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Roja Directa is Being Shut Down? Find Out Here

Roja Directa being shut down? Read the article to know the reason why roja directa and other sport streaming sites are being shut down.

Roja Directa is being shut down? Find Out Here.

Lets dig into the reason why the sports streaming sites are being shut down.

It appears that some well-known streaming websites are being shut down right now. Roja Directa, one of them that I am aware of, has a notice on its top page stating that its primary domain,, has been taken down by its U.S. supplier. Even though the site was found to be entirely legal by Spanish courts (the site is based in Spain), dot-org currently shows an ominous-looking notification from the U.S. Homeland Security Department, while other domains, including dot-com, are up and operating without a hitch. Hm.

Atdhe, another well-known website, to appears to have been taken down, as there is currently only a brief note on the site instructing users to bookmark a particular IP address. address. According to the website’s Twitter account, it will relaunch tomorrow at some point.

All of this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The UFC has been on a tear recently, constantly removing unauthorized feeds of their events and even going so far as to sue Most of UFC’s revenue comes from pay-per-view sales, making it an odd business. The corporation’s business model would need to be restructured entirely if not enough people were purchasing its pay-per-view events.

Can the same be said about Spain’s La Liga or England’s Premier League? You may watch feeds of games from all of Europe’s leading (and lesser) leagues every weekend. A website like Roja Directa merely acts as a link database and does not contain any content. I suppose links are now prohibited.

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