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13 Top Scoro Substitutes in 2022

Looking for scoro alternatives? This post will show you 10+ best scoro alternatives that you never knew before. You ought to know which tool would be a better fit for your company by the end of this article.

Why You Should Search For a Substitute for Scoro

For your project management requirements, Score provides several excellent features and solutions, however for the following reasons you might want to consider some alternatives:

Not the most inexpensive choice

Scoro will unquestionably tick the box for anyone looking for project management software that is capable of more than just routine activities and planning.

The cost of the tool is high, though. Their entry-level license (Essential) costs $26 per user per month and requires a minimum of 5 users to launch. The tool can soon become expensive if you’re on a tight budget and require more sophisticated capabilities like those offered in their Pro plan. The real good news is that there are many other Scoro alternatives on the market that work just as well and cost less.

absence of communication capabilities

As remote and hybrid work are now acceptable practices, many teams find that internal corporate communication via a virtual app is essential.

Lack of a live chat component to facilitate team collaboration for a project management application like Scoro is unquestionably a drawback. Whether you are working remotely or not, having a channel to communicate in real-time has proven essential to maximizing team collaboration, especially when it comes to quick project updates.

The gadget can be too intricate.

Surely, the more features, the better? No, never! Complexity and distraction are exacerbated by having an interface with numerous functions that aren’t used. Consider how that might also impact the team’s onboarding of less tech-savvy members.

Fortunately, using thorough project management software doesn’t have to be challenging.

13 Top Scoro Substitutes in 2022

After discussing the reasons why you would search for a Scoro substitute, let’s evaluate some of the top choices available.

1. Rodeo


A Scoro substitute called Rodeo provides a comparable set of capabilities at a substantially lesser cost. With features that work together, the platform is made to support the entire project lifecycle. Rodeo is a fairly intuitive project management solution with an easy-to-use UI that anyone can use with little training.

Why do businesses pick Rodeo?

For small to medium-sized businesses wishing to streamline their project management procedures, Rodeo was created. Rodeo is a real all-in-one solution that gives you a 360-degree picture of your projects (and revenues), making it the go-to place for information on all projects.

Despite the fact that Scoro and Rodeo are comparable tools, Rodeo differs in a key ways.

• Free onboarding at the beginning: You heard that right! Rodeo doesn’t charge for onboarding since we are certain that anyone can utilize the product after just two onboarding training sessions and that it is intuitive enough to do so. Additionally, a team of professionals is always on hand via live chat to support you whenever you need it.

• All-in-one tool: Stop juggling multiple open tabs and applications. Rodeo provides all the tools you require in an one location, doing away with the need for integrations and lowering costs.

• Real-time reports: Rodeo’s thorough reports give you insights into margins and profitability in addition to helping you better understand and plan projects.

Here are some of Rodeo’s salient characteristics in further detail:


The budgeting tool in Rodeo is set up to assist you in keeping a healthy profit margin. Project managers can more accurately estimate a project’s costs by starting with a budget because the feature enables you to schedule time activities and allocate resources before starting the project. In order to avoid doing the same administrative procedures over and over again, you can also duplicate the budget, plans, and team members from related projects.


You may divide your project into tasks and assign them to your team members using the planning function in Rodeo. Task descriptions and due dates can also be included. Utilizing this function has the benefit of allowing you to control the capacity of your team. You might assign assignments depending on someone’s availability or skill set, for instance. By doing so, you will accelerate project delivery and maximize the performance of your team.

Team members can contribute files, update the status, and even communicate through the integrated messenger as your project progresses.


Rodeo is a true all-in-one solution because it can gather and visualize data into the health of projects and profitability. You may see information on staff productivity, ongoing work, logged time, and finished projects in Rodeo’s reporting feature, which can assist you in making data-driven decisions.

Even better, for those of you who are Excel wizards, these reports may also be exported with just one click and downloaded as either an Excel file or a CSV file, allowing you to work your formula magic.

Internal Messenger

All users of Rodeo have access to the integrated messenger tool, which enables teams to establish stronger communication channels for working together whether they are physically present or not.

Throughout each stage of the project, communicate with team members in real-time by sharing status updates, creating group channels, and engaging with them.

Extraordinary Qualities

• Estimates

• Invoicing

• Timekeeping

• Live chat assistance

• Integration of Quickbooks (US) and Xero (UK)

What clients have to say about Rodeo

One of the numerous reasons Jessy van der Vlist, the proprietor of video production firm Sticky Chapters, is pleased with Rodeo is the ability to manage all projects and associated administrative responsibilities in one location.

In particular, the insights have enabled me to move more quickly when setting up new projects and the hiring process, says Jessy, who claims that “Rodeo is the first app I open in the morning and one of the last I close at the end of the day.”

Superheroes’ client director Susan Vugts commends the product for its thorough reporting feature, which has simplified their reporting procedure.

According to Susan Vugts, “the reporting option is unquestionably invaluable to us. In the past, it required so much time and effort to gather data from various sources so we could examine things. Rodeo significantly accelerated our reporting procedure. We now have more time to devote to other activities, which is greatly appreciated by creative people.

“Once we started utilizing the time tracker, we got an accurate insight of how much time team members truly required to complete their projects,” says Axell Avalon-van Staveren, Brand Director of Digital Agency JaxX, about how she used Rodeo to enhance project profitability by 30%. We were able to precisely identify differences from our estimates for the first time. Now that we have this information, we can bill clients fairly while still making a profit.


When compared to Scoro, Rodeo’s price is straightforward and reasonable:

To begin with, there is no minimum seat requirement, allowing you additional options regardless of the size of your workforce. With the exception of Planning & Tasks, which is an add-on that costs $4.99 per user per month, you get full admin access to the platform for 1 user starting at $29.99 a month. Adding extra users will cost more depending on the kind of access needed:

• Project managers: additional full user license: $14.99 per user/month

• An additional standard user license for creatives is $8.99 per user per month.

2. Wrike


Wrike is a well-liked substitute for Scoro that provides many of the same capabilities and is best suited for businesses of all sizes. Through Kanban/Gantt charts, real-time updates, time monitoring, and bespoke request forms, the application is intended to assist businesses enhance their productivity.

Additionally, Wrike is less expensive than Scoro. Wrike’s drawback is that the platform can be a little too sophisticated, especially for smaller teams, which makes user uptake and the learning curve lengthier.

key attributes

• Portfolio management for projects

• Timekeeping

• Cutting-edge analytics

• Task lists

• Invoicing

This tool is for whom?

The ideal candidates for using Wrike are mid- to enterprise-size companies that manage a big number of clients while handling several, high-budget projects.


• No cost for 1 to 5 users (limited features)

• Per user/per month, $9.80

• For businesses: $24.80 each month per user

• Enterprise: upon request for price



Mavenlink is work management software, similar to Scoro, that aids companies in keeping track of their tasks and projects. It provides a range of capabilities, such as work management, project tracking, and team collaboration. Users have given Mavenlink positive reviews, praising it for its simplicity, variety of features, and free trial. Mavenlink is, however, also criticized for its exorbitant cost and dearth of customer service. Check this article on Hubspot alternatives.

key attributes

• Resource administration

• Planning

• Forecasting

• Communication within apps

This tool is for whom?

Businesses that require a complete project management solution and have a sizable budget for it might consider Mavenlink.


Prices are not listed on their website; instead, details are given upon request.

4. Asana


Asana is a project management application that emphasizes planning and task management. It is intended to make it simple to add tasks, establish due dates, delegate authority, and monitor progress. On Capterra, Asana has received positive user feedback, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. The tool is renowned for its functionality for collaboration, adaptability, and ease of use. But other customers complain that the free plan only offers a few functions. You’ll require integrations and extra tools if you need anything more than task planning. Check this article on ActiveCollab alternatives.

key attributes

• Planning a task

• Milestones

• Timelines

This tool is for whom?

Asana is a well-liked platform that can assist teams in more effectively managing their assignments and activities. Without integrations or extra tools, it cannot handle any other business operations save this one.


• Free (very limited features)

• Monthly premium: $12.50 per user

• Business: $25 for each monthly user.

5. Jira


Teams track, arrange, and manage tasks using Jira work management software throughout the software development lifecycle. It offers a variety of features to assist teams in planning, tracking, and releasing software and is available in both cloud-based and on-premise versions. Jira is highly adaptable, allowing teams to customize the software to meet their unique requirements. Jira is complex and challenging for some people to use, especially when they are just getting started.

key attributes

• Sprint scheduler

• Scrum panels

• Reports

This tool is for whom?

Jira is a strong tool that agile software development teams may benefit much from, but it is definitely not the best fit for other sectors.


• Free for users 1 to 10 (limited features)

• Standard: $7.50 per month/user

• Monthly premium: $14.50 per user

• Enterprise: upon request for price

A well-liked project management tool called enables users from a number of industries to work together on projects and monitor progress. It has several features, such as Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and personalized workflows.

The platform’s high degree of adaptability enables customers to design workflows specifically for their requirements. Although has received many excellent reviews, some users object that creating processes requires a certain level of computing knowledge.

key attributes

• Task manager

• Adaptable templates

• Integrations with third parties


This tool is for whom?

Teams from many different industries who wish to consolidate their workflows and have the technical know-how to design their own structure.


• Basic: $10 each month per user

• Usual: $12 for each user every month

• Advantage: $20 per user/month

• Business: Price on request



Project and workflow management are made easier with the aid of the work management tool ClickUp. The tool has a number of features that enable users to personalize their workflow and is intended to be adaptable and user-friendly. Users have given ClickUp a variety of ratings. While some users find it useful and easy to use, others find it complicated and challenging. Check this article on Insightly alternatives.

key attributes

• Planning a task

• Sharing files

• Reporting

• Gantt diagrams

This tool is for whom?

All things considered, ClickUp is a flexible task management application that can be useful for both people and companies.


• No cost for private use

• Unlimited: $5 each month per user

$12 per user/per month for businesses.

8. nTask


One of the many Scoro substitutes that aids users in better organizing their work is nTask. It has functions like a calendar, to-do list, and reminders. Users can track their progress on tasks and share them with others using nTask. However, some users have criticized the interface, saying that nTask sometimes has bugs. Despite these shortcomings, nTask continues to be a popular option for many users who value its capabilities and consider it to be an important tool in their productivity toolbox. Check this article on Engagebay alternatives.

key attributes

• Resource administration

• Task administration

• Timekeeping

• Sharing files

This tool is for whom?

For small to medium firms who want assistance staying organized and on top of their work, nTask is a useful tool.


• Monthly premium: $4 per user

$12 per user/per month for businesses.

• Business: Price on request



Trello is a platform for project management that lets users make boards and add cards to those boards. As tasks are finished, the cards can be transferred from one board to another and allocated to particular users. You may also write comments, add checklists, and attach files with Trello. It lacks a large range of additional functionality, though, to support more business procedures.

Important characteristics:

• Job cards

• Checklists

• Sharing files

• Templates based on projects

This tool is for whom?

Project managers and teams who require a flexible approach to monitor tasks without requiring many other capabilities frequently use Trello.


• Free (extremely restricted functionality) (very limited features)

• Minimum: $5 per user/month

• Monthly premium: $10 per user

• Enterprise: $17.50 each month per user



Project management software on the cloud, called Workfront, assists teams in handling challenging tasks throughout the entire organization. Project management, portfolio management, and time monitoring are features. Check this article on Podio alternatives.

Workfront’s advantages include its capability to assist teams in managing complicated projects with many moving elements, as well as its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set. Workfront’s drawbacks, however, include its expensive cost and absence of interfaces with other software.

key attributes

• Resource administration

• Task administration

• Document exchange

• Reporting

This tool is for whom?

Workfront is a powerful project management application that can perform wonders for businesses with intricate operations.


• Advantage: pricing on request

• For businesses: on request

• Enterprise: upon request for price



Hubstaff is a time-tracking technology used by organizations to monitor employee work hours. It can be used to calculate payroll, keep track of billable hours, or check on staff output. Although Hubstaff has received mostly excellent reviews, customers have praised its usability and ability to precisely measure hours spent. However, it lacks sufficient functionality to handle the entire project cycle. Check this article on Pipedrive alternatives.

key attributes

• Timekeeping

• Employee resourcing

• Payrolling



Using Teamwave, teams may manage their sales, projects, team, clients, and marketing more effectively. Teamwave is a flexible project management application that is great for teams that are just getting started with project management. For larger companies or teams with more sophisticated requirements, it might not be the greatest choice, nevertheless. Check this article on Copper alternatives.

key attributes

• Project preparation

• Customer portal


• HR administration

This tool is for whom?

Small businesses seeking an initial solution that enables them to run their operations from a single platform.


• Beginning: $39 monthly flat rate

• Advantage: flat monthly fee of $66

• Business: $199 monthly flat fee

13. Productive


Productive, a comprehensive project management tool targeted at serving the requirements of marketing agencies of all sizes, is last but certainly not least on our list. The program includes capabilities for resource planning, budgeting, project management, and sales that are intended to help agencies run more profitably.

Productive is far more inexpensive than Scoro. The technology might not be appropriate for every firm, though, given that its main goal is to assist marketing agencies in scaling.

key attributes

• Sales funnel

• Resource administration

• Budgeting

• Reporting

This tool is for whom?

All sizes of marketing organizations should use productive.


• Usual: $15 per user each month

• Monthly premium: $25 per user

• Enterprise: upon request for price


For corporations, especially enterprise-level enterprises, Scoro is a fantastic project management solution. The high cost and difficulty of usage are the drawbacks, though. Rodeo may be the ideal solution for businesses searching for an all-in-one project management tool that is affordable, simple to use, and has functionality geared to support the whole project lifecycle. It wouldn’t hurt to try out Rodeo as it also offers a free trial. In addition, you can arrange a free trial with a Rodeo specialist to talk about the workflows in your company and how Rodeo might be able to improve them. No credit card information is required!


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