanding content-publishing websites with lots of visitors who want to find niche native ads.

5. Adversal


Adversal is a self-serve advertising platform, allowing publishers to buy and publish ads without the help of a human. For those that actually want more control over the advertising on their websites, self-service solutions like Adversal provide you entire control over the ad content and placement. One can generate a lot more money through google adsense as compared to adversal.

Adversal strives to simplify setup and get your advertising running quickly with its user-friendly interface. With only just few clicks, you can manage your campaigns, and the platform allows you to select among display advertisements, video ads, and native ads.

Your site must have at least 50,000 monthly visits, a unique domain name, and be unrestricted by a login in order to qualify for Adversal. Monthly payments of $20 are the minimum payout. Payment methods include wire transfer, PayPal, ACH, and checks. Best for: Publishers with high traffic who prefer to pick their own advertising and ad placement.

6. AdThrive: The Best for Big Blogs


Another well-liked ad network that looks out for its bloggers is AdThrive. To guarantee that your blogging site only displays adverts for great products by exceptional firms, this cost-per-impression network closely collaborates with both publishers and its advertisers.

The AdThrive team will assist you in choosing the best locations for your advertising and will work with you to develop a monetization strategy. However, the best reason to sign up with AdThrive may be its payment guarantee, which ensures that you will always be paid in full and on time even if AdThrive doesn’t get payment from its advertisers on time, and its 75 percent payout directly to publishers.

All of this indicates that AdThrive is not suitable for new bloggers. It requires at least 100,000 pageviews per month, the bulk of which must originate from the United States. But established bloggers ought to think about using this service. Direct deposit and PayPal both have a $25 minimum payout requirement. Best for: Established publishers who desire a high compensation and a close working relationship with their ad network.

7. Mediavine


Mediavine is similar to AdThrive in that it offers bloggers a 75 percent revenue share and offers highly customised ad placements, but only needs half as many monthly page views (50,000). If you create in-depth articles in this category, you should definitely think about applying to this ad network because it draws from a sizable pool of lifestyle advertisers.

Additionally, Mediavine brings empathy to your partnership, which is quite rare in this industry. The group will respond to any inquiries you have regarding advertisements on your website because it was founded by bloggers who recognise the value of transparent, quick-loading, high-quality adverts.

For both PayPal and direct deposit, Mediavine’s minimum payout is $25 which is less compared to google adsense (or $200 for foreign direct deposit). Most suitable for: Lifestyle bloggers with a large monthly audience.

8. Playwire: Ideal for Businesses and Blogs with High Traffic


Revenue Amplification by Playwire. The Managed by Professionals (RAMP) Platform makes advertising technology smarter by combining the best of it into a single platform. For bloggers looking for a more all-encompassing ad monetization solution after reaching 500,000 monthly page views, the RAMP Platform is a wonderful fit.

RAMP gives users access to a wide range of market demand sources and adds predictive analytics to increase rewards. In the end, this assists highly trafficked blogs in generating advertising through impactful and engaging ad units.

Finally, Playwire’s worldwide direct sales staff has connections to the top brand advertisers in the world, opening the door to profitable direct deals. Every 60 days, a minimum payout of $100 via PayPal or $500 via wire transfer is made available. Best for: Publishers who get a lot of traffic and want to use a wide-ranging monetization platform

9. InfoLinks: The Best For In-Text Ads


InfoLinks offers a good substitute for display ads; it specialises in in-text ad placement. When InfoLinks scans the body of your blog post for keywords, it automatically links relevant text snippets to adverts.

An appropriate advertisement appears next to this specific text when a visitor hovers over it. Since there are more options for relevant ads on pages with more text, in-text advertisements perform well on blogs. Any blog—old or new—can be made profitable using InfoLinks.

There is no setup charge necessary, and there are no page view minimums. Once configured, you can immediately use in-text advertisements (or, if you’d like, targeted display ads) and benefit from the reporting dashboard. Every 45 days, InfoLinks sends payments by PayPal (with a $50 minimum payout), Payoneer, and Western Union. Best suited for: Bloggers and publishers seeking a new website-friendly in-text advertising solution.

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10. Bidvertiser.combidvertiser

The bidding campaign system used by Bidvertiser is as follows: Instead of putting adverts on your website automatically, Bidvertiser lets you sell display ad space to the highest-bidding advertiser.

A system like this has advantages as well as disadvantages. You can wind up making far more money from the auction than you would through AdSense if your website generates enough traffic for advertisers to compete for space.

However, you might not get any bids at all if marketers aren’t aware of your website. Consider which of these categories your blog fits into before attempting Bidvertiser. The simple ad customization tool, no permission requirements, and money for both clicks and conversions offered by Bidvertiser are advantages if the bidding system works for you.

Users of Bidvertiser receive monthly payments through PayPal, with a $10 minimum payout. Best for: Sites that prefer a bidding campaign system versus an ad placement platform that is more conventional.

11. SHE Media: Best for Content with a Female Focus

She Media

Known mostly for the websites SheKnows, Blogher, and StyleCaster, which together have tens of millions of monthly visits, SHE Media is a digital media company that creates content for and by women.

Additionally, SHE Media runs a partner network that connects female-focused bloggers and content producers with female-focused advertising. Consider SHE Media for monetization if your blog predominantly targets female readers.

If accepted, you’ll work with the same sponsors as its well-known blog properties and join a group that promotes the voices of women. Additionally, you’ll receive top-notch advertisements from verified merchants that market goods without interfering with readers’ experiences. Your website must receive at least 20,000 monthly views to be eligible (though this is not a strict requirement).

You must demonstrate this with your data. Your traffic must also be at least 70% female and at least 80% U.S.-based. Every month, the SHE Media partner network pays out to bloggers by direct deposit or PayPal if they are really located outside of the US. Best for: Bloggers and content producers who focus on women.

12. Taboola: Ideal for Businesses


Taboola is a well-known advertising agency that has collaborated with well-known media companies and developed a reputation for producing high-caliber advertisements. Taboola’s sophisticated tracking techniques are used to target native advertisements from sponsored websites.

Additionally renowned are Taboola’s features, which extend beyond basic ad placements. You may integrate videos, control personalisation options, display advertising in highly configurable forms, and filter ads based on keywords with this service.

Taboola’s services are available to businesses, not individual bloggers, as there is a minimum traffic requirement of 500,000 visits per month. Payoneer has a $50 minimum payout requirement. Best for: Businesses with a wide range of customers who are receptive to tailored, focused advertising.

13. ylliX

Best for New Publishers, ylliX

The accessibility of the ad network ylliX to new publishers is its main appeal: The minimum reward is merely $1, and there are no daily payments or traffic criteria to sign up. Since there aren’t many prerequisites, ylliX will rapidly authorise your website when you sign up.

This self-serve platform enables you to execute campaigns based on ad impressions, clicks, and actions and provides a variety of mobile and desktop advertisements, such as banners, sliders, anchor, in-app, pop-ups, and push notifications.

The ylliX referral programme is really generous. For each new customer you refer to the service, you might receive up to $100. Best for: Publishers, especially those who are just starting out, who require a self-service platform with adaptable ad types and campaign types.

14. RevenueHits: The Best Platform for Pay-Per-Action Ads


RevenueHits, a platform for sustainable monetization that is still relatively new to the market, is gaining popularity as compared to google adsense which is relatively very old platform. RevenueHits promotes their cutting-edge ad optimization tool, which analyses the effectiveness of your advertising and recommends where they should be placed on your site.

Starting with RevenueHits has no minimum traffic requirement. It’s crucial to keep in mind that RevenueHits’ ads are performance-based rather than cost-per-click. This implies that clicks alone won’t bring in money for you.

Visitors must click your ad and take particular activities on the advertised website in order for your blog to get money. These tasks vary depending on the advertiser but are never as simple to complete as a click. Basically making a purchase or signing up for a service on the internet are two frequent instances.

Payouts from RevenueHits are made via PayPal and Payoneer after 30 days. $20 is the minimal reward. Best for: New publishers looking for an alternative to campaigns that are impression- and click-based.

15. Adcash: The Best Platform for PPA Campaigns


Each month, Adcash provides over 200 million active users and 850,000 app installs. It supports almost all ad types, including popunders, instream video advertising, normal display ads, and other more expensive units.

Any ad unit can be placed and customised with ease, and the admin interface allows you to examine real-time reports on the effectiveness of your advertising. Adcash has a pay-per-action business model, just like RevenueHits. It provides PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and WebMoney payout options. The minimum payout is $25, which is an added bonus. For new publishers who choose the pay-per-action business model.

16. BuySellAds


Consider using BuySellAds, a self-serve ad portal for publishers, if your site receives a lot of continuous traffic. A minimum of 100,000 page views per month are required to join, and only English-language websites with top-notch content and design are accepted by BuySellAds. A 75% commission per click is yours if you can clear this difficult hurdle.

This is much more than Google’s commission rate per click of 62 percent and very competitive for the sector. PayPal has a $20 minimum payout requirement. Banners, text advertising, native ads, RSS feed advertisements, email ads, and content sponsorships are some of the ad forms.

BuySellAds does not show automated or targeted adverts, in contrast to other options. Instead, publishers use an online market to sell the available ad space to marketers. Best for: Popular, attractive websites with sufficient monthly traffic to support premium advertisements from carefully selected advertisers.

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17. Skimlinks


Skimlinks is distinct from the other choices on our list because it focuses on affiliate marketing. It operates by looking for links to other websites in the text of your blog. When a visitor clicks on a link that goes to one of its advertising partners, Skimlinks converts it into an affiliate link and pays you a commission of 75%. When customers utilise your affiliate links to buy things, you also get paid more.

Bloggers that want to monetise their text content without (or in addition to) display adverts should use Skimlinks. In product reviews, which are more likely to mention specific companies by name, it also works effectively. As compared to google adsense, skimlinks is good alternative too.

The $10 minimum compensation offered by Skimlinks is low. It only sends payments, though, every 90 days. Best for: Affiliate marketers who desire automatic placement of their affiliate links.

18. Native Shopping Ads

google adsense

You may be familiar with Amazon, but are you aware of its display advertising programme? You can include native Amazon product listings on your blog pages using Amazon Native Shopping Ads, a component of the Amazon Associates programme.

Based on the surrounding page content, these ads are specifically targeted. You will be compensated when a visitor clicks on one of these advertisements and purchases something on Amazon. Basically Your visitors are likely to make a purchase through Amazon as opposed to competitors because of the company’s unmatched reputation in e-commerce.

The minimum payout is actually low at $10 via direct deposit, and Amazon pays rewards 60 days following the end of each month. Best suited for: Publishers seeking an Amazon Associate partnership.

19. Sovrn/Commerce

google adsense

For new publishers, Sovrn /Commerce (formerly VigLink) offers an alternative to AdSense. This solution automates the selection of pertinent adverts based on your content and gives blogs with a variety of display ads or video ads, and affiliate links to post on their pages.

The reporting site in Sovrn /Commerce allows you to track the effectiveness of your ads and determine which of your pages receives the advertisement engagement. For your monetization strategy, you may select between a cost-per-click or a cost-per-impression model. Sovrn is an amazing alternative as compared to google adsense.

Finally, Sovrn /Commerce has no entry requirements; all you need to do is sign up. Through PayPal, the minimum payout is $10, while through direct transfer, it is $50. Most suitable for: New publishers who are utilising cost-per-impression or cost-per-click advertising.

20. PopCash

Pop Cash

PopCash is an advertising network that focuses on popunder ads, much like PropellerAds does. PopCash, a well-liked business, has less signup criteria and offers quick approval.

Basically you will join a network of more than 50,000 publications and hundreds of millions of monthly viewers once you sign up. Once more, not everyone enjoys popunder advertising. However, if you don’t mind this kind of advertising, using them is simple.

At 80%, your revenue share is also very good. Additionally, you will receive data to help you target your adverts. Through PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, and wire transfer, the minimum payout is $10. You also have the option of daily payments. Best for: New publishers curious about popunder advertisements.

21. Setupad


Consider working with Setupad if your website receives 100,000 or more visitors each month. This platform offers a variety of advertisement types, including video advertisements, interstitial ads, sticky ads, expandable ads, native ads, and amp ads. It also offers more traditional ad formats, such as display ads and regular banner ads.

Users of Setupad’s simple-to-use Google Chrome extension can report bothersome advertising and access up-to-the-second real-time information such as winning SSP, CPM pricing, and average eCPM.

Google is one among the more than 15 buyers that Setupad connects publishers with using header bidding technology. As a result of increased competition, purchasers raise their rates, maximising ad revenue. If you previously used Google Adsense, Setupad can help you raise ad revenue by at least 30%.

If the minimal level of €100 is met, publishers receive their first payment after 60 days and then every 30 days after that. If not, Setupad rolls these earnings over to the following month. Best for: Well-known websites that wish to maximise ad revenue by using a bidding strategy.

22. AdRecover


Online advertisers and publishers who depend on ad income to support their websites face a significant challenge from ad blocking software, which prohibits online advertisements such display adverts from appearing in users’ browsers. One answer to this issue is AdRecover which is becoming popular as compared to google adsense.

It collaborates with ad-blocking software and works to provide advertisements that adhere to standards for the user experience. To encourage clicks from users of AdBlock, AdBlockPlus, and Crystal Adblock, AdRecover makes sure your adverts aren’t intrusive.

Your website must receive at least 10,000 ad-blocked pageviews per month in order to be approved. $50 is the minimum payment. Best for: Well-known websites that are seeing a decline in impressions, clicks, or other actions as a result of ad-blocking software.

23. PopAds: Best for Popunders


PopAds, which specialises in popunder ads and is well-known in its industry, rounds off our list.Additionally, it asserts to be the highest-paying popunder ad network.

Fast and fair payouts, practical control over popunder ad features, frequency, and targeting are all highlights of PopAds. The entry barrier is similarly minimal; all it takes to access the service is 1,000 monthly users. Daily payouts via PayPal and AlertPay are available from PopAds with a $5 minimum payout.

With a $500 minimum payout, wire transactions are also permitted. Best for: Publishers who wish to use popunder advertisements but have relatively little monthly traffic.

Ads Not Using AdSense

A top-notch AdSense substitute will assist you in securing a different source of income that can encourage you to write more blog posts and assist in defraying the expense of maintaining your website. Don’t choose the first ad network you test when choosing an ad network.

Determine which solutions produce the most passive money for you without interfering with the user experience by testing at least a few different ones over a predetermined length of time. You don’t have to use Google; it’s acceptable to approach things a little differently.


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