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8 Best DLNA Servers for Streaming Media

Looking for best free dlna servers? This post will show you in detail 8 best dlna servers for streaming purposes. There is no shortage of entertainment when there are so many media options at your fingertips. You can store and get all of your entertainment content in one location with the aid of DLNA server software.

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Today’s world is dominated by media, and there is never a boring moment. DLNA allows you to stream a limitless amount of video, music, audio, and photographs to your entertainment devices, so that’s not the case anymore.

To turn your PC into a powerful media server, you will need the best DLNA server for Windows 10. Of course, you can also activate the DLNA server built into Windows 10. However, most people find it easier to use third-party software.

What is a DLNA server?

A DLNA server keeps media content and makes it wirelessly accessible over a network. Typically, the server is a NAS or a PC with DLNA capabilities (network-attached storage). When the server is operational, you can easily explore the whole media library using a variety of devices.

What is a DLNA server software?

The growing collection of videos, music, and images on your computer can be shared with other DLNA-compatible devices using DLNA server software.

These include your TV, Android phone, gaming consoles, media players, iPhone, and more. The DLNA protocol is used to establish inter-device connectivity.

Why you need the top DLNA server software?

After installation, the DLNA server software instantly transforms your PC into a media streaming hub, presenting a wide range of exhilarating and individualised entertainment options. The programme streamlines and directs the entire process.

8 Best DLNA Servers for Streaming Media



All of your media streaming providers may be combined into one media library using Playon, a full-featured media portal. Playon is one of the best free dlna servers in terms of streaming purposes.  

Utilizing the platform is simple. It can be downloaded directly to a media streaming device like Roku or to your computer. The software is simple to use. The home menu offers a grid view of all your streaming services along with suggested material based on your past viewing habits.

The ability to record with Playon is a significant benefit. All forms of media can be recorded for offline enjoyment. Playon’s other salient attributes include:

  • 1080p Full HD recordings
  • Automatic ad skip
  • TV video casting
  • Automatically saves fresh episodes
  • Downloaded content is perpetual.

Playon is a monthly fee-based subscription service. You can download 7 media recordings for free during the first seven days of use. You may record content for offline amusement, access all of your favourite media outlets and channels from a single library, and more.



Ampache is an open-source web-based streaming application and file organiser that works with virtually every internet-enabled device, making it simple to record and cast shows from a desktop, tablet, or phone.

Ampache is among the best free dlna servers considering the best option if you want a very dependable and secure DLNA server programme. With no hidden fees or restrictions, you may use this programme to access movies, music, and television shows from Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and countless more streaming services.

Ampache already offers all of those functions by default, free of charge, so there is no DLNA/UPnP with a premium subscription. Let’s quickly review its main characteristics:

  • Software that is open-source and free
  • Strong API and streaming to any client (including UPnP/DLNA, DAAP with iTunes, WinAMP, Foobar2000, Windows Media Player, Subsonic API, and WinAMP)
  • Modular catalogues (scan music straight from your local filesystem or use other sources to add to its database)
  • Numerous choices for customising (authorization methods, list metadata sources by preference, enable importing custom metadata, order album art sources by preference and much more)
  • Multiple user support and user registration
  • Streaming music (stream your music to your preferred player, or listen on the web page with an HTML5 player)



A multimedia management programme called Plex helps you manage all of your personal media assets into one library in addition to accessing and streaming video from streaming services and TV channels. Plex is actually considering as the best free dlna servers for streaming purposes. 

With the real help of this platform, you can watch media from all of the main on-demand media services anywhere in the world. Plex works with a variety of media players, including Roku, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. Additionally, it may be used on Windows or Mac PCs as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

You can download content using Plex so that you can access it off the Internet. You may enjoy downloaded media from all of your devices by syncing it. Other crucial Plex features are as follows:

  • Lyrics for music automatically found
  • Specific sharing limitations
  • Skip the TV show intro

There are free and paid versions of Plex.

You can connect to your media platform accounts, stream and save all of your media content, and access it all from the UI with the free version.

The premium versions provide extra features and a 30-day free trial period.



Another well-liked choice for customers who wish to connect and access all of their media stuff in one location is Kodi. It offers totally free media library management tools that connect your TV channels, streaming services, music files, photos, and more.

In addition to passive media, Kodi lets you connect your games to the software. You can connect emulators or add standalone games.

It allows you to set it up as a one-stop entertainment hub because it also supports game controllers. This software enables you to capture live TV video. Simply use the record button while streaming, and you may watch it again whenever you like.

Kodi’s salient attributes include:

  • Live TV replay
  • UI customization
  • Organization of libraries using metadata
  • Display of digital images
  • Accepts the majority of media file types

Linux, macOS, and Windows machines all support Kodi.

It is also available as an Android and iOS mobile app.



The media server programme has also received praise for its svelte operation. And would you believe you can enjoy all of this ecstasy for free!

Even without delving too far into its technical details, this is among the best options for anyone looking for a best free DLNA servers for Windows 10 that delivers a fantastic performance. Unsurprisingly, the server offers one of the best streaming experiences among the top competitors thanks to its sophisticated design.

Let’s quickly review its main characteristics:

  • Gather, manage, and stream your media from your own server to any device.
  • Keep your entire media library in storage and neatly arrange it.
  • Publish playlists
  • Expand your library by watching live TV and setting automatic recordings.
  • Applications on your Android, iOS (including AirPlay), Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, or Kodi device
  • Your data is not tracked centrally.
  • Downloading is totally free.



Comparing MediaPortal against the other DLNA servers for Windows 10 and finding it to be both powerful and incredibly user-friendly, MediaPortal performs admirably. It broadcasts a wide range of media formats with a surprising level of accuracy and velocity.

Almost every device is supported by MediaPortal, a potent addition to our special collection of DLNA media server technologies that provides a dependable, straightforward, and seamless streaming experience.

Let’s quickly review its main characteristics:

  • Schedule, watch, and record live TV
  • Play Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and videos.
  • Stream radio, TV, and media to any networked HTPC or PC.
  • Use your HTPC’s remote to operate it.
  • Verify the news, the weather, and more.
  • Use mobile or web-based devices to access
  • A large selection of skins and plugins (for downloading or streaming online TV, Apple Trailers,
  • Internet radio or YouTube videos)
  • Free full-featured media solution



Another well-known UPnP media streaming service, Subsonic, prides itself on being able to transcode a wide range of media formats. The tool can always handle whatever you wish to communicate.

As soon as you connect your Xbox, smartphone, and nearly any other device with this DLNA server software, which also offers apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Chrome, and many more platforms, everything works flawlessly.

Let’s quickly review its main characteristics:

  • A simple web interface that is ideal for locations with limited bandwidth
  • Displays album and track cover art and lets users rate and comment on them
  • Manage the play queue and make your own playlist.
  • Accepts all media file types (MP3, OGG, AAC, and any other audio or video format that streams over HTTP)
  • Support for any network-capable media player (Winamp, iTunes, XMMS, VLC, MusicMatch and Windows Media Player plus it has an embedded Flash player)
  • Adaptive user experience (28 languages, 30 different themes, personal avatar, etc.) Suitable for any number of users
  • Uses an open API to integrate with the best web services



One of the most feature-rich media servers is Emby, which is enjoyable to stream with and works flawlessly across a wide range of rendering devices. This has received raving praises for its professional performance whether it be in stand-up comedy, soap operas, Formula 1, or blockbuster movies.

Users looking for painless streaming will find the novel concept of a pleasant user interface and media auto-detecting technology particularly appealing.

Let’s quickly review its main characteristics:

  • Converts and broadcasts your personal data automatically on any device (store your content in multiple resolutions to enable direct streaming from any device)
  • For convenient offline access, sync your personal media to smartphones and tablets (Emby apps are available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc)
  • Parental Discretion (monitor and remote control sessions as you need to)
  • It’s simple to send videos, music, photos, and live TV to Chromecast.
  • Sync your private media to the cloud for simple archiving, conversion, and backup
  • Edit image and metadata, look for subtitles, and more.
  • Detects DLNA devices on your network automatically
  • Strong online management tools (to manage your content, users, sharing, security, and more)

To enjoy your rich media library across multiple devices, you have to convert your PC into a media server and the finest way to do this is by using a best free DLNA servers software for Windows 10. The problem with these considerate tools is that they are not all created equal, so you must carefully consider your alternatives.


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